This Woman Wraps Thread Around A Balloon. But When She’s Done It’s Stunning!

When you think about Easter, the first thing that probably pops in your head is Easter eggs.  Nothing is more fun than decorating eggs with the kids and hiding them. Then having the kids go on an Easter egg hunt. But the real question is how did Easter Eggs become synonymous with this holiday?

The decoration of eggs has been going on for thousands of years.  In ancient Sumeria and Egypt decorated ostrich eggs are found at the grave sites.  In ancient Christianity, people colored eggs red which represented the blood of Christ.  Another reason eggs began to to show up during Easter is because during Lent they were prohibited.

Currently, Eastern and Orthodox Catholic Churches still color their eggs red.  While others color their eggs in multicolor and place them in baskets.  In the video below you will learn a new way to decorate your eggs that you have probably never seen before.  I can’t wait to try this out!

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Students Sent A Balloon With A Camera Into Space. But 2 Years Later They Reveal Its Beautiful Story.

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Sometimes things and events that seem absolutely random in and of themselves can end up coming together to form one heck of a story. Whether it is truly random or fated to happen, this is one of those strange turn of events that turned out for the best.

In June a group of students sent a balloon to the edge of space over the Grand Canyon. Despite having planned out the detailed launch, and anticipating where it would eventually land, they were never able to find and recover the craft and the camera or cell phone attached to it.

However, two years later an eagle-eyed hiker in Arizona happened upon the wreckage and the long lost footage was found. The students put together a detailed video and shared it on YouTube so the world could enjoy the beautiful sights that were captured.

The short clip walks the viewer through the background events and all of the preparations that led up to the big launch. First the students tested the balloon with a parachute flight test by dropping it from a height off the ground.

Then they did trajectory planning, made computer models, planned out a custom designed structure, and printed it out in 3D. Finally the day came to send it up into space. The students started out on the road at nine in the morning and headed to a launch site 20 miles west of the Grand Canyon.

There they assembled the balloon and made some last minute adjustments to the spacecraft, switching on the GoPro Hero3 and cell phone which were attached to the chassis. At 10:46 it was launched and less than ten minutes later the balloon had already reached an altitude of 22,967 feet, which put it at a distance of 7 kilometers above Earth’s surface.

By the time an hour and twelve minutes had elapsed, the balloon was 86,558 feet up (26.4km). From that height the enormous Grand Canyon looks like a tiny feature way below on the Earth’s surface, and the curvature of the planet is clear to see. As the balloon spins around you can even catch a glimpse of the moon far off in the distance.

An hour and 27 minutes after launch the balloon reached its highest elevation, 98,660 feet (30.1km), and a clearer view of the Grand Canyon below is shown. That’s also when the craft began its violent descent back to Earth as slow motion reveals the moment the balloon popped and flew away from it.

By the time it landed upside down back on Earth’s surface among some dry grass scrub a full hour and 38 minutes had gone by. The video includes the computer models which show the launch and landing sites relative to the Grand Canyon, and the flight path trajectory as well. Despite these calculations and all of the planning, the students were unable to find the remains of their craft and the video of its journey.

Two years later the camera was found and picked up by a hiker in Arizona who tracked down and returned the footage to the team who launched it. They were able to recover the incredible video and the stunning images that it captured along its epic journey into the stratosphere and back down.

The reason why it was lost in the first place was because there was no cell phone coverage in the area it landed, which the students were relying on to track it down. They had looked at inaccurate coverage maps provided by AT&T and thus the cell never received a signal when it came back to Earth.

The hiker who found the wreckage ironically worked at AT&T. She brought it to a company store and they identified the phones SIM card and tracked down the owner to send back the footage. Check out the awe inspiring film and revel in the beauty that is our home, planet Earth!

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Watch These 3 Awkward Sloth Bears Confront a Strange Pink Balloon and Attempt To Play With It.

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What do you think happens when a couple of bears come across a mysterious, completely foreign object that they’ve never ever seen before? Do they ignore it and walk away or does curiosity get the best of them?

This hilarious video clip answers these questions and more as it offers us a unique look into bear behavior. When the three bears that you see here came across a bright pink balloon they definitely didn’t shy away from it out of a concern for their health and safety! Instead, one marched right up to the strange thing bobbing in the breeze and decided to have a closer look at it. Rather than start off his investigation on all fours, he chose to teeter totter over on his two hind legs. When bears walk upright like that it’s awesome because not only is it so unexpected, it’s also just cool to see.

The first lone bear was naturally a little apprehensive about the pink balloon. Who wouldn’t be if they were in his position, it must seem so alien-like from his perspective. However, when his two bear pals come over to join in it seems to raise his courage because that’s when he takes his first swipe at it. His clumsy paws cause the balloon to bobble around and float off a ways, with the curious bears hot on its string-tail! At one point or another they all take turns walking upright chasing after the balloon, sniffing it, and trying to pin it down in one spot. When one of them finally does, the inevitable happens!

The shaggy looking bears in this video are called sloth bears. The adorable animals feed mostly on insects, termites are their favorite snack, and live on the greater Indian subcontinent where they have become threatened by over-hunting and habitat loss. Many also end up captured and are forced to perform and entertain because of their easy to train nature and tame-ability. These three live at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park which is in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands. They may be a long ways from home but at least they’re together and safe from the poachers, leopards, and tigers that hunt them as prey.

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