Apparently Scientists Say THIS Is Why You Should Never Make Your Bed Again!


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From an early age most of us are taught to make the bed after we wake up and before we begin our day. The practice helps parents to establish routine and responsibility in young children and it’s often something that sticks with people all throughout their lives. Plus, for some people making the bed makes it less likely that they will crawl back into it, and it tidies up the entire room instantly. However, scientists are now saying that this age old practice is not only unnecessary, but it could also be making us a lot less healthy.

It all comes down to the millions of unseen dust mites that live in our beds. The bizarre, alien looking critters feed on the dead skin flakes that fall off our bodies and into our beds. This makes mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows, and whatever else you have on your bed the perfect breeding ground for the microscopic creatures. Since people sleep for long hours in bed, their bedding takes up moisture from the prolonged body contact, and that also allows the dust mites to survive and reproduce.

Now scientists are recommending an easy and effective way to cut down on the number of dust mites in your bed, simply leave it unmade. Dr. Stephen Pretlove spoke to the BBC and explained that “We know that mites can only survive by taking in water from the atmosphere using small glands on the outside of their body. Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and eventually die.” In turn, less dust mites can lead to better health since they often cause the asthma and allergies which many people suffer from. Plus, who wants to share their bed, a place of coziness and warmth, with millions of freaky little bugs?

The next time you wake up, skip making the bed and save yourself an extra minute or two. There is nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain by doing so, because you can only end up healthier, and thus happier. Please share this information with others so they can lean about the science and benefits of an unmade bed!

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His Humans Got Him A New Cozy Bed. What They Caught This Pup Doing With It Is Priceless!

Mr. Fry knows exactly where he wants to take his afternoon nap.  The Italian Greyhound-saluki mix was captured in action taking his cozy bed over to a nice, warm, sunny spot.  He loves nothing more than relaxing in the sun and is always carrying his bed around to different spots.  He often brings it into other rooms where people are so that he can be near them.

The friendly loveable dog lives at Sunrise Senior Living in Tucson, Arizona, where he is the resident therapy dog.  The Arizona Greyhound Rescue group managed to place him in the perfect spot.  He and the people he lives with find comfort in each others presence, and with his laid back, calm, relaxed demeanor, he is an ideal roommate for his senior companions.

While Mr. Fry is the first therapy dog that the rescue group placed in a home, there are sure to be many more that follow in his footsteps.  He sure looks happy and well-loved in his forever home! This video is so adorable I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Have a wonderful day!

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Human Confronts Giant Dog and Says It’s Time For Bed But He Refuses In The Most Hysterical Fashion.

Back when you were young do you remember all of the things you used to do in order to try and stay up past your normal bedtime? Many of us have fond memories of those nights when our mom or dad would tell us that it was time to head to bed.

We’d throw a tantrum and cry about how we wanted to stay up longer. Some of us would run around all wild and crazy, while others dug in and took a more lazy approach to getting what they wanted by simply refusing to budge. If our parents wanted us to go to our rooms and sleep, they’d have to fight us every step of the way and make us!

Those were the days and now many of us are reliving them with our own kids and fur babies. Just like young children have set bedtimes, so do many of our pets, especially dogs. Oftentimes they do best when they eat, go potty or on walks, and wake up at similar times, and the same goes for having a scheduled bedtime.

However, just like little kids fight against having to go to bed, so do dogs! This video of a Bull Mastiff resisting his owner’s attempts to make him get to bed is the perfect example of how stubborn they can be.

The clip starts off with the dog’s owner telling him that it’s time for bed, but instead of being a good boy and heading off to his kennel, the Mastiff remains firmly planted on the floor and rolls over onto his side. Apparently the dog has done this before because the man seems to know that he won’t be moving anytime soon. Dad then begins to lug the dog over to his bed and so the battle begins!

The Mastiff knows what he’s doing and uses his dead weight to his advantage. He forces his owner to scoot him along on the rug over towards his kennel and he sure isn’t helping his dad any! As the man drags the big puppy’s body along the dog then decides to get more comfortable, and make the man’s job harder, by rolling over onto his back. With his paws up in the air hanging limply above his chest he looks adorable and you can’t help but laugh at the big goof!

After expending a lot of effort and energy the man finally gets the dog up on all four legs. This doesn’t help him any though because even though the dog is just inches away from his kenned, he decides to walk in the opposite direction away from it! With his tail tucked meekly in-between his hind legs he looks so guilty trying to make a last ditch escape attempt and his owner quickly manages to stop him before he gets too far.


It’s adorable and by the end of it all the dog’s poor dad is out of breath and winded by the whole episode. Trying to maneuver his stubborn dog’s dead weight into the kennel exhausted him and it just goes to show how determined (and heavy) his dog was at avoiding going to bed.

Next time the man should do them both a favor and use treats to tempt and lure the dog into his kennel. That way the Mastiff will learn positive reinforcement from it and soon he may even learn to like going to bed. In the meantime, his owner can get in a workout and tire himself out before his own bedtime by dragging the dog around!

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Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Chipmunks A.M. Ritual So He Got A Camera and Caught THIS

Move over Grumpy Cat and fellow kitty friends, a new animal favorite is arising on the internet. His name is Bikke and he is an insanely adorable chipmunk who hails from Japan. Everything about this tiny guy, from his chubby cheeks down to his furry little tail, exudes cuteness. People the world over are sure to fall in love with Bikke once they see him do his morning stretches.

A clip of the fritter shows him releasing a big yawn as he simultaneously stretches his legs out behind him and his arms in front. As he begins to loosen up he snuffles around on the bed and twitches his nose. When doing his movements he drags his legs around behind him while pulling his body along with his front claws. Over and over again he yawns, pulls himself along, twitches and repeats. It is as if he cannot quite wake up from his nap and needs to keep on stretching.

He even appears to have developed a new form of stretch technique which has possibly never ever been seen before. Maybe he has invented the downward facing chipmunk!! Either way, the whole scene definitely qualifies as a cuteness overload moment.

This little chippy sure has a great life as is evidenced by his YouTube channel, bikke the chip. Other available videos show him stuffing his cheeks with food, watching cartoons, and playing around with his mini-house set. His owner’s clearly love and adore him and so do we. Check out his videos and try some of his stretch moves, your body will surely thank you for it.

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Video: Daddy Puts Newborn’s Arm Beneath The Covers. But Baby’s Other Arm Just Won’t Cooperate.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 3.45.24 PMimage via –

Having a newborn baby can be stressful; as the saying goes “your life will never be the same again”…but the magical and adorable aspects definitely outweigh the stress.  Every movement and new development leaves parents in a state of awe.

Often parents watch their baby blissfully sleeping, never expecting something completely hilarious to occur.  The video you are about to watch shows the new parents of baby Tyler, settling him into his crib, as he has already fallen asleep.

As they try tucking him in with his blanket, they notice one of his little arms is up in the air, and they attempt to lower it so that they can cozy him up.  What happens when they gently push his arm down is laugh out loud funny…watch and enjoy!

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