I Thought It Was Strange As She Starts Drawing On Her Zipper With A Pencil But The Reason Brilliant!

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Clothing is a necessary part of life. We all need clothes to protect our bodies from the elements and to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure. To get the most mileage and wear out of clothes we have to wash them regularly and mend them when it’s needed. Taking care of clothes and doing laundry can be tricky and many a thing can go wrong.

Things end up getting shrunk in the wash, sweaters get snagged on sharp objects, and zippers stop working at the most inconvenient of times. Instead of letting a little problem like that ruin your favorite clothes, try one of these wardrobe-saving laundry hacks. Fashion blogger Rachel Levin goes over a few neat tricks that might just come in handy down the line.

We listed all of the excellent tips below but be sure to check out her video for more and pass it along to anyone else who could use the information:

No time to iron a wrinkly shirt? Grab a spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Spray the shirt, stretch it out, and the wrinkles should go away.

Zipper stuck? Using a standard graphite pencil, rub the tip over the zipper teeth, then zip it up. Want to buy a pair of jeans without trying them on? Take the jeans you like and wrap the waist part around your neck. If it touches perfectly they will fit. Alternatively, if the ends go past each other the jeans are too big and if they don’t meet at all then the pair is too small. This works because, for most people, the circumference of the waist is 2 times the circumference of the neck.

Own a pair of shoes that give you blisters, but you still really want to wear them? Pull on a pair of dress socks and then a pair of regular socks. The dress ones are tight enough to not interfere with comfort and fit and they keep feet dry and protected because they allow the foot to move around without rubbing your skin, like normal socks do.

Have shirts that are piling? Use a cheap disposable razor to shave off the ugly pieces and dots. Want to make a tank top into a strapless top? Wear the tank top upside down and either roll and tuck the straps under or stretch them down and put your leg through each side. That will turn it into a body suit and ensure no straps poke out.

Shrink your clothes while doing laundry? Soak them in hot water and hair conditioner for about 5 minutes, allow it to dry, and the clothes should return to normal size.

Have ugly, yellow sweat stains on some of your clothes? Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stain. Spray a little water on and wipe it off with a soft cotton towel. The stains should disappear and your clothes will smell lemony fresh.

Does a friend want to “borrow” your clothes, but they’re known for keeping them? Take a picture of the friend holding the article of clothing they want to borrow, save or add it to your favorites, and now you have proof and won’t forget about it.

Have a sweater that got snagged or with threads that are pulled and hanging loosely? Take a bobby pin and slide it over the loose thread, then push it through the sweater to the other side and let go. This basically pushes the snag back into a place where it’s protected. It won’t get pulled any further and it’s more safe against your body, instead of hanging out all ugly in the front.

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Whenever They Eat Outside He Puts 4 Pie Tins Under His Table. The Reason Is Brilliant.

There is nothing worse than trying to have a lovely picnic, or just eating outside on your deck in great weather, and be infested with ants who want to partake in your meal!  Actually, it’s just as bad having ant infestations in your kitchen, counters, bathrooms…I mean come Spring they invade my house.  I’ve always used store bought ant traps, but have never been happy having chemicals do the trick.

This being said, I was intrigued when I found this video you are about to watch below, posted by the helpful YouTube  channel, HouseholdHacker.  He has come up with some ingenious remedies for chronic ant problems, that you won’t want to miss.  Watch to see how putting some tin foil pie tins under the legs of your picnic table, keeps the nasty critters from ruining your picnic.

For indoor ant problems he gives you some hints about how not to leave food or drink residue around, that is particularly attractive to them.  In my house, as soon as the weather warms I get infested in many rooms.  He provides a homemade mixture that doesn’t involve chemicals, that they will partake in and bring back to their colony, to stop the problem.

If you happen to know where the colony is, he has some direct antidotes that involve water, borax, vinegar and cayenne pepper to bring directly to the source, that really works.  For all the details of how to address ant infestation, watch the clever tricks of the trade that HouseholdHacker has cleverly combined, in the footage below.

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She Crumbles Up a Ball Of Tin Foil And Puts It In The Laundry Machine. The Reason Is Brilliant!

Laundry. Because dirty clothes aren’t going to clean themselves. It’s an unavoidable and necessary part of life which makes it all the more painful. We all have to wash our sheets, towels, and clothing regularly to stay as fresh and clean as can be and it helps us get the most mileage and wear out of them.

Now you can get the most out of how you go about doing laundry with these tips from the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel. They cover a bunch of laundry hacks that show you new simple ways to get the same old things done better and more efficiently. We listed some of the best tips below but be sure to check out the video for more and pass it along to anyone else who could use the information!

No time to iron a wrinkly shirt? Grab a spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Spray the shirt, stretch it out, and the wrinkles should go away.

Socks going missing in the wash? Take a mesh zippered laundry bag and clip it to the side of a hamper with a couple of clothes pins. Have everyone place their dirty socks in the bag, zipper it up when full, then toss it in with a load when you go to do laundry.

Ironing board always in the way leaning haphazardly up against stuff? Secure it in one safe spot off the ground by sticking two clothing hooks on the wall. Place them high and wide enough apart so that the board fits and hangs up against the wall. Now you won’t be constantly moving it out of the way or knocking it over!

Drying rack leaving an ugly, prominent wrinkle where clothing hangs over the bar? Take a foam pool noodle and cut it to fit the length of the bar. Slide it on to cover the metal and place clothing over it for crease-free results.

Need more hanging space? Install a cheap towel rack and instantly have more room for hanging clothes up to air dry. It will also come in handy as a spot to hang wet, dirty, stinky clothing that you need to wash soon. Always try to hang up damp or wet clothing as soon as possible, instead of tossing in the hamper with all the other dry clothes, to prevent it from forming mildew and becoming all rank.

Need to dry clothes in a hurry? Speed up the process by tossing a clean dry towel in with the wet clothes. Set the timer for 15 minutes and when it goes off remove the towel. It will have absorbed a lot of the moisture and thus lessen the overall amount of time needed to dry everything.

Out of dryer sheets? Grab some tinfoil and scrunch it up into a ball. Toss it in the dryer and clothes will come out static-cling free. The same ball of tinfoil can be used for up to 6 months so it can easily save you a lot of money. This is also great for people with sensitive skin issues because you won’t end up with all the chemical and perfume additives that are used in commercial dryer sheets on your clothes.

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He Starts Cutting This Egg Carton In Half. The Reason Is Surprisingly Brilliant!

I don’t know about you, but I love the guy who does these awesome tutorials.  His multitude of life hacks really contain useful ideas, and his presentation just makes me laugh out loud.  So, for three new practical hacks, all utilizing egg cartons, sit back and enjoy the video below.

His first ingenious idea he calls The FIRE STARTER.  Everyone needs help getting the big logs to catch fire, whether it be in a campfire or at home in a fireplace.  For me, either kindling wood or store-bought fire starters are the ‘go-to’.  Then comes the crumpled newspaper, dirty hands and all, for added fuel.  What if all this could be circumvented?

It can!  And the CrazyRussianHacker somehow came up with this unusually useful idea, that saves a lot of time.  Taking an empty egg carton he stuffs the holes with lint from the dryer, and adds leftover hot wax from a burning candle.  Watch what he does next to turn these little gems into fire starters.  It’s crazy how well and quickly this works.

Ok, so his next creation which he calls the REFRIGERATOR SPACE-SAVER is truly one of the simplest ideas, that makes you ask yourself why you never thought of this?!! As eggs get used up from the dozen package, he shows you how to reduce it’s size, creating more Frig space, while still storing the remaining eggs.  CRAZY SMART!

Last, but not least our CrazyRussianHacker has come up with a really cool MAKE-SHIFT ICE CUBE TRAY.  It not only comes in handy when the automatic ice-cube maker freezes up or breaks, but it simply is a way of making cool shaped ice cubes.  He does this with empty well-washed egg-carton trays.  It’s also a great solution for transporting cubes in a cooler and just tossing the disposable tray.

Sit back and enjoy his tutorial!

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Mom Starts Putting Glue On This Sponge. The Reason Is Brilliant!

If you have young children, or are now a grandma, the following Mom Hacks in the video below will be a literal “Godsend!”  We know how important craft time is to a developing child’s creativity and even emotional development, but if we are being honest, sometimes we hesitate with the messy process because the cleanup is overwhelming!

Well, the moms from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms have come up with a whole slew of tips to remedy the mess and dreaded clean-up; allowing our kids the freedom of the fun of messy crafting without picking up on unneeded tension from the adult supervision.

This fantastic edition of Mom Hacks includes fingerprinting in an extra large ziplock, using hand soap dispensers for kids paint, ingenious clean up tips for overuse of glitter and instant clean up for the dreaded “wall artist!” One of my personal favorites is putting excess glue on a sponge that will contain the mess while allowing the child to meet their “glue needs”.

These and many other invaluable solutions are brilliantly illustrated in the footage that follows.  I can honestly say that I am one of those moms that dreads all the mess, and am really grateful to have come upon such great solutions.  Let us know what you found most helpful!

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He Dips His Sock Into THIS Vinegar. The Reason Is Unexpected and Surprisingly Brilliant!

When it comes to cleaning everyone loves learning new, simple ways to get the same old things done. It can be fun and interesting to discover what nifty and quick solutions people have come up with to solve common problems. This video, from YouTube channel List25, highlights 25 tricks for dealing with difficulties you are likely to encounter when tidying and cleaning things up.

The rest of this article goes over a few of the best and most interesting tips, but the video covers many more. Clean surfaces with dryer sheets, not only do they pick up dust particles, they also prevent dust build up in the future. To clean a shower head, pour distilled white vinegar in a plastic bag and secure it on.

Leave this on overnight and simply wipe the head clean the next day. If you have dirty pans, place a little water in them and a cup of white vinegar. Heat it on the stove until warm, then remove it and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

The grimy crust should easily scrub right off. Blenders are basically self-cleaning when you fill them with soapy warm water and blend it up. Grapefruits work wonders at cleaning a scummy shower. Cut one in half, sprinkle some salt on it and all over the wet shower, scrub and rinse clean. Re-fresh a sponge and kill 99.9% of germs it may be harboring by microwaving it for a few minutes.

Don’t have a Brillo pad? Ball up a piece of tinfoil, drizzle on some dish soap, and scrub away. To clean up shards of glass all you need is a piece of bread. Press it over the spot where any pieces may be and it will pick up all the bits.

Make leather furniture look brand new again with shoe polish, it reconditions and makes unsightly scuffs or markings disappear. If your carpet has pet hairs sticking to it use a rubber squeegee to get it out.

One of the hardest objects in a house clean are ceiling fan blades. Throw a pillow case over each blade to trap all the dust that settles and accumulates on them. When you pull it off the dust won’t fly all over because it’s trapped in the pillow case.

When grease and oil splatters all over the stove top clean it up with a few drops of vegetable oil on a paper towel. Simply wipe it off and you’re done. If you need to clean hard to reach places dip an old sock in some water and white vinegar. Stick the sock on your hand and wipe away, it will dust and clean cracks, crevices, and even in-between blinds.

This may come as a surprise, but every so often you have to clean the dishwasher. In the top rack place a bowl filled with white vinegar and run it on the hottest cycle. Afterwards sprinkle baking soda all over the bottom and run it on another hot cycle.

This last trick is amazing and works on everything from walls to clothes. To clear up a grease stain cover it with chalk and wipe it clean with a damp towel after a minute or so. The chalk picks up the stain, leaving a grease free surface behind.

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