This Teen Was Feeling Extreme Neck Pain. When The Doctors Diagnosed Her, Her Parents Were Horrified!


I don’t know about you, but I have become used to constantly looking down at my phone, iPad or computer, but not as much as my teenage and young adult children.  Sometimes I have to ask them the same question 3-4 times until they hear me.  You can see a table of adults and kids out to eat at a restaurant, where everyone is looking down at their phone.  You may think that what I am getting at here is the antisocial aspects of social media absorption.

That, however, is a side issue.  Something far more dramatic and physically damaging is occurring to young people, like this 14-year-old girl in the video you are about to watch below.  It is called “Text-Neck”.   Doctors have found that excessive looking down at tech devices is causing pain in the neck, that usually doesn’t occur until middle or old age!

Not only are really young people experiencing this pain, but when x-rayed their spines show “reverse curve spinal damage!”  This damage turned up on 14-year-old Sarah Aitchison’s x-ray.

You will see her meeting with Dr. Chad Cotter who speaks about the alarming number of high school students he is seeing with generalized neck pain, migraines, tension across shoulders and even numbness and tingling down their arms.

Watch the footage below to hear further discussion of this syndrome, it’s treatment and what lack of treatment will result in.  Not only young people, but all of us need to be aware of what this posture can do in affecting premature aging of the spine.  Believe it or not there is actually an App that can be utilized to warn you when you have been in “Text-Neck” position for too long!

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5 Thing You Should Stop Doing Immediately If You Are Experiencing Any Back Pain!


Back pain is something that everyone will experience at some point in their life. If you’re lucky it ends up being minor and temporary, but for some people it turns into a chronic, debilitating nightmare. Even with all the advances that modern medicine has made and afforded people, back pain remains the world’s number one leading cause of disability related issues. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) at any given moment an estimated 31 million Americans are experiencing lower-back pain and every year they spend at least $50 billion in their search to find comfort and relief.

The statistics are grim, but thankfully there are some things that you can do, and refrain from doing, to help improve how you feel. Refer to the accompanying video for more information and if you’re presently suffering from back pain, or happen to know someone who is, the following things should be avoided.

1) Stop slumping and slouching! Posture is a major factor that can determine whether or not you end up developing an achy back problem. When your mother told you to sit up straight with your shoulders back and both feet on the ground, she was right. Practicing better posture can help to alleviate back pain and even keep it at bay.

2) Take it easy. The majority of back pain cases stem from mechanical types of problems, like a slipped disk or a pulled muscle. By simply slowing down and spending more time resting, you can help your body heal and avoid further aggravating the underlying problem.

3) Stop carrying heavy stuff. Obviously you don’t want to head out to the gym to pump some heavy iron when your back is feeling less then optimal. However, people often overlook the many other things that they may be lugging around and carrying throughout the day. The list is long and the items on it can be heavy; backpacks, purses, luggage, briefcases, grocery bags, small children, boxes and packages that come in the mail, etc. In the age of over-sized totes and carry-all bags, it’s easy to further strain an already strained back. Try to avoid lifting anything that may be heavier than a total of 5 pounds for at least one week after you first experience any pain. That way your back has a chance to rest, recover and heal.

4) Don’t lay in bed or stop being active. You should aim to keep busy and on your feet, so long as you stay within your comfort limits. Just because your back hurts, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing everything. Staying active can sometimes help your body heal faster, it can keep you flexible and make you less prone to further potential injury. Light exercise, yoga, and a daily walk are all excellent ways to stay on your feet. However, if it hurts too much you should stop whatever you’re doing and keep resting, never strain yourself further

5) Don’t wait until the pain is unbearable or it’s been around forever. If the back pain you experience doesn’t lessen or go away after awhile, or gets worse, you need to go see a doctor. Only a medical professional can pinpoint the exact cause of back pain and help you to manage it. If the pain is chronic and severe, the underlying cause may be a more serious condition, such as an infection, cancer, fracture, or inflammatory arthritis. Visiting a doctor can also help put your mind at ease and less stress means better overall health.

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This Is The Reason You Should Sleep On Your Left Side Every Night!


Image via: Shutterstock

The average person sleeps for about eight hours a day. Over a lifetime this amounts to spending about one third of our lives asleep. It’s common knowledge that a good nights rest is vitally important for maintaining health and balance both mentally and physically. However, it’s not so well known that the position you sleep in can also greatly affect your health.

There are many different ways that people like and prefer to sleep in. The most common seem to be on either the left or right side, on your back, and curled up in the fetal position. Each one affects your health in different ways that can be either good or bad. For example, sleeping on the back can be dangerous for those who have asthma or sleep apnea because it increases the risks associated with breathing difficulties. Sleeping on the right side can aggravate digestive problems and make them a lot worse. These negative effects and issues lead to lower quality, and less amounts, of sleep.

The left side is the best side to sleep on and it’s better than all the others in terms of the benefits it has on our bodily health. Sleeping on the left side helps us digest easier and improves the overall digestive system by allowing the body to extract nutrients and dispose of toxins faster and more efficiently. It also affects our circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart is better able to pump downhill and the blood circulates more efficiently back to the heart. Furthermore, the position also allows for bile and wastes to travel more freely through the body and helps improve spleen function. This results in better lymphatic drainage and more toxins leaving the body, with less overall stress and negative impacts to our health. Dr. John Douillard explains these benefits in greater detail and covers much more in the accompanying video. It’s incredible how much of a difference the position you sleep in has on your body.

If you aren’t already sleeping on your left side, you should try to make the switch as soon as possible. You can train your body to do so by switching on a light on the right side of where you sleep. Your body will naturally want to face away from the light source and thus will turn on to the left side. There are lots of other ways that people have used to effectively change sleep positions, you just have to find out which one will work for you. If sleeping on the left side improves health and promotes better sleep, why wouldn’t you want to do it!

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DIY: How To Make Homemade Pore Strips!


Fact: Blackheads are gross and a pain in the butt to remove. That’s why people often turn to pore cleaning strips that promise to help pull dirt and oil out of pores. In reality, all the pricey strips ever seem to do is irritate and dry out the fragile skin on the nose area. Plus, they can be incredibly painful to remove and many a tear has been shed in the peeling process. Instead of enduring more pain and wasting more money in search of a solution to this age old beauty problem, try a more gentle approach, like this 100% natural method. All that it requires is two simple ingredients that cost way less than $4 total, and since you don’t use a lot they can be used many times. Chances are it’s much more effective than anything else you’ve tried so far at removing blackheads, and it’s incredibly cheap and easy to do in the comfort of your home.

YouTube beauty blogger Michelle Phan shows how to make a simple pore strip-like treatment and explains all the steps and details. The solution she whips up contains only 2 basic ingredients; unflavored gelatin and milk. For the milk part any type or percentage will do so long as it’s a regular, plain type of milk. Skip the chocolate and strawberry flavored kinds and definitely don’t use any almond varieties. This also requires a microwave safe container, a glass cup works well, and a clean paint or makeup brush that you don’t mind potentially ruining.

Begin by measuring out one tablespoon of milk and one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin. Pour them into the container and mix it up until it’s chunky, then stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds. When it comes out it should look more liquid and oozy. Wait a few moments for the solution to cool off a bit and then dip the brush into it. Before you apply any to the delicate skin on your face, test it out on the back of your hand, that way you know it’s safe to put on. Now all you have left to do is brush the mixture onto any areas you want to clean and make dirt or oil free. Sit back, relax, and wait until it dries on your skin, which takes about 10 minutes or so. To remove, simply peel it off when it has dried enough to easily do so. Finally, you may want to apply moisturizer afterwards, or whatever acne/zit cream or serum that you prefer to use, because the pores will be open and the skin will absorb the product much better.

Check the strip if you want to see what it actually picks up off your skin and out of your pores. All the dirt, oil, blackheads, old dead skin cells and grime will have peeled off along with the dried strip. It’s kind of nasty but it definitely puts into perspective how effective this easy DIY topical solution works. Plus, you’ll be happy to know all of that gunk is off your face. The next time your skin needs a little revitalizing, try this out, your skin will thank you!

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Do Your Nails Have These Small White Marks On Them? It Means THIS

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 4.04.35 PM

Hands are possibly the most used human body part and because of that they often end up taking quite a beating. Day after day we wash them over and over, sometimes things get smashed into them, and other times we jam them into places like doors and tight cracks. This inevitably leads to other parts of our hands sustaining damage, especially our nails.

If you’ve ever noticed milky white spots that suddenly appear on your nails, then you’ve most likely experienced mild trauma to your nails. The medical term for these spots is leukonychia and the main cause of it is some type of injury to the nail matrix that occurs while the nail grows. The matrix is the lowermost portion of the nail bed that’s located at the base and it’s where the nail is formed. The white spots don’t hurt and they’re harmless. Over time they slowly fade and eventually go away once the nail grows out.

There are several other possible causes of leukonychia, other than the most typical being nail trauma. The spots may appear as a side effect of certain medications, such as corticosteroids and lithium. Alternatively, they may be caused by mild to serious infections or allergies. The only time you should ever worry about the white spots is when they show up on all of your nails. Unless you injured every single nail, which is highly unlikely, that may indicate you’re anemic or have some type of kidney disorder, diabetes, or cirrhosis of the liver.

There you have it- how and why those little white spots sometimes appear on our nails. Now you’ve learned something new and the next time someone says that the marks appear because of a lack of zinc, calcium, or whatever, prove them wrong and enlighten them with the truth!

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This Is The Reason Why You Should Never Reboil Your Water!


Image via: Shutterstock

When we boil water in a kettle for coffee or tea, most us never use all the water.  Then we think nothing of reboiling the water when we are ready.  Who would ever have thought that reboiling that water, if it comes from the tap, presented a serious health hazard?!

The reason for this danger is that when water is boiled, it’s chemical makeup is changed, which initially is a good thing; germs are killed.  However, when reboiling occurs the dissolved gases and minerals that have been chemically changed become toxic.  The chemical alterations cause  deleterious health effects from arsenic, nitrates and fluoride.

Even minerals that are good for us in smaller amounts, such as calcium salts, can become quite harmful when they amass due to reboiling.  This can lead to kidney stones and gallstones.  Nitrates turn into nitrosamines when ordinary water is reboiled, making them carcinogenic.  Similarly, arsenic becomes more abundant in reboiled water which can result in cancer, heart disease, developmental disorders in children as well as neurological problems.  The same can be said of Flouride.  Click the video below, for further discussion of why water should never be reboiled.

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