Apparently This Is The Reason You Need To Massage Your Feet Before You Go To Sleep!

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People in every corner of the world are constantly searching for alternative and natural ways to help treat their health conditions and disorders. They don’t want to have to rely on modern health options, and who can blame them. Those treatments usually involve incredibly harsh and expensive pharmaceuticals, which often have even worse side effects than the actual issue they are supposed to alleviate.

That is part of the reason why so many people end up turning to homeopathic remedies in an effort to naturally balance and heal their bodies, as well as their minds. One of the most popular and effective alternative treatment methods is hands down massage therapy.

The simple act of applying pressure to various points on our bodies does wonders to dissolve away aches, pains, tension, and the built up stresses hampering our bodies. One form of massage therapy that stands out as particularly effective is reflexology. Reflexology is the stimulation of a reflex point to relieve and help regulate abnormalities between different body parts.

By massaging and applying pressure to specific points located on either the hands or feet you can help bring about physical changes to your body. There are many different areas on the foot which correspond to certain body parts, so be sure to check out the included chart and video which map it all out for you to see.

Reflexology works by stimulating the thousands of nerves in the hands and feet, thereby increasing blood flow. Human feet have over 15,000 nerves and they all connect to form a network that reaches different areas of the body, such as our main organs and glands.

Many have found that by using the simple techniques at home they could dramatically relieve pain and discomfort caused by common ailments. People have relieved headaches, digestion issues, sleep problems, back pain, and even lessened the effects of both colds and the flu by massaging the touch points on the feet that are associated with the area in which the problem stems from.

The treatments are incredibly simple and easy to do, but the best part about it is the fact that they’re convenient and don’t cost a penny if done in the comfort of your home. However, if you prefer or choose to, you can always go to a professional that has been trained in the ancient art.

If your hesitant or doubtful about whether or not foot reflexology could help you, try thinking about it like this; you have nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain by giving yourself a foot massage. At the very least you’ll feel more at ease, relaxed, and comfortable.

Our feet go through a lot of abuse daily and we often neglect them. So tonight, when you’re resting and done with the day, kick off your shoes, peel off your socks, and give yourself a foot massage! Doing this right before you go to bed will help you to relax, fall asleep faster, and sleep better overall.

Try it tonight and pass this onto others to help them find comfort and better health in their own lives!

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This Is The Reason You Should Sleep On Your Left Side Every Night. I Had No Idea!

The average person sleeps for about eight hours a day. Over a lifetime this amounts to spending about one third of our lives asleep. It’s common knowledge that a good nights rest is vitally important for maintaining health and balance both mentally and physically. However, it’s not so well known that the position you sleep in can also greatly affect your health.

There are many different ways that people like and prefer to sleep in. The most common seem to be on either the left or right side, on your back, and curled up in the fetal position. Each one affects your health in different ways that can be either good or bad.

For example, sleeping on the back can be dangerous for those who have asthma or sleep apnea because it increases the risks associated with breathing difficulties. Sleeping on the right side can aggravate digestive problems and make them a lot worse. These negative effects and issues lead to lower quality, and less amounts, of sleep.

The left side is the best side to sleep on and it’s better than all the others in terms of the benefits it has on our bodily health. Sleeping on the left side helps us digest easier and improves the overall digestive system by allowing the body to extract nutrients and dispose of toxins faster and more efficiently.

It also affects our circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart is better able to pump downhill and the blood circulates more efficiently back to the heart. Furthermore, the position also allows for bile and wastes to travel more freely through the body and helps improve spleen function.

This results in better lymphatic drainage and more toxins leaving the body, with less overall stress and negative impacts to our health. Dr. John Douillard explains these benefits in greater detail and covers much more in the accompanying video.

It’s incredible how much of a difference the position you sleep in has on your body. If you aren’t already sleeping on your left side, you should try to make the switch as soon as possible. You can train your body to do so by switching on a light on the right side of where you sleep.

Your body will naturally want to face away from the light source and thus will turn on to the left side. There are lots of other ways that people have used to effectively change sleep positions, you just have to find out which one will work for you.

If sleeping on the left side improves health and promotes better sleep, why wouldn’t you want to do it!

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Do You Have Issues Falling Asleep? THIS Unexpected Trick Will Have You Asleep In Under 1 Minute Each Night!

Most of us spend around one third of our lives sleeping. That is based on the idea that, on average, people get about 8 hours of sleep each and every night. However, averages do not represent everyone and lots of people do not get the recommend amount of nightly shut eye.

There is nothing worse than crawling into a warm, comfortable bed and not being able to fall asleep. It can be pure torture. If you have ever stayed up all night staring at the clock, watching the minutes tick slowly by, then you know the dreadful feeling. Many of us try in vain to lull our mind and body into sleep mode, and fail.

There are many things out there to help people sleep better, from sleeping pills, melatonin, warm baths, counting sheep, and eating or restricting certain foods before bed. Some of them work and most of them fail to produce the desired effects, it all depends on what works for each individual.

One tried and true way that has helped many people fall asleep faster is the “4-7-8” breathing technique. It was popularized by Dr. Andrew Weil, a world renowned expert on holistic health and a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. The breathing exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, anyplace and is incredibly simple.

Start by placing the tip of your tongue against the area of tissue right behind your upper front teeth, and it should stay there all throughout this entire exercise. Exhale at all times through your mouth and people have found that it can help if you try pursing your lips slightly.

Begin by exhaling completely through your mouth, expelling the air with a whoosh sound. Then close your mouth and without making a sound inhale through your nose for a count of four. After that, hold your breath for a count of seven seconds and then you can exhale completely through your mouth, again making a whoosh sound and to a count of eight.

All that should have been one complete breathe cycle and the exhalation part should have taken you twice as long as the inhalation portion. Repeat the process for three more cycles and a total of four breaths. Dr. Weil describes this breathing exercise as a “natural tranquilizer for the nervous system.”

It only gets stronger and more effective with repeated practice. You should aim to do it twice a day, whether it is to relieve tension, stress, upsetting events, or when you’re trying to fall asleep. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the measured breathing technique because it makes you mindful and focused on your breathing, rather than on the stress or thoughts that are keeping you up at night.

Check out the video for more information on the benefits of the 4-7-8 breathing technique from Dr. Weil himself. Perhaps this simple breathe trick can help you get a better, more restful nights sleep, and if that is a possibility then you definitely do not want to pass it by!

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Mommy Was Filming Her Baby Girl Sleep. What She Caught I’m Speechless!

Mothers and their newborn babies share a special bond that is based on pure love.  It is often a hectic and exciting time when a new baby is welcomed into the world.  Time seems to fly by in the following days and months of the first year in a child’s life.  Most mothers wish to capture every moment and milestone in their babies lives in order to preserve the memories for years to come.  They fill scrap books and photo albums with mementos and pictures of kids growing up.  It is truly a labor of love for many!

One mother, Adele Enersen, has found a delightfully creative way to photograph her daughter Mila’s afternoon naps.  Once Mila is fast asleep in dreamland Adele gets to work.  She fashions scenes from fairy tales, classic films, and everyday life by using simple props made from household items, soft fabrics and a variety of clothes.

Once they are set up she gently places the sleeping child among the scenery so that she becomes the star and main focus of the pictures.  It has all come together to form a series of photos that Adele has titled “Mila’s Daydream.”  The accompanying video shows a montage of the wonderful, creative, fantasy inspired pictures she snapped.

In one photo, the fringed edge of a green rug serves as grass.  Above the grass, a clothesline is laid out with a pair of pants, socks, a shirt, and a small plush toy all secured on by clothespins.  Mila is laid out peacefully napping among the drying clothes and is also pinned adorably to the clothesline by the loose shirt fabric on her shoulders.

Other scenes depict her as Mary Poppins, a rock-star, the princess and the pea, and riding a horse with orange braids sticking out to the sides, a la Pippi Longstocking.  Others show her fishing, alongside a snowman with a wand, laid out as a bookworm, and wrapped in a shawl next to a statue of a sitting Buddha.  There are many other clever set ups and there seems to be no limit to the potential scene compositions.

Adele’s approach to photographing her baby has turned out to be a unique spin on baby pictures and is really inspiring.  In the future, Mila and her family are surely going to cherish these memories, and she can thank her mother for all of them.

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