They Laughed At Her and Called Her Fat At The Gym. Her Response? Epic

Meet Loey Lane a positive role model for people everywhere.  She blogs about having a positive body image and feeling good about yourself no matter what your size.  This video is in response to everyone who called her big, unhealthy, and fat.  She is so inspirational! :)

She wrote this to go along with the video:

This is my body. This is the body of someone who has struggled with an eating disorder. This body is misunderstood. When people see it they assume I sit on the couch and eat McDonald’s all day, when in reality I’ve never even seen a Big Mac in person. They tell me it’s wrong. “It’s not okay to be fat,” they’ll say. “You need to be healthy. Lose some weight.” But then when they see me at the gym, they whisper and giggle just loudly enough for me to hear. I’m a joke, something to be put in a hole until I’m pretty by the standards of society.
But before you tell me what’s wrong with this body, let me tell you what’s right. This body can run for miles and not give out on me. This body is strong. This body has curves. It has muscle and it has cellulite. This body is fueled with healthy foods, but doesn’t fail if I feed it improperly from time to time. This is the body of a size 14, the average size of the American woman. And it should be represented the way it is: beautiful. This is the only body I will have for the rest of my life. It shows my struggles and it shows my progress. Why shouldn’t I be proud of it? Why shouldn’t it be celebrated? Why shouldn’t the path to health be every bit as beautiful as the finished result? I am thankful for what this body has done for me. I am thankful for the healthy path I have taken, both mentally and physically. I am proud of what I’ve overcome.
This is my body.

Mom Went To Her Daughter’s Facebook Page. What She Saw Broke Her Heart.

Liz Marks was driving when she received a text from her mom.   Liz looked down to grab her phone, and before she could even react her life would never be the same.   She is now using her story to help prevent the same thing from happening to others. Both Liz and her mother speak publicly about this tragic story.  Hopefully after people see this they will wait to check their phone.

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They Handed This Homeless Man A Pizza. What He Did With It? I’m Speechless

These guys wanted to test out if random people would share their food with them.  In the beginning, people reacted in a way you would think they would.  Then they met a man who would restore my faith in humanity.  Their are still good people on this planet!

What do you think of this Social Experiment?

Are the results what you expected?

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She Thought She Screwed Up The Whole Dance Routine. The Result? A Magical Surprise

Meet Chicago Bulls cheerleader, Ariana.  It was just another day at work until something unexpected occurred.  During the third quarter of the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat game, Ariana got confused during one of the dances.  The whole routine seemed to change without her prior knowledge.  In reality it was all part of a master plan, created by her boyfriend.  Watch Ariana experience the most memorable moment of her life.

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She Smiles and Starts To Ring Him Up At The Check Out Line. His Response? Almost Brings Her To Tears.

Daniel Fernandez frequently visits this convenience store, where Debi works.  Daniel realized that she is one of the most positive and kind person he has ever met.  Daniel felt so inspired by her attitude and good will that he decided to pay it forward with a good deed of his own.  He gives her 500 dollars and it almost brings her to tears.  This is such a wonderful moment.

Do you have anyone like Debi in your life?  Would you ever do anything like this for them?

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They Yelled At Her For Giving Jackets To The Homeless. Her Response? Perfect

She wanted to help those who were less fortunate feel a little more comfortable.  But what happened instead, is that she changed many people’s lives for the better.  Instead of just a short term fix, she figured out a way to have a lasting effect on the people she helps.  She is an inspiration to us all!

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