A Giant Storm Brought Down This Big Tree. This Guy Slices Into It But Moments Later The Unthinkable Occurs!

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Pretty much everyone at one point or another has had to deal with a tree that fell do to a storm or just died of natural causes. Sometimes they are on our property other times they are on the streets and worst of all sometimes they can fall and come crashing into our homes or apartments.

Getting rid of a downed tree is really not an easy job and most times you need to call in the big guns and get a profession to take care of the fallen tree. In the video below, it looks as if a tree has fallen over in somebody backyard, obliterating the families trampoline, and leaving a giant mess to clean up.

The man who is called in to take care of the job appears to be quite handy and professional with a chainsaw. At first everything was running completely smooth as he sliced into the fallen tree slice by slice. It was all fine and dandy until the guy somehow forgot about the laws of physics and nature.

Because all the branches of the tree were removed first, the tree trunk of the fallen tree didn’t have enough weight to balance evenly against the mass of the roots.

Suddenly the worst possible thing occurs as the magic tree unexpectedly rises from the dead and comes back to life! Luckily no one was hurt and they all had a good hardy laugh.  But this could easily have become a dangerous and potentially fatal situation!

If you ever find yourself in the position where you need to clear a tree from your property, just make sure you really know what you are doing.  If not bring in the professionals let them do their thing and spend the extra money to get the job done right.

Watch the video below. You will not believe your eyes, it is truly mind blowing to watch this in real time! Enjoy the Magic Tree!

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A Tree Fell In Her Yard. But 2 Weeks Later They Transform It Into Is An Unexpected Amazing Surprise!

If you live in your own home, and are lucky enough to have beautiful trees on your property, you have lived through the heartbreak of losing them in large storms. Some may be hundreds of years old, or you may have lovingly planted them and watched them grow, year after year.

Sometimes it isn’t a storm that’s the culprit, rather precarious distance to your home may require removal, for safety’s sake. Tree removal people eliminate the problem, but more often than not leave an unsightly stump.  In the case of the homeowner in the following video that you are about to watch, they were lucky enough to call Lueb Popoff.

Who, may you ask, is Lueb Popoff?  He is a man who could cut down her tree, but rather than leaving the dreaded ugly stump in front of her house, watch what he does! Lueb was a man with a mission.

After cutting down the tree and removing it, he left a big enough stump and within 2 weeks, with his chainsaw and some smaller tools, Popoff created a masterpiece! It is literally a sculpture that anyone would be proud to have grace their home.

In the 2-minute video below you will be mesmerized by what he created in two weeks time. The finished product is astoundingly lifelike!

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Choose A Tree And See What It Reveals About You

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Do you think that someone can tell you something about yourself just by which tree you choose out of a series of images? There is only one way to find out! At the beginning of this quiz, you might be skeptical, but I took it myself and found it to be scary accurate. How could they possibly know this much about me? I chose quickly, trying not to overthink it like I normally do.

I picked the one I was naturally most drawn to, without thinking about what that choice might mean in the results. Guess what! It turns out the quiz knows that I like to have fun, which is shocking because very few people know that about me. I keep my fun loving ways under wraps, trying instead to keep my mirth buried under a layer of possible displeasure. I like to leave open the possibility that I may not be pissed off, just for the comfort of those around me. If I just expressed my inner joy all the time, people would get really sick of me. They might feel worse about their own situation if they think mine is better, so I wear an average mood face. I’ve noticed that trees do the same thing sometimes. I can never tell for certain if the great oak that stands at the edge of the field by my house is in a good mood or not. I often think I am certain that I caught a smile, or heard a bit of a giggle, but then I’ll feel like the gentle being is scowling. Friendly tree, though, always willing to listen while shading me from the hot summer sun and offering great support. For my back, certainly, but also emotionally. What gentle creatures are the trees, exhaling oxygen for us to inhale, while we exhale carbon dioxide for them to inhale. Our breath is one, as we grow from the same earth, and in the end, return to the same earth.

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Morning Ritual. So She Got A Camera And Caught THIS

Every once in a while, a creature thinks it is something it doesn’t seem to be. Sometimes, when said creature believes strongly enough, magical things happen. In this case, Coco seems to believe she is a squirrel, which results in her supernatural ability to climb trees in a dog’s body.

Wait a second; isn’t she just chasing the squirrel, like all dogs are prone to do? Some would say it is merely instinctual. But dogs don’t climb trees. Coco’s story is different.

I, for one, choose to believe that Coco literally believes she is a squirrel, and she is searching for her long lost family. She was a squirrel in a past life, perhaps, and was separated at birth from her family. She searched her entire life to be reunited, but in the end she could not find them.

She wanted to be reborn as a squirrel, of course, but miscalculated slightly and ended up a dog. So she makes the best of her situation, evading the boundaries that physics tries to place upon her. Have you ever seen a tree climbing dog? let us know.

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He Takes a Lemon Seed Wraps It In a Towel and Puts It In a Bag. A Week and a Half Later Awesome!

Houseplants have the ability to make our lives a whole lot better. Simply placing a few indoor plants strategically around your living space can make you healthier, more focused, and happier. That’s because plants are basically mother nature’s air purifier and humidifier all in one. We all know by now that they release oxygen and water vapor into the air, and absorb carbon dioxide from it.

A lesser known, yet more important, benefit of having plants scattered around our houses is their natural ability to clean the air and rid it of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are nasty, invisible, toxic substances which make their way indoors and are commonly found in items such as plastic bags, carpeting, and paint. Once inside these compounds usually end up trapped, because most buildings are well-sealed and temperature regulated, and we breathe them in. According to NASA research, every 24 hours houseplants can remove up to approximately 87% of these VOCs by trapping them in soil and converting them into food. That’s pretty awesome and you don’t even have to lift a finger to reap the benefits!

You also don’t even need to buy a plant to get all the positive effects that come along with having them inside the house. Instead, you can grow your own from seeds that you already have… if you have a lemon on hand! Lemon trees are wonderful to have in your home. They smell zesty and strongly of citrus, even just one will leave a space smelling noticeably fresh and clean.

This video from Mr Eastcoastman will show you exactly how to grow a lemon tree from the seeds of a lemon that you can pick up at the grocery store. All you’ll need is a lemon, a few paper towels, a Ziploc bag, and some patience. Read on for what to:

1) Take a lemon and cut it in half. Remove any seeds you may have sliced with the knife and discard.

2) Dig out the remaining seeds, wipe them clean with a paper towel, and dry them off as best you can.

3) Remove the outer shell that surrounds the seed by grasping it firmly with a paper towel and locating the pointed tip. Use your fingernails to peel the shell down and off from that point. Once the shell is fully removed the seed will look a lot darker. Repeat this step with as many seeds as you’d like.
This step is the key to growing a lemon tree faster. The protective shell surrounds the seed and must rot away before it can sprout, which often takes a very long time. By removing the shell you drastically speed up the time it takes for the seed to sprout!

4) Place all of the dry, shelled seeds on a paper towel square and fold it in half, then fold it in half again so that all of the seeds remain securely wrapped inside it.

5) Dampen the paper towel with just a little bit of water, stick it inside a Ziploc bag, and seal it closed. Jot the date down on the bag before placing it in a dark warm spot.
This helps germinate and start your seeds!

6) After about 8-10 days open the bag and check the seeds to see if they have sprouted. If there are no sprouts, re-seal the bag and wait a few more days. If there are little white roots beginning to show, they sprouted and are ready for planting.

7) Fill a pot with soil, place the sprouted seeds in the dirt and cover them with a thin layer. Water regularly as needed and soon you’ll have a beautiful lemon tree growing!

Finally, lemon trees grown indoors will need extra support as they grow taller to keep them from bending or breaking. Simply place a stick in the soil and use twist ties to secure the tree to it. As it grows larger and stronger it eventually will become steady enough to stand on its own and you can remove the supports.

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