Dad Walks In Son’s Room and The Boy Tells Him About His Dream. Then Dad Runs Downstairs and Grabs a Hammer!

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Remember when you were a kid and your one and only safe haven that you could pretty much all your own was your bedroom? Even though your parents owned the house or apartment you lived in, ‘your room’ was the closest thing you had that actually belonged to you and was a place where you could go and feel safe. Every few months you would move stuff around, get some new posters, stuffed animals maybe even a new tv once you were old enough. One thing was for sure though, your room was a direct reflection of your soul and personality.

Today’s story features an amazing dad and his son named Jack who was just about to grow out of his crib and get his very own big kid bed! Like many young kids, Jack was obsessed with trains, he loved every type from the vintage old steam trains to the new technologically advanced trains in Japan. He would have his dad read him books about trains and he would look through train magazines and memorize all the different types out there!

One day Jack told him about a dream he had where he was sleeping in a bed, but the bed was in the shape of a box car from a train. As he told his dad about the dream, his papa could see how excited he was getting and he wanted to do something really special for his son. He went downstairs grabbed some tools and a hammer. Put them all together, then headed out to the hardware store to get some plywood, and other materials as Jack’s dad was now determined to make young Jack’s dream a reality.

Jack’s dad worked and worked and finally after many weeks of blood, sweat and tears Jack’s dream train bed was ready to take on its main passenger who would be sleeping in this incredible bed for many years to come! That’s when dad realized it was missing one vital piece that would make the bed complete and absolutely perfectly. He went to the garage, got some stencils and red paint, and created an awesome looking sign that would hang above the bed that read, ‘Jack’s Steam Express’!

Watch the video below for the full story plus another awesome bed make over:

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A Simple Life Hack To Fold a Fitted Sheet Quickly and Easily.

If you are the kind of person who cares about taking good care of your bedding but could use some help, the video you are about to watch below is for you.  YouTuber Mary Elizabeth has done a full tutorial on bedding, which includes washing, making of the bed, storage and folding. The best part of this is the almost impossible feat of folding the dreaded fitted sheet! For years I have tried to fold fitted sheets and have failed over and over again.

I myself pride myself on being a good folder, but I have to admit I don’t have a foolproof technique on folding the fitted sheet, so that when you are ready to make the bed, there isn’t a lot of wrinkling.  While Mary Elizabeth has lots of great tips in this video, my favorite, which she does in slow motion with written directions is THE FOLDING OF THE FITTED SHEET.

I’m not going to write the entire 8 steps here, since with each step of the tutorial, she visually shows you what she is doing.  Let’s just say that it begins with holding the sheet length-wise inside the two corners, and then you bring your right hand to meet your left, folding the right corner over the left.

If I was to continue without you watching it, it’s going to sound too complicated…and it isn’t!  She has come up with a foolproof way of doing this, so that the sheet ends up laying flat for the final folding, instead of a big lump that usually happens to me.  No joke for years I have tried folding the fitted sheet and it jus ends up being a big wrinkled ball thrown in the closet!

It took me 2 times to get it right, and makes storage so much easier, and a sheet that isn’t crumpled.  Her other tips about linens are great for people who could use help with other things.  Enjoy this linen BOOT CAMP especially the fitted sheet life hack everybody could use!

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