THIS One Easy Trick Can Get Rid Of All Those Annoying and Gross Blackheads Instantly!


Blackheads are gross and a pain in the butt to remove. Most people turn to pore cleaning strips that supposedly work to help pull them out. In reality, all that the pricey strips seem to do is dry out the fragile skin on the nose and irritate it further, plus they can be quite painful to remove. Instead of wasting more money looking for a solution to this age old beauty problem, try out this 100% natural method. All that it requires is lemon, salt, and warm water. It’s much more effective than anything else at removing blackheads and it’s incredibly cheap and easy to do.

In a small bowl mix together 1 tablespoon of sea salt, ½ a teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon of water. Apply the mixture to your face, paying special attention to where any blackheads are located or where they tend to pop up. Begin to gently massage the mixture into your skin using your finger tips. Work in a circular motion, as if you are buffing a car, and focus on areas with blackhead. Keep massaging the mixture around on your face for at least 2-4 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Wait a few minutes and then wash your face a second time using cold water. This will help to close pores and thus keep oil, dirt, and grime from building up and clogging them.

If you’re wondering how this simple scrub works, here is a breakdown. Salt is a natural antibacterial agent and helps to unclog pores by fighting against, and ridding it of, germs. Lemon juice contains citric acid which also helps to fight germs and bacteria and thus clean skin. The citric acid also brightens your skin, in a similar fashion to how a chemical peel works at brightening it, by burning the topmost layer off. While that sounds quite harsh, it really is not as bad as you may be thinking. The citric acid is simply dissolving away the dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other pollutants that are clogging and blocking your pores. The result is that your skin is left glowing, refreshed, and visibly healthier.

If you want, you can also spread the lemon-salt scrub over the rest of your face. It’s gentle and safe for practically all skin types and it works incredibly well to exfoliate and polish it. However, limit your use of this scrub to only 1 or 2 times a week and avoid sunlight when applying it because lemon juice attracts harmful sun rays that can potentially burn your skin. What are you waiting for? Grab a lemon and some salt and try it out for yourself!

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If You Put Cut Up Onions Inside Your Socks While You Sleep, THIS Happens!


Onions may bring tears to your eyes but the momentary pain they cause is easily outweighed by the fact that they can also help fight against diseases. The bulbous vegetables are grown all over the globe and used in may different ways. They can be eaten alone, added to dishes to increase the flavor, pickled and stored, used to clean barbecue grills, and even placed in socks at night to help heal our bodies. You read that last part correct; onions can help fight colds, fevers, and flu-like symptoms.

The practice of placing onions on people’s feet can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese determined that there are thousands of nerve endings on the bottom of feet which act like access points to internal organs and are closely linked with our nervous systems. When a cut onion is placed on the underside of the foot it kills germs and bacteria because onions naturally have strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The phosphoric acid, the stuff that’s responsible for making you cry, enters into the bloodstream and helps purify the blood all over your body. In turn, you become healthier and your improved body is better prepared in terms of its ability to fight off infections and inflammation.

Many people have tried this alternative method and claim that it has worked for them. The positive response is encouraging, and with no apparent negative side effects, it seems like the onion theory could be beneficial to many people out there. Here is how you can try it yourself at home:

Take an onion, red or white both work, and cut it into flat slices so they can be easily applied to the bottom of your feet. Pull on a pair of socks over the onions to keep them in place overnight, lay back, sleep, wake up, remove the socks, and discard the onions. It’s that simple. As you dream the onion will seep into and through your skin where it works to purify blood and absorb toxins. If you’re worried about having a stinky smelling room or feet after this, don’t be! The onion’s natural properties also help to purify the air in the room and since it kills bacteria it eliminates the main factor which causes foul smelling feet and gets rid of foot odor.

Putting onions in your socks at night may be just the right thing your body needs. It’s cheap, all natural, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Plus, the benefits reported far outweigh the one negative I can think of, which is possible momentary discomfort when you first place sliced onions in your socks. Give it a try and see if it works, I know I will be doing this tonight!

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Quiz: Which Of The Three Body Energies Is Your Most Dominant?


The three energies in this quiz correspond closely to the doshas in Ayurvedic medicine. The ancient Indian health science focuses on the balance of human physical and emotional states and has therefore been thought to aid in spiritual progress. Ayurveda, also known as the science or knowledge of life, incorporates diet, exercise, detoxification, lifestyle, sleep and mind into a holistic system of healthcare based on prevention of disease.

The three doshas are the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine. These biological energies are associated with different physiological functions and mental processes and make up every individual. If you think of each person as a pie chart and divide the pie into just three slices, this represents their doshic composition. There is extensive possibility for variation of this dosha pie. Some people are predominantly one dosha, whereas others are a combination of two or all three. The doshas can be identified as balanced, increased, or decreased.

The characteristics of elements in nature are mirrored in the doshas. Vata dominant individuals share the qualities of air. They are fast moving and thin with strong breath and circulation. Pitta people are fiery and sharp witted, often hot, and with efficient digestion. Kapa prevalent folks tend to be slow and smooth like water, with calm temperaments and healthy immune systems. If aggravated, or increased, the doshas can be brought back to balance by diet and lifestyle changes.

Which of the three energies is your most dominant?

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Little Boy Got These Strange Sores After Going In A Bouncy Castle. What The Doctors Tell Mom? Scary!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.05.06 PM

When a child sees a bouncy house their eyes light up and their little legs seem to instinctively run towards it. The giant inflatable castles are a symbol of endless fun and are as irresistible to kids as a triple-scoop ice cream cone is. They love to play and bounce around for hours on end in the colorful things. Parents love them too because it keeps their children busy in one place and tires them out. It also gives many a false sense of security. Adults assume kids have less of a chance of getting hurt in these cushioned enclosures, but that’s not the case. Parents need to be aware, and on the lookout, for possible dangers that are lurking in the walls of these bouncy castles.

One woman, Brenda Sanderson, found this out the hard way. She took her two sons to a graduation party and while she mingled with friends and family they played in a bouncy house that had been rented for the occasion. They had a blast jumping around, going down the slide, wrestling, and doing all the rough and tumble stuff that boys love to do. Fast forward 2 days, which is when Brenda noticed odd looking marks on her 10 year old son’s arm. She asked him what it was and he said he thought it was from the bouncy castle and assumed the plastic had somehow burned his skin. When Brenda noticed the sores had spread to his tummy she immediately took him to the hospital.

At first doctors had no idea what it was, but when Brenda mentioned he had been in a bounce castle, a light went off. At that point the doctor knew it was a staph infection. The sores were likely caused by bacteria that had stuck to the plastic of the inflatable castle, similar to the way bacteria commonly sticks to wrestling mats. The two things are breeding grounds for bacteria since they are rarely washed and cleaned properly. Combine that with lots of people using them, stepping all over the place and tracking in dirt, germs, bacteria, and so on, and you have the perfect environment for contracting a staph infection.

The news program featured in the video spoke with a public safety official who told them state regulations require owners to maintain bounce castles in accordance with manufacturer requirements. These vary as to care and maintenance instructions, and generally advise vacuuming and wiping it down with a mild cleaner after each use. However, realistically it’s impossible to know if the bouncy house your child is about to play in has been cleaned at all, or ever. The only way to be sure is if you personally see it done or do it yourself. After watching this video and hearing the warning, think twice before letting your child play in a bounce castle, and make sure it’s as safe as possible.

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Woman Places An Ice Cube On This Spot Of Her Neck For A Month. I Had No Idea It Would Do THIS


For as long as man has existed on earth he has been searching for a fountain of youth. The world has been searched over for some secret, powerful, life enhancing elixir that could make humans healthy and ageless. Today there are areas of medicine and science devoted to studying and searching for the right chemicals, plant extracts, and other combinations that can enhance beauty, turn back the effects of aging, and cure us of any and all ills. Companies tout the latest and greatest breakthroughs and sell all sorts of creams, serums, crystals, magnets, and so on to consumers eager to snap them up. Most of these things promise the world but don’t work as hoped for.

There is an easier, more affordable, and all natural way to heal and refresh your body. All it requires is that every day you lay on your tummy. Place an ice cube at the base of your skull on your neck (see the point on the neck shown in the video), and allow it to rest there for 20 minutes. Do this in the morning on an empty stomach and before you go to sleep. It has been said that this technique can provide a variety of benefits to your body, as well as boost your mood and mental health. After consistent use for a month potential health benefits include improved digestion and sleep, reduced thyroid issues and PMS symptoms, cure common colds, alleviate headaches or toothaches, and reduce overall risks associated with lung and cardiovascular diseases.

This alternative method dates back to ancient Chinese medicine and pressure points. The point it centers around is where your skull and neck meet, which is known as the Feng Fu. Many people report feeling younger, energized, and full of life after doing this everyday. Perhaps this simple practice is the way to go when trying to stay healthy and clean. Plus, there’s no harm in trying!

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Teen Girl Was Feeling Intense Neck Pain. Her Parents Were Horrified After The Doctors Diagnosed Her.

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Kids theses days! Some of them are spending up to 5,000 hours a year reading texts and browsing online, all while hunched over looking down at their cell phones and laptops. On average, a person spends around 2-4 hours a day crooked over looking down at their personal devices, and young adults spend even more time than that, logging hours at a time in one sitting. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer, tablet, or cell phone screen, because they all require the user to angle their head down, bending their necks in the process. This relatively new behavior is leading them to develop what is now called “text neck,” an uncomfortable and chronic pain in the neck area. Text neck occurs when the proper and normal curve in the cervical spine becomes reduced and in some cases it may even move forward. Ideally a person wants to have a 40 degree curve in their spine, but x-rays of text neck sufferers show curves so drastic that they actually have reversed and bend forward in the opposite direction. This type of reversed spinal curvature used to take years to develop and was only seen in older and elderly adults.

More and more sufferers of text neck are showing up at doctors offices nationwide seeking relief for their aches and pains. They are also increasingly younger and setting themselves up for a variety of possible problems that go beyond general neck pain, including shoulder tension, migraines, and even numbness and tingling sensations down their arms.

In order to correct the problem sufferers require physical therapy, trips to the chiropractor, and lifestyle changes. To reverse damage, professionals use head weights, shoulder exercises, resistance bands, and adjustments to recondition and strengthen the patient’s shoulder, neck, and back muscles. For people reading this and others who may be concerned about text neck, there are less drastic things that can be incorporated into your everyday routine to avoid it. Firstly, it’s important to sit up straight and stop looking down at phones and devices. Instead, hold your phone up higher so that it’s right in front of your face and eyes. There is even an app available that blinks a red light warning you to raise it higher, in order to help people remember to elevate their phones. Also stand up more often throughout the day and stretch, roll your shoulders, and move around. Just by being aware and conscious of what you are doing, and for how long, can help you avoid tech neck and all the uncomfortable aches and pains that come with it.

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