A Healthy Woman Was Cleaning Her House For 2 Hours. Then She Noticed Her Hands and Fingers Turned Dark Black!

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If you own a home or apartment you know that cleaning and doing housework can be a never ending process especially if you have children or pets. Sometimes it seems like the faster you clean up the more the mess begins to pile up. Pretty much everyone in the world has to deal with the annoying task of housework and cleaning a dirty rooms. When cleaning and doing housework it is pretty common to sometimes get small scrapes or cuts that are usually no big deal.

You get a little soap, rubbing alcohol or antibacterial lotion place it on the little wound and go about your day. Our bodies have amazing healing capabilities and usually our natural immunity and defenses can take care of these types of things.

With major advances in modern medicine our human life expectancy is the highest it’s ever been. With all this being said we are not invincible, not by a long shot. Even though we can live longer due to these amazing advances in medicine, our bodies still break down and can be vulnerable to infections and disease.

This brings us to today’s story which comes all the way from Hubei, China. Mrs. Zhang a otherwise healthy 53-year-old woman was just going about her day doing a little tidying up around the house. Mrs. Zhang had no underlying illnesses or diseases. As she cleaned up her house she got a few little scrapes and cuts.

She noticed the small cuts on her hands washed them thoroughly and didn’t think much of it. However 48 hours later she looked down where the small scrapes were and noticed that a bruise was starting to form around the area. Again Mrs. Zhang just thought it was her bodies natural defense and healing process and didn’t think it was necessary to go to the doctor for the bruises that were forming.

Then as the days progressed these strange bruises began spreading throughout her entire hand and fingers. Her fingers were starting to change color and began turning dark and even their shape began to change! Mrs. Zhang was extremely alarmed and immediately made an appointment with her doctor to see what the heck was going on. By the time she got to the doctor her left hand was almost completely black and her right hand was starting to look about the same.

The doctor examined her hands and quickly realized what was going on. Both of her hands were diagnosed with Gangrene! To be more specific it was a form of Gangrene called Dry Gangrene which unlike normal Gangrene does not have an unpleasant odor. However Dry Gangrene can be just as dangerous as normal Gangrene. The blackness of her hands was due to the necrosing or death of her tissues which was literally killing all the cells in her fingers and hands.

The doctor immediately sent her to a specialist at a hospital who was more familiar with this rare condition that was slowly eating away and killing her hands and fingers. At the hospital they began treating her with antibiotics. They also began removing the blackened tissue which must be done to fully recover from Gangrene.

At first she showed some signs of healing but the Gangrene was so aggressive that she will never have full use of her hands and fingers again! Even worse if the doctors are unable to fully remove the damaged tissue her fingers may have to be amputated! Luckily a good portion of her hands were not affected by the aggressive gangrene and she should be able to recover. If untreated Gangrene can inevitably lead to death!

Mrs. Zhang’s story is a good reminder to stay vigilant and trust your gut. If your body is telling you something just isn’t right, trust it and go to the doctor as soon as possible! The worst thing you can do is wait too long and then your disease and infection will become untreatable!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Nobody Understood Why Her House Always Smelled So Good. So She Finally Revealed THIS Secret!

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For any active family, keeping your house fresh smelling is always a cross to bear and a priority.  I have found that deodorizing furniture, pungent sports equipment and stinky pet odors are best tackled by Febreze.  However, if you go through the stuff like I do, you will find that the cost mounts up incredibly.

The video you are about to watch below, not only circumvents the cost of endlessly having to buy Febreze, but offers a DIY freshening spray that doesn’t include the residue caused by fabric softener.  With three ingredients you will be able to follow this simple, yet incredibly effective odor neutralizer.

The two active ingredients, which get blended with hot water, are BAKING SODA and DOWNY UNSTOPPABLES.  The Unstoppables are small scented beads that get added to laundry to boost freshness.

They do so without leaving residue on fabrics or irritating skin for those who are sensitive.  A funnel and empty spray bottle will aid in the ease with which you can follow this great home freshening tutorial.

Let us know if you will try this and how it turns out! Watch the video below for a more in depth step by step tutorial!

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If You Put These 2 Ingredients In Your Ear You Can Get Rid Of Ear Wax and Ear Infections For Good!

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Whenever the topic of either earwax or ear cleaning is brought up, you likely think to yourself something along the lines of “eww, gross!” People often view earwax as a sign of bodily uncleanliness because it sounds and looks gross. It’s natural to automatically assume that earwax is nasty and view it in such a negative light, after all it’s a bodily fluid that comes out of our ears, there is absolutely nothing appealing about it whatsoever.

That’s also why people tend to stick all sorts of cleaning solutions, Q-tips, and even automatic ear cleaner gadgets in their ears, in vain attempts to remove the offensive substance. If you’re guilty of doing any of the aforementioned things, you should definitely re-think your ear-care routine and learn why that is bad for your health.

Whenever you stick anything into your ears you are simply making them dirtier and increasing the odds of developing an ear infection, or potentially something even worse. Every year there are countless numbers of people who injure and damage their inner ears because they stick Q-tips way too far and forcibly into them.

Yet the fact remains that the most common way, by far, in which people go about cleaning their ears is with Q-tips. Doing this is the wrong way to clean them, it’s ineffective and just pushes the wax further into the ear canal thereby increasing the potential for build up and blockage. Whatever you do, don’t use Q-tips to try and clean your ears.

Instead, gently wash the outside area with a washcloth and then use a solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to help dissolve the wax gently and naturally. Here’s exactly how you should do it. First, in a small bowl mix together equal parts distilled white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and then tilt your head so that the ear you want to clean faces upwards. Gently squeeze the cotton ball to release a few drops into the ear opening and wait 4-5 minutes. Now you can straighten your head and dab up the remaining liquid as it drips out with a tissue.

That’s all it takes, you don’t have to poke anything up your ear or spend a bunch of money. The bad reputation that earwax has developed is based on nothing but false information and it’s totally without merit. The yellowish waxy substance is naturally produced by our bodies and is beneficial to our health in several important ways.

It helps to protect our inner ears from all sorts of nasty stuff like infections, dust, dirt, bacteria, and other germs that would otherwise enter into them. The wax also forms a protective barrier on the surface of the very delicate skin in our ear canals which prevents it from becoming irritated when water gets inside.

Plus, it moisturizes and keeps that skin from becoming dry, flaky, and itchy.Ear wax is produced by the teeny tiny hair follicles that line the ear canal. It normally makes its way out of the opening of the ear naturally and on its own, but sometimes wax can build up and cause blockage problems.

If you feel that there is a blockage due to wax build up in your ear, you can try the aforementioned remedy or go see a doctor if the issue is potentially more serious.

Please see the video for more information on the topic:

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These 4 Pups Line Up In Front Of The Door Now Watch Who Comes Up Behind Them!

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Golden Retrievers love playing games, romping around, and living up to their name fetching balls and toys. Their sweet, friendly nature has made them one of the most popular dog breeds throughout the world and nothing demonstrates their natural laid back attitude better than this adorable video.

In it four sweet Golden Retrievers can be seen lining up orderly at the front door of their house after a long day of playing outside. They’re each patiently waiting for their turn to have the dirt and grime wiped from their paws before heading inside. It’s a sight every dog owner would love to see, especially those with hardwood floors!

What stands out the most about this clip is how calm and cool they all are, these dogs display more discipline and patience than most people ever would in the same situation. They’re clearly well cared for as can be seen by their long, shiny, brushed coats and all the attention that’s being lavished on them to keep everyone clean and comfortable. It’s great seeing such dedicated owners who care a great deal about their four legged companions.

It’s no wonder that so many people think highly of Golden Retrievers and the awesome dogs make wonderful family pets. Their sweet, loyal, trainable and even-tempered nature is perfect for families with young children. Those traits, along with their intelligence, also makes them excellent service dogs.

The list goes on and on and there are so many other great qualities to this breed, but the ones that stand out the most is their patience and gentle nature.

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With Only 2 Ingredients Your Old Stinky Washing Machine Will Smell And Look Brand New!

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I don’t know about you, but from time to time I smell something kind of funky coming from my washing machine, and I don’t mean after leaving wet clothes sitting for a long time, which is a real no-no.  Because your washing machine is constantly using water and washing fabrics, it can get gunky and smelly due to mildew and mold buildup.

The following instructional video shows you how to keep your washer and dryer, both clean and safe. YouTuber Melissa Maker from “Clean My Space” offers really helpful and easy-to-follow steps on how to do so.  There are various parts, such as the gasket, which tend to accumulate mold and mildew, and should be periodically scrubbed.

Flushing out the drum can also be a good way to refresh your washer. There are certain products in our day-to-day use that amazingly seem to have multiple uses.  The two that are so effective, as discussed in the upcoming footage are: BAKING SODA and VINEGAR!

Maker does a really complete job of walking you through the steps for getting rid of smells in your washer due to mold and mildew. She then continues to show you basic tricks for clearing your dryer of lint, even the secret places that it hides!  This information will not only allow your machines to run most efficiently, but in the case of your dryer can be a fire preventative!

Let us know if this life hack worked for you!

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Her Human Tells Her She Needs Her Ears Cleaned. The Dog’s Reaction Made Spit My Drink Out!

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Denver is an adorable Labrador Retriever who lives in Maryland. Her owners uploaded a video of her titled Denver the Guilty Dog and it quickly went viral, having currently amassed over 42.5 million views! Since then she has sky rocketed to fame and every now and then new videos and updates of her come out online.

In this latest video posted to her Facebook page we see Denver making her signature funny faces and looking absolutely adorable in the way that only she can pull off. Her dad is about to clean her ears and is holding up the bottle of cleaning solution for her (and us) to see.

He wrote on the video caption that “Denver hates getting her ears cleaned and medicated from all the creek play time. Here’s what we get…” She huffs and bares her teeth in her trademark grin-type of expression, but she’s not being aggressive in any manner, and her tail is wagging the whole time.

She knows whats coming and doesn’t like it one bit but it’s necessary to keep her as clean and healthy as possible. There is just something oddly special and cute about Denver’s facial expressions. The reaction she has here is the same one as her guilty-looking video one that made her famous. Maybe she thinks it will get her out of whatever is coming next!

Putting aside her internet fame, Denver is a normal friendly dog who loves nothing more than playing fetch and diving into the creek behind her house. Her Facebook bio says she has two sisters, a cat named Jersey and a dog named Masey, whom she gets along with very well. Her family clearly loves her and wants to keep her healthy and active.

To see her world famous face and priceless reaction check out the video. You can’t help but smile when you see her reaction!

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