What Color is Your Aura?

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Your aura is the subtly pervasive atmosphere created by and emanating from your body which is visible to some by color. This field of luminous radiation has been associated with a variety of personality traits, depending on the colors of the layers. It can be read like a map of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. This means that your aura is in constant flux, depending on your well being, and can be made up of several colors at once.

The existence of an electromagnetic energy field around every object in the world is a scientifically proven fact, but there is debate whether the cascading outlines can be seen by the human eye or not. Because devices that should be able to measure these alleged fields have recorded nothing, the claim to be able to see them is often considered paranormal. However, there is a rare form of photography, called Kirlian photography, which has been said to document the auras.

The colors around a person can extend out far, or only be very close to the body. The latter occurs when a person is guarding themselves from someone or something. When two people have been intimate with each other, their auras will be in contact with one another and share common colors.

These fields are best seen in full daylight and with relaxed eyes. When first attempting to visually perceive an aura, it is likely you will be able to see a field but no color. With more practice, the colors will begin to reveal themselves.

What color is your aura? let us know!

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What Color Is Your Aura?

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Everyone has an aura that is unique and distinctive.  Even if you can’t quite see it in yourself or others, it is always with the person from whom it emanates.  All living things, as well as objects, manifest and put off a certain energy that radiates around them. Many ancient religions, mystics, and spiritualists have described this energy as that of the person’s essence.

Buddhist and Hindu beliefs tie in a person’s aura to the seven colored chakras and Kundalini energy, which can be changed and altered into a sort of spiritual halo with enough spiritual practice and devotion.  This halo of light and ethereal glow crosses over cultures and is well seen in many other western religions, through their art, and in their texts.

A person’s aura can reveal a lot about their emotions and subconscious desires.  If you would like to see what color your aura is, take find out below! This is totally awesome! Enjoy!

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What Color Is Your Aura? Find Out.

One of the best ways to describe almost anything is by the color that it happens to be. Everything from plants and animals to the sky, a house, clothes, eyes, or a person, are each a distinct shade of some color. The same goes for the types of things that we can’t see, such as air and certain gasses, which we nonetheless describe as clear, invisible, or lacking in color.

It follows from there that even more obscure ideas and metaphysical things, like a person’s aura, can be effectively described by the color it vibrates at. All living creatures and even many inanimate, every-day, ordinary objects have their own aura which is the electromagnetic field surrounding them. While many people cannot visibly see this colorful, radiating energy, it’s always present and will be until the day we cease to exist.

Our auras can reveal a lot about us especially in regards to our individual personalities, feelings, and emotions. The color that a person’s aura is at any moment in time is a candid reflection of their life and overall mind set.

Just as how our personalities and strongest traits evolve and grow over time, so does our aura which changes steadily along with us. In a nutshell, this means the color that your aura is vibrating at right now, is in response to and a reflection of all your subconscious thoughts and desires!

At this point you’re probably wondering what color your aura happens to be. This quiz will help you find the answer to that and tell you exactly which color of the rainbow it’s vibrating at. The questions are interesting and introspective, as it looks at your preferences, attitudes, and the things you most connect with in life. Take it now and find out what color your aura is and pass it on with friends and family so they can also see what color theirs is as well. Have fun and enjoy!

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What Aura Color Will You Radiate In 2019?

Life is full of colors, they surround us and make things look more beautiful and alive. Think about it, if the world were to suddenly turn black and white, it would become so dull, bland, and blah. There’s no doubt we’d all be super bummed out about it and that’s why we should thank our lucky stars for the colors we are blessed with being able to see. At the same time, it turns out that there’s a lot more to colors than what we are able to see and each of us vibrates at our own special frequency.

It’s what makes us glow as we each radiate our own unique color. This type of colored energy can be described as an auras because it’s extremely personal to each of us, plus it can be both read or interpreted by others. It’s not only people who radiate colors, other animals and even inanimate objects give off their own vibrations and frequencies.

These colorful expressions change over time as we grow and experience different things, and oftentimes they are a direct reflection of our personal growth and development. The color you are radiating at now is likely much different than the hue you were emitting a year or two ago.

One way to examine what color you are currently vibrating at is by measuring your mental responses to certain visual cues. This quiz is comprised of a series of specialized images and questions that target your perception of the world and the things in it, as well as hone in on the color you’re radiating right here and now! Find out more by taking the quiz and see where it will take you and what it means for the year ahead. Good luck and enjoy! What color did you get? Let us know in the comments

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The Way You React To These Images Will Reveal The Current Color Of Your Aura.

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Every living thing on Earth, as well as inanimate objects and even places, give off a certain type of feeling or air which is what’s known as their aura. Auras stem from the electromagnetic fields that surround everything we are able to see. Since all objects and forms of life radiate energy at different frequencies, they each have their own unique atmosphere surrounding them.

People in particular have exceptionally strong auras. The powerful electromagnetic field radiating from deep within us creates a distinct glow that envelops us as we emit energy. Our auras are often vivid and colorful, yet nearly impossible to perceive for the untrained eye. While you may not be able to actually see them in either yourself or others, our auras are our constant companions and with us every step of the way.

Over time the color of our auras change as our energy morphs and changes as well. This is most often in response to inner turmoil, emotional changes, or personal growth and it’s a direct reflection of our personalities. It follows that whatever color your energy and aura is currently vibrating at, at this exact moment in life, is a direct manifestation of all your thoughts and desires on a deeper unconscious level.

In effect, there are a number of ways that the color of our auras may be affecting both us and the people all around us. Everything from our behaviors to how others view us is influenced by our aura in the most subtle and minor ways that you likely never even imagined or thought were possible. Think about it like this; the energy you’re constantly giving off is being received and absorbed by others and everything around you. When you feel some inexpiable sense of happiness or sorrow around a particular person, it’s their aura and energy you’re picking up on.

Which leads us to the inevitable question of what color is my aura? This simple quiz filled with beautiful images will provide the answer for you. It examines what your natural instincts and reactions to the series of pictures have to say about your overall personality, and in effect the color of your aura will then be revealed. Try it now to see what you get, have fun with it, and enjoy!

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