This Special Needs Boy Is Bullied Everyday But What The Kid Behind Him Plans To Do Tore My Heart Up!

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Bullying is one of those issues in schools that seems to never go away.  Almost everyone who has been through the schooling system has been a victim or at least witnessed bullying occur first hand.  For those kids with learning disabilities they have a large target on their back for bullies.

It is hard for some kids to accept people who are “different” and it is oftentimes a lot easier to make fun of them and put them down instead of trying to understand them. Meet James a fifth grade special-needs student who is bullied almost everyday at school.  That is until, Jake, Gus, Jack, Tyler and Landon stepped in and decided to stop the bullying for good.

They made a vow to protect James and let him join their crew.  They all made a pact to become James’ friend and they even chipped in to buy him a video game console Playstation. James now has a new confidence and outlook on life because of what these courageous boys decided to do for him.

He was once a kid who didn’t like to go out with the rest of the kids during recess, or eat lunch in the cafeteria, but now this has all changed.  I am so happy that their are still good people in this world.  The future is sure looking brighter now.

Did you experience bullying in school?  Does your child have to face bullies on a daily basis? let us know!

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4 Kittens Were Being Threatened By A Bully Dog Until An Unlikely Surprise Hero Saves Them!

Even though Chihuahuas are the recognized as the smallest breed of dog in the world, they have just as much courage and heart as any other larger dog out there. Charlie the Chihuahua is living proof of this. He can be seen on film defending four tiny gray kittens from a much larger black dog, named Roxy.

Charlie is clearly intent on seeing no harm come to his adorable little fur babies. When Roxy gets too close and rambunctious, Charlie puts himself between the kittens and the larger dog, and drives her away. The protective Chihuahua makes sure that the helpless newborn kitties are always at a safe distance from the excited dog.

He even drives Roxy back with threatening growls, nips and warning bites, as if to say “get out of here and leave the babies alone!” All the while, the poor little cats sit in a tight cluster looking bewildered and confused, as he scene plays out all around them.

At several points Charlie forces Roxy to bow her head down low to the ground and sit in a submissive position. It is obvious who is in control in this particular situation. Charlie the Chihuahua is not a dog you wanna mess with.

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