A Letter Written From The Guy You Called A “Dirty Biker.” This Response Is Perfect.


If you liked that then Watch This Below:

Pit Bull Meets Tiny Kitten!

This video may just be the cutest thing we have seen all week.  Molly the pit bull is introduced to an abandoned new born kitten that was just rescued.  Molly can’t contain her excitement, it looks like she is going to be an amazing big sister.  She is so gentle and loving.   This is such a precious moment.

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Baby With Albinism Sees Mommy For The First Time Ever

Meet Louise a beautiful little baby who has albinism. Because of her disorder she is not able to see well. In this video they gave her a special set of glasses and now she can actually see for the first time. When she looks up and sees mommy it is absolutely priceless. What a wonderful moment of love between a mother and her child.

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A Community of Neighbors Helps a Man With Leukemia

This man has leukemia and everyday it was getting tougher for him to walk his dogs. The community noticed and placed some chairs out on the street so that he could take a rest during his walks. There is nothing better than a community coming together to help someone in need. It truly restores my faith in humanity. There are still really good people out there!

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Waitress Is About To Have The Best Shift Ever!!

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word tip originated as a slang term, and its etymology is unclear. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the meaning “give a small present of money” began around 1600, and the meaning “give a gratuity to” is first attested in 1706.  The noun in this sense is from 1755. The term in the sense of “to give a gratuity” first appeared in the 18th century. It derived from an earlier sense of tip, meaning “to give; to hand, pass”, which originated in the rogues’ cant in the 17th century. This sense may have derived from the 16th-century tip meaning “to strike or hit smartly but lightly” (which may have derived from the Low German tippen, “to tap”) but this derivation is “very uncertain”.

The practice of tipping began in Tudor England. “By the 17th century, it was expected that overnight guests to private homes would provide sums of money, known as vails, to the host’s servants. Soon afterwards, customers began tipping in London coffeehouses and other commercial establishments.”  Source: Wikipedia

In this video a waitress thinks it is a normal day on the job.  Little does she know she is about to receive a life changing tip.  Most servers make the largest portion of their living off tips and that’s why this video is so extraordinary.  Pass It On.

This Handicapped Turtle Got A Wheelchair Made Out Of Legos

Meet Blade the tortoise.  Blade has a bone metabolism disorder that caused his legs to be too weak to carry his body and shell.  His bones were like rubber, and his muscles were diminished.  They then attached legos to his underbelly to act as a wheelchair and help Blade get around.  Now with these bionic lego skates he can just about go anywhere he wants.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

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