When Their Favorite Teacher’s Hearse Pulls Up These Students Give Mr. Tamatea The Perfect Tribute


Amazing teachers who work hard to truly affect and change the lives of their pupils are hard to come by. Dawson Tamatea was one of the few who impacted his students and achieved such results. He worked at Palmerston North Boy’s High School in New Zealand as a math and physical education teacher. Mr. Tamatea’s career began back in 1986 when he first started at the school and continued all the way up to the present until he recently passed away.

Upon his passing, the all boys school was closed for half a day so that the staff and students could be present at his funeral. Hundreds of people including many alumni gathered at the cemetery to honor and remember their beloved teacher. When the hearse arrived the boys stood ready to perform a haka as a final farewell to Mr. Tamatea.

Their tribute was the traditional ancestral war cry of the Maori people who live in New Zealand. It is known as a haka which is an ancient ritual that involves energetic movements, stomping feet, and clapping hands, all in rhythm to the shouts of the war cry. The sight and sound of all the boys performing the haka for their teacher is powerful, loud, and moving. The emotional scene is clear proof that Mr. Tamatea was a legendary mentor, friend, and teacher in the eyes of everyone gathered there to bid him one final farewell that day.

The school originally posted the video on their YouTube channel PNBHS, and wrote “We are extremely proud of our boy’s performance and we know that Mr. Tamatea would be too.” After viewing their haka tribute, one can only agree with the school’s statement, those boys should be nothing but proud of their moving and traditional final presentation.

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This Man Has An Extraordinary Reunion With The Gorilla He Saved and Raised For 5 Years!


The Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive gorillas back into the wild over the past 10 years. The gorillas are brought to the foundation’s million acre reserves in West Africa from England’s Howletts Wild Animal Park. There they are set free back into the wild jungles so they have a chance to live their lives as nature intended.

Kwibi, a lowland gorilla, had been brought up at the park by a conservationist named Damian Aspinall. After 5 years in England the gorilla was brought to the West African country of Gabon where he could live the rest of his life in the wild. Since Kwibi’s release five years ago he had only come into contact with several humans, and each time he acted aggressive towards them. With that in mind, Damian set out with his brother, determined to find his old friend.

They traveled up and down a river that cut through the jungle for a few hours, calling out for him along the way. When they rounded a river bend, Kwibi appeared at the edge of the river, full grown and healthy as ever. Damian’s crew were prepared for the worst and had food ready to throw if anything went bad. But they wouldn’t need to use it because as soon as Damian approached him, Kwibi let out a deep rumbling gurgle that signified his love for his old friend.

The two sat close together, looking deep into each others eyes, silently sharing a moment and appreciating all that they’d experienced together. Kwibi pulled Damian in for a hug and after that his girlfriend and family started to come forth, feeling safe enough to meet the strange new man. There was much love and affection shown between them and Kwibi held his old friend close in his arms, not wanting to let go. Once Damian managed to get back into the boat so the crew could leave for camp, Kwibi followed them the whole way back, and set up his own camp on the opposite side of the river. All night long he called out for his old friend. Early the next morning Damian went for a swim in the river and Kwibi immediately appeared on the bank. The love between the two is beyond words or belief. They truly shared an unbreakable bond and will hold each other in their hearts forever.

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Six Strangers Sit At a Table In The Dark. But When The Lights Come On? They Are Shocked

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Labels are for cans and jars, not people. That is the message in a nutshell that Coca-Cola is trying to convey with a new ad campaign seen in this link. It was uploaded to the YouTube channel Coca-Cola Middle East on July 4th and it’s already being welcomed as a creative, eye opening way to expand people’s minds and get them thinking about prejudice. The video says that it takes just seven seconds to judge a person and form a prejudice towards them based off how they look and their appearance. We are all guilty of doing this and if your thinking ‘not me’ then think again.

The popular beverage company invited six complete strangers to an Iftar in the dark during this month of Ramadan. An iftar is the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan. The six men sat at a round table and each took a turn to briefly describe themselves. They all spoke of their interests, hobbies, and passions in life. After each person said their part the others would make remarks about what they thought of the speaker, who he probably was, and what he looked like. Then the lights were turned on and their faces were revealed to one another. Every single man expressed shock and disbelief at who they were looking at versus who they assumed they were sitting among. The stereotypes and labels they had blindly placed on one another turned out to be completely unfounded and false. It goes to show that human prejudice stems from blind ignorance and all the assumptions, stereotypes, and labels we use on others is often unfair and judgmental.

At the very end the men were asked to reach under their chairs and take out a box. When they opened it two cans of Coke lay nestled inside. The cans appeared free of any logos and no “Coca-Cola” was scrawled across the side. However, when turned over the message “Labels are for cans not for people” was written in white font on the red can. The simple message makes a clear impact and hopefully it will make a positive difference in the world.

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This Grandma Starts Running In The Rain. When I Found Out The Reason I Broke Down


When you’re young and innocent playing in the rain is a fun and enjoyable experience. When you grow older, getting caught in the rain is oftentimes an annoying inconvenience. The once spontaneous and refreshing feeling of being outside under falling skies fades for most people, as they age and take on more and more responsibilities. We often forget the fact that getting a little wet really isn’t all that bad and before you know it you end up drying off. This incredible short film, “Light Rain,” is based on a true story written by Bob Perks. It serves as a simple and symbolic reminder for people to put things into perspective and to not be so scared of life.

The film, uploaded to YouTube channel imageynation, was directed by Neil Horner and produced by Stephanie Wrate. In the creator’s own words, they sought to remind us “of the need to avoid becoming weighed down by the trivial hindrances that soak our paths on a daily basis.” In the video all the people are huddled together out of the rain, waiting for it to end so they can resume their days. A mother and her child are among the group and the little girl wants to run in the rain, but her mom is against the idea. Then the girl says something that makes everyone stop and listen, it gets them thinking and puts whatever thoughts that may have had running through their minds into a new perspective. Moments later the somber scene suddenly changes and everyone breaks free. Watch to see what happens and take a moment to think about the message the film conveys.

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A Group Of Boys Decided To Help A Learning Disabled Classmate Who Was Bullied Everyday

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Bullying is one of those issues in schools that seems to never go away.  Almost everyone who has been through the schooling system has been a victim or at least witnessed bullying occur first hand.  For those kids with learning disabilities they have a large target on their back for bullies.  It is hard for some kids to accept people who are “different” and it is oftentimes a lot easier to make fun of them and put them down instead of trying to understand them.

Meet James a fifth grade special-needs student who is bullied almost everyday at school.  That is until, Jake, Gus, Jack, Tyler and Landon stepped in and decided to stop the bullying for good.  They made a vow to protect James and let him join their crew.  They all made a pact to become James’ friend and they even chipped in to buy him a video game console Playstation.

James now has a new confidence and outlook on life because of what these courageous boys decided to do for him.  He was once a kid who didn’t like to go out with the rest of the kids during recess, or eat lunch in the cafeteria, but now this has all changed.  I am so happy that their are still good people in this world.  The future is sure looking brighter now.

Did you experience bullying in school?  Does your child have to face bullies on a daily basis? let us know in the comments below

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What Occurred After This Pup’s Human Died Shocked Everyone. This Tore My Heart Up.

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Sometimes something unexplainable happens that gives hope to anyone who witnesses the miracle.  This happened on a cloudy day in Newport, N.H. when ABC News 20/20 was running a report on fallen soldier Justin Rollins.

On September 11 Justin decided he would become a soldier.  Like many Americans he was distraught and traumatized by the events that unfolded on that fatal day.   Justin ended up going to Iraq to fight for his country.  One day he was alerted that there was a group of puppies stranded in a strange place.  Justin and his fellow soldiers found the puppies and rescued them.  That night he took some pictures with the puppies and those would be the last pictures Justin would ever take.  The next day Justin got killed in combat.  His family received the horrible news while simultaneously receiving an e-mail from Justin sharing the pictures he took the night before holding the adorable puppies.  His family was determined to get one of those puppies in honor of their sons memory.  Somehow, some strings were pulled and the family adopted one of the puppies Justin held on his final night.  They got the puppy soon after and raised it like their own son.  Sometimes, Justin’s mother would pet the pups face and ask “Justin, are in there?”  It was a way for a grieving mother to try to connect with her lost boy.

When 20/20 was running their story on the hero, something remarkable happened.  The dog wandered off, the clouds opened up and a beam of lights from the heavens came down directly on the dog.  The cameraman filmed the moment in astonishment as the whole family looked on in awe.  It had everyone wondering if Just had come back to give them a sign from above.  The family rejoiced and it gave hope to a grieving community.  Watch the amazing footage below.

What do you make of this?  Do you believe in an afterlife? leave a comment below

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