Burglars Break Into Their House And Attempt To Steal The Baby. But They Never Expected THIS Karma

These days you often hear only bad things about pit bulls and the negative reputation attached to the breed follows them everywhere. People automatically assume that all pit bull dogs are violent, unpredictable, and aggressive animals.

This type of mindset is wrong, not every pit bull is dangerous or waiting to snap, and there are more good ones than bad. If you treat dogs with love, compassion, respect, and train them right, they can make loving and loyal family pets.

One family knows this well. Their two pit bulls came to the rescue when they sensed danger and stopped a pair of criminals in their tracks, literally. Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez was home alone watching her 3 month old baby when a man and a woman suddenly broke into her house.

Nayeli was on the phone with her husband Adolfo Angeles-Morales at the time, and told him someone was in the house. He stayed on the line and listened helplessly as the drama unfolded on the other end.

The man who broke in was armed with a gun. He pointed it at Nayeli and demanded money, or else they would take her baby. She told them she had no money on her at the moment and that is when the woman grabbed her baby out of her arms.

Nayeli desperately tried to get her infant back and fought with the woman, grabbing her shirt and holding her back, but the man hit her hard on the head with the gun and the woman go away. She ran with the baby towards the rear door in an attempt to escape through the backyard, and bumped straight into the family’s 2 pit bulls.

Alerted to the danger of the quickly unfolding situation, and likely sensing the baby snatchers evilness, the dogs stood firmly in the way and blocked the woman’s path. If she was going to try and get through the back yard she’d have to go through them first.

Knowing she was no match for two strong dogs who could sense her fear, the woman turned and fled towards the front door instead. Thankfully, in her panic and blind attempt to escape from the pit bulls, she tossed the poor innocent infant back to her mother on the way out.

When it was all over, Nayeli was left battered and bruised from being hit with the gun. However, her baby was unharmed and safely back where she belonged, in her mother’s loving arms. This story could have had a very different, and much sadder, ending if not for the families two alert pit bulls.

They selflessly stood up to the criminals, defended both their family and home, and stopped the would be baby snatchers from getting away with a heinous crime. The dogs definitely saved the day!

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A Sneaky Burglar Decided To Break Into This Yard But He Forgot To Check For THIS

This sneaky burglar thought he was home free when he scaled the two fences to get to this backyard. Good thing the homeowner had security cameras to catch the event on film. The intruder makes it into the grassy haven of the home and proceeds to inspect around the house for a way to get inside. When he gets to the side of the yard closest to the camera he is surprised by an unsuspected warden.

Toto comes flying out into the yard barking like he’d just landed in Oz. The speed and vigor of the tiny dog is not to be underestimated. Almost before the pilferer even notices the little yipping creature, his ankles are in great danger.

But being a practiced fence hopper, and with the added adrenaline of vicious attack dog, the man swiftly leaps not only one fence, but another, in order to escape merciless pummeling.

The prowling fellow did in fact get out just in time, which left the guardian pup bewildered and unaccomplished. He continued his barrage by jumping and spinning as if to find the invader somewhere around him.

He was not quite as unsuccessful as he may have felt however, because the perpetrator was scared so silly there’s no way he was trying to creep into that house again. After viewing this footage, Toto’s people parents likely rewarded him with a good belly rub, a big bowl full of dog food, plus a Milkbone!

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