She Starts Cutting Off The Top Of This Salt Shaker. But When She’s Done It’s Surprisingly Brilliant!

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The mason jar phenomenon has taken a firm hold in society and the handy glass jars are no longer only used for their original intended purpose, canning food. These days people use them for just about anything and everything one can imagine. Odds are you have a few in your own home and if not they are quite inexpensive and widely available at many stores.

Beyond storing foods and other items, they also make handy drinking glasses, neat soap dispensers, candle holders, lanterns, and more. Here is an additional way to get the most use out of any spare mason jars you may have sitting around. In this short video YouTube channel ThriftyFun shows how to make a simple and convenient easy pour top for a mason jar.

All you need is a salt container with a pour spout, a knife, and a mason jar with a ring that fits onto it. Start by carefully cutting the top off of the salt container. Flip it upside down and place the top of the mason jar on it, then trace around the rim opening with a pencil. Cut the traced circle out and then place it on top of the jar as you would with a lid.

Screw it on securely with the jar ring and check to make sure that it fits, trimming it if necessary. That’s all it takes and now you can fill up the jar with whatever you want. When it comes time to pour stuff out the modified top makes it much easier to measure and control, it won’t dump out all over the place. This works great for dry, messy, powdery things such as glitter and beads or other small craft items.

It also comes in handy in the kitchen and is perfect for storing seasonings, rice, sugar, flour, and of course salt!

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She Places Mason Jar Lids On A Pan For Breakfast. The Result Is An Unexpected Delicious Surprise!

“Everything in life is presentation”, the saying goes.  If you have kids who are finicky eaters, or you are just the kind of cook who loves to present your food with just that little extra bit of perfection, this video is for you.  Most people love the McMuffin, which has those perfectly round eggs.

This easy DIY can make that happen at home. All you need are mason jar lids to form these perfectly round sunny side up eggs.  With 2 eggs, cooking spray or butter, tongs and those lids, you can surprise everyone with your own McMuffin at home.

After you crack each egg inside each mason jar lid, you will season to taste, and watch the video to see how incredibly easy it is to flip and have those english muffins or toast ready for your mouth-watering presentation of breakfast at home.  Let us know how yours come out if you try this.

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With Just 3 Simple Steps This Woman Transforms Ordinary Mason Jars Into Something Amazing!

Mason jars have been making a huge comeback recently and they are no longer used only for your grandmother’s canning needs.  These days they hold anything from quick and easy on the go salads and snacks to hand poured candles.  This YouTube video from flourishxo shows how to make DIY colored mason jars.  They add an extra pop of color for any room in the house and can be used for holding flowers or a flame-less tea light.  Best of all they are very inexpensive and easy to make.

Start by gathering your materials.  You will need mason jars of any size, different colored modge podges, a plastic container/bowl and paper towels.  Begin by pouring some colored modge podge into a mason jar and place the lid on tight.  Then, tip the jar all around and upside down so that the modge podge coats the entire inside surface of the glass evenly.

Take your time and be sure to make certain there are no spots left uncovered by the glue.  After, remove the lid and turn the jar upside down into the bowl so that any and all excess glue drips down and out.  Repeat the process for each jar you want to color and then take some paper towel and wipe up any excess modge podge from the lid(s).  Wait about 12 hours to completely dry before using them for whatever you’d like!

The colored mason jars will make a beautiful decoration on a porch or as an addition to a picnic table spread.  You can use them to hold utensils, napkins, candles, flowers, or as a hold-all for little knick knacks.  The possibilities are wide open and they are incredibly easy to make with things you likely already have on hand.  Check it out and give it a try!

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