Mom Says Nope He Can’t Sit On Her Lap In The Car. The Pup Then Throws The Funniest Hissy Fit!

Dogs share a lot of things in common with little kids, especially puppies. They both love to eat, sleep, poop, play, and every once in awhile they throw a temper tantrum. If you have a pet you know that they either love the car or hate it. In most cases dogs tend to love road trips while cats would rather avoid a car ride at all costs. However as with most things in life there are always exceptions to the rule.

It’s inevitable but sometimes their little hissy fits are more adorable than they are annoying! That’s how Napoleon’s tiny tantrum turned out in this home video that his foster mom shot. Napoleon is the cutest and most precious little Dachshund I have ever seen.  With that being said Napoleon and his mama were in the car one day, with mama in the driver’s seat and him riding shotgun beside her.

Napoleon really wanted to curl up in her lap and snuggle but she wouldn’t let him sit there because it’s simply not safe. The poor puppy was still too young to understand her well-intentioned “no” so he protested against it in the cutest possible way that he could! Napoleon whimpers and whines as he cries his way through the short clip!

The black and tan little fuzz-ball moves around unsteadily on his tiny legs and smooshes his face into the seat while giving his saddest puppy eyes to the camera. He makes the most adorable faces, especially when he sticks out his tongue and cries like a baby, which he does several times! He really knows how to work his sweetness to his advantage because all that adorableness would be super hard to say no to.

In the end, mom’s word is law. Safety first means he stays where he is, besides she doesn’t want him to form any bad habits, especially in the car! Watch the video below and enjoy the adorableness. This sweet pup is guaranteed to melt your heart.  Just look at that precious little face. Napoleon is the cutest puppy I’ve seen all day!

Note if you have trouble playing the video turn your mobile device or iPad or tablet horizontal! 🙂

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Dad Asks His Dog If She’s Grumpy Today. The Dog Responds With The Most Hysterical Hissy Fit.

We all have those types of days where we wake up feeling moody and detached. It’s like we just can’t manage to shake off the inner darkness that envelops us. Nothing can snap us out of it and we remain unmotivated no matter what we or anyone else does or says. In times like that we simply want to be left alone and in the end that is what’s best for everyone.

When your life feels like it’s straight out of that mid-90s Monica song Don’t Take It Personal, it’s okay! You’re probably just having “one of them days” so “don’t take it personal.” Instead of interacting with annoying people and blowing up on them, take a page out of this Husky’s book and chill out.

As you can see, Mishka the Siberian Husky knows a thing or two about keeping her fussiness in check. She clearly doesn’t want to deal with attention from her little sister and fellow Husky Laika, or her human owner for that matter, but rather than snapping at them and being mean she takes it all in stride, like how a real big dog should!

At the same time, Mishka isn’t about to pretend that she’s in a cheery, wonderful mood. When her dad proceeds to ask her a series of annoying questions, she launches in an adorably funny grumpy fit. Yet even in her most irritable hour she still manages to stay true to her real nature and can’t help but tell her dad how much she loves him, awww! This is really just the cutest clip. If you love dogs, Huskies, and puppies then you have to check it out because it’s right up your alley.

The real take away from this clip is the lesson it subtly conveys. The next time you’re having one of those days, don’t snap and freak out on innocent bystanders. Rather, take the high road and act more like how Mishka does in the clip. It’ll make life better for everyone, especially yourself!

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Every Time His Human Says This Word, This Fussy Puppy Throws The Most Hysterical Hissy Fit.

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The first few months of any animal’s life is a very exciting, scary, and eventful time. Everything is completely new to them and there are so many ways of the world and lessons to be learned and experienced firsthand. There’s no denying that survival is hard, but a few animals have it much easier than their wild counterparts. Whether it’s a new born baby or a domestic pet like a kitten or puppy, their human parents and owners do their best to give them everything they could ever want or need. Food, clothing, shelter, toys, cuddles, and more are provided for and many of our pets end up getting the royal treatment!

One of the main reasons why we love and spoil our pets in the first place is because we find them to be so unbelievably cute. When they’re still super young they can basically get away with almost anything. They can poop on the floor and we’d still say ‘awww!’, you just can’t get mad because you know they’re still learning. And besides, every minor incident like that is easily outnumbered by all of the many adorable, funny, cute things our pets do.

Take for example this little Frenchie puppy who’s learning how to talk with his owner. His name is Jim the French Bulldog and at the time this video was captured he was only 2½ months old! Every time his dad says something, the tiny pup barks back in response. He seems to have the concept of conversational flow down because after his owner speaks, he replies. The sounds that he makes are really cute and when he squeaks and yaps excitedly it’s like he’s finally beginning to find his voice.

Just when you think baby Jim can’t act any more precious than he already is, he pulls out a showstopper move. He rolls over onto his back, flails all four paws in the air above his round chubby little belly, and steals our hearts in the process! This is one smart puppy and he’ll soon have the art of communicating with humans mastered.

If you love watching puppies throw mini tantrums and protesting and whining in the cutest possible manner, then check out Jim in action. He barks and whimpers his way through the clip in such a way that only a sweet faced little Frenchie could pull off!

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