Little Boy With Autism Tells Santa His Darkest Secret. Santa Pulls Him In Close and Says These 5 Words.

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In the weeks and days leading up to Christmas there’s a lot of fun and exciting activities to do that fill up young child’s mind and time. They get to decorate the tree, make gingerbread houses and treats, make festive cards, write up their Christmas wish list, and above all else, visit Santa Claus!

Paying Santa Claus a personal visit and chatting with the jolly old fellow is a cherished memory that many people fondly recall from their childhood. The age old tradition is replayed year after year at the countless Christmas attractions throughout the country. Little kids wait in line excitedly with their parents for the chance to sit and talk with Santa and from a youngsters perspective it’s simply magical.

For one little boy, his meeting with Santa was beyond magical, and it has since turned unexpectedly into one of the most heartwarming scenes of the season. It took place at the RiverTown Crossings Mall in Grandville, Michigan, when Naomi Johnson took her son Landon and his four cousins to meet Father Christmas. When it was Landon’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap he told him that he wanted a Wii, a remote control car, and a cool toy dinosaur for Christmas. After posing for a picture he hopped off, but that wasn’t the end of the conversation.

While the rest of his family waited for photos, Landon ran back to Santa, he had a very serious and very important question to ask the man. With his hands shaking in nervous excitement the young boy told Santa that he had Autism and then he asked if it would put him on the naughty list. Landon’s mom wrote in a Facebook post that “Santa sat him next to him and took L’s hands in his and started rubbing them, calming them down. Santa asked L if it bothered him, having Autism? L said yes, sometimes. Then Santa told him it shouldn’t. It shouldn’t bother him to be who he is.”

The simple response from Santa’s heart straight to Landon’s ears, “It’s OK to be you” was all that he needed to hear. It’s what his mother had been telling him all along and what we all need to hear and remember. No matter what personal obstacles we face and go through in life, whether it be Autism or some other health or mental condition, whatever it may be, we have to remain true to ourselves.

Santa definitely made his meeting with Landon an unforgettable one, not just for him but also for people around the world. Ever since a news story about it was posted online, it has gone on to touch the hearts and lives of countless viewers who say that the footage is inspiring and gives them hope. Check out the accompanying video for more on the beautiful story and try not to cry because it truly is one of the most simple yet touching clips of the holiday season.

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Can You Pass The Official Psychopathology Test? Find Out..

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Do you think that you might have a mental disorder? It’s a serious question and one that we should each ask ourselves. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) every single year around 1 in 5 US adults will experience a mental illness. There are a number of different mental disorders and whether it be depression, anxiety, PTSD, or a condition even more chronic and severe, it will always and inevitably have a dramatic effect on one’s life.

While we’ve all heard of the major mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, there’s many other mental disorders out there which are much more prevalent. The symptoms associated with them and how they manifest tend to be milder and broadly based, which is why many people fail to ever even realize that they may actually have a problem!

That’s where this quiz comes in handy. It takes into account all of the science, research, and studies behind the many different mental disorders known to man, which is generally known as psychopathology. Researchers and psychologists in the field are primarily focused on figuring out the various causes and symptoms of each disorder and how to both diagnose and treatment them.

The test here is a composed of targeted questions which look at your feelings, actions, choices, and mindset to see if whether or not they display the common characteristics attributed to any particular mental disorder. Work through it to see how you score on the general psychopathology test and in the end it will tell whether or not you are prone to having any particular disorder. Good luck and please pass this along to help raise and spread mental health awareness.

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Quiz: How Old Is Your Brain? Is It Younger or Older Than Your Actual Age? Find Out..

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Space may be the final frontier as to the unexplored limits of our universe, but the study of the human brain is the considered by many to be the last frontier in science. Out of all our bodily organs, the brain is easily the most incredible one, and yet we know so little about it.

What limited information scientists have uncovered about the brain is fascinating and puts how amazing it really is into perspective. For example, our brains can process information as slow as 1 mile per hour or as fast as 268 mph. It generates between 10-25 watts of power, which is enough energy to power a light bulb. On average, the brain generates about 50,000 thoughts every single day, of which it is believed that around 70% of them are negative.

Those are just a few of the more interesting examples of relatively recent discoveries and there is still a vast amount of information we have yet to even begin exploring. And while our brains are what make us an intelligent species, they give us the ability to learn and think, not all brains function alike!

One way in which they differ is related directly to brain age. Brain age doesn’t correlate along with your actual birth age, instead it’s how old or young your brain seems to be functioning at. Each age group has different rates of reaction and levels of maturity and development, which have been quantified and studied. By comparing your responses, beliefs, and general knowledge to the questions in this quiz, you can figure out how old your brain really is! Try it now to test yourself and see if your brain is older or younger than you are. Good luck and enjoy!

Is your brain older or younger than you? Let us know in the comments

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Quiz: Are You OCD, Anal Or Just A Perfectionist? Take The Test Below and Find Out..

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Out of the following three options, which type of person do you envision yourself to be; a perfectionist, picky and precise, or OCD? It’s not the easiest question to answer and before you can truly determine which one describes you the best, you need to know a little more background information on each of them. The following is a basic breakdown of the aforementioned personality types, what they entail, and the main differences that set them apart from one another.

Those who are picky and precise are often very neat and organized, more so than perfectionists but to a lesser degree than those with OCD. They are primarily focused on their health and appearance, as personal hygiene tends to be their number one priority. They’re the type of people who take pride in their looks and are always well-groomed. They step out in clean clothes, freshly ironed shirts, shiny shoes, and seem to always be preoccupied with the finer details in life. Some people may call them anal retentive but that term doesn’t do this personality type justice, rather they’re meticulous and just plain picky!

In comparison, perfectionists are hyper observant people who are extremely quick when it comes to noticing all of the small, minor details that everyone else either overlooks or completely misses. They are also very smart and hate failure or making mistakes, which is part of the reason why they try so hard to be perfect. Oftentimes they have their own particular way of doing things that they view as the best way of going about something. This makes working with a perfectionist hard to do at times because they’re so focused on doing things their way that they end up blocking out everything else that doesn’t fit into their preconceived mold.

Those with OCD are vastly different from picky people and perfectionists, in fact they are perfectionists to the nth degree. They have uncontrollable obsessions and rituals which cause them a lot of worry and anxiety. These obsessions may be thoughts or actions and the most typical types include hand washing, cleaning, counting, and checking things. In fact, they often perform triple or quadruple checks to ensure everything is done right and perfect. If things aren’t just so, they hone in on the littlest of errors and obsess over it until it’s fixed.

In the end, you may not even fit into any of the above categories and you’re simply normal! Even so, the easiest way to figure out where you fall on the perfectionist, preciseness, or OCD spectrum is by taking this quiz. It explores your behaviors, worries, preferences, and desires towards a number of different scenarios and levels of disorder. Your responses will all point towards which type best describes you so try and now to get your results. Don’t forget to pass it on and share with whomever else you may think needs to test themselves!

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Quiz: What Does The Way Perceive See Color Say About Your Personality? Find Out..

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You are about to take a QUIZ that will present you with a particular SHADE OF COLOR, and you will be given three choices as to which more dominant color you perceive it to be closest to.  Nine such images will be presented for you to evaluate.

Discerning variations in color is unique to each individual.  COLOR PERCEPTION has a biological underpinning (as it pertains to various levels of color blindness), as well as differential sensitivities to certain aspects of color shades.  These are: tone, opaqueness, texture and saturation.  These characteristics of color can affect hue vibrancy, which in turn can affect our perception of whether it is closest to, for instance: brown, red or orange, or blue,  green or gray.

Another factor that affects the way we see colors is our associations with a particular color, due to the environments and situations in which we have encountered particular hues throughout our lives.  Therefore, colors have a strong impact on our emotional reactions and thoughts when encountering a particular hue, and these factors have been shown to be reflective of many dimensions of our personalities.

Some people may find the color yellow to be uplifting, while others find it jarring, and this may vary with the shade of yellow perceived.  The color blue can alternate between making someone feel down or may be experienced as soothing, depending on it’s tone.  We may not be conscious of what emotion color hues evoke, but there is much evidence in “Color Psychology”, that color is a constant and subtle influence on us, and can reveal an overall outlook on life.

The QUIZ YOU ARE ABOUT TO TAKE BELOW, will analyze how you differentiate color shades, and come to a conclusion about where you fall in three main ways of looking at the world; are you by nature more of an OPTIMIST, PESSIMIST or REALIST.  The quiz is a lot of fun; try to “go with your gut” in responding to each question, as that will yield the most accurate analysis of how you look at the world, according to Color Psychology.  Let us know if your result resonates with how you see yourself.  Enjoy!

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What Color Is Your Personality? Take The Quiz Below and Find Out.

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What color do you think represents your personality the best? Each and every color under the sun comes with its own special meanings so which one would most apply to you? Think about the color red. When we think of red, we tend to automatically associate it with love, passion, anger, and determination. In comparison, purple brings to mind peace, charisma, and gentleness.

These types of attributes, which are attached to all the different shades of color, cross over seamlessly into the realm of personality. In fact, most of them are characteristics of personality to begin with. How so? The word “personality” is simply a blanket term for how we each think, feel, and behave in our own individual type of way. Over time and as we grow up certain patterns and traits start to emerge, which in turn become representative of our personality type.

This quiz uses color psychology in order to determine what the actual color of your personality is. It examines how different colors have affected your feelings, choices, and attitudes both throughout your life and how they are currently doing so in the present moment. So take a minute or two to pick and choose your way through the colorful quiz and see if your results match up with what you originally guessed it would be!

What color did you get? Let us know in the comments below

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