Dad Spots a Giant Spider On The Ceiling Makes The Worst Possible Move And Things Get So Much Worse

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OK, so I am giving you fair warning, if you are an arachnophobic the video you are about to watch below may be more than you can bear!  If you are made of tougher stuff, you have to see this. If you are like me and spiders just intrinsically freak you out, you better strap on your seat belt and get ready for something you could never even imagine.

No one likes seeing mice, spiders, or other creepy little pests inside the house. When you spot something crawling around it can leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home, especially if you happen to suffer from arachnophobia.

Even if you are not one of the estimated 3.5 to 6.1% of the population that is deathly afraid of spiders according to wikipedia, you likely don’t want bugs and mice hanging around where you live and sleep at night. I know for sure this is something intrinsically creepy about these creatures even though I think these fears are pretty much all in my head.

YouTuber “leokimvideo”, from Australia, spots one of the largest spiders I’ve ever seen on the ceiling of his house.  No exterminators for him, he’s got a plan to capture it (perhaps to let it go back into nature). By the way if you ever find yourself in this position, do yourself and your family a huge favor and don’t try to be a hero when a spider of this size is involved!

Our hero explains his plan to his little girl, whom we hear off camera, warning him to be careful.  The interaction between them is hysterical, as the parent-child roles are clearly reversed.  What happens as he attempts to capture this giant huntsman spider in a plastic container…well you have to see it to believe it!

Let us know what you would do in this situation! 🙂

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This Woman Was Tired Of Her Gross ‘Popcorn’ Ceiling. So She Got Rid Of It By Doing THIS Simple Trick

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In the 1950’s a style of ceiling dubbed “Popcorn ceilings” became popular, because it was thought to increase insulation against noise.  As it turned out, these ceilings had a serious health problem on top of being truly ugly; they are a common place that asbestos is found. Well there is a very simple way to change this with an awesome life hack.

This hideous bumpy finish is something people want to get rid of without pulling out the entire ceiling.  The solution has finally been found by “Choppers Drywall”; they invented a vacuum that within minutes removes the unsightly bumps without the mess of sanding or more invasive methods.

You will see this ingenious invention in action in the video below.  It is nothing short of amazing, how this unusual vacuum sucks those bumps out of the ceiling so rapidly!  Let us know what you think about this solution to a decades old problem.

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Say Goodbye to popcorn.

Posted by Chopper’s Drywall on Tuesday, April 28, 2015