Waitress Was Pissed Boy Had Trouble Buying Ice Cream But When She Sees The Check She Immediately Breaks Down In Tears!

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Being a waiter is a difficult and thankless job. They work long hours and receive lower salaries and, worst of all, are often mistreated by both their fellow employees and their customers. One of the rules waiters have to follow is to “Always please the customer.” This can be incredibly difficult. However, it is necessary to get a good tip.

At a popular restaurant, a waitress was servicing tables as usual. She noticed a young boy come in and sit down at a table. Immediately, this annoyed the waitress. She knew just from working in the job for a while that most kids didn’t tip well. Still, she knew that she had to serve him.

As she approached the table, she hoped that she could take care of him quickly and then whisk him out the door. She placed water in front of him along with a menu. After consulting the menu for a couple of minutes, the boy questioned the cost of an ice cream sundae. She told him and he grimaced. It was clear that he didn’t have enough.

The waitress rolled her eyes. If he didn’t even have enough cash for a measly ice cream sundae, he definitely wouldn’t be leaving a significant tip. He ended up purchasing an even smaller single scoop ice cream cone. She brought the dish to him and he eventually left. When she looked down at the check, she was shocked.

She saw that he had given her a 25% tip. He had gotten a less expensive dish so that he could give her a good tip. She felt so bad for how she had treated him. She vowed never to judge people by their appearance or a trait ever again.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Repairman Discovers Something Terrifying In The Basement Of THIS Ice Cream Shop. He Immediately Calls The Police!

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When you visit an ice cream parlor, you’re likely in a great mood and simply looking forward to eating delicious, creamy, ice cold treats. People who step into the shops often have smiles on their faces and children love nothing more than getting a tasty cone or milkshake. While ice cream parlors are certainly happy, upbeat places, just like anywhere else, they can quickly become the opposite of that.

When one repairman was called to Schleckeria, an ice cream shop in Vienna, Austria, it seemed like a normal, run of the mill job. The pipes had burst in the basement and after inspecting the damage it was determined that they needed to be replaced. The 30 year old owner, Estibaliz Carranza, knew that the parlor needed major renovations as it hadn’t been updated since it was founded some 50 years earlier. She gave the repairmen the go-ahead and they went to work digging up the pipes in the basement floor.

Before the men had even started digging, they had noticed that there were uneven patches of concrete on the floor. It was odd enough for them to note, but not completely unheard of, so they forged ahead. When one of the men’s shovels hit something metallic in the ground, they knew something was wrong. They ended up digging up an old freezer and when they opened it, they found something horrifying; it was filled with two bodies.

The repairmen immediately called the police who launched a murder investigation which didn’t last long. The shop owner, Estibaliz, had fled to Italy where she was captured and sent back to Austria to face charges for the crime. Once in custody, she confessed to taking the lives of her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend, it was also discovered that she was 3 months pregnant.

The news dubbed her “Ice Lady” for how cold blooded and cold hearted the crimes were, and the freezer-ice cream parlor connection. When asked why she took the lives of the two men, Estibaliz claimed one was lazy and the other was cheating on her, but she also told of how she planned them out and it was clear that she was highly dangerous. She ended up being sentenced to life in a mental hospital where she remains to this day.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Woman Places Flour Into A Dish Of Ice Cream And Mixes It. But When She’s Done YUM!

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This heavenly sounding recipe for cookies n’ cream flavored ice cream bread may sound too good to be true, but it’s real and it’s delicious. With just two simple ingredients you can whip up a tasty loaf of your own ice cream bread and this quick, easy to follow recipe is sure to please all types of palettes.

Children will love that it’s made with the sweet treat and any sane adult will want to try it for themselves just as much, if not more, than the kids! Most breads can be tricky to make and are time and labor intensive projects that require exact measurements, kneading, rising, resting, and so on. This bread is the complete opposite of those types.

Instead, it is simple to make and requires little time on your part. Also, if you have an old carton of ice cream laying around uneaten in your freezer, that perhaps didn’t live up to your taste-buds expectations, you can use it up here instead of letting it go to waste.

To begin, start by taking the ice cream out of the freezer beforehand so that it thaws to a smooth, creamy consistency. You are going to need 2 cups of ice cream and may use any flavor you desire. In the video, by CookingwithKarma, cookies n’ cream flavored ice cream is used and according to the comments in the discussion under the clip this is an excellent, very well-liked choice.

Place the thawed ice cream in a bowl and sift 1 ½ cups of self-rising flour over the top of it. This is also the time to add in any extras that you may want to bake into the bread, such as chocolate chips or nuts. You can get as creative and fun as you’d like, maybe add sprinkles to the batter to make it pop with color or swirl in chocolate sauce to marbleize it.

Furthermore, if you don’t have self-rising flour simply add 1 ½ teaspoons of baking powder to regular flour. Once all the ingredients are in the bowl mix it all up and pour it into a bread tin. Heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, slide the tin in, and bake for 40-45 minutes. When it’s done and has cooled off, serve with fresh fruit or warm it up and drizzle on chocolate sauce, caramel, or perhaps a scoop of ice cream.

Really anything will compliment this sweet, yummy bread! Enjoy the recipe and watch the video below for detailed instructions!

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This Woman Starts Pouring Milk Into A Plastic Bag. But When She’s Done YUM!

Shake and no-bake your way to fast, easy, homemade ice cream. All you need is a few basic ingredients and an appetite for frozen deliciousness to master this recipe. Best of all, it’s fun to do and a creative way to experiment around the kitchen with a new cooking method. If you have kids then try it with them and make sure to throw in a mini-science lesson because it’s a great way to learn!

To shake up a proper batch of ice cream you will need milk, cream, sugar, salt, and vanilla extract. This style also requires the following tools and items to work; ice cubes, measuring bowls and spoons, a small plastic bag, a large freezer bag, and winter gloves.

First, in a bowl combine a ½ cup of milk, ½ cup of cream, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract. Carefully pour the mixture into a small plastic bag, squeeze all the air out, and seal tightly. Next, fill a freezer bag about halfway with 4 cups of ice then add in a generous amount of salt.

To speed up the process you can add about 8 tablespoons of salt. Place the small plastic bag into the larger one, seal that securely, and shake them very well for at least 5-10 minutes. It is recommended that you wear gloves for this part because it gets really cold. Remove the small bag and rinse off the salt so that it doesn’t contaminate the ice cream.

Now the good part!! Get a spoon and scoop the ice cream into a bowl, top with sprinkles or whatever add-ins you prefer, and eat it quick. This recipe makes about two servings and tastes delicious!

How does it work s quickly? This is the science behind it- The salt makes the ice cream freeze faster because it lowers the freezing point of the ice and melts it quicker.

Thus, the more salt the more energy gets taken from the ice, which results in a transfer of the melting ice’s coldness to the ice cream. That’s why you can shake your way to frozen, iced, creamy, tasty treats in a matter of minutes smile 🙂

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This Fluffy Cat Tries Ice Cream For The First Time Then He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face!

There is nothing tastier on a hot day then some delicious ice cream. The one problem we have all faced before is that deadly ice-cream headache/brain freeze which happens when we eat our delicious snack too fast. I know I have been a victim to the ice cream headache many times and will probably experience it again this summer.

An ice-cream headache, or  its scientific name sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, is a form of headache which occurs during quick consumption of a cold food or beverage.  The ice-cream headache happens when something very cold touches the palate and is believed to result from a nerve response causing rapid constriction and swelling of blood vessels.

In the following video a hilarious cat feasts on ice cream for the very first time. He begins scarfing it down at a rapid pace but then suddenly stops and has the funniest reaction ever! I had to watch this multiple times it is just too classic! We’ve all been there little guy, keep your head up!

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When She First Wrapped Ice Cream In Bread I Was Confused. But The Final Result Is Mouth Watering!

Summer is coming and that means one thing for certain; ice cream treats!  If you need to up your ice cream game and take it to the next level then this recipe is for you.  Lets face it, most people serve a couple of boring scoops on the side of a slice of pie or cake.  With this fried ice cream recipe you can elevate it to the focal point of dessert while simultaneously impressing everyone who can see and taste your delicious concoction.

Be forewarned, this is easier to make than you’d imagine and the risk is high that you may become addicted to ice cream enveloped in a warm, crispy shell.  Check out the video and below is a breakdown of the recipe and instructions.

Take a few slices of white sandwich bread and cut off all edges and crust.  Roll it flat with a pin or the side of a cup and then scoop some ice cream onto it.  Roll up the bread around the ice cream so that it’s completely ensconced and to help the ends stick together brush on a little milk.

Working quickly, take the breaded piece of ice cream and wrap it up in tin foil as if it were a candy, then place it in the freezer for at least 4 hours.  For a round shape simply ball up the ice cream in the bread, cover with tin foil, and freezer.

Next, make the batter by first mixing ¼ cup of milk with one egg.  Then slowly add in ¾ cup of pancake mix and stir until smooth.  Take the frozen ice cream/bread out of the freezer, unwrap from the tin foil, and completely coat it with batter.

Heat up some oil in a pan until at least 350 degrees, then drop the battered ice cream in the hot oil.  Flash fry it for only a few seconds, any longer and the ice cream will start to melt.  Finally, drizzle some caramel, chocolate syrup, and/or Nutella on a plate and over the fried ice cream.  Add some whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, fresh fruit, or whatever topping you desire and top it all off with a cherry!

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