Giant Bear Was About To Drown In The Ocean! But You Will Never Believe What This Man Does About It!

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Bears are one of the strongest predators on the planet. They can smell a scent 20 miles away upwind, run upwards of 40 mph, are have teeth and claws that are over an inch long. Attributes like these mean that they are built for hunting and it’s always best to try and avoid them.

These days it seems that there are more and more run-ins between people and bears, specifically black bears. They have proven to be incredibly resilient animals who’ve learned to adapt to our human ways and that has led to an uptick in the number of incidents.

Oftentimes the bears are simply being bears and looking for an easy meal. They smell a birdfeeder or trash and will rummage through it to get a bite to eat. On a few occasions, bears have been known to break into cars to get at a candy bar or tasty treat inside, and left the vehicle torn to shreds in their relentless pursuit of a snack.

In many states when a bear becomes a nuisance, by continuously breaking into dumpsters or other sources of food and being too comfortable around humans, they get tagged and trapped. The bear is then relocated far away from where it was captured and released in the hopes that it will not find its way back.

This was what authorities in Florida were trying to do when they received reports of a 400 pound black bear wandering through a residential neighborhood in Alligator Point, Florida. The bear was spotted going through the trash before entering into a home and had already been ear tagged, so they knew it wasn’t the first time this particular bear had wandered too close for comfort.

After locating the massive animal they hit it with a tranquilizer dart, but that spooked the bear and it took off towards the ocean. The bear started to swim out into the Gulf of Mexico just as the tranquilizer was taking effect.

If he went out too far, he would certainly drown and so a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologist looking on went in right after him. Adam Warwick jumped into the ocean without even thinking twice about his own health and safety in order to try and rescue the huge bear. He swam out to it, grabbed the bear around the neck, and started kicking his way back towards shore.

When he first reached the bear it was still awake, but the tranquilizer was quickly causing it to lose its ability to move. The panicked bear struggled to stay afloat and like any drowning animal, it tried to climb on Adam to stay above the water, pushing him down in the process.

Thankfully for Adam, the bear stopped struggling soon afterwards and he reached shallower water. Working calmly, he grabbed the bear by the scruff and dragged him as far as he could using the water to buoy the bear’s massive weight.

Once they reached the shore, it became too difficult to move the heavy animal and so a backhoe was brought in and picked up the groggy bear. From the beach it was loaded onto a truck and driven far away, eventually being relocated to Osceola National Forest.

In the end, the bear survived the traumatizing ordeal and suffered no injuries. Incredibly, Adam suffered only one scratch from his daring rescue mission.

At any moment the semi-lucid bear could have easily bit or swiped at him, but it never once even tried to. All in all, it seems that the worst case scenario of the tranquilized bear running into the ocean turned into the best case scenario of a successful rescue with no one harmed.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Baby Bear Approaches a Human But The Unexpected Happens When He Touches Her Feet

An adorable baby bear cub named Bella may be the closest thing to a real-life teddy bear that you’ll ever get to see! She’s a happy go lucky grizzly bear who doesn’t mind being picked up, hugged, and cuddled. In fact, one of her favorite things to do is play and have her feet tickled. As strange as that sounds, she absolutely loves it and this clip of her smiling and happily rolling around is proof in point (around the 28 second mark).

Even though Bella looks safe and secure now, the early part of her life was anything but that. She was just a young cub when she was found all alone in the wilds of Alaska. Her mother was nowhere in sight and without human intervention she faced certain death.

Thankfully she was rescued and brought to the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a sanctuary and education center run by Casey Anderson. Anderson’s wildlife refuge takes in both orphaned bears and ones that have been held in captivity their entire lives. Those bears are often too used to human contact and lack the skills they’d need to survive in nature.

Anderson is a naturalist and a grizzly bear expert. He’s no novice when it comes to teaching, training, caring for, and interacting with grizzlies of all ages. These days he hosts two Nat Geo WILD shows, America the Wild with Casey Anderson and Expedition Wild, but his passion for rescuing bears started back in 2002.

That’s when he saved his first Grizzly, whom he later named Brutus, and since then he’s expanded to educating not only the public about bears, but the bears themselves! What you see in the clip is him teaching Bella important life lessons. By tickling her feet he’s accomplishing several things at once.

He’s bonding with her, making her comfortable around him, and most important of all, he’s asserting and establishing his dominance over her. That way, when she grows up into a hugely powerful bear, she’ll be less inclined to injure or kill him or other people.

Instilling boundaries and showing what is acceptable and what’s not at a young age is key to training and adapting a bear to life at a sanctuary. Bella will have to share her new home with other bears in the future and these lessons extend into making her interactions with them as smooth and peaceful as possible.

Anderson is an experienced professional who managed to turn his love and passion for bears into a fulfilling and successful career rescuing and rehabilitating them.

He’s living the American dream and judging by this video Bella also appears to be doing extremely well. One day she’ll make a fine adult Grizzly Bear when she’s all grown up.

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This Bear Was Locked In a Rusty Cage For His Whole Life. Now Watch His Reaction When They Free Him!

After spending years locked away in a tiny metal cage this bear finally got to know what grass, dirt, and water feel like beneath his paws. The absolutely heartwarming, and breaking, moment took place after the bear, now named Tuffy, was rescued from a bile farm and brought to Animals Asia, a sanctuary in Vietnam.

Tuffy had been forced to live his entire life surrounded by metal bars in an extremely cramped cage that was barely large enough for him to fit in. Day in and day out he was tortured and abused so that his captors could extract bile from his gall bladder and sell it at a premium for use in traditional Asian medicines.

He didn’t have regular access to for or water and medical care was non-existent. The psychological and bodily trauma he went through are unimaginable and he was one of the lucky ones who got out and was given a second chance at living a normal life.

Tuffy was rescued along with five other bears in September of 2015. His first few months at the sanctuary were filled with rehabilitation and medical procedures. In particular his gall bladder was so badly damaged from all the bile extraction that it had to be removed!

Since metal bars were all he had to walk on, his paws were dry and deeply cracked. In addition, he was severely dehydrated and suffering from three fractured teeth. A dedicated veterinarian team worked tirelessly to restore him back to health and he was soon ready to move into his new home.

As you can see in the video his new habitat has all the creature comforts a bear could ever ask for, including a little pool to cool off and relax in. This clip captured Tuffy’s first few dips in the pond and he took to the water immediately, splashing and playing around in it like a little kid! It’s wonderful to see him happy and free for once and according to his caretakers he absolutely loves being outside. Instead of returning to his den that night, he spent the evening outside sleeping under the moon, stars, and wide open sky.

No living creature should spend their life in a cage being tortured and denied the simple pleasures life has to offer. At least Tuffy has the chance to live out his final years in peace and harmony among other bears at the sanctuary.

However, according to Animals Asia an estimated 1,200 bears remain trapped on bile farms in Vietnam and over 10,000 more are believed held in China. Help share his story and this video, it will make a difference and serve to help the many other bears stuck in this cruel situation that Tuffy was luckily rescued from.

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17 Bears Were Held Captive In Concrete Pits For Years. Their Reaction When They Are Freed Is Priceless!

I am always heartbroken to hear stories of animals who are held in captivity under horrendous, inhumane conditions, when they are meant to live in the wild.  Such was the case for seventeen bears, who were caged in small concrete pits, at the Black Forest Bear Park in Georgia.

For years they lived a miserable existence, being humiliated into begging for food from visitors to the park.  The two female bears who are the subjects of this story were bred, and when they gave birth their cubs were ripped away from them at once.  This would be akin to taking away a human child from it’s mother.

Years went by living in these horrid conditions until help finally arrived.  Thanks to the joint effort of PETA, the Atlanta Humane Society and Sam Simpson, the day came for these tortured animals to be freed and brought to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

Watch as they get to luxuriate in the feeling of the earth and grass beneath their paws for the first time, after only feeling cold concrete for so long. No longer did they need to beg for food.  They were free to roam and search for the abundant fresh fruit and vegetables that were available to them in the magnificent 60-acre sanctuary.

Part of this happy ending is that the two female bears were pregnant at the time of their rescue, and would get to experience the joy of getting to keep their cubs close, raising their offspring for the very first time.

Sit back and enjoy the footage, showing the sheer joy of the bears, as they are released into the freedom of their wildlife habitat.  I love a happy ending!

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She Weirdly Thanks This Wild Bear For Not Eating Her Kayak. Now Watch The Bears Unexpected Reaction!

When the bear walked away from her kayak, she thanked him. But I never expected what he did in response. At first, he seemed to be willing to earn the thanks, ambling slowly up the hill and away from the kayak. This was a bit uncomfortable for her, however, and was not exactly what she was going for.

She really would have preferred he politely respond with a “you are quite welcome, tourist lady”, or at least a grunt before walking straight into the woods and away from her kayak and herself. As luck would have it, he expressed interest in her and continued in her direction. She was prepared for this possibility, which makes sense due to her Alaskan locale, and she made sure to explain to the english speaking bear that she was going to spray him with pepper spray.

He didn’t seem to care until she gave a quick squirt. Still out of range, the spray did not reach him, but he must have known what it was, because he promptly turned and went straight back to the kayak. She realized almost immediately what she had done, and became quite concerned.

She began pleading with him, always calling him by his formal name, Bear. Moving in succession through all of the appropriate emotional states, she began by nicely asking the bear to stay away from her kayak. If you want to know how that worked out for her, watch the video until the very end.

That’s all I’ll say, it’s best if you see it for yourself.

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Video: Nobody Believed Her When She Described What These Bears Do Every Morning. So She Caught THIS

The Basso family has quite a surprise as they awaken to find a Mama Bear and her five darling cubs frolicking in the welcome oasis of their backyard.  Even bears need to cool off!  They had the further bonus of all the kids play equipment; enjoying the swing set and the little slide.

We get to listen to the audio of the family’s toddler Sophie and her parents react to the bear shenanigans.  It’s really great to see the parallel of the mama bear leading her cubs and Mama Basso setting the positive tone for the ‘goings on’ as both Sophie and her dad alternate in their upset over the invasion.

Sophie wants the police to take care of the situation as she cries “They took my floatie!” Mama Basso’s calm narration as she reframes the situation for both Sophie and Dad,  telling them, “Let the animals enjoy themselves”, is just delightful.

She is filled with wonder watching the bear family play, except when they start mangling her expensive float.  Little Sophie is pretty territorial about the invasion of her stuff, but can’t help but enjoy some of the bear family’s antics as her mom keeps spinning a positive note on this rare moment.

This video was so much fun to watch.  The ongoing commentary of the Basso family is hysterical! Enjoy!

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