Groomer Tells Tiny Puppy It’s Time To Be Washed. The Pup Then Throws The Most Hysterical Hissy Fit.

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Going to the groomer can be hit or miss when you have a new puppy. Just like it is with all new things in life, they need to experience it first hand to really get a feel for it. Some dogs end up hating being groomed, others absolutely love it, and some are ambivalent and could care less, so long as they get a treat afterwards!

The whole grooming thing was still kind of strange for one adorable little puppy named Oreo. This was only the second time in her life visiting the groomer and she had yet to make up her mind as to whether or not she liked it. That’s why she threw a mini-tantrum and decided to “sing” her way through the whole ordeal. As you can see and hear, Oreo had plenty to sing about and the lady grooming her was loving every second of her adorable hissy fit!

The video of the sweet little eleven week-old puppy was posted on Facebook by Bobbi Lee and it quickly went viral for two simple reasons. One is Oreo’s super cute face and funny antics, while the other is Brenda, the groomer attending to her. She works alongside Dr. Lee at the Veterinary Hospital at Oakland Plantation in Leesburg, Georgia, and her happy, comforting, gentle demeanor with the puppy is what makes this clip so special. Who wouldn’t want her taking care of their precious fur baby? She’s awesome!

If you love dogs and like to smile then you have to check out the video. It’s short and sweet and the sounds coming out of Oreo’s mouth even kind of sound like ‘mama.’ See if you can pick up on it and enjoy!

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Human Tells This Crazy Dog To Get Out Of The Crib. But The Pup Throws a Hysterical Fit Instead.

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Family dogs are often very kind, sweet, and adorable when they’re around young children, especially babies. Many will even take cues from the kids and act like them in a similar manner, whereas others are more like a parent figure and keep a close watch over the youngsters in their charge.

One couples cherished Boston Terrier, named Humphrey, turned out to be more of a fellow best friend than a mother figure to their young daughter Keira. The hilarious dog can be seen here going wild in the baby girls crib, much to her delight! He jumps all around the bedroom, hopping from the bed to the crib and then out onto the floor and back around. It’s almost like he has his own obstacle course set up and he keeps running through it!

Humphrey is definitely one crazy ball of high speed energy and he really doesn’t listen to mom. Every time that she tells him to get out of the crib he just looks at her with an expression on his face that says “no.” Rather than follow her orders he keeps up his hysterical fit and continues zipping around the room! At one point mom tries yet again to tell him to hop out of the crib, but he responds by just turning around a few times before settling down into a more comfortable position!

Meanwhile, Keira looks like she is having the time of her life, giggling and laughing at her silly dog. She clearly loves Hunphrey to pieces, and vice-versa! According to their mother, the adorable pair have grown up a lot since this video was taken. In an update she wrote that “Keira and Humphreys bond is going strong! They are inseparable! It is a blast to see a child and a dog be best buds! And no he still does NOT listen. Haha!”

Check out the video to watch Humphrey throw his adorable tantrum, he just can’t help himself and is so excited!

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When This Pup’s Human Says The Dreaded “S” Word, He Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum

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Lots of dogs love to chase cats, toys, and all sorts of other small animals that dart and move around quickly. It’s part of their natural instincts to go after and investigate things that pique their interest.

Perhaps one of the most common animals, other than cats, that dogs happen to go absolutely crazy for are squirrels! The little furry gray creatures can be found in millions of yards across the country climbing up and down trees and scurrying across lawns. Many of our four legged friends spend a good part of their day staring out the window at them and when they finally get let outside the chase is on!

The adorable Jack Russell Terrier in this video goes nuts over squirrels and she doesn’t even need to spot one. Instead, just hearing the “S” word causes her to have quite the hysterical tantrum! When her owner says the word “Squirrel” it sets her off and makes her howl excitedly at the sound. Her reaction an the strange noises coming out of her little mouth are so funny to see and hear.

It’s safe to say she’s been conditioned and has learned to associate the S-word with the little rodents around the house. I bet if her owner set her down she’d likely go running off in search of a squirrel too. Check it out to see what she does, it’ll make you smile!

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His Human Imitates His Dog’s Every Move. Dog Decides To Throw The Funniest Fit Ever.

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Have you ever noticed how many pet owners seem to resemble their beloved animals in one way or another? They tend to share certain attributes in common with one another, whether it’s similar appearances, mannerisms, attitudes, personalities, or something else. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many of us are drawn to the pets that we end up sharing our lives and homes with.

While animal/human similarities are usually understated and not so obviously clear, the man and dog in this video are the complete opposite of that! Oscar Filho was playing around one day with his friendly dog when he decided to imitate the adorable Boxer’s every move. The handsome dog’s name is Mel and he is quite the rambunctious, fun loving, energetic, and playful type of dog that his breed is known for being!

The clip starts of pretty silly with Oscar comically imitating Mel’s facial features and expressions as the two beg for food and gently roughhouse on the floor. The poor dog seems confused yet delighted at the odd behavior his human friend is suddenly displaying and doesn’t quite know what to make of it. That’s why he decides to throw an absolutely hysterical fit as he enthusiastically barks and nudges Oscar repeatedly with his big furry head! But Oscar keeps it up and nudges right back, copying his dog’s every move.

As the video moves further along it appears as if Mel begins to calm down a bit and it’s almost as if he has finally come to accept Oscar as a fellow canine companion. The two of them officially join forces and by the end of it all they are like their own strange, weird dog pack barking, begging, and whining in unison. Dog’s really are man’s best friend, and vice versa!

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Human Tells His Dog It’s Time To Leave The Park. Husky Refuses and Throws a Hysterical Tantrum.

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For many of our canine friends, the dog park is a place filled with fun and excitement. They are happening spots where lots of different dogs from all over the place come together to play, run around, and do whatever else it is that dogs love to do!

While many dogs eventually get tuckered out and are ready to go home after awhile, some just can’t seem to get enough playtime in at the park. The latter is exactly how this adorable Husky feels every single time he visits the dog park, which according to his owner is daily.

The handsome boy is big and energetic so he has a lot of steam to run off. It seems that no matter how long his stay at the fun park lasts, it’s always way too short for his wants and needs. Instead of being a good doggy who listens obediently whenever his mom tells him to come and that it’s time to go, he responds by throwing a temper tantrum! The disappointed Husky stands solidly in one place and just whines and moans. He cries out in anguish over the prospect of having to leave the park and it even sounds like he’s saying “nooooooo” over and over again.

After about a minute or so of crying aloud a few other dogs and people come over to where the distressed Husky is. One woman can be heard offering him a treat and that is what finally gets him moving along. This is a perfect example of classic dog behavior, aka not budging until a tasty treat is thrown their way!

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Giant Dog Notices Himself In The Mirror For The First Time. He Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Fit.

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Kane the French Mastiff may look like an incredibly powerful and aggressive dog, but he’s really just a gentle, protective giant! He’s a natural when it comes to being a guard dog and this clip is proof of not only that, it shows just how adorable and handsome he also is.

The big boy happened to come across a mirror and lets just say he didn’t like what he saw. That’s because he caught sight of the reflection of himself in the glass, a sight which sent him straight into beast mode!

As soon as he was alerted to the supposed intruder, Kane growled and stared himself down with the most fierce, unrelenting gaze he could muster. His low menacing growl would make anyone think twice about taking another step and he even threw in that weird licking behavior that dogs seem to always do when they get super angry! Check him out and wait for the end of the clip, it’s the best part.

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