The Health Benefits of Cabbage Wraps!


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Swelling of your feet is just awful; we’ve all experienced it for one reason or another. Common causes are pregnancy, retention of salt, a long plane ride, or just being on our feet for too long. Swelling also occurs in relation to an injury; in addition to immediately raising your feet above your heart and applying cold gel packs, there are several home remedies that are very effective in making cold and elevation even more anti-inflammatory.

The video you are about to watch below discusses two very effective methods: EPSOM SALT WRAPS and CABBAGE WRAPS. The physical therapist in this footage, illustrates an excellent tutorial and explanation for both methods. Although, some recommend an epsom salt soak, she recommends always elevating whatever limb is swollen, for best results.

Epsom Salts help reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. In this tutorial she will show you exactly how to mix it and make a wrap. Cabbage Leaves that have been chilled also make an excellent wrap; she illustrates how to prepare them for the best flexibility. Cabbage is a Cruciferous Vegetable, whose anti-inflammatory chemical called Glucosinolate, is responsible for drawing extra fluid out of the swollen area.

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The Awesome Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning on an Empty Stomach!


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People will do just about anything to stay looking good and feeling healthy. They turn to special diets and exercise programs, detoxes, fasts, surgeries, and much more to try and achieve their optimal bodies and minds. Lots of these things are fads or expensive to pursue, and they’re almost always unnecessarily complex, which makes them hard to stick with for long.

In the end, it oftentimes turns out that the best path to health and wellness is the simple and all-natural way. If you truly want to feel good and cleanse and purify your body from the inside out you should do the following- drink lemon water first thing in the morning. This is something that just about everyone can manage and afford to do. Here’s how to make the simple health tonic:

Fill an 8 ounce glass with fluoride-free drinking water. Then take a clean lemon and squeeze as much of the juice out of it as you can into the glass. Remove any seeds and mix it together well. Drink the entire glass as soon as you wake up in the morning and try not to eat or drink anything for at least 45 minutes while you digest it.

Doing it this way is the most beneficial for your body as the drink helps to activate all of your internal organs, giving you natural energy, and leaving you to start the day feeling refreshed. Water in the morning is comparable to a detox because it helps cleanse the digestive tract, intestines, and colon. A cleaner system gives our bodies a better ability to absorb much needed nutrients from the foods we eat. In turn, naturally getting more vitamins and nutrients makes us healthier, stronger, and better prepared to fight off sickness and diseases down the line.

Lemon water works wonders because it contains two of the best all-natural hydrating ingredients that nature has to offer. Water is the key thing that every body needs to stay hydrated and healthy with. When you don’t drink enough of it your body sends you messages. One of the most common ones comes in the form of a headache. In fact, the vast majority of all headaches are caused by dehydration. In addition to giving you extra energy, lemons provide our immune systems with a much needed boost because they’re full of vitamin C. They’re also an excellent source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals, and they have natural detox properties that help to purify our blood and rid our bodies of toxins. The yellow fruits contain flavonoids and limonoids, two powerful antioxidants with natural cancer fighting and prevention properties.

When you eat a lemon you’re feeding your body so much more than just citrus juice. They are not only a great source of vitamin C, but also vitamins B6, A, and E, folate, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, protein, riboflavin, phosphorus, and more. Lemons have also been shown to help prevent diabetes, control high blood pressure, relieve indigestion and constipation, alleviate fevers, and reduce weight. Plus, the citric acid in them helps to fight germs and bacteria and many people use them to clean and brighten their skin. It seems like there’s nothing a lemon can’t do!

There’s more information in the accompanying video on all of the above plus the many additional health benefits that you can get by drinking lemon water every morning. Pass this along to loved ones and let them know how they can best clean out their systems and feel good. Try it yourself, your mind and body will thank you, so spread this healthy tip and enjoy!

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The Incredible Health Benefits Of Eating Blueberries Daily!


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You may have heard that blueberries are good for you, but you may not actually know why.  We are headed towards summer in the US, when blueberries are in season; sweet and firm and packed with such healthy components that many consider these deep colored fruits a SUPER FOOD.

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, this amazing fruit can help protect you from cancers and auto-immune diseases, and has a powerful effect on the rate of aging; it could be considered “The Fountain of Youth”.  You are about to watch a short video below, in which Mike Foster is both informative and amusing in his exaltation of the MIGHTY BLUEBERRY.  The footage was posted by “LiveLife365″.

Blueberries eaten daily have the ability to lower blood sugar, which does seem counterintuitive, given the fact that they are a sweet fruit; the fact that they have this benefit makes them a great ‘go-to’ for diabetics.  In addition to lowering cancer risks, blueberries improve eyesight and lower bad cholesterol.  The reason they are effective in maintaining a youthful appearance is due to the high levels of Manganese and Vitamins A and C, which promote collagen renewal.

For more details about this potent fruit, which has similar health benefits to that of almonds, listen to Foster’s take on the importance of having blueberries in your daily diet.  He covers both the mental and physical benefits, and his pitch will send you off to the grocery store to get some!

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An Easy Exercise That Only Takes 2-4 Min a Day For a Month, Will Get Rid Of Your Belly and Back Fat


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It is a rare thing to find a single position that is capable, over time, of creating a body transformation in just 4 minutes! Are you skeptical? I was, until I saw this article featured in “Women Daily Magazine”. I was intrigued by what they termed the “28-day Plank Challenge” that promised results by building your strength and endurance in a slow progression of incremental seconds each day.

I liked the concept of building up slowly, because anything that touts a quick fix, never lasts. I am on Day 23 of the Plank Challenge, and am actually enjoying the process. I am beginning to see definition in my abs and arms and feel really encouraged about the changes. The challenge builds you up from 20-45 seconds per day during Week One, building slowing so that you are able to hold the plank position for 3-4 minutes by Week Four.

The video that you will watch after reading the 28 day plan, is an excellent tutorial on the correct form for planking, which is critical to achieving the results you want.

The Plank Challenge

Although this must be completed in 4 weeks, clearly continuing to do it and adding it to other
parts of your workout is the best way to continue to build your strength and endurance, and to watch your body transform. The plan for holding the plank position is as follows:

The FIRST TWO DAYS-20 seconds. The THIRD AND FOURTH DAY-30 seconds.

On DAY 4-30 seconds, and on the FIFTH DAY-40 seconds. You will REST on DAY 6.

On the SEVENTH AND EIGHTH DAYS-45 seconds; DAYS 9-11 hold for 60 seconds.

On the TWELFTH DAY-90 seconds. DAY 13 will be a REST day.

Resume on the FOURTEENTH AND FIFTEENTH DAY for 90 seconds; DAYS 16 and 17-120 seconds.

On the EIGHTEENTH DAY-150 seconds and REST again on DAY 19.

DAYS 20 & 21-hold for 150 seconds; the TWENTY-SECOND & TWENTY-THIRD DAYS-180 seconds.

DAY 24-hold for 210 seconds. REST on DAY 25. On the TWENTY-SIXTH DAY-210 seconds.

DAY 27-hold for 240 seconds and on the FINAL DAY 28-hold the plank position AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

You may be asking yourself how such a seemingly simplistic exercise can be considered a FULL BODY WORKOUT, but as you build up your stamina, you will actually experience how this is true. By watching the tutorial below, you will master the proper planking position which puts a demand on your abdominal muscles, that over time results in a TONED STOMACH. As your abs grow stronger and stronger, your POSTURE WILL IMPROVE as will your BALANCE and STABILITY.  Planking works your BACK and SHOULDER MUSCLES, ultimately stretching your shoulder blades, which according to a “Mercola” publication, INCREASES FLEXIBILITY by promoting a better range of motion. Be sure to watch the short VIDEO below that shows you how each part of your body should be aligned for proper planking. Good luck, should you take this challenge!

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If You Have A Double Chin, These Easy Exercises Will Get Rid Of It FAST!


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It’s always a challenge targeting one area of your body that you want to change or tone, but if you know the correct way to do it, you will have the power to get the results you want. Double chins often appear as you age, often due to a genetic predisposition, according to Livestrong. If you are grappling with this problem and really want to get rid of it, the video you are about to watch is for you!

Loosen up your chin by moving it backward and forward to warm up before you begin following the five exercises that are demonstrated in this footage. Their names are quite descriptive of the motions that you will make each time you go through these steps, which are guaranteed to get rid of the double chin by toning and tightening the muscles, if done daily.

You will begin with “The Ladle” which is the first one demonstrated; be sure that you go through each motion slowly and with deliberation, to ensure proper engagement of the chin muscles.

The second exercise is “Kiss” Ceiling, great for toning and tightening, followed by the “Touch Your Nose” exercise which is incredibly effective at extending the chin muscles. Placing your two
fists under your chin is the pose that begins the “Resistance” exercise that is integral in making the double chin have a reduced look.

“The Perfect Oval” is the final part of the workout, that extends the jaw and neck muscles. Be sure to loosen up your chin before starting the video.

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Up To 12 Almonds Per Day!


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Although many people have heard that almonds have extensive health benefits, they often get ignored because of their high calorie count.  This should not deter you from making them a part of your daily dietary intake; eating up to 12 almonds per day will afford you the incredible health benefits that you will hear about in the video below, and eaten in that moderation, may actually help you to lose, rather than gain weight.

Eating raw almonds, or soaking them overnight (described in the video) is the optimal way to reap the benefits of this SUPERFOOD.  Being a great source of Vitamin E, it’s preservation of your collagen and elastin keeps skin and hair healthy and MAINTAINS A YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE.  The “GOOD FATS” found in almonds actually aid weight loss, when eaten in moderation.

Because almonds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, they LOWER YOUR RISK OF HEART DISEASE as well as YOUR BAD CHOLESTEROL.  The video will go on to discuss how and why almonds PREVENT DIABETES, RAISE ENERGY LEVELS, REDUCE CANCER RISKS, IMPROVES DIGESTION and many other health and BEAUTY PERKS!

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