At First It Seemed Like A Normal Cake But When It Begins to Spin At :06 My Jaw Dropped!

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Who doesn’t want to taste the rainbow in cake form? If you do, this awesome color changing cake video will make your day. The icing on the cake is exactly what makes it appear so magical. The contrasting colors look like they melt all across the top and sides of the tasty frosted treat in a series of neat waves.

The psychedelic effects were achieved by combining a system of clever decorative wave techniques to the icing, with the bright colors airbrushed on afterwards. Spraying on the different colored food dyes at certain angles, so that they only cover one side of the peaks and ridges, makes them appear to effortlessly change color as the cake is spun around.

The result is a seriously cool cake which can be perceived a number of different ways, all depending on where you stand!

The rainbow hued sheet of baked deliciousness was uploaded by YouTuber CharlotteSometimes who shared a short clip that shows her spinning the cake around so that you can really see how it transforms depending on the angle it’s viewed from.

In addition, she also made available an easy to follow tutorial on how you can re-create the visually stunning cake at home in your own kitchen. While it appears tricky and super hard to do, it’s really not.

The biggest hurdle to replicating the masterpiece is that it requires the right tools, like a cake decorating airbrush and an icing comb. Other than that, it seems like a really fun, interesting, and challenging baking project that anyone can take on.

This is the perfect cake to whip up for a birthday party, special occasion, or for anyone who holds a lot of love for neat, colorful, sweet things. Make sure to check it out below.

Let us know how yours turns out!

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Daddy Is Changing His Baby’s Diaper. But Seconds Later An Unexpected Hilarious Surprise!

If you are a parent then you have changed a diaper or two, or several thousand, in your life. It’s crucial to keep newborn babies clean, dry, and smelling fresh as can be. When you go to change a diaper you never know what you’re going to get.

Sometimes the changing process flies by smoothly and there are no hiccups. Other times it can be pure torture and everything, from the smell to the mess, takes forever to muscle through and clean up. When a poo explosion occurs, many a parent grins and bears it, but sometimes the sights and odors are just too overwhelming.

Which was the case when one unlucky father happened to be on diaper changing duty. He filmed the special moment of him taking care of the precious little bundle of joy and caught more on tape than what he bargained for. It appears that he had no idea about the shockingly unpleasant surprise he was about to uncover when he went to do the big change, and from his reaction it’s clear that it was beyond gross.

The cute baby ended up making quite a stink, and daddy did not have the stomach for it. He gags, coughs, and dry vomits his way through the diaper change and looks traumatized from it all. What makes the clip all the more entertaining is that the smelly babies father is one tough looking man.

He has big muscles, sports several tattoos, slicks back his hair, and yet has no stomach for poo-poo smells. His commentary is endearing as he chats with his child, alternating between gently cooing and suppressing his urge to vomit. The end of it all, and fresh air, cannot come soon enough!

While this wasn’t dad’s first diaper change experience of the stinky sort, when the smell is that overwhelming and rank, it’s impossible for a person to ever get used to. Besides being entertaining, one of the best things about this short clip is that it shows the little moments that babies and parents share which make them so special and endearing to each other.

All the ups and downs, lessons learned, and the awesome memories shared and created, make families closer and happier in the end.

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