If Mom Makes The Shot Her Kid Gets Half Off Her Tuition. Mom Misses But Watch The Ball Closely!

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Half court shots are extremely difficult to make, even for professionals and people who have spent a fair amount of time practicing them. That’s why they are often used as hurdles to clear in order to win a big prize.

The average person would be very lucky to make such a shot, which is often made even more difficult by the fact that a large crowd of onlookers is watching very closely. The odds are so stacked against the shot taker that it almost always guarantees they’ll miss it, yet it’s inevitable that a few lucky ones somehow manage to sink the basket.

Angela Ramey was one of the lucky ones. Her and her nine year old daughter Grace won a school fundraiser after they pulled in the most money for Kids Against Hunger, a charity which helps serve local food shelters.

Their reward was the opportunity to take a half court shot that if they made would win them a free half a years worth of tuition to Grace’s school, Bethany Academy.

Both mother and daughter tried, and failed, to make the shot before Angela was given a third and final attempt at it. Footage captured the moment she lined up with the basket and let the ball fly, à la granny-style. Sadly, it appeared to have sailed through the air and came up short as the ball landed on the ground.

At that point just about everyone in the gym, even Angela, thought it was over…but it wasn’t. The ball continued on after it hit the floor and bounced straight up and over the rim into the basket! Nothing but net!

The crowd went wild and Angela did a double take before Grace and her started happily screaming in excitement. What a fantastic shot and everyone’s reaction was just as entertaining. Perhaps in this case karma played a role.

According to the local news, the school collected more than 40,000 meals in the food drive, with Grace and her mother leading the way. All their hard work, dedication, and good deeds came back around to reward them in kind.

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She Walks Over To Him On The Court With a Sign. The Sign Leaves Everyone Cheering!

On a recent afternoon students at Glenelg High School, in Maryland, gathered for an unforgettable moment. They had assembled at the school’s gymnasium and stood eagerly waiting for one particular classmate’s arrival. The student, James, has down syndrome and was about to get the surprise of a lifetime. The video starts off with James eagerly making his way towards the gym.

He is unaware of what is about to happen and as he gets closer the sounds of kids cheering can be heard. When James walks into the gym he is greeted by the sight of his classmates circling the basketball court. As he makes his way into the circle his peers break out into a chant, clapping and cheering him on. At first he looks a bit unsure as to what is happening.

However, he quickly overcomes any uncertainty and is reassured by his friends warm smiles and shouts of encouragement. James goes to the center of them all and shows off some of his sweet dancing skills, moving and shaking to their chants. While he is boogieing down a girl with long blonde hair makes her way towards him holding a sign. It reads “James, Prom?” He stops and the girl, Maisy, asks him if he will go to prom with her. When James says yes the students erupt, cheering loudly, and the pair share a sweet hug.

For everyone gathered in the gymnasium that day, this is a promposal that they will never forget. It is truly a wonderful and sweet moment they all shared and now you too can see it!

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This 2 Year Old Walks Onto The Court. His Next Move Is Priceless!

At a recent Southern Regional High School Varsity boys basketball game in New Jersey the crowd gets to their feet for the National Anthem. Simultaneously, a two year old boy walks out onto the court with his father. He is handed the microphone and confidently starts singing the Star Spangled Banner as the crowd looks on respectfully.

The boy is Trent Harris, son of Cincinnati Bengals long snapper Clark Harris and wife Jessica Harris, and this is his first performance. Where many people would be scared and nervous Trent is a natural and at ease in front of the large crowd.

He does not for even a moment hesitate and starts to sing with confidence and certainty, never missing a beat or line from the notoriously tricky anthem. Many who have sung the Anthem before have forgotten words or botched the notes. Little Trent has no problem powering through it and proves he may even have a future in show business.

All the while his proud parents look on as he sings his adorable rendition of the song. At the end he does not rush off the court but instead strides confidently over to his waiting parents, smiling and clearly thrilled with just having finished his memorable first public presentation. The end result is no doubt an unforgettable moment for all those witnessing the event.

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