He Places A Weird Device Onto His Guitar. The Sound It Makes Boggles My Mind!

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When Berlin based musician Robin Sukroso wanted to be able to play his two favorite types of music together simultaneously he had to get creative. Nothing on the market was available at the time that would allow him to blend and play both electronic and acoustic music together at once. Which is why he set out to design a piece of equipment that delivered both types of sound and could be easily attached to a guitar.

What you see and hear in this video, uploaded to his YouTube channel RobinSukroso, is the end result of three years of research, development, and trial testing. It’s called the ACPAD and it gives guitar players the ability to blend acoustic and electronic music sounds with the touch of a finger. One only needs to slap the ACPAD onto a guitar, via its self-stick-on feature, and they are ready to go.

There are no wires to mess with since it’s powered by a rechargeable battery or invasive screws that could damage a guitar and the alter the sounds it produces. Watch closely in the initial few seconds of the video and you can see how quick and seamlessly it sticks right onto the guitar. Once it’s attached you can play right away and create custom music by simply touching the tap pads, which can be assigned different sounds.

The quality of the device is clear as soon as you see and hear it in action. The song played in the video is unbelievable. The ACPAD creates a number of completely new auditory sensations that I personally have never heard before. The way he is able to blend and mix acoustic and electronic sounds is magic to my ears and the effect is mesmerizing. He basically is turned into a one man electronic orchestra with the ACPAD attachment. If you heard this at a show you would think how on Earth is he doing that?

Sukroso is definitely a talented and innovative musician. His design sounds good, easily incorporates onto a guitar without damaging it, is slim and portable, and looks cool as well. To get it on the market he has launched a Kickstarter campaign, so be sure to check it out if you are interested. If this one incredible sounding demo is illustrative of what it can do, then I can’t wait to hear the new music people come up with the help of this new technology!

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This 81 Year Old Guy Finds A Guitar In The Music Store. The Song He Plays With It Blew Me Away!

What is amazing is that we are amazed by the elderly man in the video below!  He walks into a music store and picks up a guitar and…he plays impressively! Why are we so amazed? The answer unfortunately lies in the way that our society sees aging.  Rather than seeing the elderly as older versions of themselves, we see them as people who are disappearing.

We used to have extended families, where grandparents helped us with our young.  More than one family often lived under one roof, and each generation took care of each other reciprocally.  Today we are amazed when an elderly person can do anything, let alone doing what the gentleman in this video does.

Clearly he played guitar, whether professionally or as a talented amateur.  This guy’s got chops!  Not only does he play fluidly, but he feels the music just as he did when he was a younger man.  We are all going to grow older, and it is time we took a healthier and more respectful view of those who grow old before us.

With good health we can go on to continue to be contributing members of society.  The man you are about to watch does a good job at counteracting our stereotypes. His name is Bob Wood and he is 80 years young!

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These 3 Girls Look Cute and Innocent. But When The Leader Singer Steps Up To The Mic OMG!

Meet Daniela 14 on guitar, Paulina 12 on drums,  and Alejandra 9 playing bass.  This band goes by the names of ‘The Warning’ and they are about to bring rock back.  These girls can rock harder than just about any band out there. They may look totally innocent but they are pure Rock n’ Roll. This trio comes from Monterrey, Mexico and are quickly gaining a huge following.

In the following video they perform ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica and it’s totally flawless. This cover really gives the original a run for it’s money.  I’m totally checking out the rest of their catalog on youtube: The Warning.  These girls are true rockers to the core.  Most of their music they produce is original.

They looks so sweet and cute but when the music starts, the rock n’ roll gods smile from above.  Their dream is to perfect their musical skills at Berkley College of Music in Boston.  Hopefully their dream comes true an we will be seeing much more of this amazing band in the future!

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