A Group Of Boys Decided To Help A Learning Disabled Classmate Who Was Bullied Everyday

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Bullying is one of those issues in schools that seems to never go away.  Almost everyone who has been through the schooling system has been a victim or at least witnessed bullying occur first hand.  For those kids with learning disabilities they have a large target on their back for bullies.  It is hard for some kids to accept people who are “different” and it is oftentimes a lot easier to make fun of them and put them down instead of trying to understand them.

Meet James a fifth grade special-needs student who is bullied almost everyday at school.  That is until, Jake, Gus, Jack, Tyler and Landon stepped in and decided to stop the bullying for good.  They made a vow to protect James and let him join their crew.  They all made a pact to become James’ friend and they even chipped in to buy him a video game console Playstation.

James now has a new confidence and outlook on life because of what these courageous boys decided to do for him.  He was once a kid who didn’t like to go out with the rest of the kids during recess, or eat lunch in the cafeteria, but now this has all changed.  I am so happy that their are still good people in this world.  The future is sure looking brighter now.

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What Occurred After This Pup’s Human Died Shocked Everyone. This Tore My Heart Up.

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Sometimes something unexplainable happens that gives hope to anyone who witnesses the miracle.  This happened on a cloudy day in Newport, N.H. when ABC News 20/20 was running a report on fallen soldier Justin Rollins.

On September 11 Justin decided he would become a soldier.  Like many Americans he was distraught and traumatized by the events that unfolded on that fatal day.   Justin ended up going to Iraq to fight for his country.  One day he was alerted that there was a group of puppies stranded in a strange place.  Justin and his fellow soldiers found the puppies and rescued them.  That night he took some pictures with the puppies and those would be the last pictures Justin would ever take.  The next day Justin got killed in combat.  His family received the horrible news while simultaneously receiving an e-mail from Justin sharing the pictures he took the night before holding the adorable puppies.  His family was determined to get one of those puppies in honor of their sons memory.  Somehow, some strings were pulled and the family adopted one of the puppies Justin held on his final night.  They got the puppy soon after and raised it like their own son.  Sometimes, Justin’s mother would pet the pups face and ask “Justin, are in there?”  It was a way for a grieving mother to try to connect with her lost boy.

When 20/20 was running their story on the hero, something remarkable happened.  The dog wandered off, the clouds opened up and a beam of lights from the heavens came down directly on the dog.  The cameraman filmed the moment in astonishment as the whole family looked on in awe.  It had everyone wondering if Just had come back to give them a sign from above.  The family rejoiced and it gave hope to a grieving community.  Watch the amazing footage below.

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Machine Sells Extremely Cheap T-Shirts, But Everyone Walks Away Empty Handed After Seeing THIS

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What price would you pay for fashion?  Some pay top dollar for designer pieces but practically everyone wants the cheapest, most affordable, clothing they can find.  Fashion is a huge industry and when a bargain catches a person’s attention it can be hard to ignore.  When shoppers at Alexanderplatz in Berlin saw a shiny turquoise vending machine selling 2€ T-shirts they quickly stepped up to purchase the cheap items.  After inserting money and selecting their size no new shirt came right out.  Instead, potential customers were met with a video that started to play on the screen.

The short clip introduced them to Manisha, a young girl who works in a factory making clothes that are sold at very low prices.  Conditions there are cramped, crowded, poor and unsafe.  She makes only 13 cents an hour and works 16 hour days, which is why the company selling the shirts is able to do so at such low prices.  She is only one face out of the millions who work everyday in these deplorable and inhumane conditions.  When the video stops it poses a simple question “Do you still want to buy this 2€ T-shirt?”  It then offers two choices; buy or donate.  Eight out of ten shoppers chose to donate.  The reactions captured were shock, sadness, disbelief and many simply shook their heads or frowned.

The social experiment was set up to test whether people would still choose to buy clothing even if they knew of the deplorable conditions under which it was manufactured.  The aim was to highlight the need for greater transparency about where our clothes come from.  It took place on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th, which is held in memory of the 1,133 workers who were killed in Bangladesh when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in 2013.  Ideally, brands will step up and take responsibility to protect the health and welfare of the people and places they rely on to supply their businesses.  Until they actually do, the Fashion Revolution Project will continue to fight and work for improving conditions.  Raising awareness and highlighting the issue is only the first step.

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This Guy Has 17 Freezers In His Living Room, But What He Keeps In Them? Unbelievable


Why does he do it? Because somebody has to care. That is the answer Allan Law gives people when they ask him why he chooses to spend his days and nights delivering food and goods to people in need in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Known as the “Sandwich Man” he has made it his life’s mission to help the homeless and less fortunate since retiring from teaching 16 years ago. Since then he has gone on to deliver thousands of sandwiches and tons of food, while raising much needed awareness for the plight of those that he meets on the streets. His work has helped so many of them out in countless ways and he has undeniably left a lasting impression on most of the people he has met.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to do this all alone and works alongside friends, civic, church, and business groups to distribute donations and meals. An army of around 800 volunteers help to make the sandwiches and hand them out. He has so much bread, cheese and meats stored at his house for this purpose that he needs 17 freezers to store it all. All those freezers take up his living room space and don’t leave much room for anything else. That is why he is always seeking people to lend him any spare, unused space they may have, so he can use it to temporarily store the goods and essentials that he hands out nightly.

The number on the side of his car seems to sum up what Allan Law is all about. His minivan sports the figure 363. Most people assume it stands for the number of days he volunteers to help those in need. However, it fittingly represents the number of days a year that people don’t think about the homeless or less fortunate, which is why he is out there day after day. Someone has to care and Allan Law, aka Sandwich Man, most definitely does.

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This Truck Driver Crashed Into The White Car Intentionally. The Reason? So Heroic


A high speed chase occurred in a park filled with families and children playing.  A car had been stolen by a teen who was speeding recklessly without any concern for the lives he might have destroyed.  Had it not been for a good samaritan, Bryson Rowley, jumping in his own truck and plowing into the runaway car to stop it, many people could have been hurt and killed. Without any thought for himself, Bryson instinctively just jumped to end the mayhem.

Bryson, himself, was not injured but his truck sustained plenty of damage.  You know the saying, that what you put out into the universe will come back to you?  Well, it certainly did for Bryson Rowley.  Seeing the news clip of the incident on TV, Bryan Ellison, an auto body shop owner volunteered to help.  He was so moved that Bryson had put his life on the line to save the lives of many children, that he told him he would fix the car at no cost.

The story doesn’t end there!  When Bryan went to pick up the truck he dropped off a rental car for Bryson’s use.  Other members of the community heard about Bryan’s good deed and they came together to donate bumpers, suspension pieces and other parts that not only fixed the truck, but increased the safety and value of the vehicle.

A $7,500 free repair turned into $15,000 worth of work to return a much upgraded truck to the hero of the community.   Rowley was overwhelmed by how the everyone came together for him. I was bowled over by the entire story that shows the beauty of paying it forward.  They should all be very proud of the character and humanity that was shared.

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This Is One Of The Most Powerful Videos You Will Ever See, Just Make Sure You Watch It To The End

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This powerful short film about adoption and abandonment is so hard-hitting that it really deserves a warning about what irresponsibility and cruelty can do to living beings.  It is set to music, and is able to tell a story without any dialogue, that will stay with you forever.

It tells the story of a very normal looking family who adopt an adorable little red-haired girl. Over time she does “little girl” things like fighting with her older (not adopted) sister, spilling a drink, making messes, interrupting when parents are busy.  We watch the parents get angry and less inclusive of this little girl. She grows more remote and sad, and acts out more.  She has a stuffed doll whose insides she keeps pulling out.  The symbolism is evident.

What happens next is the father takes her for a ride, and just when you think he is about to give her the attention she so sorely needs, the “Gift” (as the film is named) takes a very dark turn.  It needs to be watched to the bitter end.  I must say that I was shocked and really moved by this beautiful little film that manages, without words, to say everything there needs to be said about the responsibility of adopting both children and animals. We live in a society that has a throw-away mentality.  We have short attention spans, and often don’t have the patience nor the commitment to deal with life when it becomes difficult.

This short film is truly a Gift that should be watched and watched again.

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