She Tells Her Dog She’s Had A Long Day. The Dog’s Surprising Response Is Priceless!

“Girls Best Friend”, Baron the German Shepherd, is the smartest 5-month-old pulp who gets the saying, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”.  He and his human Linda, have their relationship all worked out.  German Shepherds are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dog; they not only are quick learners but come to understand the nuances of their owners’ needs!

In the video you are about to watch, you will see the most adorable interaction between Linda and Baron.  He has already learned an abundance of things, during his short time training. Evidently he either knows, or Linda tells him she is really thirsty.

Suddenly you seem the screen door open and out bounds Baron with a beer in his mouth which he brings to Linda. What he does next is really funny and so clever.  Baron doesn’t do favors without making his need known instantly.  Watch to see as he lets Linda know what’s expected!

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How To Poop While Your At Work. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Many people find going to the bathroom at work to be an awkward and uncomfortable experience. Try as we may to avoid it, the inevitable moment comes when you absolutely must head over to the toilette to relieve yourself. However, there are some tricks you can do to help minimize the embarrassing sounds and smells that accompany the act of elimination. Check out the video and keep reading for more information on how to avoid stressful bathroom situations while at work.

The first issue to deal with is the all to common office fart. When farting it is best to walk fast around the room or area you are confined to. Do not stop! This will spread the smell and no one will be able to tell where it came from.

When you know you have to go soon do a fly by, which is to scout out the bathroom beforehand to make sure no one is in there. Limit the amount of fly by’s lest you risk raising co-worker’s suspicions with your odd behavior.

The escapee is everyone’s worst nightmare, those embarrassing farts that slip by while on the throne or at the urinal. It is best to ignore these completely, whether you let it slip or someone else did, because there is nothing one can say to help the situation so act like it never happened. Equally embarrassing is a jail break, or the rapid fire farts that accompany a forced poop. Stay calm and remain in the stall until everyone leaves.

The top methods for avoiding the above situations is to form a PFN; pooping friends network. Gather a group of trusted friends and pledge to stick together and monitor bathroom situations so you all can help each other pull off safe poops.

Alternatively, find a safe haven or a rarely used bathroom. They are often on different floors where a lot of the opposite-sex work and can reduce the odds of having to share the bathroom with someone else.

One final coping mechanism is to use a camo-cough which is a phony cough to cover up any noises you may make. It also helps alert new entrants to the lavatory that you are in there, and if you hear this, be courteous and leave immediately.

There are lots more great tips and innovative ways to avoid other shitty situations while at work covered in the video. Be sure to check it out and pass the knowledge along to help others!

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He Couldn’t Focus With Cats Taking Over His Work Space. His Solution? Brilliant!

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The old saying “curiosity killed the cat” can be modified into “a cat’s curiosity killed people’s production levels,” for humans trying to get work done around them. Our four legged furry feline friends love nothing more than to stick their pink little noses into everything they come across. Many feel the urge to inspect whatever new object or nook and cranny that catches their fancy. A lot of the time cats want to be right by the side of their human companion, no matter what they may be doing. This seems to be especially true when working at home at a desk area, on a computer, and when a person is in the middle of doing something that needs to get done.

If you suffer from feline induced work struggles then check out this video from the YouTube kitties over at Cole and Marmalade on “How to survive working with cats!” They offer some great insights and tips on kitty management for beginners. First off, you need to always keep a spare chair close by and handy; one for you and one for fluffy. Next, always provide comfortable, and appealing sleeping spots. Any cardboard box will do, just place it at an elevated spot because cats like to be higher up so they can better look down on us. Be sure to cover up and tape down any wires that are hanging around and dangling down because a cat will feel the need to bite and claw at them. When you go to print important documents be quick, alert, diligent, and ready to snatch them as soon as the printer spits them out. If you fail to do this then you better be prepared to re-print the paper because the cat will in all likelihood have promptly destroyed it.

The most important thing you should practice is keeping all liquids and drinks in spill proof containers. Nothing could be worse than having coffee or some sticky, sugary drink getting knocked over and spilling onto electronics or a stack of papers. When all else fails, you need a break, or need to lure the cat away, take some tasty treats and strategically place them where desired. A cat will have no choice but to go to where the treats are and this will work every time. Another idea is to create a cat-free zone by separating and isolating yourself. Get creative with how you go about this and if all attempts fail you may have to shake that treat bag again. Check out the video for more adorable information and we hope these tips work to help improve those special moments spent working with kitty!

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