She Tries To Naturally Communicate and Cuddle With This Grumpy Pig. His Response Is HILARIOUS!

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Pigs are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet.  Not only are they smart, but they are filled with personality.  Meet a very funny pig, who may be just a slight bit grumpy. His human tries to communicate and cuddle with this adorable grumpster, but this piggy let’s her know how she feels about cuddles.

According to her human he likes Oreos, pho, and dog bones but when it comes to cuddling, don’t try it, unless he is in the mood! This big grumpy adorable baby is almost too much to handle. I feel like my heart is going to explode from his big goofy cuteness! This pig communicates in it’s native tongue, with hilarious grunts and displeased grumbling.

It really is amazing how much of a personality these pigs have. I’d love to have one of these big cuddle bugs but I think he might just be a tad too much work. He is definitely a bit extra but I’d love to see him when he’s out of his grumpy mood and into his cuddle mood!

Have you ever cuddled with a pig before?  Let us know!

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Dad Asks His Dog If She’s Grumpy Today. The Dog Responds With The Most Hysterical Hissy Fit.

We all have those types of days where we wake up feeling moody and detached. It’s like we just can’t manage to shake off the inner darkness that envelops us. Nothing can snap us out of it and we remain unmotivated no matter what we or anyone else does or says. In times like that we simply want to be left alone and in the end that is what’s best for everyone.

When your life feels like it’s straight out of that mid-90s Monica song Don’t Take It Personal, it’s okay! You’re probably just having “one of them days” so “don’t take it personal.” Instead of interacting with annoying people and blowing up on them, take a page out of this Husky’s book and chill out.

As you can see, Mishka the Siberian Husky knows a thing or two about keeping her fussiness in check. She clearly doesn’t want to deal with attention from her little sister and fellow Husky Laika, or her human owner for that matter, but rather than snapping at them and being mean she takes it all in stride, like how a real big dog should!

At the same time, Mishka isn’t about to pretend that she’s in a cheery, wonderful mood. When her dad proceeds to ask her a series of annoying questions, she launches in an adorably funny grumpy fit. Yet even in her most irritable hour she still manages to stay true to her real nature and can’t help but tell her dad how much she loves him, awww! This is really just the cutest clip. If you love dogs, Huskies, and puppies then you have to check it out because it’s right up your alley.

The real take away from this clip is the lesson it subtly conveys. The next time you’re having one of those days, don’t snap and freak out on innocent bystanders. Rather, take the high road and act more like how Mishka does in the clip. It’ll make life better for everyone, especially yourself!

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