When Her Fiancé Lays His Eyes On Her Make-Up Transformation He Can’t Hold Back the Tears!

What started as an interesting experiment turned out to be an incredibly moving and emotional experience for this young couple, engaged to be married in a month. Through the magic of professional make up artists, this couple received a rare opportunity to glimpse into the future. At less than thirty years of age, each of these two were able to see what the other might look like in their fifties, seventies and nineties.

I wonder if these two were nervous before they embarked on this journey? I know I was when I first started watching. What if they didn’t like what the other might one day look like? What if they hadn’t thought it all the way through, or when they had thought about it, they underestimated the changes that would take place?

Far from increasing my trepidation, the results made me more confident in my own relationship and ability to see the beauty in my loved ones even as time changes things in ways we cannot control. Their touching words in response to each other’s changing appearance left everyone watching with wet cheeks.

Instead of being appalled by the physical side effects of the aging process, the experience brought them even closer. Each gray hair, every spot and wrinkle told a story. What deep experiences are written into the superficial changes that form each face?

What memories have been created, what joys and sorrows have brought them closer together and strengthened their bond of love beyond what any superficial change could possibly restrain? By the end of the experiment, they were more in love than ever, and even more ready to get married and start creating the memories that would form their shared life.

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These Are All The Ways Women’s Makeup Has Changed Throughout History: So Awesome To See The Transformations


It has become cliche to say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This video speaks to the role of makeup styles throughout time and across cultures, and how they reflect cultural conceptions of beauty. Watching the sped up transformations from natural beauty to the  cosmetic practices reflected in the cultures of Ancient Egypt, the Elizabethan Era and the modern age, has a magical quality.

The video raises the question of why standards of beauty are so variant over time and across cultures.  What makes a particular society view beauty so differently than another?  How is it possible that the uni-brow was so desired that it was often cosmetically faked, when today it is abhorrent to look at?

Conceptions of beauty and how cosmetics are used to create illusions that reflect these conceptionsis so variable. Check out this video to see the fascinating differences in human ideals of beauty.  It makes you wonder what will be next.  Will our societies views of how to highlight beauty today seem bizarre when we look back in the future?  It really makes you wonder about what’s ahead.

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Makeup Artist Demonstrates An Easy Way To Put On Eyeliner. The Result Is Perfect Every Time!

The first recorded documentation of eyeliner was in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.  The people of this time placed a dark black line around their eyes.  These cosmetic applications were not only used for looks but also to protect their skin from the hot desert sun.  Another reason they applied eyeliner was to protect themselves against the evil eye.

The eyeliner was made from antimony and copper ore.  Then for many centuries eyeliner disappeared only to make a resurgence in the 1920’s when Tutankhamun’s tomb was found.  Eyeliner was soon reintroduced to the western world, and fashion quickly began to change, while women felt more free to apply makeup.

In modern culture, eyeliner has seen a  strong resurgence in Punk,Gothic, and Emo Fashion.  It is also common daily make up practice of many people to highlight different features of the eyes.

Sometimes in life it is the simplest ideas that make the greatest impact.  The Makeup artist in the video below has come up with an awesome trick for those who are constantly struggling with their eyeliner application.

There is a bit of a learning curve to this method, and it will take some practice but once you get it down, it is the perfect way to curl your eyelashes and place your eyeliner perfectly all at the same time.

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She Puts An Extra Eye Her Head, But When She Turns To The Camera It’s The Trippiest Transformation

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 3.40.41 PMimage via – youtube.com

Happy Halloween Everyone!  You are about to watch an amazing makeup tutorial from YouTuber Promise Tamang.  You may have seen incredible optical illusion makeup before, and thought “how cool”, but felt you could never accomplish such a look that could literally win a prize!

However, when you watch this illusion created you will see how easily you can replicate it, without being an astounding makeup artist.  I know this because after watching the VIDEO you are to view below, I for once, tried it myself and went to a Halloween party last night and blew everyone away!

It took Promise less than two minutes to create the illusion of 4 vertical faces that look exactly like each of her own facial features, that truly confuses you into thinking your vision is blurred!  I have to admit that it took me 15 minutes to create this TRIPPY EFFECT, but that’s hardly a big time investment of time to end up with a Halloween production so far superior to any store bought mundane costume. People thought I had hired a makeup artist to do the look…and believe me I’m no makeup artist!

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