THIS Woman’s Husband For Over 26 Years Died From THIS Common Bug Bite!

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When you find a tick on you, you can’t help but think of all the terrible possibilities.  Maybe it has Lyme disease or is infecting you with some other nasty, horrible health condition.  The thought eventually fades away with time, but it’s always lingering in the back of your mind. If they suffer a bite, some people will save the tick and have it analyzed in a lab or go straight to the doctor, but many just watch the bite area and pray it didn’t spread anything bad.  

You can never know how a tick bite will play out, and despite them being on the rise, not much is known about the many complications and illnesses that the tiny insects carry.  Even the most widely known disease that ticks spread, Lyme disease, is notoriously tricky to both diagnose and treat. The lesser known ones are even scarier and more sudden, like the one that took Crissy Naticchia’s husband Jeff’s life.

Crissy and Jeff had been married for 26 years and throughout the whole time she was with him she only remembers him getting sick twice.  He was a healthy, active guy, and while he had recently become a little overweight, he’d been working hard to get back in shape. When he got sick the second time around, Chrissy thought he had the flu.  He had a fever and was weak, but within the span of a few days his condition drastically worsened.  

Jeff became too weak to stand and had such a high fever that his clothes were drenched in sweat.  Fearing for his life, Crissy rushed him to the emergency room where doctors diagnosed him as having a kidney infection and given antibiotics.  He returned home and his fever finally broke, but he still utterly exhausted. He knew something was wrong and wasn’t feeling any better. Crissy thought maybe he’d been misdiagnosed and brought him to the hospital again.

Doctors ordered more in depth tests for a number of possible diseases, but everything came back negative.  They saw that Jeff’s liver and kidneys were shutting down and sent him to specialists who focused on liver malfunction.  He was immediately placed on dialysis but two days later developed respiratory issues and had trouble breathing. He continued to deteriorate and ended up in the ICU where a ventilator helped him breathe.  His prognosis was grim, but Crissy stayed strong and kept pushing for answers.

The hospital finally did have a diagnosis for Jeff, he was suffering from babesiosis.  The tick-borne illness is caused by parasites that infect and attack red blood cells. Anyone can contract babesiosis but it’s more severe in the elderly, people who have weakened immune systems, and those who have had their spleen removed.  Jeff had previously had his spleen removed and this was likely why he was suffering from such a severe reaction.

With news of the diagnosis, Chrissy was initially relieved, but that quickly turned to dread.  She’d gone home to rest when she awoke to a call at 4:30 in the morning. The hospital called and told her to come quickly, her husband’s blood pressure was dropping fast, and his heart was giving out.  Two hours later, Jeff passed away.

Crissy could not believe Jeff had died to suddenly and wants to use his story to raise awareness about tick-borne diseases and prevention.  Tick related illnesses are on the rise and yet not many people are aware that those who’ve had a splenectomy (their spleen removed) or who have compromised immune systems, face a higher risk of serious illness or death.  Healthy people are also at risk and if you take simple precautions to lessen the chance of getting bit by a tick it could save your life.

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THIS Poor Man Lived 16 Years With No Name! The Strange Reason Why Left Everyone STUNNED!

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Having an identity is one of the few things we all have in common. That is, except for one man in California. The unknown man was found in the desert and brought to San Diego hospital. He had no form of identification and was completely anonymous.

The doctors knew that he had been in a car accident. He hadn’t been wearing his seat belt and, as a result, he flew out of the car on impact. This ended up saving his life as everyone else in the car died. They had been illegally trying to cross the border from Mexico.

In the hospital, the doctors concluded that he was in some kind of vegetative state. He was very much awake but was completely unresponsive. The young man had clearly lost valuable nerve functions. His brain had been immensely damaged in the crash.

Not knowing what else to do with him, the hospital staff transferred the man to an extended care facility run by the state of California. Despite his care costing 700 dollars a day, the state continued to support him for 16 years. Then, someone recognized him.

On Facebook, a woman saw a picture of the man. She thought he resembled her missing brother. She flew out to see him but, on arrival, realized that he was not him after all. Finally, they discovered the man’s name and contacted his sister. She facetimes him regularly but he remains comatose living in the nursing home.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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4 Year Old Girl Was Hit By A Boy At School. How The Mom Responds On Facebook Has Everyone Talking!

A 4-year-old little girl went to school one day and got hit in the face with a rock.  She was so badly hurt that her mom had to take her to the emergency room for stitches.  Traumatized both physically and emotionally, they went to check in when they arrived at the hospital.  Standing there with a swollen eye, bruised and clearly hurting, the man behind the desk looked at this 4-year-old and said, “I bet he likes you.”

Somehow I think this man believed that he was being of comfort to this child; somewhere in his life he had learned or come up with the equation, that a girl being hit hard enough in the face to require stitches, meant that the perpetrator “liked” her.  It is truly horrifying that an injured, impressionable young girl would ever receive such a terrible message.

The fact that any adult would tell a child that being hurt by someone was a sign of affection is just so disturbing.  We all know that children hit each other when they are young, and part of our job as adults is to teach them that hitting is not an acceptable way of expressing their emotions.  It should never be tolerated or rationalized.  Her mom, who was outraged by the man’s comment wrote the following:


Source: Merritt Smith

This was posted on Facebook, and really says it all.  “I bet he likes you” are not words of comfort at any age.  Would he actually say those words if a young woman came in battered and needing stitches?  Is it ever okay for a girl or woman to rationalize abuse as being a sign of affection?

The answer is a clear NO.  The same answer applies to boys and men. In the video below watch the responses of little boys when they are asked questions about aggression towards girls.

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This Little Dog Takes A Trip Everyday By Herself That Left Me In Tears.

It is often said that “dogs are man’s best friend”.  What you are about to see will assure you that dogs are both men’s and women’s best friends!  How does such a tiny little creature have the sensitivity, on its own, to be so caring and loving? Nala, the Teacup Poodle seems to be a gift from heaven for elderly residents at the Minnesota Lyngblomsten nursing home.

It all started when her owner, Doug Dawson, brought her to work one day when she was a tiny little pup.  As Doug was dispensing the residents’ medication, Nala was dispensing love. She had no training as a therapy animal, but instinctively knows that her presence and affection is doing more for these people than any medicine that can come out of a plastic container.

As Nala has grown she has learned to cruise the nursing home on her own. Not only does she scurry from room to room visiting her friends each day, but she rides the elevator by herself so that she can reach everyone! This totally made my day. If you need a smile and a good lift me up watch the video below to turn that frown upside down!

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1 Week After Triplets Born Mom Got a Sharp Chest Pain and Rushed To ER. The Doc Came In and Tells Dad ‘I’m Sorry’.

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Pregnancy is one of the most amazing moments in any woman’s life. That amazing glow your skin gives off as it begins to shimmer. Once that initial morning sickness wears off and you are lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy it can be an absolutely amazing experience. Feeling that first kick in your belly, when your baby in the womb lets you know that they are there.

I’ll just say it. Women don’t get enough credit for delivering babies. Pregnancy is hard and painful. I assume. And that’s just one kid. Having two living people growing inside you at the same time? That’s insane. Well, this is a story about a woman who did that plus one more.

Cassie and Joey got married in 2006. Two years after that, they purchased a farmhouse. Cassie had two babies over the next 4 years. In 2015, Cassie found that she was again pregnant. However, this pregnancy would be different than the others.

The couple soon discovered that Cassie was pregnant with triplets. Near the end of the pregnancy, the doctors gave Cassie a fertility drug to induce labor and she successfully gave birth to triplets with the aid of a C-section. The mother and her children recovered in the hospital for a few days. Then, the couple brought the babies back to the farmhouse.

10 days later, Cassie was awoken by chest pains and a racing heart. Joey brought her to a hospital where they diagnosed her with a blood clot on her lung. It seemed like they could treat it, but without warning, she fell unconscious in the car and died. Joey was left alone to raise 5 kids.

Online, their story was shared. Many people connected with it and wanted to do something to help. Over $150,000 was donated to help Joey raise his kids. While he experienced immense heartbreak, he was able to persevere and raise his kids with the help of the internet’s support. Joey overcame the odds and all of his children are beautiful and thriving. Cassie’s death was not in vain.

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