This Man Has a Profoundly Spiritual Experience As He Watches A Double Rainbow Form Above His House

Paul Vasquez had a mind-blowing spiritual experience when he saw a double rainbow above his home in Yosemite.  The rainbow lasted over an hour and he explains in later interviews that the rays were so powerful they literally knocked him down to the ground.  This video went super viral after Jimmy Kimmel posted it and has now reached 40,000,000 people.

Russell Brand Will Blow Your Mind in 37 Seconds!

Russell Brand goes on Australia Today and discusses his spiritual side and connection with a higher power.

This Couple Managed To Tell Their Friends and Family They Were Pregnant In The Funniest Way.

These San Francisco residents Kris and Katharine Camillis have a very big surprise to share with their family and friends and found a special way to capture their reactions to the incredible news. As the expecting couple repeats this amazing stunt over and over at various locations, each reaction is better than the one before.

These Unsuspecting Shoppers Get a Tearful Heartwarming Surprise.

While these unsuspected shoppers were out at a local Fred Meyer, they received such an incredibly heartwarming surprise. Thanks to the amazing nonprofit organization called Practice Kindness, a randomly selected group of shoppers did not have to pay for any of their groceries or gifts that day.

The Meaning Of Life Explained By 3rd Graders. This Will Touch Your Heart.

The meaning of life as explained by 3rd graders.  This will definitely touch your heart.

Extraordinary Man With Severe Disability Creates Incredible Works Of Art Using Typewriter. Your Reaction Will Be Disbelief

An extraordinary man with a severe disability creates incredible works of art using a typewriter.