This Woman Makes 12 Twists In Her Hair And Then Goes To Bed. Then She Wakes Up.

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If you are short on time in the morning and have flat or unruly hair, then you know how much of a pain it can be to try and style it into the perfect look. Most of the time people just throw their hair up in a bun or let it fall as it may. When it comes down to it, achieving beautiful looking hair is hard to do outside of a salon, especially perfect curls.

It takes time, patience, and a lot of heat and products to get bouncy, frizz free curls. At least that’s what many women commonly assume. However, there is a much easier, less expensive alternative to traditional assumptions and methods of curling hair. Best of all, you can do this yourself at night right before you go to bed. When you wake up all you need is 5 minutes or less for your hair and that is it!

There is no heat, irons, or dryers necessary for this, you don’t even need to shower, but you will need a brush, a hair tie, and a few bobby pins. First you should brush your hair to get any tangles out and make it easier to work with. Get your hands wet and then run your fingers through your hair so that it’s evenly damp all around.

Separate out a small chunk of hair as if you were going to curl it with an iron, and begin to twist it around until it coils up tightly. Hold that piece with your free hand and move onto the next section of hair and twist that up. Repeat until your whole head of hair is all twisted up.

Secure the twists up into a secure bun and pin any loose pieces with a bobby pin or two. If any of the ends or twists pop out of the bun just twist them back up and tuck them into the elastic. When you’re finished with that you can mist some hairspray on and then head to bed.

When you wake up simply take down your hair and separate the twists. You can tussle it up and disarrange it for a messier look and add more hairspray to hold the curls better. For a quick volume boost, try flipping your hair over and spritz on some hairspray, then crunch up your hair.

Wait a few seconds for the hairspray to dry and flip your head back up. All in all it will only take about 5 minutes or less to style your curls and you’ll look great.¬†It really is this easy to master and this technique can give you frizz free, bouncy, beautiful curls.

There’s no need for any products or gadgets, and since it’s done overnight you’ll free up a lot of time in your morning routine yet still look great. This video will show you exactly how to curl your hair and it provides a lot of great tips on the process. Check it out and try it tonight!

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She Begins Twisting Different Parts Of Her Hair. But When She’s Done An Unexpected Stunning Surprise!

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If you love the way that curly hair looks and feels, but lack the time and patience it requires, then you have to check out this tutorial on how to easily attain a head full of bouncy curls. You don’t even need to use a curling iron or any heat with the Real Beauty by Cynthia technique covered here.

It’s perfect for people who are short on time in the morning and for those who have flat or unruly hair. Instead of just throwing your hair up in a bun or letting it fall as it may, wake up and spend less than five minutes styling your hair. That’s all you need and it’s really easy to master this technique. So if you want bouncy, frizz free, and beautifully defined curls, this video will show you exactly how to twist your way to them!

As mentioned above, there’s no heat, irons, or dryers necessary for this and you don’t even need to shower, but you will need a brush or comb, texturizer (Cynthia uses L’Oreal), and some bobby pins. First, brush your hair to get any tangles out and make it easier to work with.

Take a section of hair and add a tiny bit of texturizing cream, combing it through your hair. Twist the hair section up into a knot and secure it closely to your head with a couple of bobby pins. Repeat these steps on each section of hair you twist up, until all of it has been sectioned off and secured into place.

If you do this right before you go to bed at night when you wake up your hair will be ready to unravel and style. If you do it earlier in the day then at a minimum you should wait a few hours until you’re positive that all your hair has completely dried and set before taking it out.

Either way, the longer you keep the twists and bobby pins in, the better. When you wake up, or are sure that your hair is dry, simply take a section of hair and remove the bobby pins before unraveling the twists and separating them as you go.

You can tussle them up and disarrange it for a messier look and add a little hairspray to better hold the curl in. For a quick volume boost try flipping your hair over and spritz some hairspray near the roots only, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then flip your head up.

At the most it’ll only take about 5 minutes to style your curls and you’ll look great with minimal effort and no heat!

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She Puts A Headband On Her Head And Folds Her Hair In. When She Removes It In Morning It’s Stunning

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Women have spent years using hot rollers, regular rollers, curling irons, blow-dry brushes…all in the pursuit of pretty manageable curls. ¬†The girl in the following video shows us how to avoid all these heat damaging techniques.

She demonstrates a clever way to create lovely curls on her straight hair,  but this also works for curly, kinky and frizzy hair.  The bonus is that without the horrible damage that heat does to our hair, you can achieve beautiful shiny, bouncy curls, while you are sleeping!

Using a regular stretchy headband, watch this demonstration that gives you perfect romantic-looking, sexy curls. ¬†You will see her put it around her head, 60’s hippy style, and dampen it with a little sea spray.¬† She then winds her hair around it¬†section by section. ¬†Wait until you see what this straight hair looks like in the morning when she removes¬†the headband.

I, who have naturally curly hair that has a mind of it’s own, and some frizz, tried this technique. ¬†I got the same results! ¬†When you remove the headband, style it with your fingers, and finish with the cream or hairspray of your choice. ¬†The curls hold for a couple of days until your next wash! ¬†Sleeping on this is completely comfortable, but if you want a quicker result, you can achieve this look in an hour, if you have curly hair.

I’ve done this a few times and once I’ve started the twisting¬†through the headband I don’t even have to look in the mirror. ¬†I just watched some TV and actually found the process relaxing. ¬†Let us know if you will try this.

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She Wraps Paper Towels Around Her Hair At Night. When She Removes Them In The Morning STUNNING!

Depending on how old you are, you may remember your mom putting little rag strips in your hair, to create beautiful curls without heat. ¬†It creates a natural look, without heat damaging utensils, that you simply don’t get from hair curling electric devices.

The video you are about to watch below, offers a new twist on using bits of rags, by substituting with pieces of paper towels.  YouTube channel Cute Girl Hairstyles, shares a really easy to follow way to curl your hair, and as usual their result makes you want to try it for yourself.

This method is great if you have straight or curly hair, because it both creates curls where there aren’t any, and in the case of curly hair it makes your curls more manageable.

After washing your hair and letting it air dry until damp, she illustrates how to take strands of hair and roll them up around a piece of paper towel, in either the up or down direction.

You can either let your hair dry for a few hours or sleep on it. ¬†The tutorial will take you through the entire process; when you see the end result…WOW!

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