These Guys Found a ‘Puppy Covered in Mud.’ But Once He’s Cleaned They Realize He’s Not a Puppy.

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When workers arrived early one morning at a construction site near London’s Canary Wharf they were met with a strange sight. Down in a muddy hole they had spotted something moving around and upon first glance they assumed it was a little puppy who had somehow fallen in and become trapped in the deep ditch.

The animal looked to be in pretty bad condition. It was covered in a thick layer of crusted on mud and pieces of plastic had become stuck and matted in its fur. The poor puppy was exhausted from trying to climb its way out of the hole and was at risk of hypothermia and suffocation. He was facing certain death if the workers didn’t step in and rescue him quickly.

Thankfully they set straight to work freeing the trapped animal and once he was brought up from the muddy hole they rushed him to the nearby South Essex Wildlife Hospital. The staff who took in the filth covered little pup immediately put him in a nice warm bath and gently scrubbed all of the dirt and grime off his coat.

As the caked on mud slowly dissolved and came off they soon realized that this was no ordinary puppy. It turned out that their new patient, who they nicknamed “Muddsey,” was actually a young red fox! After warming him up and drying him off they examined him further and other than being tired and dehydrated, the fox was in pretty good condition. Wanting to give him the best chance at living a long, healthy life, they kept him long enough to ensure he re-gained all his strength back before releasing him back into the wild where he belonged.

If the construction workers who had spotted him had not immediately stepped in the poor little fella would have likely been a goner because he was well and truly stuck at the bottom of that hole and was not going anywhere fast. In the end, little Muddsey got a second chance at life and hopefully he’s living it to the fullest somewhere out there in England. Check out the video to see his incredible transformation from unrecognizable to beautiful, strong, and healthy once again.

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Quiz: Can We Guess Your Name? Find Out Below

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William Shakespeare once wrote “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” in his most famous work of all, Romeo and Juliet. What he was actually trying to say is that names are of little significance in that they do not affect what things really are. Rather, names are simply labels that help us set things or people apart and the ones we give things or call ourselves don’t define us.

Even so, many people are extremely attached to their name and believe that, in some sense of it all, it does define them. Then there are those who hate their name and go to great lengths to change it. However you may feel about your own name is irrelevant for purposes of this quiz, which aims to guess what it is! If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking those “can we guess your ______” quizzes, then you need to try this one out. Even if it guesses the wrong name, you may end up gaining some insight into your life!

When it comes down to it, there is an art to guesses like the one that this quiz features. Both very broad and very specific, targeted types of questions are needed to help uncover certain information about you. Each question narrows down the massive range of possibilities and works towards pinpointing the closest, best result possible. Whatever name that it generates for you will be based off of all your responses so answer truthfully and pick the best possible answer choice.

It’s a short quiz with only eight questions and so it won’t take more than a minute or two to complete. Take it now to find out what name you end up with and to see if it actually guesses what your real name is. Have fun and enjoy!

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Meet The True Life Rapunzel Family. Have You Ever Seen A Family With Hair This Long?

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Many people dream of having super long hair that cascades down their back and spend years of their life trying to grow it out. Who wouldn’t want gorgeous lengthy locks, when you think of long hair you likely imagine a scene filled with beauty, youth, freedom, and romance. As beautiful as it can be, long tresses are high maintenance and require a whole lot of patience, time, and consistent dedication to achieve.

The majority of people either just give up growing their hair out or they suddenly decide to do something drastic and chop it all off. These days you really don’t even need to grow your hair out in order to have super long hair because wigs and extensions will give you the same look. They are a faster alternative, but they’ll set you back a pretty penny and simply can’t compare to the real thing.

Even in light of all the advanced options available, some people want to grow their hair as long as they possibly can and refuse to cut it even an inch! For them, having extremely long locks is a lifestyle and they will gladly make sacrifices to keep their hair healthy and growing. Take for example Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell. She is known as a real life Rapunzel because she has an unbelievable head of hair that measures an astounding seventy-four inches long!

Tere is from Illinois and has 5 kids with her husband Chip, three of which are her daughters and they all have super, ultra long hair just like their mom. Between all four females they have a combined total length of more than 13 feet of hair. That’s crazy and their hair even wins competitions! Over the past decade alone Tere has won a number of awards, including regularly finishing first for the longest pony tail.

As with most things, the long hair lifestyle does have its inevitable disadvantages, especially when it comes to care and maintenance. According to Tere, each time one of her daughters shower they use up to a quarter of a bottle of conditioner. Now that her own hair is so long, she can’t even wash it in the shower standing up because all the water causes it to become unbearably heavy. In fact, the last time she tried to take a normal shower she fell over from the weight of it and so now she kneels down when she washes it.

As you can see in this video, when Tere and her daughters did finally step out to go to the hair salon it wasn’t for what you might be thinking, a haircut. They went for a day of pampering, treatments, and relaxation. While at the salon the stylist commented about how remarkable it was that their hair was in such great condition, for being so long and having never been cut before. Check out the clip for more and to see just how long all their hair is. Would you ever try to grow your hair that long!?

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She Starts Calling Man Fat While He’s On Line At McDonald’s. She Proceeds To Get Some Instant Karma.

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Fat shaming is as disgraceful and cruel as it sounds. It’s when overweight people are harassed and criticized about their eating habits or weight by others who are trying to make them feel ashamed of themselves. Basically, it’s bullying someone because you think they are fat, and it’s wrong.

Many people who fat shame think that they are doing the obese a favor and that their criticism will somehow motivate people to lose weight, eat less, and get healthier. Others are just cruel, mean trolls who say rude things because they can. Regardless of the type or intention, people who fat shame are bullies and they are causing overweight people to not only feel horrible about themselves, but to suffer psychological harm as well. Just imagine how you would feel if you were on the receiving end of a public dress down like the poor guy in this video.

The clip starts off with a group of women standing in line at McDonald’s. They had started making rude comments about how they thought fat people shouldn’t be in there when they turned to the larger man next to them. The women started harassing the poor customer, saying things like “Leave now, do yourself a favor” and “You should stop eating!” They continued to verbally attack the poor guy until finally another man steps in to his defense. He asks the group of rude women “what are you doing?” but they just drone on spouting off offensive and hurtful things.

Rather than stand there and take it any longer, the second man decided to cool things down a bit by pouring a cup of water over the head of one of the aggressive women! As he dumped it on her he basically told her that it was an instant dose of karma being delivered for her “disrespect,” and the crowd went wild! Fellow customers looking on laughed, gasped, and cheered in delight. They’d had enough of all the belittling, fat shaming, and blatant rudeness being displayed by the women. After all, they went to McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat and probably just wanted to order their tasty food and be on their way.

After this video came out, the reaction online was immediately split as to whether it was real or fake. It seemed somewhat staged but no one could tell or know for certain if it was. As it turns out, the video was a set-up, made by a prank YouTube station called Trollstation. And while the video may seem cruel and unusual, it’s brought some much needed light and attention to a situation that for many people is all too real.

In the end, there’s just no need for any extra and unnecessary hate in the world. If someone has nothing nice to say, then they should keep their mouths shut, plain and simple. Life is too short to be miserable, live it for you and only you, not some random judgmental jerks on the internet or the streets.

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If You Notice a Scarf Tied To a Tree or a Pole This Winter, Here’s What It Means.

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What began as a way for one woman to give back and help others has turned into a nationwide movement of sorts. People everywhere are digging out their old winter scarves, or knitting up new ones, to tie around trees in parks and other well-traveled areas. The purpose is to make a warm scarf readily available to the homeless or anyone else who may need it.

As temperatures drop and freezing cold weather sets it, these scarves can make a huge difference in someones life. It’s vital to keep your head and ears covered and warm because when it’s not covered you end up losing a lot of body heat. For someone living outside in cold wet conditions, having a scarf to insulate their head and neck against the winter chill could mean the difference between life and death. Plus, there are the obvious comfort factors and having a cozy scarf to wrap yourself up in is always a nice feeling!

Some people are also choosing to include thoughtful messages along with the scarves. Others are more reassuring, such as one tagged with a simple note reading “I’m not lost! Please take me with you if you are cold. Stay warm!”

So how did this awesome idea begin? For Elizabeth Sammons it all started when a post on Facebook featuring the scarves caught her eye. With the help of a co-worker she placed five scarves on trees around the town of Fairbault, Minnesota and soon afterwards a woman contacted her about them. She wanted to bring the project to St. Paul and Elizabeth helped her do just that.

For Elizabeth, the scarves are a way for her to give back and help others who may need it. She knows the feeling of needing something and not being able to get it because she had a heart defect and in June of 2015 she was finally able to receive a heart transplant. After that, she spent her spare time crocheting as many scarves as she could. Then she gave them all away to the homeless or anyone in need of a warm winter scarf.

By the time Elizabeth and her team of volunteers arrived in St. Paul, they were armed with over 1,000 scarves. Some they handed out directly to those in need and the rest they wrapped around trees at over 20 local area parks. That way, the warm knit wear is out there for anyone who needs it.

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Neglected Circus Tiger Was Put In a Tiny Rusty Cage For 12 Years. Now Watch When He’s Freed.

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A tiny rusty old cage is no place for any wild animal to live, let alone a full grown tiger. Sadly, that’s exactly where a beautiful tiger named Hoover was forced to live his life as part of a traveling circus in Peru.

While the details of Hoover’s early life remain mostly unknown, it’s believed that he was originally part of a group of 6-12 tigers that the circus used in their shows. By the time his rescuers got to him, he was the last remaining one. Over the past twelve years of his life he had been mistreated, abused, and forced to perform tricks. When he wasn’t being openly exploited he was kept locked up in a cramped cage day in and day out, always on the move. He needed help fast or he would die.

Life was anything but natural and comfortable for Hoover. His captors brought him from one town to the next where he was allowed out only for shows. His cage was completely inadequate for such a large, majestic tiger and barely allowed him any room to move around. He spent the days pacing back and forth in the hot, dusty, stale air with nothing to stimulate his mind or play with. All he had was a dusty floor to lay on that was surrounded by metal bars and dirt. There was no real shelter overhead to protect him from the elements and the neglectful state he was held in was horrendous.

The circus that Hoover was found with had been on the run for eight months before authorities caught up with them. For years a number of travelling circuses had operated in Peru using wild animals in their shows. The country recently changed the law and passed a circus animal ban in response to widespread cruelty, abuse, and sub-par conditions in which most circus animals were kept. The ban made it illegal to keep or use animals in circus shows and authorities have been working alongside animal advocacy non-profits, like Animal Defenders International (ADI), to strictly enforce it. Thanks to a tip from the public they’d received, ADI was able to stage a surprise raid on the circus and recover Hoover.

They immediatley took him to their resuce center in Peru and threw open the cage door to let him out and taste freedom for the first time. This video captures the moment he was finally released from his life of abuse and neglect. For the first time in perhaps all of his 12 years he was able to fully stretch out and do the one action that all cats seem to love! After his stretch he cautiously headed through the door and out into the temporary holding pen, where he stepped onto soft green grass. The grass on the bottom of his paws must have felt so strange and yet wonderful.

The veterinarians at ADI checked him out and found he was sick and emaciated. After months of rehab the big tiger was restored back to full health and once he was given the all clear, he was ready to head to his new forever home at Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida. Getting a full grown tiger from Peru to America is no small operation. It took a full year before the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finally gave its approval and only then did Hoover’s road trip begin. The journey involved multiple trucks and transfers before he was secured into a cargo plane for the final leg of his trip. Vets and caretakers monitored his health closely to ensure he was safe and comfortable every step of the way.

When he finally touched down and arrived at the BCR facility he was released into his new enclosure to check it all out. His new habitat is worlds away from the cramped barren cage he was held in, it’s filled with an abundance of plants, trees, grasses, and other greenery. There’s also platforms to rest on in the sunshine and a lake to swim and cool off in on the premises. Check out the clip to see Hoover exploring his new digs, drinking from the lake, walking among the trees, and sniffing at the ground. From the looks of it, he loves the water and couldn’t be happier!

Hoover will live out the rest of his life at BCR where he’s free to wander about his new habitat completely unchained. He no longer faces a life full of uncertainty and constant travel, there are no more people gawking at him, or trainers abusing him. Instead, he finally has the chance to spend his final years among other tigers, in the wild where he’s protected and able to move about on his own, and that is beautiful.

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