Emma The Cow Was So Terrified She Actually Began To Cry. That’s When She Got an Unexpected Surprise!


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Emma the dairy cow was acting nervous and rightly so. Earlier in the day she had been loaded onto a trailer and driven for miles to a destination that was wholly foreign to her, a place called the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary in Germany. The dairy farm which she’d called home her whole life had recently closed down, and before rescuers stepped in, she’d originally been headed to the slaughter house.

When Emma first started her journey she was terrified as her life was suddenly turned completely upside down. At the start of the video, as she’s being placed in the strange trailer, she can be seen crying visible tears of sadness and fear. It’s heartbreaking to witness, but thankfully not for long.

Once she arrived at the sanctuary Emma was released into an open, spacious pasture filled with green grass, rolling hills, and lots of other cows. She cautiously made her way into her new home and before long a few of the other cows came up to greet her. They all took turns sniffing and checking each other out and soon had enthusiastically surrounded her. It’s amazing and as if they were all reassuring Emma that everything was going to be just fine.

By the end of the video it looks like Emma has quickly been accepted into her new family and the group goes running off happily into the field. What started out as a terrifying ordeal ended in the best way possible. Thanks to a group of dedicated people Emma was not slaughtered but instead was brought to the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary in Germany to live. The group rescues dairy cows and retires them to a former farm where they can naturally live out the rest of their days.

Prior to her arrival at the sanctuary, Emma’s life was anything but natural. Cows are best known for producing milk and all of the associated dairy products. In order to make that milk a cow must become pregnant and give birth to a calf, whom it will nurse. However, in the dairy industry young calves are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth so that the milk can instead be collected for human consumption. This separation of mother and child is done early on in an effort to cause minimal stress to both, but it’s also done repeatedly in order to keep cows producing milk. Cows like Emma who end up at the sanctuary are retired, in that they’re no longer impregnated and therefore don’t produce any more milk.

Fortunately for Emma and all of the other rescued dairy cows, they get to stay on the farm sanctuary. Her life has changed dramatically for the better and now she’s able to live alongside other happy cows and can do all the normal, natural things that cows love do. It’s a happy ending that she, and countless others like her, deserve.

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He Calls Out To An Empty Field. But What Shows Up Seconds Later? AMAZING!

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Image via: Youtube

They say an elephant never forgets because they have incredible memories and are capable of remembering all sorts of information, experiences, feelings, loved ones, and more. That’s just one interesting elephant fact, of which there are quite a few. Did you know that they are the only land animal that’s unable to jump, or that they purr like kitty cats do in order to communicate? Their skin is over one inch thick and just as people are either left or right-handed, they prefer one tusk over the other. The list goes on but to truly appreciate how unbelievably smart and beautiful elephants truly are you have to see them in action.

In this video you can see exactly that. In it a volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand calls out to a group of elephants who reside at the park. When they hear him hollering in the distance they swiftly come running and greet him excitedly. While most people would be more than a little nervous at the sight of four huge elephants running straight at them, the man knows better and doesn’t flinch a muscle. They remember him and are his friends, so there’s nothing at all for him to be worried about!

The Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation center that allows visitors and tourists to volunteer and help with the dozens of animals that now call it home. Besides elephants, the nature park also cares for dogs, cats, buffaloes and many other animals. A lot of them come from abusive backgrounds where they were held in horrible, restrictive, and inhumane conditions. Once they are rescued and brought to the park, their lives change immensely for the better and they are free to wander among the various animals and herds.

In time, they truly come a long way from their abusive backgrounds and their spirits shine with love, happiness, and joy, just like the four elephants in the video. What a memorable and sweet encounter to witness, watch the clip to truly appreciate it!

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Nobody Showed Up To Their Son’s Birthday Party. When Mom Found Out The Reason? Disgusting!

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Image via: Youtube

Some of my happiest memories are of my birthday parties during early childhood.  The parties were great, but the anticipation of having all my friends come, planning the party games, blowing out the candles on the beautiful cake and of course the excitement of opening presents!

Gerald Hamilton, a sweet 9-year-old boy was anticipating his birthday party on April 2nd, with the same kind of excitement.  He had invited all 30 of his classmates, and 12 had responded that they could come.  The party was called for 3:00…and none of his guests arrived.  At 4:00, still no one! By 5:00 Laura Hamilton, Gerald’s dejected mom, suggested they cut the cake.  Gerald, still holding onto hope said, “But one of my friends might come”…but no one did.  Laura called  the parents of the kids who had RSVP’d they were coming, to find out why their child didn’t show up, and was told over and over, that the children did not like Gerald!

I am heartbroken just reporting this story, so you can imagine Gerald’s and his family’s sadness.  On the video you are about to watch below, you will see this sweet boy talk about his sadness, and what his greatest advocate, his grandma, did about it.

After the kid’s parents were actually so insensitive and heartless, to tell Laura that their children didn’t want to come to the party because Gerald is too different for them to play with him, his Grandma took to social media.  You see, Gerald is a bit slower than his peers, as he has had to undergo several skull expansion surgeries.

Grandma Amelia Lara reported, with tears in her eyes to Channel 2 News, that she just felt she had to do something to help her heartbroken grandson.  With hurt and determination she took to social media, and posted the following on Facebook: “How sad; he is 9, he just wants to have friends. So no one came, no cards, no presents. So, it is my mission to have as many cards as I can mailed to my little guy. You can send them to me and I’ll make sure he gets them … this breaks my heart.”

The response from around the world, as far away as Vietnam and England, was overwhelming kindness and generosity. Gifts and cards came from everywhere, wishing this sweet boy Happy Birthday, love and best wishes.  This outpouring of caring brought comfort and a big smile to Gerald’s face, whom you will see reading his cards which meant so much to him.

No child should ever have to suffer the isolation of rejection of having no friends, due to a handicap.  Clearly the sadness of Gerald’s situation can and should be remediated for the future.  But the kindness of strangers took the sting out of what happened to him on his 9th birthday.

If you want to send Gerald a small gift, or just a card or letter so that he knows that people care, you too can help lift  his spirits via the mailing address below:

Gerald Hamilton

c/o Amelia Lara

238 Main Street

Hobart, IN 46342

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Dog And Baby Show Love For Eachother. This Is Adorable!


I wasn’t a dog person when I was growing up, but have come to love them. I usually favor small dogs because they remind me of babies…and I have always been a baby lover! I had three of my own, but we didn’t get a dog until they were older. She ended up being a large dog, but nowhere near the size of the one you are about to watch in the video below.

I’m not sure if the dog is a mixed breed, but it has a head the size of his baby playmate! The baby looks to be 6-9 months old and she has absolutely no fear at all of this giant laying on the floor next to her. Clearly a parent
is filming the video, but I still held my breath as I began to watch the vigor with which the baby handled her canine friend.

It was literally incredible to watch their interaction, as this adorable baby started to play. It looked for a moment like the big guy next to her wasn’t so keen on her approach. The baby seemed non-plussed and when on to explore her furry friend. This is footage that is priceless!

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Proof That One Day Can Change Everything! This Is Amazing!


There are many people in the US, who hold down a job that they do with great dedication, and just barely make ends meet.  These people are known as “the working poor”.  Angel, the young single mother of three, whom you will hear about in this overwhelming video you are about to watch below, is just such a person.

We see her training a new sales employee named Joey.  Her diligence and kindness in how she explains the job to him, and the degree of her dedication is remarkable.  As she trains him, they both share some personal aspects of their life, that further their understanding of each other’s circumstances.

Joe tells Angel that he lost his pizza business, which landed him in hard times, that led him to taking this sales position.  Angel explains that despite her having this job which she loves, she and her children have been living in a homeless shelter for two years!

Joe listens to Angel’s plight and her unbelievable commitment to her job and to HIS company.  You see, he is actually the CEO and had decided to go UNDERCOVER in one of his big stores to see how the business was actually operating from the ground up!  He posed as a trainee and Angel was randomly picked to show him the ropes.

The more he worked alongside her, he was so touched not only by her excellent work ethic and dedication to the company, but to her positive attitude about her own situation.  She encouraged him to look on the brighter side of losing his business; better times were sure to come, with hard work and a positive attitude!

He had someone filming his “Undercover program”, with the idea of using whatever he found as a tool for other employees.  That film is what you are about to watch.  When the filming was over, he could not stop thinking about Angel and her family.

The filming continued when he decided to meet with her, as he normally looks, and explained to her that his name wasn’t really Joey.  What happens next is life-changing not just for Angel but for this CEO with a big heart.  You will be brought to tears of joy!

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QUIZ: What Era Do You Belong To?


Did you ever have the feeling that you may have lived before in another period of time? Or if you don’t believe in such things, have you ever said or had the sense that you would have thrived during a different era? I always had the sense that I had lived in Ancient Egypt and could have been a dancing girl in a Pharoah’s court!

The following quiz presents you with 10 questions that offer you a multiple choice of responses from which to choose. Try not to think too much when you choose your answer; “going with your gut” will yield the most accurate analysis of what era you are most drawn to.

You will be presented with 6 pictures and asked to: Choose an interior; What you would like to see most when traveling?; What would you choose to eat for dinner?; What hairstyle would you make? etc. These and 6 other questions or scenarios will help to pinpoint if you are drawn to some other time period.

Do you think you should have been born in Ancient Egypt? If so do you think you were a Pharaoh, Cleopatra or a slave?; Perhaps you belonged in Ancient Greece…a striking individualist who dramatically expresses your emotions and love large and hearty festivities?; Maybe your time was the Roaring 1920’s! Are you cheerful and wildly sociable, carefree and drawn to jazz? Perhaps some other period of time is most akin to your tastes. Take the quiz and let us know if the results resonate to what you have always felt.

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