This Is The Banana Experiment and It Will Teach You An Important Life Lesson




Dog Finally Gets Chance To Run Thanks To 3D-Printed Prosthetic Legs: So Incredible

This adorable puppy named Derby was born with malformed front legs and paws.  His owner tried to help the dog live a fairly normal life with the wheeled walkers that are meant to assist disabled animals, but because of Derby’s unique deformities, these common aids were unsatisfactory.  Derby’s owner opted to try custom 3D-printed prosthetics, which have proven to be successful for humans with missing limbs or deformities.

Derby has been slowly getting used to using his new limbs, which allow him to run, walk and play just like any other dog.  This is so adorable and touching!


10-Year-Old’s Gift Brought Justin Timberlake To Tears At His Concert: So Touching

Justin Timberlake held a concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this past Sunday. In the midst of the show, a 10-year-old fan handed Justin a very special gift.

The boy, who was wearing a suit, has been a fan of Timberlake’s since he was just 2 years old.

Timberlake opens the gift and see’s it’s a bowtie, which gets him very emotional.

He said,

“Hey man, greatest gift ever. Because a gentleman can never have too many bowties… I might have to wear that on Christmas day… I love you, kiddo. Sh*t that got me.”


This Is The Most Touching Holiday Ad You Will See This Season: Prepare Yourselves

Watch as they bring a military dad closer to home using the incredible power of scent. For 11 months, Kearen’s been serving in the Middle East and been away  from his wife and kids in North Carolina. With scented sprayed Air Wick they created a special gift to make him feel at home even while he’s away.  This is so touching.


This Puppy Enjoys Bath Time More Than You Like Anything In Life: So Adorable!

The tiny puppu was rescued by the Dallas Animal Services after locals found him with his two sisters, covered in fleas and basically left to die in a trash can. The puppies were brought to the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter, and 21-year-old volunteer Claire Fowler now takes care of them

Fowler explains, “The little guys need round-the-clock-care — they can’t use the restroom by themselves or even regulate their own body temperature. Their mother isn’t here to keep them clean, so I have to do it, and then blow dry them — they need constant care and attention.”

Luckily for Fowler, bath time is the puppy’s favorite new activity. The little pup looks like he’s in doggie heaven. It’s the most adorable thing.


Adorable Little Girl Explains Why You Should Never Marry A Friend: This Will Make Your Day

This adorable little girl has her own ideas about what the perfect relationship should be, and friendship is not part of that equation.

This little girl, however, has her own ideas about the perfect relationship — and friendship is not part of the equation.

After she talks about her first crush (and friend) Oren, she’s asked if she plans to marry him when she grows up. Her response: hilarious.

She says,

“Why would I marry a friend? We have to marry someone we don’t know, and then we get used to them and they get used to us!”

This is just full of cuteness!