What Is The Maturity Level of Your Soul?

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If you think that our existence is not a one time shot, then you likely believe in some form of reincarnation. It’s a powerful idea that countless people all around the world subscribe to. When you stop and think about it, reincarnation makes complete sense and it falls right in line with balance and the endless, ongoing circle of life. For every death there is rebirth and new life, so when you die, you’re actually being reborn.

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It follows that people may go on to live many, many lives. Right now at this very moment you could be a newborn infant soul, an old one, or even an ancient one. It all depends on where you are at in the circle and cycle of your lives!

Look around you and think about all of the people you’re close with. Do you think that they are young or old souls and what leads you to your conclusions? It could be the way they act, maybe they’re fun-loving and free or more reserved and guarded. Perhaps it’s the things they like to do. Activities can help keep us young, but they can also age us just as easily. Countless other aspects and attributes can affect how mature, or immature, we all come across.

Now direct you attention inwards on yourself and think about what level of maturity your soul is at. Better yet, take this quiz and have it provide the answer for you! It examines the things that you enjoy doing the most, the books you prefer to read, the foods you like to eat, and the things you desire the most and hold closest to your heart in this world.

All of that can say a whole lot about your soul’s age and the state you’re at in all of your lives. Generally speaking, our preferences and choices are all that we truly have to go off of and they do indeed reflect broadly on our lives and the paths we’ve taken to get to this point in them.

So if you’d like to determine what level of maturity your soul is, find out and see if the results reflect your guess as to whether or not you’re an infant, baby, young, mature, or old soul! Let us know your results in the comments section of today’s featured story!

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A Shady Woman Is At a Mcdonald’s Drive-Thru Then An Employee Spots Kids Scared and Screaming The Car.

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Many people all over the world go to McDonalds every day. Whether they are just trying to squeeze in a quick lunch in between appointments at work or their kids are just dying to get a happy meal. Many people don’t realize that working at a fast food joint as an employee is not an easy gig. Whether you are dealing with rude and angry customers, a line out the door, or getting burned by some scolding hot oil in the fryer! I have a lot of respect and tip my hat to all the hard working people at McDonalds and any other fast food restaurant. Working in any job with customer service is never a walk in the park!

Now on the flip side, from the customers perspective, when you think about going to McDonalds it really never occurs to you that something seriously tragic or horrible could potentially happen. Maybe they run out of 20 piece nuggets?

Maybe the fries aren’t crispy enough? Or maybe, worst case scenario they put pickles on your burger when you asked for no pickles! LOL! All kidding aside, sometimes things you could never imagine happening in your wildest dreams actually do occur..

This brings us to today’s story which features 22-year old Pedro Veloria, A hard working, driven and all around good guy from Miami, Florida. Pedro came from a low income family raised by his single mom who had to work 2-3 jobs just to makes ends meet.

When he was growing up he always took odd jobs like mowing lawns, painting fences or baby sitting to help relieve his mom of some of the financial burden. Pedro always got good grades in school and hoped to one day go to college, but his mother couldn’t afford to send him and he wasn’t eligible for any scholarships.

One night, Pedro and his family went out to go bowling which was their favorite family activity. On the way home they stopped at McDonalds and saw that they were hiring employees and the pay was above minimum wage. Pedro decided he would apply for the job and a couple days later he got it! This would be Pedro’s first real job and he could really start help his hard-working mother out with the bills.

He went through intensive training, learned the ins and outs of every aspect of the job and quickly fell into a daily routine. He would start work at the crack of dawn at 5am, work all day then go home help out with the kids, pass out then wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Although he was exhausted and working extremely hard, he always kept a positive attitude and would make sure no matter how small or insignificant his specific task was he did it with perfect precision!

One day Pedro was working the drive-thru. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and he was going about his shift like he always did. With a big smile, courteous, helpful and making sure everybody always got exactly what they ordered. That’s when something unimaginable began to unfold in the drive-thru line.

Pedro could hear kids crying in one of the cars. This wasn’t particularly strange because children screaming and crying in the back of their parents car at the drive-thru is something that happens on a daily basis. However, there was something different about the distinct sound of these particular kid’s screams!

It wasn’t the sound of some bratty kids whining, it sounded more like screams of pure terror and fear! The driver of the car was a woman and her head was down, she was hunched over the wheel and looked to be completely unconscious. Even worse the car was not stopped and was moving forward in the drive-thru line!

Pedro’s instincts immediately kicked in and he jumped through the drive-thru window like an olympic pole vaulter. He sprinted as fast as his legs would move, got to the car with the unresponsive lady, her scared kids and somehow got the vehicle to stop moving!

At this point the woman was still unconscious. Pedro quickly called for help and luckily there were two firefighters who were grabbing a bite at the McDonalds. They jumped from their table, ran to the car and began CPR to try and revive the unconscious mom.

The paramedics came next and the woman was brought to the hospital. Luckily because of Pedro’s quick thinking, rapid response time and just being an all around Good Samaritan and local hero nobody was hurt. The lady happened to be an off-duty cop and was still unconscious when she got to the hospital, but thankfully she made a full recovery!

Pedro had saved a police officer and her children’s life. He decided that it was time for his life to switch gears from McDonalds employee to becoming a paramedic so he could save people in need everyday of his life! What could’ve been a tragedy ended up being a wonderful happy ending thanks to Pedro!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Wakes Up Confused and All On a Park Bench But Then Sees a Handwritten Note Clasped In Her Left Hand

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27-year-old Ellie Farnfield never had bad health problems. She was actually a fitness instructor and was studying acupuncture in her free time. It’s safe to say that she was in the prime of her life. Or so she thought. Farnfield regularly commuted to work on the subway. One fateful day, Ellie stepped onto the train. At first, everything seemed normal.

She looked around and, upon seeing that there were no available seats, took a spot holding onto the rail. The doors closed and the train departed. As Ellie looked out the window of the car, she felt a little odd. Her mouth felt oddly dry and she suddenly had a craving for water.

Than, the headache kicked in. She felt a tension spread down from her head to her neck to her torso. As she tensed up, her arms started to tingle. Clutching the pole next to her, Ellie fought against the lightheadedness and nausea that followed. Ellie lost the battle and collapsed to the floor.

Much later, Ellie regained consciousness. Unsure of how much time had passed, she realized that she was on a bench. Ellie didn’t understand how she had gotten off the train. As she attempted to sit up, Ellie noticed a crumpled up piece of paper. She smoothed it out and realized that someone had left her a note. She read the note and discovered the full truth.

A man named Tom wrote that he had found her on the train. He took her off the train and got her to the bench she was sitting on. Using her phone, he called paramedics and close family members. He assured her that medical help was on the way. He also wrote that he had bought her a coffee and left her ten pounds for a taxi ride home. She looked to her left and saw exactly that.

Ellie later shared the whole story on facebook with the hopes that the mysterious “Tom” would reveal his identity to her. However, at least for now, the heroic stranger’s identity remains a mystery.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Married Couple Was Told By Her Aunt Not To Open Their Wedding Present. 9 Years Later They Decide To Open It!

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One of the best perks of getting married besides for love, family and finding your soulmate is the wedding gifts that your loving family and friends give you on your very special day. Some couples make electronic lists for people to choose from, some mail the gift list, while others just let their family and friends do the gift picking and they stay out of it!

In todays story we feature Aunt Allison and a married couple. The couple had gotten married 9 years prior, opened up all their gifts and were extremely thank.ful and happy for everyones love and support. One gift however, came from Aunt Allison which read, do not open this gift until you have a disagreement.

The couple didn’t think much of it at the time, but respected her wishes and enjoyed all their other gifts. First came a week, then a month, then a year, then five years and finally on the 9th year this married couple decided to finally open Aunt Allison’s wedding gift. The couple had only had  like most others had fights and disagreements. But 9 years later they finally decide to do it.

Before they opened it, they thought what if this letter makes things worse? What if it will jinx the future of marriage? At this point it didn’t matter they were going to open it. So that night they built up their courage and finally decided to open the box.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Kidnapped Baby Otters Were Neglected But They’ve Been Saved and Get Freedom and Food For First Time

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It is truly a tragic reality, that in so many places throughout the world, poachers hunt wild animals in order to illegally sell them to people wanting exotic pets.  It is common for babies to be kidnapped; they often go into shock, suffer from hunger and dehydration, and die before being sold. It is horrible that so many animals are taken and kidnapped from their natural habitat and frequently taken from their mothers before they are developmentally ready. This is just so heartbreaking especially when you see how adorable, sweet and innocent these itty bitty baby otters.

Thanks to the many animal-lover/advocates, like TV host Frank Cuesta, whom you will see in the video below, many animals get rescued and returned to the wild.  Cuesta resides in Thailand, where he hosts a show that has been compared to Steve Irwin. He explores, helps, studies and rescues wildlife just as the late great legend Steve Irwin did.

Cuesta is the hero of this story of a rescue of two baby otters, after he was tipped off as to their location, before they could be sold on the black market. He headed to the location and somehow managed to save them and get them away from the bad people who wanted to harm these poor sweet fur babies.

Having studied veterinary medicine, Cuesta knows that these orphaned otter pups not only have to have limited human exposure, but actually need to be trained to be afraid of people before being reintroduced into the wild.  This is necessary for their safety and for sustaining the otter population. Luckily Cuesta knows exactly what to do and these babies should soon be back in the wild and their natural habitat.

Unless you speak Spanish you won’t understand exactly what Cuesta is tenderly saying to the pups he has saved, but you will get the gist of it.  Hearing the darling babies squeaking as they are finally fed, is simply joyful, as is the fact that they will safely be returned to the wild. The sounds of pure happiness emanating from their adorable little faces made my heart melt into a million pieces. Have you ever heard a sound so adorable in your life? Let us know in the comments

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments section if you want to see more animal rescue videos like this on our page:

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THIS Student Begs Her Teacher To Allow Her Dog To Come To Class! The Teacher’s Response Breaks The Internet!

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Around 200,000 years ago humans began walking the earth. Since the inception of the human race, shelter, house, communities and eventually civilizations began cropping up all over planet earth. What’s more interesting is we didn’t build and evolve all on our own we had a few loyal friends who tagged along and helped us on our human journey through history. Probably, the one species of animal the most intertwined with our own evolution is Canis Lupus Familiaris or what we call dogs!

What makes this odd alliance even stranger is that modern day dogs evolved one of man’s initial biggest threats. This mammal species is known as Canis Lupus or what most of all call wolves. Around 100,000 years ago our ancestors began populating the land mass of Eurasia. The wolf was one of the only creatures on the planet that could match us humans near the top of the food chain. How the two species interacted with their own kind was actually very similar..

The two species both hunted in groups or packs. The hunter and gatherers would work as one finely tuned machine, to seek, find and then catch their prey for survival. Wolves also hunted in hierarchal pack and would also work with coordinated strikes and precise accuracy as they sought out their prey. Our ancestors and wolves were indeed very social creatures, and used these advanced social skills in order to take down animals much larger than themselves which in turn would leave them wasting less time hunting and more time consuming energy and nutrition.

Wolves thrived at the top of the food chains for thousands of years before modern day humans ever appeared however, now that these strange bipedal hominids were encroaching on their territory they had some very serious competition on their paws. While the two species would clash head on for many years some wolves who were kicked out or ostracized from their pack noticed that if they weren’t aggressive towards a human community this could be a pretty easy way to get food and survive without having to face the world alone.

The strong and powerful wolves remained in their packs and refused to back down to the humans however, the weaker and more scavenger type of canines began to outlast and outlive their more dominant predecessors due to their new alliance with these strange 2 legged hominids. As years passed, the traits of these less aggressive and scrap grabbing Canines we’re passed down through their DNA and they began living closer and closer to our ancestors. As we provided them leftover food they in turn would help us hunt and defend our lands and communities. It was a symbiotic relationship that was just the perfect match made in heaven.

Because both species preferred living in packs, it wasn’t too difficult for these docile wolves to integrate with the human population and eventually begin living in their homes. It is thought that these animals were the first domesticated animals ever. These first wolf-dog hybrids showed up around 30,000 years ago. As time went on these wolf-dogs soon evolved into our modern day dogs. These evolutions and changes in look were drastic for some breeds and less so for others. Humans had successfully domesticated these canines for almost any purpose they needed them for..

Now that we have gone over a short history of dogs, let’s dive head first into today’s canine story. In today’s video we will be featuring a college student named Jessica Lewis who was attending college in Statesboro, Georgia. On this week a giant hurricane named Hurricane Irma was going to be rolling through her college town and she would soon have to evacuate to her parents house in Atlanta, Georgia. She just had one little problem she had to deal with before her evacuation would begin. She had one final class she had to attend which was important to her and she had her sweet pup Luna who would have to evacuate with her. Obviously she wasn’t going to leave Luna behind during the horrifying storm.

She decided to write her teacher a letter asking for permission to bring her dog with her to class even though she knew this was against school policy. Jessica figured it was worth a shot due to the impending storm and the situation she was in. She typed out a very respectful letter asking her professor if Luna the dog could come to class with her….

Watch the video below to read the full letter and her professor’s response both of which have went mega-viral:

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