He Spent 5 Years Of His Life Trying To Film THIS. Watch What He Caught Coming Out Of The Hole!

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What looks like some type of cross between a bear, a dog, a skunk, a raccoon, and a weasel? Here’s one hint, it’s an animal that only a few lucky souls have ever managed to see out in the wild. Here is another hint, it’s also the name of a fictional character in the X-Men comic series. Give up yet? The answer is a wolverine!

Wolverines are one of the hardest to find and photograph animals on Earth. They live in some of the most inhospitable places, and in the most remote regions, all across the northernmost portions of our planet. The scrappy animals look more like bears than their fellow weasel family members thanks to their short stocky build, heavy fur coat, and huge paws with razor sharp claws.

Wolverines are hard to track down and locate in part because they’re extremely solitary animals who like to roam. Since they occupy territories that can be anywhere from 50 to over 350 square miles, that’s a huge area of territory to hide and search through.

In addition, they’re also nocturnal and are most active at night when they go out hunting and it’s super cold and dark outside. Adding to their rarity is the fact that they are built for their habitat and can move with precision speed across snowy, mountainous terrain.

Anyone even attempting to keep up with one wouldn’t stand a chance, no matter how much specialized gear or in shape they may be. Wolverines have earned their reputation for being ghost-like and ultra evasive. They’re virtually impossible to observe unless one is trapped, which is what makes this footage so rare and unique.

It was captured by Andrew Manske, a wildlife filmmaker who has spent his life’s work recording amazing footage of some of the world’s hardest to find animals. It took him five long years to finally catch a wild wolverine and her kits on film, a moment which he describes as “the highlight of my career as a wildlife filmmaker.” Check out the clip here and see how a wild wolverine acts and moves through the snow.

Manske filmed the female and her babies when he was working on a documentary for Canada’s CBC called Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest. He even managed to capture the family active in broad daylight, which is highly unusual.

He attributed that fact to the likely possibility that a nearby predator was lurking somewhere in the area, and so the mother moved dens to keep her babies safe and sound to the best of her abilities.

Whatever her reasons may have been, it’s certainly a beautiful sight to see a devoted mother taking care of her young babies in the wild, where they belong as mother nature intended.

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This Man Notices A Garbage Bag Wiggling Near The Water. What He Finds In It Tore My Heart Up!

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If you have ever loved a dog, or not, the story depicted in the video you are about to watch will touch you to the core of your soul. Having rescued a dog myself, I have often wished he could tell me about what happened in his life, before he became part of mine. There is no creature who is more loyal and a better friend than a dog.

The story begins on a beautiful country road that runs next to a river, where a man is enjoying his morning jog. Looking toward the water, he spots a black plastic bag on the shore. Approaching what he thinks is trash, it appears that something is moving inside.

What he finds in the garbage bag is life-changing…a young dog that has been discarded! This incredibly beautiful short story is told from the dog’s perspective…if he could talk, this is what a rescued dog would tell you. No one watching this will have a dry eye; it is one of the most deeply moving stories I have ever seen.

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Man Flies A Drone Over This Beach. What He Caught Left Me Speechless!

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a tropical paradise. Add some incredible drone footage some amazing music and you basically have heaven on earth. Strap on your seat belts, sit back relax grab some popcorn a beverage kick your feet up and enjoy the most epic thing you will see in a long time. If you are stuck at your office or in your house and need to take a mental vacation you came to the right place!

The largest settlement is Haleʻiwa. This area is best known for its massive waves, attracting surfers from all around the globe.  Oahu’s North Shore is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  A talented film maker named Eric Sterman released a drone, and caught some of the most epic footage we have ever seen.  The North Shore looks like a gorgeous paradise that I must put on my bucket list.

With all this new drone footage technology beginning to surface, we are really starting to get a look at nature in a whole new light.  The future of nature film and photography seems to be evolving quickly and I am loving every minute of it. Have you ever been to this part of Hawaii?  Did you enjoy the footage? let us know.

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