This Is What Happens To Your Waistline If You Drink A Glass Of Red Wine Right Before You Go To Sleep!

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Many people love pouring themselves a glass or two of red wine in the evening. For some, it’s an after dinner ritual that helps them to relax and unwind after a long day. While many people assume that drinking alcohol before bedtime is bad and can lead to weight gain, new evidence suggests the opposite.

Capping off the night with a glass of red wine can actually be beneficial to our health and even help prevent weight gain. It may be contrary to everything you ever knew or thought about wine, but once you learn more about how and why, it all begins to make sense.

A main belief behind the idea that red wine before bed can help you lose weight and prevent gain is that it helps to suppress the cravings for sweet, fatty foods we tend to have at night. Drinking a little wine after dinner earlier in the evening helps make you feel more full and satisfied at a key time when most of us snack on junk food.

In addition, if you substitute a glass of red wine for a bowl of ice cream, cookies, or chips, you’ll end up consuming fewer overall calories. Alcohol produces zero glucose and red wine scores very low on the glycemic index, which means it is not very fattening.

The National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has even reported that “when alcohol is substituted for carbohydrates, calorie for calorie, subjects tend to lose weight, indicating that they derive less energy from alcohol than from food.”

A thirteen year Harvard University study appears to back this up further. Researchers tracked 20,000 women and found that those who drank two glasses of red wine a day were much less likely to be obese. Compared to non-drinkers, they had a 70% reduced risk of obesity, so don’t feel guilty about having that second glass of wine tonight.

A number of other studies have also shown that when we drink alcohol it signals in our bodies the production of an enzyme that helps metabolize and break alcohol down. Women produce less of this enzyme than men and therefore they end up burning more calories and fat to digest wine.

Red wine has a lot more to offer other than the aforementioned weight benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants and those help combat the effects of harmful free radicals in our bodies, which damage and age our minds and bodies.

One specific antioxidant it contains is Resveratrol, which has been shown to boost heart health and longevity. Resveratrol also helps to protect against and prevent a variety of serious health issues, such as cell damage, Alzheimer’s, and different types of cancers. Red wine also helps our bodies to relax and loosen up and there is evidence that it increases “good” levels of cholesterol (HDL).

In turn, it’s not only good for our cardiovascular health, it’s also great for our mental health since it helps lower stress levels. Less stress at night can also lead to better sleep and less out of control, stress-driven eating.

Of course, as is true with any type of food or alcohol, moderation is key. Consuming too much alcohol can easily lead to weight gain and opens you up to many other negative risks, including developing alcoholism.

Furthermore, if you are going to drink a glass of red wine at night and expect to lose weight, you have to forego consuming other calories. All in all, the main takeaway from this information is that a glass of red wine at night isn’t going to hurt you or your weight loss and diet goals.

If anything, it may be of benefit to you, so don’t hesitate to pour yourself a little.

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5 Easy Ways To Activate Your Weight Loss Hormones and Boost Your Metabolism

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It’s been said that the key to maintaining a healthy weight begins in the kitchen and that it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise and lifestyle. That simple belief has not slowed or lessened humanity’s ongoing desire and search for the latest and greatest miracle cure that promises to help us shed the pounds faster and easier. People are willing to try anything to lose weight, from fasting and taking risky pills to restricting their diet and getting plastic surgery.

While losing weight can be extremely difficult, there are some basic things that you can to to naturally activate your weight loss hormones. Those are the hormones which regulate and have the biggest impact on our body weight. That way you can achieve a healthier overall balance, and weight, without having to resort to the more drastic measures mentioned above. Below are five ways in which you can turn on weight loss hormones, so give them a try and see if they can make a difference in your life:

1. Eat a Proper Breakfast. Never skip the most important meal of the day because it helps to switch your body from a state of fasting to an awake, calorie burning machine. That’s because when you’re asleep and in a state of rest your metabolism, breathing, and heart rate are all slowed down. In order to start your day off right and turn on the weight loss hormones, you need to eat a balanced breakfast. That means a meal consisting of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates that’s around 800 calories or less.

2. Focus on Your Breathing. By practicing certain measured breathing techniques you can speed up your metabolism and burn through more calories than you would with regular, normal breathing patterns. According to a recent study, the following breathing technique led to participants having an increased resting metabolic oxygen consumption rate of up to thirty-seven percent. What they were asked to do was breathe through only one nostril at a time, closing off the other one completely, for twenty-seven breathing cycles. This was done four times per day for one month and it was found to make that much of a difference by speeding up metabolism and activating weight loss hormones.

3. Eat More Satisfying Types of Foods. When you eat junk foods that are filled with sugar and salt you won’t feel full for long and so you end up eating even more just to feel sated. By choosing to eat more filling foods that leave you feeling satisfied for longer after eating, you can avoid piling on the pounds. The hormone which is primarily responsible for making us feel full is leptin and it can be found in high amounts in the following list of foods; oatmeal, hot peppers such as jalapenos, grapefruit, turkey, chicken and other lean types of meats like beef and pork, fish such as tuna, salmon, and sardines, yogurt (the low-fat variety), broccoli, green tea, almonds, eggs, beans, skim milk, olive oil, turmeric, and apples. Working these leptin-rich foods into your diet will naturally leave you feeling fuller for longer and will help prevent you from over-eating.

4. Aim to Get a Quality Nights Rest. By getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep every night, you will feel better all around. Failing to get enough sleep leads to leptin levels dropping, the hormone that makes you feel full, and so you’ll be more likely to eat more and yet still not feel satisfied. That leads to overeating as your body is looking for ways to make up for the energy it’s lacking from the lack of sleep. Studies have found that people who don’t get enough sleep are at an increased risk for a number of health issues, including gaining weight.

5. Aim to Increase and Build up Your Muscles. Working out and lifting weights is the key to increasing muscle mass. When you lift heavy weights enough times to feel a burn that means your body is producing testosterone, a sex hormone that we all have in our systems and which helps build muscle by burning fat. You don’t even need a gym or set of weights to activate this weight loss hormone. Instead, by simply carrying heavy things like groceries, packages, or even your kids whenever you get a chance to throughout the day, you can increase testosterone levels. However, doing a number of repetitions and lifting weights to the point where you can feel it, and are sore the next day, is a key factor to shedding pounds.

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5 Simple Ways To Activate Your Weight Loss Hormones and Speed Up Your Metabolism Without Working Out

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While we all know that the best way to lose weight is to take in less calories and exercise, it is somewhat more complex than this simple fact.  While exercise is advisable to promote heart and overall health, some people just hate it, or are unable to do it due to back problems and other maladies. The other key to losing weight, that DOESN’T REQUIRE EXERCISE, is to TURN ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS HORMONES.

Your metabolism gets revved by activating these hormones which regulate your body’s ability to lose weight.  The VIDEO you are about to watch offers 10 WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT EXERCISING, some of which turn on your weight loss hormones.


It takes about 20 minutes for LEPTIN, the body’s satiety hormone which signals that you are full, to kick in. If you eat too quickly you don’t get the signal from this hormone, that you have eaten enough. EATING HIGH QUALITY SOURCES OF PROTEIN is not only nourishing, but also allows you to feel full longer, by ACTIVATING LEPTIN.

Fats known as MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES, such as that found in COCONUT OIL, increases your sense of fullness, is not stored as fat as it is burned rapidly, and increases energy levels.

By eating within one hour of rising, you literally break your fast, which TURNS ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS HORMONES for the entire day!


High Vitamin D levels helps to boost your metabolism, and keep it at a speedy level.

When you don’t get 6-8 hours of sleep per night, your levels of Leptin decline so that it no longer signals that you are full.  This is why getting good quality sleep, is responsible for your brain knowing whether you are actually hungry or not.  If your Leptin level gets too low, it drives you to overeat as a way of gaining more energy for the body to consume, to make up for lack of rest. The weight loss hormone Leptin is critical in your knowing whether you are truly hungry, thirsty or tired.


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