This Is What Skin Tags Actually Are and Here Is The Easiest Way To Naturally Remove Them At Home

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Finding a strange, irregular growth of skin anywhere on your body is cause for concern, but if it’s a skin tag then it need not be. Skin tags are soft, small, painless skin growths that can pop up just about anywhere. They are thankfully harmless and pose no known risk to humans. In fact, they are exceedingly common, so much so that practically everyone reading this right now will develop one or more at some point in their lifetime, if they haven’t yet already.

To spot a skin tag look for a raised flap of skin that appears to be either smooth or irregularly shaped. That is how they are most commonly described but they may appear as slight variations of this general description. In addition, skin tags often appear on the areas of our bodies where the skin naturally folds or creases which includes the eyelids, armpits, neck, groin, and under breasts. It is because of these locations that it’s believed they are somehow formed from skin rubbing on or against skin. Also, certain types of people are much more susceptible to forming skin tags. Those who are obese, as well as middle-aged adults, have higher incidence rates of skin tags and may have between 1 and 100+ on their body.

Overall, skin tags are completely harmless. There are reports of discomfort and irritation but this is often caused by shaving, other skin conditions like eczema, or jewelry and clothing rubbing against them.

The main issue with the little skin growths is that people find them to be very ugly and unattractive. That’s why they often look for ways to get rid of them for good and resort to some pretty gruesome means of doing so. People have tried cutting and tying them off and freezing them as well. While these methods often work, they must be done by a trained medical professional under clean, sterile conditions. If not, the patient risks infection, permanent scarring, or an even more serious medical issue.

Instead of self-mutilating or spending a lot of money visiting the doctor, there is a much less drastic and more affordable way to easily remove skin tags by yourself in the comfort of your own home. This removal method involves only one simple thing, apple cider vinegar. In the accompanying YouTube video Dr. Doug Willen explains exactly how to treat your skin tags with the home remedy. Here’s a step by step breakdown of the information he outlines:

1. Take a bottle of apple cider vinegar and use it to thoroughly soak a cotton ball.

2. Rub the cotton ball right on top of the skin tag(s) at least 2 – 3 times per day. You want to saturate the area and can do even more applications if you wish to.

3. Do this each and every day successively for one week or longer if needed. As time passes, the skin tag should begin to appear darker until it eventually turns black and falls off.

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Quiz: What Is Your True Personality Alignment? Find Out..

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We all hold different thoughts and ideas about what our own true personalities are like. There are various elements and all sorts of factors that effect how each one of us evaluates our own inner self. However, it often follows that people tend to attribute to themselves whatever characteristics they like best, or the traits they’re drawn to and prefer, even if they know that’s not really who they are.

While you may think that you’re being completely honest and straight forward in self assessing your personality, chances are you’re not! As logical as we may try to be there are so many little subconscious, and totally unconscious, things that get in the way of our clarity. These things are what cloud our focus and in the end they make us biased, usually without us even realizing it in the first place!

This quiz will eliminate all of those unconscious biases while delving deep into your personality in order to see how it’s truly aligned. This way you can discover what type of chaos you embody and whether it’s good or evil. Or perhaps you’re more of a neutral, straight-shooter type of person who follows the rules and does what’s best for everyone overall.

Whatever it may be, this test will tell you which combination your personality reflects the most. Other than that, it’s a great way to reflect and dig a little deeper into what makes you who you are so try it now to see if who you thought you were matches up with the results. Enjoy!

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What Type Of Intelligence Do You Have According To This Beautiful Color Quiz?

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You are about to take a QUIZ that will present you with a series of very colorful images,  some without color, and some that evoke a feeling.  You will be asked which color pops out at you first, what color you would insert to a black and white image, and what feelings certain photographs evoke.

COLOR PSYCHOLOGY studies how color perception effects human behavior, by creating different types of perceptual abilities and level and TYPE OF INTELLIGENCE. How we perceive things in our world involves the identification and interpretation of color, which signals our nervous system, and thus our behavior.  There is a universal quality that colors have across cultures; it is a nonverbal language that influences not only how we feel, but how we behave as it stimulates our bodies and minds.

This being said, you will find a high degree of validity in how your answers to this QUIZ, lead to a conclusion  of your TYPE OF INTELLIGENCE that is most DOMINANT.  Perhaps you have INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE which is reflective of a high degree of awareness of others, which results in an exceptional capacity to read them accurately.  You tend to be an extravert, empathetic and socially wise.

On the other hand, you might have LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL INTELLIGENCE, demonstrating a rational approach to situations, and strong conceptual and abstract reasoning ability.  Perhaps you have INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE which unlike interpersonal intelligence, exhibits an exceptional degree of self awareness.  Have fun taking the quiz and let us know if the analysis of your answers resonates with how you see yourself.

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Quiz: According To The Day You Were Born, What Are Your Dominant Traits?

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Whether you a true believer in astrology, think it’s just fun, or scorn it as complete nonsense, you will be intrigued by this DATE OF BIRTH QUIZ.   I fell into the “think it’s just fun” category, until I did some research to back up this quiz.  It turns out that there have been quite a few scientific studies that lend support for a true correlation between season of birth and your dominant personality characteristics!

Specifically, summer babies tend to have a more optimistic, upbeat outlook on life than those born in winter months. The interpretation of this marked difference found in comparative studies, is that season of birth has a dramatic effect on  the rate of body clocks; winter baby’s body clocks seem to be relatively slower, which affects both personality and health.

The theoretical basis for seasonal affect on personality, is extrapolated from animal studies of mice, whose exposure to light was varied during the first few months of their lives.  This was done to replicate the longer hours of daylight in the summer months and the shorter amount found in winter.  A further manipulation was done with some mice staying in the same light cycle as their first few months of life, and others were switched.  All the mice were placed in complete darkness at the end of the study, to compare the coping mechanisms of mice, exposed to different amounts of light exposure.

The mice raised in summer conditions displayed excellent adjustment to being immersed in darkness, while the “winter-raised” mice showed confusion and maladaptive behavior, according to “The Journal of Nature Neuroscience”.  Research Professor Douglas McMahon made an apt comparison between these experimental results and human beings who suffer from “seasonal affective disorder”, which can be alleviated by added exposure to light that mimics sunlight.  Strong scientific evidence supports the powerful affect of amount of sunlight exposure during the first few months of life and mood.  However, more research is underway in order to see whether season of birth and amount of light sets a permanent biological clock, or whether the effect is temporary.

Perhaps the following QUIZ will help to answer this question, of whether early exposure to light has a short or long-term effect on personality.  You will be asked about 4 factors:  THE DECADE OF YOUR BIRTH; THE SEASON YOU WERE BORN IN; THE DAY YOU WERE BORN and the TIME FRAME OF YOUR BIRTH.  I was really shocked at how on point my results were, in analyzing my personality type and how it has affected my life choices.  A few of the categories of personality represented in this analysis are: CREATIVE AND POSITIVE, SHY AND OBSERVANT, POSITIVE AND KIND and INDEPENDENT and RESOU RCEFUL.  Let us know if the conclusion about your personality type corresponds to your birth conditions.

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Quiz: According To Your Emotional Radar, How Sensitive Are You? Find Out..

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We all experience feelings and emotions, some more so than others. Our lives are full of ups and downs and oftentimes what makes it so bumpy is how sensitive we all are.

People vary to extreme degrees when it comes to how empathetic and affected they are by others around them and the situations they find themselves in. The most sensitive types of individuals are very in touch with their emotions and outwardly express them. It’s as if they wear their hearts on their sleeves. In comparison, the polar opposite types are those people who bottle up what they’re feeling and keep to themselves. This often makes them seem as if they are distant, cold, or lacking in feelings, which may or may not be the actual case.

Do you think that you are a sensitive soul or are you lacking in the feelings and emotions department? This quiz will tell you exactly where you fall on the emotional spectrum. Simply work your way through the series of images and sum up in one word how each picture makes you feel. The pictures are beautiful and serene to some, while others may see a more dark and sinister scene. In the end you’ll receive a score based on a scale of 1-10 which tells you how sensitive your emotional radar truly is. Try it now and good luck!

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Quiz: Can You See This Number? Find Out..

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This quiz offers you a quick and easy way to test your vision. It will only take a moment to complete and all you need are your eyes!

Maintaining strong, healthy vision is super important for obvious reasons. People oftentimes take for granted how much they use and rely on their eyesight. Aging, eye strain, overexposure, and other factors can decrease our visual abilities over time and so we have to stay on top of it to keep our eyes as healthy as possible. This test can help you figure out whether or not your eyesight is functioning well and if you should have it checked out further by a professional.

All you need to do is concentrate very closely on the image below. At first glance it appears to be a close up shot of the starry night sky, but there is a little something more to it. Keep your focus centered on the picture and take a moment to allow your eyes to adjust a bit. Once you’re ready, look for the number that is concealed in the image. It’s very subtle and won’t jump right out at you, so keep looking until you eventually come up with a number. After that, click on the image to reveal the answer and what the actual hidden number is.

Did you come up with the correct number?

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