THIS Lion Was Bored So They Tossed Him a Toy. They Were Baffled By What He Did With It!

Adult male lions are formidable big cats with majestic manes and powerful builds. Their very presence commands respect and the wild, noble air about them has fascinated humans for centuries. When you think of the large carnivores you often think of them prowling around, fighting for dominance, hunting, and of course sleeping away the hot days and relaxing with other lions in the pride.

One thing you don’t imagine is seeing one playing with a soccer ball. However, there is a beautiful adult male lion who loves nothing more than doing exactly that! Triton is an eleven year old white lion who comes to life when a soccer ball is thrown his way.

Whenever he sees his caretaker about to toss him the ball he immediately jumps up, lets out an excited roar, and runs over to inspect it. That’s when the playtime fun begins. He likes to swipe the ball with his huge paws and pass it around to himself while chasing it around the enclosure.

He even follows after the soccer ball when it rolls into the water, not hesitating for a second to jump into the pond and get soaked. It seems that nothing can stop him or get in the way during his football practice. He won’t even pay attention to or play with the female lionesses when his soccer ball is around!

Triton’s caretakers are always giving him new balls because he wears them out so quickly with all the chewing and batting around. He lives at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa where caretaker Agnes Maluleke looks after him and all of the other large carnivores.

Out of the ten lions at the zoo in her care, she says that he is the only one who ever takes an interest in the ball. She also says Triton is the best soccer player and that the professionals could learn a thing or two from him.

After seeing his skills in action, I have to agree with her. It seems that he is the the only soccer playing lion in the world and a natural at the sport!

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Mom Introduces The Baby Lions To The Pride Now Watch What The Giant Male Lion Does.

I have seen a great deal of footage of animals in the wild, but this one truly stands out.  It gives us a close up glimpse and profound explanation of what a mother lion goes through,
in first protecting her cubs as newborns and then introducing them into the “pride” (the local extended community of lions). For seven weeks after birth, the fiercely protective mother hides her cubs, who are initially blind, and only comes to see them to feed them.

When it is finally time to introduce them to the “pride” she does so with great trepidation.  As lions are only  a slightly socialized breed, the cubs must be presented so that they are sensed as family rather than food.  The “kings of the jungle” (the adult males) present the greatest risk to the cubs. This video captures the facial expressions of the mother as she presents the cubs to the adult male of this “pride”.

She is helpless to ensure her cubs safety.  With bated breath she and we watch in anticipation of whether the “king” will accept these cubs as part of his family.  If he doesn’t he will destroy them, because his instinct is to protect his family.  Statistically, only 1 in 8 male cubs will survive the scrutiny of the King of the Jungle.

Watch as you see the outcome of this breathtaking interaction, between these majestic animals.  Let us know your thoughts and feelings about this outstanding footage. I truly am in awe of nature it is absolutely so majestic!

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Right When This Lion’s Mouth Opened Something Hysterically Unexpected Happened!

Sometimes the simplest most basic humor is the funniest.  For those who write intricate, double entendre comedy skits or stand-up, something as simple as what happens in this video that can’t help but make you laugh, might be insulting. There is nothing like the good ol’ classics that are just by nature funny. The following video is a perfect example of historical tried and true comedy. No matter what year it is, this type of comedy for some reason will always be funny!

On paper, this might not sound so funny, but as you watch the laughter dubbed into this lion’s facial expressions, you just won’t be able to control your own laughter, no matter how silly you may be thinking this is. I was having a really bad day, somebody sent me this video and for no reason at all I couldn’t stop laughing. This one will definitely bring a little sunshine into your day if it’s been a lil gloomy and cloudy.

This video is testimony to the fact that a great laugh is just simply contagious!  Whether it’s clever or not, listening to someone cracking up and superimposed onto this video of a lion from National Geographic will start your day with the best medicine of all…uncontrolled laughter! Get ready for nature at her finest being naturally funny in the wild!  Let us know what you think!

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THIS Lion Was Bored So They Tossed Him a Toy. They Were Baffled By What He Did With It!

Okay soccer lovers, this is really ‘wild’!  Here’s a guy who really comes alive, when he even sees a soccer ball, let alone has it thrown his way for play.  This spirited animal has more beautiful hair than Beckham himself, and he could give him a run for his money. Bred in captivity at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, Triton the lion is definitely happy in his habitat.

He was hand-raised with adoration by his keepers at the zoo.  Although it would have been preferable for this incredible animal to have been free in the wild, the unfortunate truth made the zoo a safer place.  Due to poaching and habitat loss, lions of his breed have suffered a rapid decline in the wild.

Other than humans, the greatest population of mammals on planet Earth used to be lions.  That is no longer the case, according to the World Wildlife Fund.  In fact they now list them as “vulnerable” (to extinction), which is only a step away from being labeled “endangered”.  The work that organizations like the Johannesburg Zoo do, help to ensure that lions like Triton continue to exist.

According to those, like the woman who narrates in the upcoming video, the most challenging part of maintaining a good life for the big cats, is keeping them active and entertained.  Whereas in the wild, hunting and stalking prey is a big part of the action, without that key part of their existence they can become bored.  This would not be good for their overall health and survival.

Triton, the star of this footage, was finding his daily routine boring, according to the zookeepers in charge of his care.  They threw him a soccer ball one day, and a star was born!  It was just pure luck that they found the key to his passion.  This isn’t particularly a “lion thing” as his four other pals weren’t interested at all.  Watch this beautiful animal’s skills as he receives the ball! ENJOY this great footage!

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This Family Went to See The Lions But Instead Got the Scariest Surprise of Their Lives.

Going on an African safari would be a dream come true for many people. The sight of beautiful wild animals roaming free in their natural habitat is a bound to be full of adventure and once in a lifetime experiences. It can also be extremely dangerous and whenever anyone ventures out freely into a safari park they need to follow all of the rules, stay alert, not tempt fate, and lock the car doors!

One group of tourists on safari in South Africa learned this lesson the hard way. They were going through a drive-thru nature park, taking in all the sights and sounds the reserve had to offer, when they come across a pride of lions. The magnificent big cats were casually lounging in the shade and resting in order to escape the mid-day heat when the family pulled up next to them.

The tourists started doing what tourists love best and they began to happily snap away and record video of the encounter. That’s when one lion decided to check them out. The curious cat got up and walked over to the rear car door to take a peek inside, only the glass window and metal door separated the two. The family was naturally ecstatic and more than excited to capture the rare moment on film and video, and a little nervous as well. They were also completely oblivious as to what was about to happen next.

They pulled forward a little and the lion followed. She approached the rear car door, bit down on the handle and pulled back, causing it to instantly swing wide open!! The occupants screamed in surprise and scrambled to quickly slam the door shut. Only after making sure it twas locked did they begin to breathe again. Thankfully, the clever lion’s attempt to get in the car was thwarted and what a crazy and scary story these park visitors caught on camera!

Who knew lions were so adept at opening things? Apparently the operators and park rangers know all too well that animals, lions especially, seem to have a knack for opening doors. That’s why it’s a rule that visitors must stay in their vehicles with the doors locked at all times. It’s smart, simple, and effective but apparently these people failed to abide by it.

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Sad Circus Lion Spent 13 Years Locked in a Tiny Cage. Now Watch When He’s Freed For The First Time.

After spending his entire life locked in a tiny metal cage, the video you are about to watch below, captures this lion’s first moments of freedom after being rescued.  For 13 long years Will had been forced to perform in a traveling circus, before the Brazilian animal sanctuary Rancho dos Gnomos came to finally release him from this awful captivity, where he was confined to a cramped cage when not performing.

When his cage is opened, it takes Will a moment to realize what has happened, before he jumps from confinement and romps towards the earth, grass, rocks and trees.  He revels in feeling nature beneath his paws with such obvious delight, that it brought tears to my eyes.

Rolling onto his back in the grass and experiencing all of the smells and textures of nature beneath his paws, as he explores his new home, brings home the importance of allowing wild animals to be in a natural environment and the cruelty of this deprivation.  The heartlessness of animals being held captive in order to entertain humans, instead of being able to live their lives in their natural habitat, should never be allowed or tolerated.

The happy ending for Will, according to Marcus Pompeo, the lion caretaker and founder of the sanctuary, where he “loved to lie in the grass and look at the sky..[and] was a very happy lion”, is heartwarming.  The fact that he was able to spend the last five years of his life in this beautiful sanctuary, before dying in  2011, was a wonderful thing.  Hopefully sharing his story and this video will help to free other big cats who continue to be enslaved to this day.

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