Daddy Tells His Little Girl She Isn’t Allowed To Have A Boyfriend. Now Watch Her Adorable Reaction!

Dads always tend to be very protective of their daughters when it comes to boyfriends, and girls usually prefer that their dads to stay out of the matter.  Apparently this controversy can start at a really young age as you are about to see in this adorable video, that will tickle you.

Little two-year-old Kennedy announces to her parents that she has a boyfriend named Jared.  The Copeland, Alabama toddler’s dad, is none too happy to hear about this.  The parents video their conversation with Kennedy.

Dad keeps teasing Kennedy that she doesn’t have a boyfriend…she’s “not allowed to have a boyfriend till [she’s] fifty!”  All that little Kennedy hears is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and the adamant little girl is a bit crushed and defiant!

No matter what her dad says she insists that Jared is her boyfriend and she is not pleased with her dad’s denial of this fact.  This is serious emotional business to Kennedy, and she sticks to her story.  Although her parents were really amused at her reaction at such a young age, dad may have to learn not to push it once his daughter gets emotional about her beloved!

It’s no wonder this video has gone viral, as she so emotionally let’s her dad know this is no joke and he’d better watch his teasing in the future!  What do you think? Did Dad go too far in his teasing given how  she reacted?

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VIDEO: His Giant Dog Was Terrified Of Water. But Wait Till You See When His Human Does THIS

Dogs seem to either love or hate water. Some will run and jump right into a pond or stream without hesitation while others do everything in their power to avoid ending up in it. Despite having a swimming style named after them, not all dogs have the natural ability to swim and stay afloat. Some do and others can be taught to swim, with proper oversight for their safety.

There are also certain dogs should not go near water because they easily tire or get cold, are deathly afraid of it and panic, or their legs are too short to adequately keep them afloat. If your dog falls into one of those categories you should not allow them near deep water unsupervised or try to teach them how to swim.

If you have a big, calm, lovable dog like the English Mastiff named Samson in this video, then you can go ahead and give your pup a swimming lesson. The adorable dog is hesitant and afraid at first, unsure of what to do and not wanting to let go of his dad who is holding him afloat in the water.

The sight of such a huge dog clinging to his owner in a pool is heart warming, amusing, and kind of funny! Samson gets some much needed reassurance as his dad rubs his back and tells him it’s alright and that he’s being a good boy. After a little time and with his owner’s calming patience, the big puppy begins to gradually relax and accept the water.

Sensing the moment is right, his owner sets him up for his first solo attempt at swimming, then lets him go. Samson is clearly a natural as he takes off doggy paddling towards the steps without ever once sinking down or flailing around.

Now he can cross it off his bucket list and be all the more confident and safe around the pool and other large bodies of water! His mom and dad are thrilled with their cherished dog’s progress and it’s wonderful to see such a happy and momentous occasion.

Check it out if you want to smile and remember to always take precautions and supervise animals and children around pools to keep them all safe.

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Daddy Confronts His Daughter About The 4 Missing Cupcakes In The Kitchen. Her Defense Is Hysterical.

Little kids love sweet treats. It doesn’t matter the type, whether it be candy, ice cream, cupcakes, or cookies, they will eat it right up. It’s no secret that many young ones often go to great lengths in order to get their tiny hands on a delicious, sugar-filled snack and the little girl in this video is no exception!

Apparently her father, Macario Aegeus, noticed that there was more than one cupcake missing in the kitchen and so he decided to confront the likely culprit, his young daughter! But instead of simply asking her about it, he turned the whole thing into an investigation of sorts. What he captured on tape is one of the cutest, most adorable things ever!

The clip starts off with him asking his daughter if she’s “aware that we’ve had several cupcake thefts?” to which she readily admits taking 4 of them. That’s when he tells her that she’s going to go to jail for her crime, but before he can cuff her she runs off! He immediately gives chase, setting off a game of cops and robbers, as the two run all around the house. As he’s pursuing his daughter he pretends to radio in and gives a hilariously cute description of his little suspect and the play by play action that’s unfolding.

Words don’t quite do this clip justice, you just have to see it to understand how awesome this little game turned out to be. It’s one of the most fun, sweet, and all around entertaining ways that a father could play with his little girl!

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