3 Guys Sprint Out Of The Gas Station Towards an Old Married Couple While a Police Officer Just Stands There Watching!

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Many elderly people want to remain as independent and self-sufficient as they possibly can, even when they know that they might need a little extra help.  They hate to admit that they can’t do what they used to be able to, which is understandable because no one really does, no matter what age they may be.  

Rose and David Griest were adamant about not giving up any of their independence and they didn’t want to rely on others.  Rose, who was 89 and David, who was 100 years old, shrugged off offers from their family and friends to help whenever they might need it.  One day Rose had to go to the doctor and she and David decided they could get themselves to her appointment. After visiting the doctor’s office they headed home and on the way back they noticed that they needed to get gas.  Not only that, they both had to use the restroom, so they pulled over at a nearby gas station and parked at the pump.  

Rose and David headed for the restrooms and on the way back they ran into trouble.  Both of them were exhausted from the whole trip and were struggling to make it back to their vehicle.  Rose was using a walker and was visibly shaking, it seemed like she was about to fall over. A police officer on duty, Kanesha Carnegie, was across the street nearby when she noticed the pair clearly having problems walking across the gas station parking lot.  She decided to head over and help them out, but on the way, she noticed that three young men were following right behind the elderly couple.

The men were running towards Rose and David and so officer Carnegie whipped out her cell phone and started recording.  She knew nothing bad was happening, instead she believed that she was watching something amazing unfold. The three men surrounded the elderly couple, making sure that if either one fell, they could catch them right away.  They very slowly and gently assisted them back into their car, being completely careful and respectful.  

The men happened to be a trio of rappers from Orlando who were at the gas station that day picking up some snacks.  Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddy G were inside when they glanced outside and noticed the elderly couple struggling and immediately rushed over to help them.  In a Fox 5 interview, Marty later told the reporter that “I kept thinking, ‘She could have been by grandmother.’”  

Without hesitating the young men had dropped what they were doing that day to help the elderly couple in need.  Officer Carnegie shared the heartwarming footage of their selfless act online and it quickly went viral with people happy to see what a difference a simple act of kindness can make. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Cops Slowly Approach This Car and Ask The Driver To Step Out. The Driver Is The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Grandma almost has a heart attack when youtube trickster Roman Atwood sets up this elaborate prank. Why does he do it? In the end you will find out, and the reason just might surprise you. It all started because grandma wanted to take a ride in her grandson’s new whip.

Being a relentless opportunist, Roman jumps on the chance to combine a certain surprise with a prank that is sure to have your jaw on the floor and your stomach in stitches. After taking her for a spirited ride, producing a string of startled reactions consisting of comical facial expressions and a few censored expletives.

Any wise and caring grandson would let his dear ancestor off the hook at this point and give her the surprise, but not Roman. For him, the prank is just beginning. After a few donuts in a parking lot, he pulls to a stop and tricks her into the drivers seat by telling her he is going to take a picture to send to the family.

She falls for it, and in moments the cops roll up behind the car. They order her out of the car and, after terrifying her for some time, inform her that she is under arrest because the car is stolen. She is quite shocked and mentions that she is an old lady and might have a heart attack, which is what I was thinking the whole time I watched.

Surprisingly, she does not go into cardiac arrest, but lives on to enjoy the special surprise that Roman had planned the whole time, a surprise that makes the whole ordeal wholly worth it?

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The Police Pulled Over This Exotic Car. But They Were Stunned To See Who Stepped Out Of The Vehicle!

It was a normal afternoon in Montgomery County Maryland when police officers noticed an exotic Lamborghini Gallardo rushing down the highway with unofficial license plates.  Instead of normal Maryland plates, there was the “Batman” symbol.  They immediately turned on their sirens and pulled over the mystery man. They cautiously approached the vehicle looked inside and were shocked to find Batman driving the Lamborghini.

They asked him for his license and registration while trying to keep straight faces.  Batman had some trouble finding his registration so he steps out of the vehicle in his full Batman gear to look for the lost papers. The cops were extremely curious to find out what the heck was going on here.

As it turns out the man was not Bruce Wayne, but a local business man named Lenny B. Robinson who was on his way to visit sick kids at the local children’s hospital.  Luckily Lenny was carrying the actual license plates for the vehicle and he ended up finding his registration.

The cops ended up letting him off with no ticket.  Watch this hilariousness unfold in the video below! 🙂

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