If You Mix These 2 Ingredients and Put Under Your Tongue Before Bed You Won’t Get Up Tired Again!

In a perfect world we would all get the recommended amount of nightly sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and ready to go. However, in the real world that scenario is more like a dream and it’s rarely the actual case for any of us. Instead of tucking into bed and falling asleep right away we tend to toss and turn and run things endlessly through our minds.

Few things feel worse than not being able to fall sleep, it can be downright stressful and even torturous at times, especially when you really need to get a good nights rest. If you have ever stayed up all night staring at the clock, watching the minutes tick slowly by, then you know that dreadful feeling.

Over time a lack of sleep ends up taking a major toll on our health. It’s a known fact that not getting enough shut eye is horrible for our mental and physical well-being. Studies have determined that people who often sleep less than 7 hours a night are slower to react and show marked signs of decreased cognitive functioning.

Individuals who consistently get less than the recommended amount are also at risk for higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and other health disorders. In fact, they’re even more likely to die earlier than those who get an average of 8 or more hours of sleep each night.

People who suffer from sleep deprivation and the ensuing fatigue often try to make up for their lack of energy by chugging caffeine laden drinks. The effects are only temporary and leave you feeling even more exhausted. Others try in vain to lull their mind and body into sleep mode with warm baths, sleeping pills, or counting sheep but they have little to no success with them.

An all-natural and proven effective remedy to counteract sleep deprivation and benefit overall health is by way of Himalayan sea salt. It’s important to note that other varieties of salt, like common table salt, cannot be substituted in its place. The video below is filled with information about why this is so and it covers a lot more on the topic as well.

To harness the power of the ancient salt try mixing the following; 5 teaspoons of organic raw honey with 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt. At night put a small amount of this solution under your tongue to improve the quality and length of your sleep.

In terms of aiding our sleep Himalayan salt specifically helps to regulate melatonin which enables us to sleep better so we wake up more refreshed. Here’s a few additional health benefits that Himalayan sea salt also provides our bodies with:

– Helps detox our bodies
– Lowers blood pressure
– Aids in relaxation
– Helps with sinus and respiratory issues
– Cuts down on likelihood of developing varicose or spider veins

Also, for this recipe try to get the best honey that you can find that’s labeled raw, all-natural, unfiltered, and organic. Basically the purer the better. Here are a few great things that honey can provide our bodies with as well:

-Improved overall digestion
-Detoxes bodily systems
-Improves immunity
-Aids with weight loss
-Reduces allergies

Try this natural remedy out and see what a difference it can end up making in your life. You have nothing tot lose and potentially lots to gain, so what’s stopping you?!

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What Does Your Tongue Reveal About Your Health? Go To A Mirror And Check Yours Right Now!

The condition of your tongue can be a strong indicator of your overall health, and particular colors, sores or texture of the tongue will give you specific indicators of what is going on.  Now here’s the good news! Seeing hills and valleys on your tongue are normal patterns that indicate you have a Healthy Mouth! Always check with your doctor or dentist if you feel like something isn’t right.  The following are conditions of the tongue that may indicate something might be wrong.

sdfsdfsdf2323f23f23f23fImage via: Shutterstock

A Bright Red tongue, over a period of time and not related to a red food you have eaten, can be indicative of a Deficiency of Vitamin B complex and Iron.  It may also show a sensitivity or allergy to a particular toothpaste, medicine or acidic food.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 7.43.05 PMImage via: Wikimedia commons

As bad as it looks, dark coloration or Black Hairy Tongue, is not dangerous.  It is a sign of very poor dental hygiene, that results in an overgrowth of tongue papillae (“hair”) that traps bacteria.  As disgusting as it looks, it is easily remedied by improving dental hygiene.

white-tongue-300x247Image via: Wikimedia commons

A White or Powdery looking tongue means the same thing as Black or Yellow Tongue; bacteria stuck in dense tongue hair due to poor oral hygiene.  The causes may be the same as well: dry mouth, smoking, or a yeast infection which can come from antibiotics, all contribute to the tongue’s ability to fight bacteria that get stuck in the papillae.

sdsdfsfdsfImage via: Wikimedia commons

A Pale or Yellow Tongue may also indicate low hemoglobin or problems in the lungs or colon.  This symptom should be checked by a physician.

sdfsdfsdfsdImage via: Wikimedia commons

Small Cracks are usually a sign of aging, while White Patches are mouth irritations that often appear on the bottom of the tongue.  More commonly found in smokers, these lesions should be checked by an oral surgeon, who will determine if biopsy is indicated to rule out cancer.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

sdfsfdfsfdsdfsdImage via: Wikimedia commons

Small Red Lumps should be examined immediately, as they could be indicative of oral cancer.  You shouldn’t think twice about seeing an oral surgeon for biopsy.

sfdsdfsfdsdfImage via: Wikimedia commons

Painful sores in the mouth are usually a stress reaction that are very painful. They will often disappear with reduction of stress, but if they don’t, or if they keep coming back, you should have a professional evaluate them.

As you can see the tongue can give you a great deal of information to help you to monitor your health. Watch the video below for further discussion of this important topic.

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He Sticks His Tongue In a Venus Flytrap. Seconds Later He Realizes He Made a Big Mistake!

People are always testing the limits to see what happens when they try something new. Often no major breakthroughs are discovered and further attempts are abandoned. These endeavors are usually thought to fall in line with the old saying “it is better to try than to not try at all.” However, sometimes people are better off not attempting something new. Like sticking one’s tongue into a Venus fly trap.

A YouTube user by the name of Freeman uploaded a video of a man doing exactly that- sticking his tongue into the plants spiny, barbed trap. He cries out seeming to be in pain as it snaps shut on his tongue, effectively ensnaring him as he invades it’s space. The plant uses the end part of it’s leaf-lobes to catch prey which it then makes into a tasty meal.

When an insect steps onto the leaf it senses the movement via tiny hairs that line the surface. These trigger the trap to close in an instant and BOOM!! Dinner is served! The plant then secretes enzymes which break down and digest the prey; similar in fashion to how a human stomach works. In this video the man’s tongue is not going to make a hearty meal for this Venus fly trap. He can easily pull it out, and regardless of that, the plant could never digest it.

The slow motion version in the second half of the clip is also a great comical touch! It makes the trapping seem so much more dramatic and made me chuckle. What about the blood we are shown in the aftermath? It looks like the plant tore the guy’s tongue up. Do you think it is real or added for theatrical effect?

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If You Put Your Tongue On Your Palate Before Bed and Start Breathing THIS Happens To Your Body!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make the biggest differences in our lives and health. Whether that means eating all-natural and organic foods or drinking plenty of water, it often turns out that the more basic the better it is for our bodies. The same goes for getting a good night’s rest, you want to be able to fall asleep quickly and naturally get the recommended amount of sleep each night!

For some people, falling asleep is not so simple and straightforward. They lay their head on the pillow and hours later are still wide awake, tossing and turning, trying to silently ease their minds in the hopes of passing out. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who fails to get enough sleep each night then you know how dreadful bedtime can be. Many people turn to sleeping pills, melatonin, alcohol, warm baths or milk in the hope that it will lead to a better night’s sleep. Sometimes they work, but only temporarily, and most simply fail to produce the desired effects. However, many people have yet to try one of most basic and easiest alternatives to help them fall asleep naturally.

The tried and true method is known as the “4-7-8” breathing technique. People all over the world swear by it and claim that they’re able to fall asleep faster when they use it. The technique was popularized by a world renowned expert on holistic health, Dr. Andrew Weil, who also happens to be a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. The “4-7-8” breathing exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, anyplace and is incredibly simple. Here’s how to do it:

1. Place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. You want it to be right against the area of tissue that’s located just behind your upper front teeth. It should also stay there all throughout this entire exercise.

2. Exhale all the way out and completely through your mouth, expelling the air with a whoosh sound.

3. Close your mouth and without making any noise inhale through your nose for a count of four.

4. Hold your breath for a count of seven seconds

5. Exhale completely through your mouth, again making a whoosh sound, for a count of eight seconds

The steps above should have all been one complete breathe cycle with the exhalation part having taken you twice as long as the inhalation portion. Repeat the process for three more cycles and thus a total of four breaths. Make sure that you exhale at all times through your mouth and some people have found that it can also help if you try pursing your lips ever so slightly. You should try to practice it ideally 2x a day and it also works to relieve tension, stress, upsetting events, and when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from this measured breathing technique because it makes you mindful and your focus is on your breathing instead of the stress or thoughts that keep you up night after night. Dr. Weil aptly describes this breathing exercise as a “natural tranquilizer for the nervous system” and he’s correct, it relaxes your mind and body and with repeated practice it becomes stronger and more effective.

Check out the video for more on the benefits of the 4-7-8 breathing technique straight from the expert himself, Dr. Weil, and see if this simple trick can help you get a better and more restful nights sleep. If that’s even a remote possibility, then you definitely don’t want to pass this information by!

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