This Goat And Puppy Have A Stare Down. I Never Expected The Goat To React Like THIS

Practically everyone loves a good goat video and this one is sure to please even those on the fence about them. It features Pipsqueak, a pygmy goat, and a bunch of white, furry puppies. They all live together on a farm and get to run around outside all day long. The cute animals play freely and mingle with one another, but sometimes it takes a little bit of time and interaction to break the ice when new ones first meet.

Pipsqueak is known as the friendliest animal on the farm and loves making acquaintances with everyone she meets. In this video she can be seen trying to hang out with a group of puppies. She follows them around and attempts to play goat games by butting a couple of the tiny pups with her head. However, her approaches are rebuffed and the puppies, perhaps confused by her actions, choose to only hang out with one another.

Except for Snowflake, the shiest of the puppies, who looks like she adores Pipsqueak and follows after her. Delighted with her new friend, the goat excitedly plays with Snowflake, who merrily chases her new found sister all around the grass.

With the ice now broken, the other puppies take notice and begin to head over to play. In a matter of just a few moments all of the puppies and Pipsqueak are frolicking around with huge smiles on their cute little faces. They romp back and forth, growling in sheer delight, while Pipsqueak jumps up and down every now and then.

These animals saw past their differences and formed an adorable crew. Leave it to goats and puppies to help illustrate what us humans should strive to do. Be sure to spread the joy, lighten the day, and make someone smile by sharing the video!

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This Owl Poops On His Friend. His Reaction Is Priceless!

Nature never ceases to amaze me. From the mountains, to the forests, to the vast oceans and the never ending skies there are so many wondrous and majestic sights to see. There are beautiful sunsets, flowers in full bloom, and in this case a jerk owl pooping on his best buddy! 🙂

These 2 owls must be pretty good friends if this is how they treat each other. We all do weird stuff with our friends but this has to be some of the weirdest friendship moments I have ever seen.  The look on the owls face after he realizes that he just got pooped on is absolutely priceless.

I had to watch this twice because it’s just so ridiculous.  I just can’t stop laughing, for some reason this classic owl slapstick comedy will never ever get old! Enjoy and try not to do this to your friends!

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Disabled Dog Was Sad Because No Dogs Would Play With Him. Now Watch How This Donkey Cheers Him Up.

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We’ve all had to go through some type of growing pains back when we were young, but a few of us had it worse than others, a lot worse. For a one year old Anatolian Shepherd named Kolina, her growing pains were literally just that. She was born with a spinal condition common in larger breed dogs that’s known as wobbler syndrome, which makes it difficult and painful for her to move. Dog’s who suffer from the disease have compressed spinal cords and sometimes the nerve roots are also compacted tightly together as well.

This is what causes them to experience neurological issues and leads to stiff, painful neck aches. It also causes dogs to walk in a shaky, wobbly manner, while some of them are unable to walk at all. For Kolima, standing is a lot of work and quite painful, so she prefers to lay on her side and crouch low most of the time. Her health problems and difficulties with walking, sitting and standing, and just moving around in general, caused her further issues in terms of her social life.

While most other puppies her age were romping around, chasing each other, and play fighting, Kolima had to sit out. Her wobbliness kept her from doing normal dog things and that made making new friends hard for her. However, life is not as sad and depressing as it may sound for her all thanks to Paolo, Kolima’s best friend in the whole entire world!

As you can see here, Paolo is a donkey and he loves his Anatolian Shepherd friend to pieces! According to the pairs owner, Felice Caputo, Paolo has always been the typical donkey, which is to say he’s “mischievous and stubborn.” When the six year old donkey first met Kolina he barely glanced her way, but then when he saw that she was disabled, something in him changed.

Rather than ignore or write her off, he greets her warmly and plays with her every single day now. The cute couple absolutely adore each other and when you see them play together, you’ll understand the uniquely special bond they share. It’s simply heartwarming and awesome to see, and it’s a true testament to the power of friendship.

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This Husky Was Separated From Her Best Friend When They Were Pups. Then She Notices This Outside.

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Friendships come and go but there are always some people that we share a timeless, enduring bond with. Even if you haven’t seen or heard from them in quite awhile, years or decades even, when you meet them again it’s like things never changed. You pick up where you left off and naturally get along like two peas in a pod!

Dogs are no different from humans in this same type of way. They remember the special people and other animals that they have made connections with throughout their lifetime. The two adorable dogs in this video are proof of just how close and everlasting real friendship can be. They had not see each other in ages until their owners decided to get together and have a reunion, and as you can see, some things never change!

This beautiful canine story began back when Laika, the pretty brown and white Husky, met Rook, the handsome white pit bull with a dark patch over his right eye, when they were both young little puppies. They were just starting off in the world and it was friendship at first sight when they met all those years ago. The pair got along great and were always romping around, playing, and having fun with one another. However, circumstances changed and they ended up living far apart, sadly they never got to see each other anymore.

One past Valentine’s Day Rook and his owners stopped by Laika’s house. As they came up the walkway the Husky went straight to the front door and looked out the window. She immediately recognized her old friend and stood fully alert with her ears up and tail wagging quickly back and forth. When her owner opened the door to let the visitors in the house, Laika stuck her head out to greet and sniff her friend, she just couldn’t contain her excitement!

Once the two were finally face to face they reverted straight back to their old ways and ran around happily, enthusiastically jumping and licking at each other. There was not a moment of hesitation between the pair, no growling or barking, all they had was love for one another. They are just about the sweetest, friendliest pair of dogs I’ve ever seen and based off the before and after shots it definitely appears that they picked up right where they left off!

By the end of the sweet clip Laika and Rook are laying on the ground together, both sporting expressions of pure joy and contentment. They definitely need to have more get-togethers if possible because it looks like they are in love.

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