THIS Lion Was Bored So They Tossed Him a Toy. They Were Baffled By What He Did With It!

Okay soccer lovers, this is really ‘wild’!  Here’s a guy who really comes alive, when he even sees a soccer ball, let alone has it thrown his way for play.  This spirited animal has more beautiful hair than Beckham himself, and he could give him a run for his money. Bred in captivity at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, Triton the lion is definitely happy in his habitat.

He was hand-raised with adoration by his keepers at the zoo.  Although it would have been preferable for this incredible animal to have been free in the wild, the unfortunate truth made the zoo a safer place.  Due to poaching and habitat loss, lions of his breed have suffered a rapid decline in the wild.

Other than humans, the greatest population of mammals on planet Earth used to be lions.  That is no longer the case, according to the World Wildlife Fund.  In fact they now list them as “vulnerable” (to extinction), which is only a step away from being labeled “endangered”.  The work that organizations like the Johannesburg Zoo do, help to ensure that lions like Triton continue to exist.

According to those, like the woman who narrates in the upcoming video, the most challenging part of maintaining a good life for the big cats, is keeping them active and entertained.  Whereas in the wild, hunting and stalking prey is a big part of the action, without that key part of their existence they can become bored.  This would not be good for their overall health and survival.

Triton, the star of this footage, was finding his daily routine boring, according to the zookeepers in charge of his care.  They threw him a soccer ball one day, and a star was born!  It was just pure luck that they found the key to his passion.  This isn’t particularly a “lion thing” as his four other pals weren’t interested at all.  Watch this beautiful animal’s skills as he receives the ball! ENJOY this great footage!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Said Her Horse Does THIS. So She Caught It On Video!

When all the other horses are tired and not in the mood for fun and play, whats a horse to do? The only thing he really can do is entertain himself. The one in this video can be seen doing just that. His name is Buster and according to his owner he is a young colt who loves to play with virtually anything.

At the start of the film he grabs a blue ball by the teeth and gallops around the field with it. Every now and then he shakes it back and forth while stealthily dodging the other horses. They all seem oblivious to his antics and are more interested in continuing their grazing than a silly ball game.

Whenever the ball falls out of Buster’s mouth he quickly manages to pick it right back up and continues on having fun with it. He even gets in a few kicks and head butts throughout the short clip. By the end the ball has taken quite a beating, and looks like it popped, as it becomes deflated.

The whole scene is truly adorable. It seems as if the horse had seen a dog playing with the ball before and is mimicking that behavior. How Buster plays with the ball is in-line with how a dog typically plays with one. Or perhaps he is just a natural and likes playing a spontaneous game of pick up ball. Either way he clearly is having a great time, or more appropriately – he is having a ball!

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