Apparently I’ve Been Slicing Watermelon Wrong For My Entire Life! I’m So Glad I Learned THIS

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Summer is around the corner, and with it most everyone’s favorite fruit, WATERMELON.  Delicious as it is, there is a really annoying downside to the ‘BIG W’…it is messy in every way possible.  I often beg my husband not to buy whole watermelons (which he inevitably does anyway), because of how hard it is to cut and store.

Another problem with the cutting of this unwieldy fruit, is that so much seems to be wasted and uneaten, given the difficulty in cutting it.  So, when I came across the video you are about to watch below, that claimed to offer an innovative solution to all the inherent problems of slicing this large fruit, I was intrigued.

In less than two minutes, all of you watermelon lovers out there, will have a life-changing moment.  It’s the kind of solution that I would never have come up with on my own, but am grateful to have learned. His cutting technique has several steps in slicing, each one making the pieces incrementally smaller, until the grand finale.

You, your family and guests will be served holdable slices of watermelon, without slobbering all over the place, which makes this summer ritual all the more enjoyable.  An extra bonus is that this cutting technique leaves you with almost no clean-up!

Watch the video tutorial below and enjoy! 🙂

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Apparently THIS Is The Way To Cut Onions Without Crying.

Chopping onions is not a pleasant experience. In fact, it easily rates among the top most awful food prep jobs you may ever have to do in the kitchen. Lots of onions are very strong and some can be so potent they overpower you, making your eyes burn and start to water. With the combination of blurry eyes and a sharp knife your cozy night in making a simple homemade dinner can quickly turn into a kitchen nightmare…and give you a real reason to cry..

While the stinging sensation is extremely uncomfortable, it’s also completely avoidable. In the accompanying video YouTube’s Jack Scalfani of the ‘Cooking With Jack Show’ demonstrates a simple trick to cutting an onion without crying. The secret is to remove the bulb part first before you start slicing and dicing because it contains all of the gases that make our eyes burn and water. It’s important that you don’t cut into this bulb portion so do your best to remove it completely in-tact. Check the clip out to see exactly how it’s done and try it out!

To start, place the onion root-side up on the chopping board so that you’re looking right down at the scraggly roots. Take a paring knife and slowly insert it down into the root end about half an inch or so out from the center. Move it all the way around the root base in a circle and cut on a slight angle so that you end up with a cone-shaped piece. When you’re done cutting out the circle you should be able to easily remove the bulb and can discard it. At this point you can peel the dry, papery brown layers of skin off the onion and cut it up as you normally would.

This onion cutting method is effective and easy to do. Plus, it’s guaranteed to make life a little more easy and comfortable, so the next time you find yourself face to face with an onion that needs chopping, remember and try it out. You won’t shed a single tear!

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This Is The Only Way You Will Ever Cut A Mango Again. How Did I Not Know About This Earlier?

Cutting a mango can be a tricky process. They tend to be very slippery and many people cut themselves when they are peeling the skin off the fruit. To reduce the risk of injury it is best to use a serrated edged knife, being very careful that the knife doesn’t slip.

A lot of accidents are caused by simple carelessness and rushing through things, and by being mindful and extremely cautious you can prevent mishaps. To learn more on how to cut a mango check out this video where it’s done in an unusual yet simple and effective manner.

The man with the amazing mango skills is a Mexican street vendor. It looks like he must specialize in speed cutting techniques because he makes slicing and dicing a mango look effortless. First he hacks off one end of the fruit and pushes a stick up into it, then holds it in one hand with the stick pressed against his chest.

Expertly and steadily he slices off half the skin before grabbing the stick and removing the rest. Then he starts to twirl it around while making downwards cuts evenly all around the mango, spiraling until he reaches the topmost part. The result looks like a flower and resembles a pine cone in the way the pieces fold out from the middle. With the fruit on a stick and cut in this fashion it can be easily eaten and enjoyed.

Mangos are the most widely consumed fruit in the world and their popularity is steadily growing. They are so delicious and healthy for you that they are even referred to as the “king of fruits.” Each mango is packed with soluble fiber, vitamins C, A, E, B6, as well as 25 different kinds of carotenoids.

Research has shown that antioxidants in the popular fruit help to protect against colon, breast, leukemia, and prostate cancers. Their high fiber content improves digestion and lowers cholesterol while high levels of tartaric and malic acid help to alkalize the whole body. The list of mango derived health benefits is lengthy, they even improve intimacy drive and are a good remedy for heat stroke, so grab yourself one and eat it today!

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I’ve Been Cutting Cake The Wrong Way This Whole Time. How Did I Not Know This?

There is a right way and a wrong way to cut a cake.  Chances are you, and most everyone you know, have been doing it the wrong way your entire life.  This video from YouTube user Numberphile  explains and demonstrates the proper way to cut up a delicious slice of cake so that when you store the leftover pieces for later they stay moist.  No one wants to eat leftover cake that has become crusty, hardened, and dried out, so check it out!

The method was first described in a December 20th 1906 issue of Nature Magazine.  British mathematician, Sir Francis Galton, eloquently wrote in a letter to the editor “The ordinary method of cutting out a wedge is very faulty.”  He then went on to describe the ideal way to cut up a round cake based on mathematical and scientific principles.  Starting in the center of the cake, with a long knife, cut two parallel lines completely through it.

Remove the rectangular segment from the middle as that piece is for eating.  You should end up with two halves that can be pushed together.  This closes the cake into a smaller version of its former shape, thus allowing the inside edges of the cut parts to stay fresh longer.  For the second slice, cut another central cross-section at a right angle, or 90 degrees, to the original cut.

Now you should have 4 cake segments that can be pushed back together into an even smaller round cake.  All edges should be sealed in and will remain deliciously moist for much longer. The technique is not what you’d expect but when it’s all said and done it makes perfect sense.

When it comes time to store it in the refrigerator the probability of exposed edges drying out is dramatically decreased since they are sealed in.  Now the next time you are at a party where cake is being served you can impress everyone with your scientifically tested cake cutting skills!

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He Takes An Onion And Pushes A Hair Pick Into It. The Reason Is Brilliant!

In terms of food preparation, chopping up onions is probably one of the worst jobs you’ll ever have to do in the kitchen. Sometimes they’re so strong that they make your eyes water and burn, and when you get onion juice on your skin and fingers, it lingers forever and stinks. However, the worst part about it is the actual chopping part.

Onions are tricky to cut because all of the many layers fall apart and never seem to stay in place, if they did stay put it’d be a whole lot easier to slice and dice. Your cozy night in making a simple dinner can easily turn into a kitchen nightmare with a combination of blurry, watery eyes and a sharp knife slipping on stray onion pieces.

Don’t let that scenario become your reality the next time you have to chop onions, or for that matter any other type of similarly shaped fruits and vegetables. Instead, use a hair pick to streamline and simplify the entire process. In the accompanying video YouTube’s DaveHax demonstrates the trick and shows us exactly how easy cutting things can be.

The key is making sure that you use a hair pick that has stainless steel prongs. Take an onion, chop off both ends, and peel all of the dry papery layers off it. At that point you simply stick the hair pick into the onion and use it to hold the bulb steady.

Then, using the spaces between the prongs as a guide, slice through them for perfectly proportioned cuts every time. Depending on how you stick the pick into the onion, you can make picture perfect onion rings or a bunch small diced cuts in just a matter of seconds.

The pick trick works for just about any fruit or vegetable you can stick it into. DaveHax demonstrates the technique on lemons, tomatoes, and cucumbers but really the possibilities are wide open for this hack.

If you don’t already have a suitable hair pick, be sure to write it down on your grocery list so that the next time you’re at the store you remember to get one. This is something that’s affordable, simple, and guaranteed to make life a whole lot easier. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

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