A Letter Written From The Guy You Called A “Dirty Biker.” This Response Is Perfect.


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Pit Bull Meets Tiny Kitten!

This video may just be the cutest thing we have seen all week.  Molly the pit bull is introduced to an abandoned new born kitten that was just rescued.  Molly can’t contain her excitement, it looks like she is going to be an amazing big sister.  She is so gentle and loving.   This is such a precious moment.

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Parents Capture A Priceless Moment Between Their Daughter And Dog

Meet 3 year old Hadley.  In this video she is teaching her dog Gauge ‘paw’.   This video is absolutely adorable.  There is just something magical about a dog playing with a child.  This put a huge smile on my face.

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They Told Her The Dog Should Be Put To Sleep. This Woman Had Another Plan.

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If You Are Hating Your Job Today, You Should Read This

If You Thisdfnk You Hate Your Job, You Need To Read This.If You Thinksdf You Hate Your Job, You Need To Read This.If You Think You Hate Your Job, You Need To Read This.

This Man Approaches a Lioness With Newborn Cubs. Her Reaction? Stunning

Lionesses with newborn cubs are notorious for being ferocious protectors.  That is until Kevin Richardson the “lion whisperer” approaches this beautiful lioness with her newborn babies.  How he interacts with them is simply astonishing.  This is incredibleHave you ever seen anything like this?Please Share With Family and Friends