He Came Home To A Huge a Mess. When He Asks The Dog Who Did It I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Ten seconds of messy home, and the culprit is seemingly in view. A pet owner questions his little white Maltese to find out who shredded the tissue on the carpet. The pup stares blankly with bewilderment and a clear lack of remorse. After pointing out the issue to make the dog understand, the owner inquires again as to who made the mess. More empty blinking of puppy eyes, and the man pans the camera to another animal.

And this is when the scene gets funny. A second small white dog stands stiff legged with a tissue box on its head. He must not have had anything to do with the Kleenex on the floor, right? Oh Kacy, you had to go back for one more square didn’t you! The reach for the last cloth was just enough to squeeze Kacy’s collar into the opening of the box, and the collar was just enough to no be able to pull his head back out into safety.

The little dog, for some unknown time, has provided himself with his own justice. Solitary confinement in a tissue box is likely an effective treatment for such behavior as making a mess of all of the wipes. Now, the next time a friend sits down to watch a tearjerker, there will be no fabric to dab their eyes.

Someone has to pay for the inconvenience! Under the stress of the darkness of a box just bigger than his head, and the uncertainty of whether he is ever going to get out, Kacy sufficiently suffered more than the one who has to get some t.p. to blow their nose. Unless he is glutton for punishment, the Maltese will remember this lesson the next time he dreams of fragmented paper between his teeth.

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Woman Finds Her Glasses Chewed To Pieces. When She Confronts Her Pup I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Dogs love to chew on all sorts of things. Some love nothing more than to get their mouths on a smelly old shoe, or a new shoe, or a shoe they dragged into the yard and found who knows where. Others prefer a tennis ball or chew toy. In fact, nothing is truly off limits when it comes to what a dog will gnaw on.

Chewing is a normal canine behavior. Puppies oftentimes chew to explore things or to ease pain caused by incoming teeth. Older dogs do it to clean their teeth and maintain jaw strength. It helps to relieve anxiety, fears and frustrations some dogs go through. For others it is a way to stave off boredom and keep busy.

One woman knows this all too well. A video uploaded to YouTube shows Stephanie Lynn confronting her dog, Rooney, over a pair of what used to be glasses. She holds them out in front of the camera and explains she thought she had misplaced them but on a hunch checked around and found them in the garden.

They had been eaten away at and completely destroyed. After calling her dogs over she asks who did it. One of them, Rooney, immediately acts suspicious and ducks his head while looking up at the camera to make sad puppy eyes. He knows he has been caught and called out for his misdeed.

To atone for his guilt Rooney walks over to his kennel and effectively puts himself in time out. He seems to know that this situation is best handled by removal of himself from it. Out of sight, out of mind. If he is tucked away where he feels safe then this whole mess shall just go away. His reaction is so adorable that even Stephanie seems likely to have forgiven him.

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Mom Comes Home And Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Points and Rats Out The Guilty Party.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.56.51 PMimage via – rumble.com

No one likes being called out and told on by someone else. It usually leads to getting into trouble and being punished for whatever you did that you shouldn’t have done!

In many places, informing on another person is a major no-no. It’s socially frowned upon, even unacceptable, and can come with risky consequences. When you’re young it’s called being a tattle-tale, when you’re older and more street-smart (or in prison) it’s called being a rat. But when you’re a dog, it’s called being a good boy!

Special rules apply to dogs because they’re adorable and don’t know any better.. and obviously they’re just special! When a dog does something naughty usually their guilt is written all over their face or they leave a clear trail of destruction in their wake. That’s because they tend to get carried away when they finally get a chance to do something that’s off-limits or forbidden, like the little French Bulldog in this clip.

The cute Frenchie made a mess when her owners left her home alone with just her older brother, a very big and very sweet looking Bull Mastiff. She got a little too excited when she came across a stray roll of toilette paper and accidentally ended up tearing it to shreds. When her humans walked in the door they were greeted by the sight of her draped in chewed up pieces of paper and surrounded by what was left of the roll.

While the evidence and circumstances clearly point to her guilt, the owner nevertheless decides to ask the two who made the mess. As the camera focuses in on the Bull Mastiff he appears to be quite relaxed and at ease, as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s not worried about the whole situation and he replies in the cutest possible way. Without whimpering a word or uttering a sound he simply lifts up one paw and uses it to point at his sister. He ratted out the Frenchie, answered his human, and proved how much he deserves a treat all in one swift move! Now that is a good, smart, handsome dog!

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Mama Confronts Her Guilty Dog About The Missing Tater Tots. Now Watch How He Reveals The Evidence.

A good tasty snack, or really any type of food in general, seems to always be on a dogs mind! Our loyal companions can’t seem to get enough when it comes to eating and they’re always looking for their next treat. Anyone who shares their home with a dog knows to keep food secured and away from their pets because once they get a delicious smelling whiff of something they’ll go to great lengths to get at it! The pup featured in the video below takes this to a whole new level.

Out of all the yummy snacks in the world, it’s tater tots that this dog finds to be absolutely irresistible! The crispy toasted potato rounds proved too much for him to ignore and his overwhelming desire to snag a few of them is what led to him getting busted by his owner. The adorable dog is named Chase and as soon as his owner let her guard down and her tater tots unattended, he made his move. While he meant to take just a couple, like one or two, the deliciousness simply overwhelmed him and he ended up stuffing as many as he could into his mouth! However, before he could chew them all up and swallow it down, his mom came into the room.

He couldn’t really do much at this point with the tater tots crammed in his mouth, so Chase simply turned away from her to avoid any uncomfortable eye contact. Avoiding her gaze proved to be his downfall because she could see a very suspicious looking lump in his mouth and noticed the bulge right away. He looked more like a big goofy chipmunk than an innocent dog!

Naturally she asked him what he had in his mouth and after getting no response she tried a different approach, kindness, and told him how much of a good boy he was. That was enough to make Chase feel guilty about what he’d done and so he decided to fess up and return the tater tots to their rightful owner. Plus, he realized he’d been caught red handed and really had no choice at this point other than to spit out the food.

Much to the surprise of his mother, when he opened his mouth a whole bunch of the yummy potato bites spilled out onto the floor in front of him! She counted a total of nine tater tots and all of them were still in tact, they had not even been chewed. Poor Chase, he took way too many and all those potatoes must have been drying out his mouth, making it nearly impossible for him to eat and swallow them down in time!

Thankfully for Chase, his mom found it amusing and had a great sense of humor towards the whole situation. In the end, this is definitely a case of biting off more than one can chew! If you are having a bad day this video is sure to brighten it up!

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Mom Confronts Her Guilty Dog She Caught Red Handed Digging. He Denies His Guilt Hysterically.

Dogs and people have a lot in common, especially when they get caught doing something that they shouldn’t be. Have you ever noticed how people tend to act nonchalantly, like nothing is amiss or wrong, when they get caught re-handed? Well some dogs have that exact same type of reaction and the Golden Retriever in this video is the perfect example to back up this point with.

The adorable dog’s name is Jack and he loves digging holes in the lawn. The only problem with his destructive past time is that it’s not allowed and against the house rules! If he wants to dig holes in the ground he can do it anywhere else he desires, just so long as it’s not in the yard. However, some rules are meant to be broken, that’s what makes excavating craters in the lawn so fun in the first place!

One day Jack was outside digging holes excitedly and doing the one thing he wasn’t supposed to, when his owner Ali Wyland glanced out the window. When she caught sight of the naughty boy she mumbled something under her breath about him being busted and then reached out to open the door.

As soon as Jack heard the door beginning to creak open he immediately ceased all digging and dropped down to the ground. With no time to run or hide, he simply rested his chin over the shallow hole he had just begun to dig up. The look on his sweet face was priceless! He acted like he was up to absolutely nothing and if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was just taking a nap on the grass.

How could anyone be mad at that innocent face? Now that’s one smart, quick-thinking puppy!

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This Lil’ Guilty Pup Isn’t Allowed On The Bed. But Mom Catches Him Doing The Most Hysterical Spaz.

Do you remember jumping on your parents bed when you were really young? They probably told you that it was very dangerous and warned you not to ever do it, so you did it anyways! When things were off-limits because mom and dad said so, they became even more fun than they already were. It’s not just kids who have a super awesome, fun time jumping around on the bed, dogs also love to mess around!

The little Dachshund puppy featured in this video is named Pepper and he’s normally not allowed to go on his owner’s bed. However, every once in awhile he gets special permission to have at it and as you can see, he goes absolutely nuts! The little cutie is a furry ball of energy as he zips around in circles across the bed. He gets completely carried away and the look on his face is priceless, you just have to see it for yourself!

About halfway through the clip Pepper’s fellow doggy friend Margo makes an appearance. She jumps up and joins him on the bed for some fun, taking her plushy raccoon along with her. The pair are sweet as can be and by the end of it all they’re both completely tuckered out.

For reasons both obvious and not, our pet companions seem to absolutely love going on furniture. Whether it be couches, beds, chairs, ottomans, or other comfy padded pieces, they know a cozy spot when they see one. Even if they are forbidden from jumping up on the couch or bed, that has hardly ever stopped an animal from doing it anyways.

That old expression, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ definitely applies to many dogs out there. In the end, if you can’t get your pets to stop invading the furniture every time you go out, accommodate them instead. All you need to do is place something over your stuff to protect it and keep it hair-free. Furniture covers, old sheets, towels, and blankets all work just fine and do the trick. Your furniture will stay clean and last longer, your pets will thank you, and everyone wins!

Check them out and prepare to smile and say “awww” because that’s the normal reaction to these adorable types of videos!

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