Guilty Dog Gets Caught In The Act. His Reaction When His Human Finds Out Priceless!

How do you react when you get caught doing something that you know you really should not be doing? Are you the type who denies any wrongdoing to the bitter end even if it’s obvious how busted you truly are, or maybe you slink quietly away; out of sight, out of mind. If you’re anything like this sweet yellow lab, you tuck your tail between your legs and beg for forgiveness!

The adorable clip of Ettore the Labrador has touched the hearts of millions around the globe and it’s easy to see why. She had just been caught doing something very naughty by her owner, Anthony Federica Granai, and desperately wanted to get back in his good graces again. Apparently she made a hole in his sofa and he was understandably upset about the furniture being ruined so he scolded her.

As soon as he sat down on the couch Ettore lowered her ears and began to slowly crawl up into his lap to begin her grovelling. She went straight to work, giving him her most sorrowful and needy puppy-eyed look. Even so, Anthony continued to admonish her behavior which only seemed to make her try even harder for his love. She switched up her tactic and started to nuzzle her head fondly against him while snuggling closer and closer, but he was still upset.

That’s when Ettore kicks her apology up a notch by placing both her front paws on her owner’s shoulders and giving him a big warm hug. The move wins Anthony over and he can’t help but hug her back, it’s the cutest scene! Clearly her apology was accepted and the two made their peace. How could anyone stay mad at a dog like that for more than 30 seconds?!

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Mama Ask These Guilty Pups ‘Who Stole The Cookie?’ How She Finds Out Whose Guilty Is Hilarious!

Brother and sister Dogs, Harley and Wiloa are being interrogated by their human mom, as to who got the cookie off the counter and ate it! The look in their eyes as she humorously questions them, while explaining the virtues of telling the truth and her suspicions about the culprit, are priceless.

In the hilarious video you are about to watch below, watch what happens after mom gives them chance after chance, to tell the truth about which sibling is to blame. Sibling betrayal seems to come as easily to dogs as it does to human children!

Alex Hutchinson, the dogs’ “mom”, has a company and website called Bark Badges. She was inspired by her two adorable dogs seen in this video, as they have such definite dispositions that make for comical interactions. Harley is the “mama’s boy”, while Wiloa (his sis) is “just plain mischief!”

Watch and enjoy this “laugh out loud” video of these nutty pups!

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This Guilty Dog Just Got Caught. Now Watch His Unexpectedly Surprising Reaction!

We all react differently when we get caught red handed doing something that we know is wrong. Some people will deny they are doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught they are. Others stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt, and apologize for any wrongdoing. And some will grovel in remorse and beg for forgiveness.

The latter reaction is how one guilty dog reacted when his owner scolded him for doing something wrong. The Italian man, Anthony Federica Granai, posted a video on Facebook of his furry friend Ettore the dog working his best sad, adorable, puppy-eyed look on him.

The sweet clip is aptly titled “Please Forgive Me” and it has quickly gone viral with over 14 million views in under a week. Apparently the cute pup made a hole in the couch and Mr. Granai was understandably displeased about his furniture being messed up.

Ettore lowers his ears and carefully starts to climb onto his friend’s lap while receiving a stern dress down. He continues to try to make everything better by rubbing his head affectionately against his owner and snuggling up even closer to him, but he is not yet ready to let his sad dog off the hook.

Finally, Ettore takes his apology to the next level as he places both front paws up on Mr. Granai’s shoulders. That is when the two make peace as the man hugs him back and accepts his puppies sincere apology. It seems that the saying “all is well that ends well” applies to this situation.

The next time you get caught red handed and are about to get an earful try Ettore’s approach to an apology. All you have to do is remain quiet, look remorseful, and slowly embrace the person you offended all while appearing to grovel for forgiveness, until you are hopefully forgiven!

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These Guilty Dogs Are So Happy To See Their Human Until They Realize He Knows What They DID

The two female dogs in the video you are about to watch, are really happy that their human daddy is finally home. Wagging their tails as he greets them jovially, asking them with great glee, “How was your day?! Did you guys have a good day?” Tails wagging and wagging until he asks them why they have chewed up his pants.

When he changes his tone to a mock scolding sound they turn and walk away, each time with their tails between their legs, and repeatedly scamper out of the room. It is hilarious to watch, because their “dad” obviously loves his “girls” and isn’t abusively shaming them in any way. It is so cute how they know he’s not happy about his pants.

On a serious note, however, destructive behavior such as chewing objects that aren’t theirs, is usually a sign of separation anxiety for dogs. It is often more prevalent in adopted animals who have experienced early abandonment.

Regardless of the reason, dogs who show evidence of separation anxiety when their human parent leaves, can be counter conditioned. This can be done by providing a new positive association with being left alone. Over time this new positive association replaces the fear they once had of being left.

Some ways to develop this new kind of association is by pairing being left with a yummy food. Dog puzzle toys can be stuffed with low-fat peanut butter, cream cheese or any delicious treat they enjoy. Freezing a KONG toy stuffed with something yummy will take them even more time to eat.

If they get busy with this pleasant activity for 20-40 minutes after you leave, the positive reconditioning will occur and destructive behaviors will cease. All this being said, these dogs obviously love their owner and vice-versa, and the footage is adorable to watch.

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He Bust THIS Guilty Dog and Threatens To Tell Her Daddy. The Dog’s Reaction Is PRICELESS!

If ever there was a picture of regret, this is it. This dog got caught red handed, and he knew it. When the video began, I thought it was just another dog shaming video, but what the dog did next had me laughing hysterically.

After going through the normal guilt and shame sequences, the apologetic pup began to use more advanced techniques. He slithered over to his human friend who was communicating with him about what might happen when the dog’s dad gets home.

After he failed to win his forgiveness with some gentle nuzzles, he pulls out the big guns. Flipping over and exposing his tender underbelly, he goes for the classic upside down and backwards lick of the lower face. Even this doesn’t work, but he does not give up. Repeating the motions, he tries and tries again to bribe him into giving forgiveness, but to no avail. At the end, all he can do is sadly wait until his dad gets home.

It is amazing how well these two beings are able to communicate in just this short span of time. The dog is able to understand every word and inflection of his voice, reacting in time with the subtle nuances of the human language and voice. Each day we interact and communicate with our wonderful pets, and they give us unconditional love whenever we are around them, and they certainly think of us when we are gone.

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Guilty Pup Caught Red Handed By His Human. His Next Move Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Everyone reacts differently when they get caught red handed doing something that they know is wrong. Some people deny they are doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught they are. Others stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt, and apologize for any wrongdoing. And some just try to disappear and avoid any and all conflict.

That’s what one dog did when his owner came home and saw what a mess he made by going through the trash. The adorable white dog named Matzo had tipped the trash can over and spread it’s contents all over the floor. Matzo clearly knew he was in trouble and sat there looking guilty, waiting for his owner to start yelling at him. That was when he tried to remove himself from the situation and ever so slowly he began to move backwards.

His snail paced retreat worked wonders because his owner found it adorable and couldn’t help but laugh at him. Yet still, even after her tone changed, Matzo kept up his backwards scoot until he eventually almost disappeared behind a desk. It seems like“out of sight, out of mind” may have been the expression he was going for, in hopes of it ringing true.

The next time you get caught red handed and are about to get an earful try Matzo’s avoidance technique. All you have to do is remain quiet, look remorseful, and move backwards as slowly as possible until you are out of sight and (hopefully) safe!

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