Little Boy Picks Out an Ariel Doll At The Toy Store. His Father’s Response Is Now Going Viral.


Children grow very quickly and their evolution encompasses all that they are. A child’s body and mind change so rapidly that, as a witness to their process, an adult can only accept, adapt, and encourage the development. To do anything contrary would be to limit the child from experiencing his or her own self. When a child is fully supported, their small seeds of livelihood are able to take root and sprout into the beauty that they are. Their purity is maintained and harvested, paving the way for a bright future.

Part of the adult role in a child’s life is to guide them toward proper behavior and away from destructive tendencies. As long as this is done in a gentle, loving way, and the child is given full explanation of specific circumstances, the little one is happy to oblige and adopts the learned morals as their own. They begin to understand how to apply their strengthening values to events of their own life and the result is a well balanced, thoughtful individual.

But, just because a child is well behaved, does not mean that they are not repressed. If a child is not given the freedom to voice their own opinions and desires, the consequence is an unmeasurable backlash of anger and resentment which can manifest in a multitude of ways, over an infinite amount of time. The father in this video acknowledged the importance of personality privileges for a growing child. He energetically advocated free choice for his sons so that they could openly be whoever they wish to be. The relationship is heartwarming and inspirational for all of humankind!

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Disabled Homeless Man Falls To The Ground and No One Helps. But Then? I Can’t Hold Back The Tears

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A social experiment in New York City displays the tendencies of the general public regarding giving assistance to strangers based on their appearance. A black suited man, staged with crutches, walks the streets and periodically falls to find out if passers by will help him back up. Without hesitation, there is consistently someone, if not several people, who stop their trajectory to aid the injured and fallen businessman to his feet. They respectfully call him sir as they lend their hand and ask if he is alright.

A different observation is made with a man who is dressed in dirty, tattered clothing. The seemingly homeless fellow hobbles along the street on crutches, tripping many times to take hard blows onto the sidewalk. Surrounding witnesses gape at the man in dismay, but do nothing in the way of offering help. Some people just stare and slowly walk away, while others are oblivious to the struggle and avoid the obstacle in front of them by walking around. No one even asks the man if he is okay.

There is one person who immediately responds to the wounded hobo and it is another homeless person sitting against a building on the sidewalk. With obvious sympathy and concern, the man leaves his collection cup unattended to make sure the distressed vagabond is not in need of serious attention. The consoler guides the consoled to standing and helps him gather his belongings before he continues on his way. The story ends with a perfect quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

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Couple Is Aged 70 Years In This Miraculous Make-Up Transformation Video

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What started as an interesting experiment turned out to be an incredibly moving and emotional experience for this young couple, engaged to be married in a month. Through the magic of professional make up artists, this couple received a rare opportunity to glimpse into the future. At less than thirty years of age, each of these two were able to see what the other might look like in their fifties, seventies and nineties.

I wonder if these two were nervous before they embarked on this journey? I know I was when I first started watching. What if they didn’t like what the other might one day look like? What if they hadn’t thought it all the way through, or when they had thought about it, they underestimated the changes that would take place? Far from increasing my trepidation, the results made me more confident in my own relationship and ability to see the beauty in my loved ones even as time changes things in ways we cannot control.

Their touching words in response to each other’s changing appearance left everyone watching with wet cheeks. Instead of being appalled by the physical side effects of the aging process, the experience brought them even closer. Each gray hair, every spot and wrinkle told a story. What deep experiences are written into the superficial changes that form each face? What memories have been created, what joys and sorrows have brought them closer together and strengthened their bond of love beyond what any superficial change could possibly restrain? By the end of the experiment, they were more in love than ever, and even more ready to get married and start creating the memories that would form their shared life.

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This Store Owner Gets A Huge Cupcake Surprise! She Completely Loses It!

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Owning and running a small independent business can be incredibly rewarding, but owner’s face a tough uphill battle to survive and prosper once they open up shop and throw open the doors. There is a common misconception floating around that posits 9 out of 10 business fail. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that number is wrong and instead data shows about 50% of new establishments survive five years or more. Oftentimes owner’s must initially overcome a steep learning curve and, on top of that, unforeseen problems and issues that arise can quickly snowball out of control.

One woman knows these hurdles all too well. Sharon Carter owns and runs Mrs. C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, Australia. In the past year she has experienced a series of setbacks and bad luck. She fell behind on her lease because of unexpected medical costs for treatment of her youngest son’s unknown degenerative disease. That in itself is extremely stressful, worrisome, and costly, but Sharon has also been battling ovarian cancer herself. As if things couldn’t get any worse, they did, she lost her brother when ha passed away. Sharon’s situation was bleak and yet through it all she kept her business up and running and did her best to make ends meet.

When Jackie O, a radio DJ at KIIs 1065, was told about Sharon’s bad luck she decided to get involved and help her out. She went to Mrs. C’s Cupcakes and bought a box of the sugary treats, then returned 10 minutes later to complain about them. She told Sharon they were stale and tasted off, to which Sharon apologized and sweetly offered to do whatever she could to make her customer happy. That’s when Jackie O insisted that she try one herself to see how they tasted. Sharon opened the bakery box and instead of looking at a dozen cupcakes, she was staring down at $10,000 cash! Her face immediately lit up with surprise, which turned to happiness and tears of joy, when Jackie O explained that the money was to help her out and that a lot of people were rooting for her.

Now Sharon will hopefully have more time to spend with her family and can catch up on her lease. Plus, the publicity of her story can only lead to a boost in business, which can set her up for long-term success and growth. Her reaction, smile, and genuine appreciation make this story all the more heartwarming, and we wish her the best of luck.

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VIDEO: He Stops His Car On The Road When He Sees This Lost Goose. What Happens Next? INCREDIBLE!


Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind after watching this amazing video depicting the unbelievable kindness of a man who comes upon a wild goose seemingly lost on a country road near Alberta, Canada. He was driving along in his pickup truck when he noticed the goose wandering along without direction.

Wild geese can be very aggressive towards other animals and humans, but that didn’t stop this caring man from stopping to get out of his truck and speak gently to the lost goose. He spoke in such a soothing and encouraging tone, that the goose never let out one squawk. He seemed to sense the man’s compassion and trusted him on such a gut level, that what happened next was awe-inspiring.

The man got back into his truck and the goose began following on foot and then took flight following the truck. After going a ways, the driver got out and spoke to the goose again telling him he would lead him back to his buddies at the nearby Shining Bank Lake. Getting back in his truck again, the goose takes flight, continuing to follow this amazingly kind man.

This was no wild goose chase! Rather, it was a beautiful example of trust between a human and a wild animal, that not only saved the goose from being run over, but led him back to the safety of his natural environment.

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He Wrote A Suicide Note and Left His Room. When He Returns? He’s Shocked When His Dog Does THIS

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Animals are incredibly in tune and aware of everything around them, so when something seems off or strange, they tend to notice it right away. Our pets are very emotionally connected to us, when they see their human companions upset or crying, they often approach the person gently and offer them lots of licks, sweet puppy eyes, and tender reassurance. Most often it is man’s best friend, dogs, who react as if they know the person needs some extra love and affection. In a way, it’s as if dogs have a 6th sense for these types of situations. They just feel and intuitively know what to do when humans are deeply upset and sad.

Twenty-three year old Byron Taylor knows this all too well. He says that his six year old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff, Geo, saved his life. The normally gentle, peaceful, loving dog saw something was amiss with his owner and took action when Taylor was about to attempt suicide. He had gone so far as to fashion a noose out of rope and left it for a moment to write a suicide note to his family. When he returned a few minutes later Geo had grabbed the rope with his strong jaws and wouldn’t let go of it. Even when Taylor tried to wrestle it back, Geo held on tight and even snarled and growled uncharacteristically at him. Eventually the dog tore the rope to shreds, Taylor says “He chewed up the noose…In a way, I think Geo knew what I was going to do.” It certainly seems as if his faithful companion truly did know what was going through Taylor’s mind and he stepped in at the right time to put a stop to it. Geo gave him a clear reminder of exactly what he had to live for, and in his darkest hour Geo showed him that he cared and was not about to let his best friend go out like that.

That was a few years ago, and now Taylor is at a better place in his life. However, Geo has only days to live. His veterinarian found an aggressive tumor on his head which turned out to be cancerous. It has since been rapidly spreading to other parts of his body and sadly his condition is incurable. Taylor wishes that he could return the favor and save Geo’s life, but he can only continue to stay by his loyal companion’s side and give him the most love he can until he passes. For now, he plays with the happy dog and cherishes every precious moment he has left. Geo will always be in his heart, forever remembered as the dog who saved his life.

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