The Meaning Of Life Explained By 3rd Graders. This Will Touch Your Heart.

The meaning of life as explained by 3rd graders.  This will definitely touch your heart.

Extraordinary Man With Severe Disability Creates Incredible Works Of Art Using Typewriter. Your Reaction Will Be Disbelief

An extraordinary man with a severe disability creates incredible works of art using a typewriter.

These Little Singers Will Blow You Away

These incredible little singers battle is out on The Voice Kids 2014, singing Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World”.

You Will Never Believe The Voice On This 12 Year Old Boy

Another 12-year-old phenom is up next, Quintavious Johnson. The little singer with the outsized voice has quickly made himself a favorite of the cast and crew. He takes the stage and launches into a powerful version of “I’m Going Down.” The boy’s control, range and volume belie his age. The audience and judges are transfixed, blown away by the kid’s sheer talent.

Why the Universe Is Conspiring to Help You

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Find out what this means to Paulo and how he first discovered the idea by examining his own life.

The One Question Paulo Coelho Believes God Will Ask Us When We Die

At the end of that journey and our lives, Paulo believes everyone will be asked one simple question: Did you love enough? Paulo opens up about what it really means to love and what effects he believes your answer to the Almighty will have on your fate.