This Is The Strange Reason Why You Always Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night!

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Did you ever wonder why at times you wake up in the middle of the night and feel wide awake for about an hour?  Most people get anxious, because they fear that they won’t get enough sleep even after they fall back asleep, because work or school demands a certain hour for waking.

Well, given that situation awakening like that isn’t great, but it happens for a really good reason…it is due to an evolutionary trait. Waking in the middle of the night actually happens because historically speaking, this is what you are programmed to do.

The video you are about to watch explains this phenomenon from both an historical and biological perspective.  Up until the late 17th century human beings used to have “segmented sleep”; sleeping for four hours, awakening for 1-2 hours and then returning to sleep for the last four!

This was actually do to a natural biological clock, that has through the centuries been fought against.  According to psychologist Greg Jacobs, this remnant of what is a normal part of human physiology should not be a source for panic.

Rather, if we were to go with the flow of what is a natural bi-modal rhythm of sleep we could continue to relax in the awake hour or two, before the next segment of sleep.  You will hear about how our ancestors used that hour in relaxing ways, which permits the brain to produce a hormone known as prolactin, to actually allow for relaxation to occur, which will in turn, make falling back asleep a natural occurrence.

The video below goes into some more really interesting evolutionary and historical facts about this segmented sleep; understanding of this phenomenon may help you or someone you know not panic when they have an awake period during the night.

Do you always wake up in the middle of the night?

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Video – THIS Huge Husky Wakes Up This Boy With The Most Unexpected Surprise!

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Waking up in the morning can be very difficult if you’re not a morning person. It’s not only people who have a hard time with it, lots of animals also struggle with getting out of their warm, soft, comfortable beds. If you happen to dread rising and shining in the am, then you’ll understand exactly how this boy and his dog feel.

In the short clip a mother is trying her best to encourage her young son to scoot out of bed so he can get ready for school. She cheerfully tells him that it’s time to wake up but his sleeping companion, a beautiful large Husky, is hearing none of it.

The big sleepy puppy grumpily moans and whimpers in protest, and defiantly moves to get even more comfortable by sprawling out across the boy’s body. Every time mom tries to pull back the blankets the dog quickly grabs them with his teeth and yanks them back into place. He’s definitely NOT a morning dog!

This Husky has a mind of his own and isn’t afraid to sass back at mom. It makes you wonder if this is a daily occurrence because he readily responds and doesn’t shy away in the least. All the while the kid just giggles and laughs at his silly friend’s mini tantrum.

If being absolutely adorable could get this pair out of waking up, they would definitely have succeeded!

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This Pushy Kitty Tries Waking Up His Sleepy Dog But Instead The Unexpected Happens!

There seems to be some misleading information circling around which posits the belief that cats are not all that affectionate. This false notion is absolutely absurd and nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are incredibly loving, warm, caring, and affectionate all the time towards their human companions, other animals, and each other.

If you need proof of feline affection then look no further than this video. In it a sweet gray cat can be seen snuggling up to his best friend who happens to be a big white sleeping dog. The cat and dog often share the same bed when it comes time for naps, and it looks like the kitty is trying to wake the pup up as he gently paws at his lazy pal.

However, the dog is a heavy sleeper and doesn’t stir no matter what kitty does. Finally, after being absolutely and completely adorable, the cats decides to hunker down next to his best friend and give him a little massage before passing out as well.

The kitty just cannot get enough of the dog and shows his love by trying to get as close as he possibly can to the sleeping giant. If that isn’t love then what is!?

Cats are truly full of positive energy, life, happiness, and more. They often extend these vibes and feelings towards other animals and their human counterparts. A lot of the ways and manners in which they show affection are misunderstood and not recognized by people.

In a way, the signs and behaviors that cats use to communicate their love and emotions are often lost in translation. For example, a cat holding its tail straight up with a curl at the end is showing happiness. If a cat blinks his eyes slowly at you that means he is likely comfortable, relaxed, and loves you.

There are many more signals that indicate different feline feelings, and then there are the behaviors similar to the ones on display in this video. These overt and clear moments of affection between a cat and dog can only mean one thing ~ love!

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