She Died Because She Posted THIS On Facebook While Driving. Her Final Post Tore My Heart Up!

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We have all watched public service messages concerning the tragic results of texting and driving, or for that matter any form of distracted driving. Despite the warnings which equate this with the dangers of drunk driving, people still look away to communicate things with their friends and family, that can certainly wait until they are off the road.

The statistics bear out that the danger of texting while driving is actually not equal to drinking and driving; it is actually 6 times more dangerous than drinking and driving! It is an absolutely terrifying problem; despite the fact that using hand-held devices while driving is illegal in almost every state in the US, nearly 660,000 Americans attempt to use their phone while driving, at any given moment each day.

That is why reporting on Courtney Sanford’s tragic death, and others like it, continues to be so important. She was a beautiful 32-year-old young woman driving along in a great mood.

She felt the need to post on Facebook while driving to share the fact that listening to the song “Happy” on the radio, “made [her] feel so happy”. Ironically, this moment of happiness was the last communication of her life.

Looking away from the road for the 5 seconds it took to post on Facebook, driving 55 mph, Courtney went over the median and hit a recycling truck head-on.

The video you are about to watch below imparts the rest of this tragic story.

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She Was Up Partying At Night Then She Was Given A Pill. What She Looks Like Now Is Heartbreaking!

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In a local town of Glasgow, Scotland a beautiful 16-year-old, Amy Thompson, met up with her friends at a party.  The purpose of this party was for all who attended to take “Ecstasy”; they believed that the pill they were taking was MDMA.

Almost immediately after ingesting their doses, Amy and her two friends collapsed, and were rushed to the hospital.  Amy’s two friends completely recovered after a short period of time, but Amy remained in a coma.  She was kept on life support for over a month, as her family sat by her side in disbelief and anguish.

Miraculously she awoke, but it immediately became apparent that something was very wrong.  She had suffered severe physical and brain damage.  She has courageously made strides in an attempt to recover as much functioning as possible, and hopefully will continue to make strides in physical and cognitive therapy.

She and her family have posted the footage of Amy, in her current condition, as a way of thanking all those who lent their support in her recovery.  Further, they want her story and this video to be used as a warning about the potential devastation of what a single pill looking for a night of fun, can do to a life.

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All She Did Is Put Her Feet On The Dashboard But It Would End Up Changing Her Life Forever

Parents are always warning their children not to put their feet up on the dashboard when they ride in the passenger seat. “It’s dangerous” is what my own mother used to say when I called shotgun and propped my legs up to comfortably rest on the dash, which she’d promptly swat away.

She, and everyone else who said that it was dangerous, is absolutely correct in their warnings. According to the website, airbags typically deploy at around 200 mph. They need to open faster than the accident is happening, which caused them to deploy, so they can provide the protection they are meant for. However, such rapid deployment can result in serious injuries, and sometimes they are even be fatal.

Bethany Benson knows this all too well. Back in August of 2010 she was just 22 years old when her life changed drastically. She was returning back from her aunt’s house along with her boyfriend who was driving her mom’s 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. She was trying to get as comfortable as possible so she reclined the seat back, propped her feet up on the dashboard, and fell asleep.

The chain of events that happened next would seriously affect her for the rest of her life. A car and a motorcycle collided, which tragically cost the biker his life. A transport truck came upon the scene and suddenly hit the brakes to try and avoid the accident. The Sunfire was right behind that truck and Bethany’s boyfriend tried as best he could to avoid crashing into it, but it was too late to avoid. The car slammed into the back of the big rig and the passenger side airbag slammed into Bethany’s legs.

When the airbag deployed it hit her hamstrings, which caused her feet to push up through the windshield, and her knees to drive back into her face. When her knees slammed into her eyes they cracked her left eye socket and cheekbone, broke her nose, dislocated her jaw, and caused a tooth to slice through her lower lip. Both her feet were broken in multiple places and she lost her spleen along with her memories. Worst of all she suffered a brain bleed and her entire personality changed.

Now she is moodier and angrier than she was before the accident, and understandably depressed, but these changes caused her to lose friends and even the boyfriend she once had. She’s in constant pain and has been struggling to deal with the after effects of that night ever since. Bethany wants to get one thing across by telling her story. She wants people to know that everything she had, and who she was, all changed because she put her feet up on the dashboard. Please help pass on her story, if it can help save a life or prevent such massive injuries from ever happening, then some good can come from it all.

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This Mom’s Son Died An Hour After He Swam At The Pool. I Had No Idea This Was Possible.

Cassandra Jackson took her young son, Johnny, to cool off and play at their neighborhood pool. She watched as the ten year old splashed around in the cool water and escaped the oppressive June heat. Eventually they headed home and about an hour later Johnny told his mother he was really sleepy. She wrote his tiredness off and attributed it to being out in the sun and playing all afternoon.

He laid down to take a nap and when Cassandra went to check on him later she faced a sight no parent ever should have to. Johnny’s face was covered in a white foam-like substance and he had no signs of life. The coroner determined that his cause of death was asphyxiation by drowning, but how could a seemingly healthy young boy drown over an hour after he left the pool?

His mother expressed her shock and surprise best when she said “I’ve never known a child could walk around, talk, speak, and their lungs be filled with water.” Not many people are aware of dry-drowning, which is a delayed type, and yet it’s just as dangerous as the more commonly known, immediate type of drowning.

Warning signs include difficulty breathing, excessive tiredness, and dramatic changes in the child’s behavior. Don’t risk a child’s life, immediately bring them to the hospital and get them medical attention if you notice any of these factors.

Every second counts as this is potentially fatal, especially in young children. Medical professionals can evaluate the child and determine if they need help. If a child does need medical care, doctors would intubate them, which forces air into the lungs and helps to clear the fluid.

Most critically, the lungs need to be able to take in and absorb oxygen from the air once again. Their ability to do so is severely limited and suspended, and that combined with extra fluid in a child’s lungs can possibly lead to death.

This type of delayed drowning is surprisingly not that uncommon, with an estimated 10-15% of all drowning deaths being attributed to it. What is surprising is that not a lot of people have heard about it or know what signs to look for in potential victims of a dry drowning. Furthermore, it can happen in salt water, fresh water, chlorinated pools, and even in the bathtub.

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Her Dog Started Acting Strange Then Days Later Died. The Reason Is This Everyday Household Item!

This video is so important for every dog owner to watch. Many people know about the dangers of ingesting chocolate and other more common foods. The dog in this video got into a pack of Sugar free gum. His behavior was becoming erratic. Her owners found the empty pack of gum and rushed her to the vet.

The gum and many other sugar free foods contain the sugar substitute, Xylitol. This substance is extremely toxic to dogs. It lowers their blood sugar level rapidly, and if vomiting isn’t induced, this dog and many others would have died quickly of insulin shock hypoglycemia. If that didn’t kill her, she would have died of liver damage caused by this toxin within 24-48 hours.

Pass on this video, as Xylitol needs to be checked on many foods you may be ingesting, and so few people know about this. Even a small amount spilled from yogurt and lapped up by your dog could be deathly. So care needs to be taken to be sure dogs never ingest this toxin, because the disastrous repercussions occur so rapidly.

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