The Way They Treat This Homeless Vet Is Absolutely Terrible. This Is An Eye-Opener.

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Homelessness is one of the most tragic issues in the United States.  Many of the homeless are mentally ill and without family support or treatment, to help them cope.  Others become ill and have no medical insurance, lose their jobs and have nowhere to turn.  One of the most startling and upsetting group of homeless are vets who have served our nation, try to get employment, and end up on the streets.  Often they are suffering from PTSD and do not get the psychological support they need and deserve, from the government they have served.

There are more and more YouTube channels that are dedicated to social experiments.  Their aim is usually to either reveal the kindness or cruelty of humanity.  In the video you are about to watch below, OCK TV who has done a number of experiments looking at both the reaction to the homeless and the homeless reaction to unsuspected circumstances.

In the following footage the two older brothers have their younger brother, who appears to be 12-13 years old, pretend to be homeless.  They have him sit a few feet away from a homeless vet, with a similar sign that says he is hungry and would appreciate some change.  The reactions to the posing boy and to the homeless vet are startling.  The unbelievable cruelty and conversely generous acts you will witness in the upcoming footage will stay with you for some time, and will hopefully make you think twice when you pass the homeless.

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This Baby Has Lived His Life In Captivity. His Reaction When You See Who He’s About To Meet? WOW!


Orangutans seem to be coming up a lot lately in social media. Probably because they are unbelievably adorable, but also because they are in need of help often due to their impending extinction. Organizations in Borneo and Sumatra are working hard to care for and protect the rapidly dwindling population of orangutans in Indonesia. These rehab centers are reaching out to all over the world for support in their efforts to keep the apes alive and thriving.

The decline in the species is due completely to human activities. Deforestation due to palm oil harvesting has imposed on the health of orangutans by destroying their habitat. The apes are also hunted for profitable re-sale and the novelty of consumption. Because orangutans are very bonded to their mothers as babies, their capture is typically achieved by the murder of the protective mother, hence removing two individuals from the population at a time.

The baby orangutan in this video, named Rickina, is being nurtured by the IAR Ketapang Orangutan Rescue Center in Borneo. Rickina was confiscated from a man who claimed her mother was so startled by his presence in the rain forest that she ran away from her baby. Lies. He picked up the baby and in doing so, somehow slashed a gaping wound in her head with his machete. Sounds like an innocent accident, right? Support orangutan conservation by pledging to Orangutan Outreach via their website:

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These Guys Were Out In The Ocean When They Noticed Something Very Strange Swimming The Water!


A group sailing off the coast of Italy stumbled upon an unbelievable sight. The members of the RYCC Savoia Club were out in the Gulf of Naples when they spotted something far off in the rolling waves. It was steadily coming towards them and once it got closer they could barely believe their eyes. A small, yellow little puppy was struggling to keep its head above water as it paddled towards their boat! The group quickly jumped into action and urged the dog towards them, if they couldn’t reach the puppy it would definitely end up drowning. At this point they were at least a mile offshore and were sailing in some very cold, open water.

After several tense moments the puppy made it to the side of the boat and was immediately hauled out of the freezing water by the scruff of its neck. A woman quickly embraced the exhausted animal and set about trying to warm her up. She rubbed the puppy quickly to help restore her blood flow and soon afterwards wrapped her up in a jacket and held her close. The dog cried weakly and her legs were sluggish. She was visibly exhausted and trembling, but otherwise she looked okay. The group called for a rescue boat to come take her back to shore, where she was dried, warmed up with a hairdryer, and reunited with her owner.

Soon after the story about how the poor puppy came to be lost at sea emerged. Earlier that morning a dog named Noodle had boarded a ferry in Naples with her owner, Mario Di Meglio, who was bringing his new puppy home. They were headed to the island of Ischia, which is around 20 miles West of Naples, when suddenly Noodle slipped out of her leash and fell overboard. Mario immediately told the ferry crew and tried to get them to turn back and rescue his puppy, but they wouldn’t stop and told him that it was likely she had already drowned. However, Noodle stayed afloat and paddled for at least the next half hour before her rescuers finally spotted her and picked her up.

The ferry company apologized for the incident and have since launched an internal investigation into their crews response and what exactly happened. Mario and Noodle are back together and are eternally grateful for the quick actions undertaken by the awesome group of sailors who rescued the stricken puppy.

It’s wonderful to know that there’s a happy ending to this unbelievable story that could have so easily ended tragically. It makes me want to hold my pets a little closer tonight and be thankful they are all well and safe.

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These Soldiers Had Their Pictures Taken Before, During, And After War. Their Transformations Are Drastic.


Image via: Shutterstock

The ravages of war can be seen everywhere, both while it’s raging and long after the conflict has passed. The destruction and harm that’s inflicted on property, buildings, the landscape, families, people’s lives, and so much more ends up devastating and destroying vast areas and cities. It’s a fact that the effects of war change people, how could it not? Bearing witness to shocking acts of brutality and seeing pain and suffering being inflicted, day after day until you’re numb to it, would profoundly impact a person.

That’s part of why a significant amount of our nations Veterans end up suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other types of traumatic brain injuries. The long term mental, emotional, and spiritual repercussions of war are hard to describe and even harder to ascertain or begin to fully understand. Perhaps that is why these photographs of soldiers taken before, during, and after tours of duty in Afghanistan are so powerful. The men’s faces stare back starkly at the viewer and convey so much feeling and emotion, yet at the same time there is something missing and haunting about all of them. The physical changes across the board are surprising and revealing all at once. The men turn from normal and carefree looking to stressed, gaunt, hardened soldiers. However, it’s the eyes that show the most emotion and pain, and they reveal the true costs that war has on people.

The pictures were captured by British photojournalist Lalage Snow while she was based in Afghanistan back in 2010. She was on assignment and had followed the lives and experiences of a group of soldiers from the 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. Snow spent a period of seven months documenting the soldiers who had been deployed to Afghanistan on a mission to help train the new Afghan Army. The first picture she took of each man was done before they were sent abroad and while they were still in the UK. The second photo was taken after the men had spent 3 months in Afghanistan on the battlefield, and the third final photograph was taken just three days after they had returned home. The series of portraits, along with interviews of the men, comprise Snow’s “We Are The Not Dead” Project. Her goal for the work was to not only honor the soldier’s bravery, but to also shed light on the mental and emotional wounds that war leaves behind on those who serve their countries. Not every injury is physical and more needs to be done all around to help veterans returning from combat.

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What Does Your Finger Shape Reveal About You?


There are many ways in which an individual’s personality has been linked to various personal physical attributes. However, there is one body part that stands out above all the rest, and that is our hands. For example, we often compare and contrast left handed people with individuals who are right hand dominant. Alternatively, in palmistry the lines on the palms of our hands are closely examined, which can indicate our character traits, personality, and destiny in life. Our hands seem to hold the most information about our lives and they reveal subtle clues in regards to the way we act, make choices, and behave in general.

Another way in which we can analyze our personalities is by looking at the shape of our fingers. You can do this yourself by simply analyzing your fingers and comparing them against the illustration to see if A, B, or C matches up the best with them. Once you choose the closest match it will reveal certain personality aspects that are commonly associated with your finger shape.

The type A finger shape is relatively straight, which corresponds with the following:

– You hide your feelings and don’t like to show outward emotion, yet you’re emotional on the inside – Instead, you pretend to be cool, calm, and collected at all times and like to portray yourself as independent and strong, even if you are not. – You dislike lies and deception, and prefer the truth and fairness.

– You like to laugh, even when nothing is funny, are eccentric, arrogant, helpful, and kind hearted.

– When you first meet someone new you are distant and cold, but once you get to know someone you’re very open and warm.

Type B people have slightly crooked, irregular shaped fingers, which corresponds to:

– You are passive when meeting new people and leave it up to them to make the initial approach.

– You’re a daydreamer with an active imagination, and when you feel hurt you act like you’re okay

– Once you make up your mind to do something you almost always follow through and complete it

– Even though you are the sensitive type, you don’t appear to be so, because you often play off your sensitive side by pretending to not know things in an attempt to protect someone’s feelings.

If you have a type C finger shape, that bulges slightly in the mid section, it corresponds with:

– You have a strong distaste for challenges and don’t deal well with unfamiliar things

– When it comes to other people’s opinions you are respectful and you don’t like to play pretend

– You know what you like and don’t like, can be overbearing at times, are easily touched, and keep your feelings and emotions to yourself.

– You hate being in a fight and rarely stay mad at someone. Instead you forgive easily when someone apologizes, but have to watch yourself because you have a sensitive heart and can be easily hurt.

Check out the short video for more personality information on each of the three types and see if what they reveal about personality traits matches up to yours. This is a fun, easy, and different way to take a moment to yourself in which you can reflect upon, and dig a little deeper into, what makes you who you are! As always, have fun and enjoy!

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They Rescued An Orphaned Koala And Brought Her Home. What This Baby Does? Will Melt Your Heart


Get ready to watch the most darling baby Koala imaginable. This home video will melt your heart as you watch Matt and Kylie hand rearing baby Imogen. The story behind this touching little family is well worth telling.

The Symbio Wildlife Park, in Sydney, Australia, had two Koala Joeys named Imogen and Harry. Harry was 6 months old when his mother tragically died of Leukemia. At 8 months of age, Imogen had already received the vital pap from her mother Kelly. Thus, she was the stronger of the two. As Harry was orphaned at such a young age, he had not yet received the vital pap. After a consultation about the situation with industry professionals, it was decided that the optimal way to insure the survival of both these newborns, required a complex solution.

Survival alone wasn’t enough of a determinant for the decision they had to make; a happy and healthy future life was key. They determined that Harry needed a cross surrogate, which could be provided by Imogen’s mom Kelly. It was felt that Imogen, being older and stronger, would do well by continuing to get nurturance through hand rearing from humans. Harry was placed in Kelly’s pouch.

Matt and Kylie became the proud parents of baby Imogen. The images of her rearing, show how well this decision turned out. Like most baby girls she kept them awake through the night, snuggling and climbing on them, and generally getting into mischief. Matt and Kylie were so in love with Imogen, that she truly became like a daughter to them.

It was probably tough for them to begin to separate from their little angel, 3 months later. The transition was a gradual one for both Joeys. As they grew fit and healthy, both Imogen and Harry were encouraged to become independent. Little by little they began to explore the koala sanctuary, exploring the branches as they matured. Get ready to have your heart melted by this really beautiful video.

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