The Fastest and Most Simple Way To Get Rid Of Those Frustrating Flabby Arms For Good At Your House

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We are all, to one extent or another, fighting the negative aspects of aging.  Surely it can be said, that with age comes wisdom…as well as the comfort of emotional perspective;  we grow better able to allow ourselves to “sweat [less] of the small stuff”.  Although, it is a certainty that gravity pulls everything down as we age, being flabby and fat is something that we can do something about!  It is not just our outer appearance that is on the line, but having good muscle tone is essential to our bone health and strong metabolism.

One of the parts of our bodies that begin to show aging, that make many women feel self-conscious, is our upper arms.  Even if we are at an ideal body weight, laxity of the upper arm skin is a struggle many of us can identify with.  While our skin tone may never be what it was when we were younger, we can, and should stay on top of maintaining muscle tone of our upper arms.

Doing a few minutes of lifting free weights to isolate the muscles in the upper arms, in order to increase lean muscle mass, will not only result in more attractive arms, but will do much to fight the slower metabolism that leads to overall weight gain as we age.  Building lean muscle mass is the key to healthy aging!

The following video, presented by Kelsey Lee, illustrates the XHIT DAILY ideal moves for fighting the flab of the dreaded “jiggly arm”,  in an easy-to-follow demonstration.  It is key to do these movements with the correct form, in order to avoid injury and achieve the best results.  The following repetitions can be divided in half so that you can do 6 minutes of 6 of these moves on one day, and the other 6 on the alternate day.   In fact this is the best way to start reaching your goal,  so that the different muscle groups have a 24-hour resting period!  The 12 moves, of which you will do ONLY 6 DAILY,  are in the VIDEO you are about to watch.

Don’t be overwhelmed;  while no one loves exercise you will soon come to realize that 6 minutes out of each day to do half of these moves, will soon be something that you actually look forward to because results will be apparent within only a couple of weeks.  You can cruise through the video to see what each move requires, get a couple of light 3-5 pound weights, and be on the road to LOSING THAT FLAB, INCREASING YOUR METABOLISM and INCREASING YOUR BONE DENSITY AND HEALTH!!

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Only Humans With Spelling OCD Can Get a Perfect On This Quiz. Can You?

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People who consider themselves perfectionists and who are obsessed with grammar, spelling, and the English language need to take this quiz so they can prove just how punctual their spelling abilities really are.

Even if you believe yourself to be an ace when it comes to spelling the trickiest words known to man correctly, sometimes we get a few wrong here and there. It’s inevitable and we all have certain terms which cause us to pause and think really hard about how to spell them correctly whenever we write them down. It seems like no matter how many times you look them up or correct them, you just can’t get them right!

Every language in the world has their own words that are most known for being misspelled all the time. Native speakers, foreign learners, just about everyone somehow manages to screw them up. These words get spelled incorrectly so often that they end up on lists and in quizzes like this one! For the majority of people, they are those annoying words that most everyone gets wrong time and time again. However, if you’re as good as you think you are at spelling, then you should be able to guess the correct spelling of all the words in this quiz.

According to the quiz site playbuzz, only those with ‘spelling OCD,’ aka a spelling obsession, get all seventeen words correct in this test. Try it now and see how well you’re able to score, good luck!

What score did you get? Let us know in the comments

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6 Signs You Are Extremely Dehydrated But Don’t Realize It and Should Drink More Water Right Now.

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Life on Earth as we know it would be impossible without water. That is an undisputed fact. Water is the top most essential thing that all of our bodies need to stay healthy and functioning as intended. There’s nothing better when you’re super thirsty, hot, or dehydrated than a tall glass of clean, cool water.

While practically everyone has heard of the standard rule when it comes to water consumption, which is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day to stay hydrated, not all of us manage to do exactly that. In fact, the majority of people fail to drink this much water daily and after awhile the negative effects from it all add up. When you’re not taking in enough aqua, your body and health start to suffer internally and externally. Oftentimes we get cranky and really moody, we feel tired and lack energy, even our appearance becomes duller and more worn.

In fact, many people believe that the fountain of youth involves simply staying well-hydrated 24/7. In light of that notion, perhaps Ben Stiller’s now infamous character Derek Zoolander was onto something when he famously said “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” If you want to feel and look your best, you have to consume lots of water!

When you don’t drink enough water, dehydration sets in. Whether you’re too busy, just don’t think about it, or fail to keep track of your consumption, it’s hard to know for certain whether or not you’re drinking enough of it. Not anymore! Those excuses won’t work after you finish reading this. That’s because your body will always let you know when it needs more water, you just need to know how to read the signs it’s giving you and here are six of those signs:

1. Bad Breath. Perhaps the stinkiest sign that your body needs more water is that your breath will start to smell terrible. Every time you take a drink of water it helps to wash away food particles, bacteria, and other junk that’s hanging out in your mouth. It also stimulates saliva production, which naturally has antibacterial properties to it, and works to prevent bacteria overgrowth. A dry mouth lacking saliva or water to wash things down with will lead to gross, foul smelling breath that nobody wants to deal with!

2. Dark Yellow Colored Urine. This is the clearest visual sign that your body will send you when it’s dehydrated. The darker your pee is, the more water you need to drink asap! Instead, you want to see clear or light yellow in the bowl after you go number one, that’s what is considered normal colored pee. When urine is dark yellow or brownish in appearance that means it’s very concentrated because not only is it lacking water, your kidneys are also working overtime to expel wastes. However, there may be other things causing the change in color, such as vitamins, medications, certain foods, and more serious health issues. If it doesn’t get lighter with time or clear up after drinking plenty of water, you should get checked out by a health professional.

3. Infrequent Bathroom Breaks. If you are not peeing between at least six and eight times per day, everyday, then you are most likely not drinking enough water. If you drink the recommended daily amount then you should be averaging 6 times or more because your kidneys will be constantly flushing it through, rather than having to hold onto as much water as they can, which is what happens when you’re dehydrated.

4. Dry Mouth. When your mouth feels like dry paper, it’s telling you to take a drink of water! This is obvious and yet we tend to ignore a dry mouth until it becomes super uncomfortable or just unbearable. Try to be conscious of this and sip water continuously throughout the day to help keep your mouth wet and moist and the saliva flowing!

5. Cravings For Sweets. Our brains respond to thirst and hunger in the same type of way, so much so that we don’t know the difference between the two. When you’re dehydrated you’ll often be tempted to eat a snack because you’re mistaking your thirst for hunger. We usually reach for sugary junk food when this happens and that can lead to weight gain over time. Instead of eating, drink a glass of water and wait fifteen minutes. If you’re still hungry, go ahead and eat something, but if the hunger pains have passed, you simply needed some water.

6. You Feel Tired. Having low energy and feeling fatigued is a direct sign of being dehydrated. Our bodies borrow, or rather take, water from our blood when it’s needed. This leads to decreased blood volume and an overall lack of oxygen being pumped through our systems, which in turn leads to us feeling lethargic, sleepy, and drained of energy. Rather than turning to a stiff cup of coffee or sugary soda, drink a tall glass of water and see how you feel Your body will thank you for it!

While the points covered above are the most common signs that your body will give you when you’re dehydrated, there are many additional ones which are not listed. They include headaches, muscle cramps, joint pain, prolonged sickness or illness, weight gain, dry skin and wrinkles, wooziness, constipation, and more. Please pass this information along to friends and family and let them know the basics about recognizing dehydration and the importance of staying hydrated. Who knows, a health problem of yours may simply be due to not drinking enough water, so stay hydrated and healthy!

Check out the video below for more information:

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The 3 Easiest and Most Natural Ways To Remove Those Nasty Blackheads For Good.

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If you want a beautiful complexion there are a few simple things that you absolutely must do. The first is to develop healthy skin habits. This includes the more obvious and frequent things which most of us already do, like washing and moisturizing our faces daily. The second practice that can lead to better skin, yet is done on a less widespread and frequent basis, is to use special treatments that target certain problem areas we may have or develop over time. Whether it’s acne, dry skin, large pores, break outs, white heads or black heads, there is something for everything out there.

Out of all the aforementioned skin issues, blackheads in particular seem to be the most frustrating and difficult to deal with. They usually pop up on the central part of our faces in the area known as the “T-Zone,” which extends across the forehead and down the nose and chin. These parts of our faces tend to be oilier than the rest, making them the perfect breeding ground for blackheads. When pores that have become clogged up with skin cells, oil, and dirt meet with oxygen in the air, it causes them to turn black. Even if you cleanse and wash your skin religiously, other factors may come into play and wreak havoc on your complexion. In addition to the build up of dirt and dead skin, stress, diet and nutrition, even not removing makeup the right way, can all lead to blackheads.

Not only are they gross looking, they’re also a real pain in the rear to remove. Many of us have tried pore strips that promise to clean and pull up blackheads, but all that the adhesive strips seem to do is irritate skin further and leave it dried out. They simply aren’t worth the pain, the expense, or the hassle. Instead of wasting more money trying to solve a blackhead problem, try a more natural method like the one covered in this video. It is much more effective than anything else that’s commercially available for removing blackheads and it’s incredibly cheap and easy to do.

1. The simple three step process starts off with a steam facial. The easiest way to create a clean, even flow of steam is to boil water. By placing your face safely and comfortably above the pot in the steamy mist, it helps to naturally open up your pores.

2. The second step is to create a baking soda scrub that will help to gently exfoliate dead skin and loosen up clogged pores.

3. The final part of the process involves making an egg white pore strip and all that you need for this is one egg white and a piece of toilette paper. Simply whisk up the egg white in a bowl, apply it to your nose or wherever blackheads are located, and then press a strip of toilette paper over it. Apply a second coating of egg white before allowing it to dry and harden completely. As you peel it off, watch as the dirt, oil, and blackheads lift off with it!

The results speak for themselves. Not only will your skin will be left feeling smooth and refreshed, it will also appear visibly healthier, even glowing, because now it can finally breathe! This just goes to show that a little preparation, the steaming and exfoliating phases, can go a long way in the end. What are you waiting for? Grab some baking soda, an egg, a few sheets of toilette paper and try it out for yourself!

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What Is The Best Workout For You To Lose Weight In 2017 According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Now that 2017 is well underway and we’re at least one solid week into the new year, how are your resolutions holding up? While many of us are still going strong and are making strides towards the changes and goals we had in mind back on January 1st, lots of us are in the opposite boat. Either we have fallen off the wagon completely or we never even started down that road to begin with, but regardless of what our new year’s resolve may have been, they’re not going quite as planned!

If this is true in your case, that’s okay because you can really make a change at any point in time. Even so, it’s early enough in the year so that there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of the brand new year to start off fresh! Furthermore, if you fall in the majority of people whose New Year’s resolution was to lose weight and get in shape, but haven’t done anything towards that, don’t sweat it! There is hope still yet and if you know what the best workout for you is, then maybe you’ll have a better chance sticking with it.

Out of all the possible habits or decisions we could try to change or implement, year after year the same thing comes out on top. According to, when asked what their main 2017 New Year’s resolution was, a whopping 21.4% of people surveyed answered by choosing the option “to lose weight/healthier eating.” Wanting to develop healthier eating and exercise habits is a wonderful goal to have but it can be really hard to actually get into, let alone even know where to start!

That’s where this convenient list of what the best workout for you is in 2017, all based on your zodiac sign, comes in so handy. It matches up your general personality type as encompassed by your sign with the workout you’d likely enjoy, and thus stick with, the most. Scroll down, find your sign, and click on it to find out which workout routine you should try this year. Who knows, it could end up changing your life but there’s only one way to find out!

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If Your Nose Is Stuffed This Simple Trick Will Clear It Immediately.

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No one likes having to deal with a clogged, stuffed up nose. It’s uncomfortable and makes life miserable. When all of the sniffling and blowing into tissues fail to clear your nasal passages, it can be downright maddening. Sometimes it leads to even further health problems, like the pressure that accompanies it which may cause sinus pain or headaches, and it often makes breathing more difficult.

While some of us turn to nasal sprays and decongestants, they don’t always work and they’re just not for everyone. Not to mention, they usually aren’t all that cheap or comfortable to use. Instead of reaching for a product which may or may not be effective, try these alternative methods which are completely all-natural, safe, free, and proven to work. They are one of those awesome things that you’ll be glad you did because your nose will finally be clear and life will instantly get better!

The people over at Prevention Magazine put together this quick video to show us two very simple ways on how to clear a stuffy nose instantly. Amy Rushlow, the Managing Editor for, demonstrates not only how to perform each technique, she also explains why they work as well. Check out the great video clip and read on for more information about the simple tricks!

The first method is what’s known as the “Tongue Tap Trick.” To perform this one start by pressing the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth for several seconds, then release it. Right after you do that, take your finger and press the middle point on your forehead that’s located right between your eyebrows. Alternate pressing between on and off on this spot for twenty seconds and your congestion should start to clear out.

The second technique is called the “Hold Your Breath Method.” It involves tipping your head back, pinching shut your nose, and holding your breath for as long as you can stand. When you finally must take a breath, breathe in the fresh air through your now clear nasal passages!

There you have it, the easiest ways to rid yourself of a stuffy nose! To learn why these incredibly simple techniques work so well, refer to the video for the scientific explanation. The next time you hear someone complaining about being all stuffed up, tell them to try one of the above tricks and pass them on so everyone you know can learn all about them as well!

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