Minutes After This Baby Was Born They Realized She Was The Rarest Horse In The World.

Before this miniature horse was born, she was expected to be a truly special and unique horse.  Named ITTY BITTY HOPE, by her owners Linda and Jim Woods, they and breeder Diana Gilger,  first “met” her during her mother’s ultrasounds.  As the pregnancy progressed, they came to the realization that Hope would be one of the smallest horses on earth;  her mom barely looked pregnant!

In the video you are about to watch below, you will meet adorable Itty Bitty Hope, whom it turns out actually tied the world record for the smallest horse that has ever existed.  She is being socialized, by Diana and her family, to get her ready for the truly wonderful role she will play in peoples’ lives.

You see, the Woods own a miniature horse therapy business, called “Mini Hooves of Love”.   Horse therapy, for people trying to recover from severe trauma in their lives, has been done with normal size horses for decades.  When you get a look at darling little Hope, it will be easy for you to imagine her impact on people suffering from emotional damage.  The extreme emotional pain of PTSD on soldiers, and people who have suffered unthinkable abuse, has been eased tremendously through horse therapy.  Itty Bitty Hope, should indeed bring hope back, into the lives of many suffering people.

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97% Of People Can Find The Horse In This Picture In Less Than 5 Seconds. Can You?

If you enjoy picture searches, this quick and easy one should be right up your alley! The image below has been stumping people left and right. Take the timed challenge and see if you can pass the test! The photograph of a quiet street looks like it could have been taken just about anywhere in New England.

Cars line the sidewalk in front of a historic looking stone house that sits next to a four story red brick building. Nothing about this picture jumps out at the viewer, in fact it’s quite plain and uneventful. However, somewhere in the photograph there is a horse!

Yes, a horse, as in the famous words of Mister Ed “A horse is a horse, of course, of course.” The challenge in finding the horse lies within spotting it in five seconds or less. Try it now and see if you can pass the test.

If you’re successful, congratulations, you’re among the rare few who passed! According to the quiz site playbuzz, a whopping 97% of the people who try are unable to find the horse in under 5 seconds. Were you able to find the horse in less than 5 seconds? Let us know in the comments 🙂 Good luck!

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He Scratches This Giant Horse’s Neck. Now Watch The Horses Unexpected Reaction!

No matter what type of species an animal may be, they all seem to have one thing in common; they love getting pet and scratched. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bear, elephant, human, and so on, animals always find comfort and relief in a good scratch. People even pay good money for a relaxing massage and it’s easy to see why. When someone has the magic touch, it just feels good and you don’t want it to ever end.

Which is exactly how a sweet horse named Levi felt about getting his neck scratched. Levi is a 14 year young Oldenburg gelding who resides at the Maxfield Equestrian riding center in Turlock, California. The huge horse absolutely loves having his neck scratched and rubbed.

In the video Tom Dunn can be seen giving him a pet and when Tom tries to walk away from the horse he is promptly stopped. Levi uses his long neck and teeth to gently bring Tom back in close for more pet-pets and the wonderful scratching his human hands provide.

For such a large and imposing horse, Levi is remarkably gentle and sweet, which is likely due in part to him being a gelding. He measures in at 18.1 hands high, which means his back is about 6 feet off the ground. To see just how big he is, look at where Tom comes up to him. Tom is 6’2” and the horse towers over him!!

Levi’s owner summed up the big, softhearted horse best when he said “[He] is the biggest goof of any horse I have ever known. He convinces people to pet him by making faces and ‘scooping you up,’ as we put it.” Check out how Levi gets more scratches and attention, and how big, he is in the video.

It’ll put a smile on your face and make you wish you had a horse of your own to love!

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THIS Horse Tries To Jump Over A Ditch For The First Time But What Happens Instead Is Hysterical!

Most horse jumps you see on TV and in the movies look like graceful and effortless movements, as the shimmering horse sails through the air, lands on it’s feet, and keeps up it’s pace without ever slowing down. In real life, it’s not so perfect or natural for horses to just jump over things as if they were born to do exactly that.

It takes endless amounts of training, time, patience, skill, and the right fit between horse and rider, and also trainer, to master the feat continuously. The sport requires that its human and animal participants have courage, intelligence, and physical prowess in order to be successful.

Horses with long strides, powerful leg muscle and hind quarters, excellent hooves, and substantial height make the best jumpers, It’s not all physical though, the mental aspect of jumping is just as important. Horses have to be smart on their feet, confident, and aggressive. It takes a lot of training, hard work, and trial and error before a horse truly masters the art of jumping, and all that may also be said of the rider.

In this video you can see Commando the Holsteiner learning how to jump. As he and his female rider approach a shallow ditch in the field, the horse hesitates, unsure of whether or not he wants to make the small leap. Commando was going along so nicely and then for several seconds he looks indecisive about the whole situation before he finally leaps high up in the air and over the obstacle.

He overshoots and miscalculates the height he needs to make the jump and the result is a hilarious, ill timed, yet also adorable moment that makes for a great horse clip. With a little more practice and patience, Commando will soon be jumping over things like this with no hesitation or problem at all.

It may look like the horse is doing all the work and the person is simply along for the ride, but it is actually a very athletic and challenging endeavor. Both the horse and rider need to share a common connection and be well bonded so that they trust and instinctually know, or can sense, feel, and anticipate, what the other is doing or is going to do next.

Since the horse and rider cannot see over high obstacles, which may be broad, narrow, doubled or even tripled in width, they need to trust each other to be able to swiftly and properly make it over them all. The object of horse jumping is to make it through the course without ever touching or dislodging any of the obstacles and because of this a horse must have complete faith in it’s rifer to guide them both through.

Enjoy the Video Below!

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Video: This Pony Was Named The World’s Smallest Horse But What She Does For Others Melted My Heart!

She may be tiny, standing at only 44.5 centimeters tall, but Thumbelina brings a whole lot of joy and smiles to children all across America. She is a dwarf miniature pony and weighs just 26 kilograms, which makes her about the size of an average dog. That is not the only thing she shares in common with dogs. She spends her days bringing comfort and love to children all over the map, just like a therapy dog would do, but call her a therapy horse instead!

Thumbelina was born at Goose Creek Farm, outside of St. Louis, Missouri, to owners Paul and Kay Goessling on May 1, 2001. She turned out so little that she can officially be called the world’s smallest horse. In fact, she is the shortest horse in history and has a Guinness Word Record to prove it! However, she wasn’t bred to be this tiny and was born with a genetic condition; dwarfism.

Her parents are average sized miniature horses and almost double the size of their cute little baby. She came out as what her owner describes a “fluke,” but her personality and star power are anything but that.

She is a very calm, gentle, and loving miniature pony. Because she has such a great personality, and a world record title, her handler is taking her on a 47 state tour of the USA. They visit local children’s hospitals and meet face to face with special kids, who range from 6 months to 5 years old, so many of them are even taller than Thumbelina is!

Their visits give the kids a chance to get outside and interact with her up close and personal. They are always free to touch and pet her, which for many is a new experience that brings them joy and happiness. Plus, because she is so tiny the kids feel comfortable and at ease around her.

Another similarity that she shares in common with dogs is the fact that she travels in a dog house on tour. Thumbelina was a baby when she went into the dog’s house, fell in love with it, and refused to vacate the premises until the dog was gone.

After she claimed her new digs she said goodbye to her stall in the the barn for good and now calls it home. That story just makes her all the more adorable and endearing!

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I Was Nervous When I Saw This Horse On His Back But When He Starts Farting I Can’t Stop Laughing!

This horse is not farting, it is simply blowing kisses with it’s butt!! All jokes aside, this is Archy, a rescue horse who resides in Blossom Valley at the Rocking Horse Ranch in El Cajon California. In the video he is seen rolling around on the ground in pure bliss as he breaks wind and snorts in joy. He gets up for a moment and shakes the dirt off before flopping back onto the ground. He rolls around more in the dust and expels even more gas out.

Horses are herbivores and the bacteria in their digestive system breaks down cellulose plant fibers which in turn give off gas. While it is not clear why or if he needs to roll around to fart, it surely must help him get them loose and thus feel relieved. In the video a woman makes a comment as to how uncomfortable all that trapped air must be. Probably very uncomfortable.

Archy also looks adorable doing it, and how often can you say an animal looks cute farting? Thanks to the efforts and work of the Rocking Horse Ranch, http://www.rockinghorseranch.org/ Archy now has a second lease on life. He seems to be taking full advantage of it and even has this viral video to his name.

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