Dad Left His 2-Year-Old Baby Girl With a Stranger At Court! He Came Back To an Unexpected Surprise!

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No one wants to get pulled over by the cops but for many of us it eventually ends up happening.  Everyday thousands of people get cited for driving offenses and whether it’s for speeding or having a headlight out, there’s always the possibility that you’ll end up getting a ticket.  If and when you do, that’s usually just the beginning, afterwards the stressful process of dealing with it begins. Sometimes you can just pay a fine but for some infractions, or if you choose to fight the ticket, you have to go to court.

Such was the case for Jose Moncayo of Orem, Utah when he received a notice to appear in traffic court for a ticket.  Being the father of a two year old daughter named Abi, he tried to arrange childcare for when he’d be in court. After asking his friends and family, none of them were able to help on such short notice, so he had no choice but to bring his little girl to court with him.

Oftentimes in traffic court you have to wait for your turn to appear which is what Jose and his daughter did.  Being stuck in the hallway of a government building is less than exciting for anyone, especially for a young child, and Abi quickly grew bored and restless.  She wandered around and would walk off looking for something to do, forcing Jose to chase after and keep a close eye on her.

When it was finally his turn to go before the judge, he took Abi’s hand and was about to enter the courtroom when the bailiff stopped him and said that children were not allowed inside.  What was he to do? He couldn’t leave his young daughter alone and he couldn’t bring her with him, there was no real option at that point.

Thankfully, officer Kevin Norris was nearby and offered to watch Abi while her dad went before the judge.  He had been in the hallway with the pair and was also waiting his turn to go in the courtroom. As a father himself and seeing the dilemma Jose was in, he didn’t hesitate to volunteer to babysit Abi.  Since he was in uniform, Jose felt it would be okay to leave his daughter with the cop, plus at that point it was his only real option. While he dealt with the traffic ticket, officer Norris and Abi had as wonderful time you could in a court building.  

They pair walked around and explored the courthouse further than she’d been able to before.  They went hand in hand to the water fountain and visited various officials who ended up giving the little girl treats.  When that got old officer Norris took out his cell phone and played cartoons, he knew his own children loved to watch for the girl.  After a short while, Abi grew tired and eventually fell asleep next to him with her head resting on his tummy!

That was the sight that greeted her father when he finally emerged from the courtroom.  He couldn’t believe his energetic daughter was asleep in the officer’s arms and before he woke her, he took a picture of the sweet scene.  What had been a terrible predicament had turned out to be what was arguably the best possible scenario. His daughter actually had a good time while waiting at the courthouse and was safe and sound with officer Norris.  It just goes to show how a little kindness and understating goes a long way and can make a big difference in people’s lives.

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Cop Tells THIS Lady To Pop Her Trunk Right Now! He Doesn’t Realize She’s Secretly Filming Without Him Knowing!

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When you are driving there isn’t a more nerve racking moment then that exact moment you notice those red and blue lights flashing behind you and then hear the dreaded siren. You can literally feel your heart fall into your stomach as you slowly pull over to the side of the road as you lightly break and slow down to a complete stop.

Then you wait as the officer pulls up behind you, swings open the door and walks toward your drivers side window. Your roll the window down and in your most polite voice greet the officer. Most of the time they will immediately ask for your drivers license and car insurance. You awkwardly stumble through your wallet and glove compartment as you find the necessary documents.

Hopefully you find it without too much trouble hand the stuff over to the police officer and then they will usually ask you why do you think I pulled you over. Here is where you can either be straight forward or play dumb and let him tell you the reason. After you find out what you did wrong, you sit terrified in your chair as they run your license and insurance through the system.

After a few minutes, which feels more like an eternity the officer comes back, hopefully your drivers license and insurance aren’t expired, hands it back to you, and then the big finale and moment of truth comes. The cop will either let you off with a warning, you get a ticket for speeding or not using a blinker, or in the worst case scenario the officer asks you to slowly step out of the vehicle…

In today’s story we feature a woman named Mrs. Walker who was pulled over by a police officer one morning. She was en-route to a job interview so her nerves were already firing on all cylinders. Now with the cop lights shining and siren blaring she slowly pulled over and was completely shaken to the core. She didn’t think she was speeding, drove through a red light or forgot to turn on her signal so she couldn’t imagine what she was being pulled over for.

Both Mrs. Walker and the police car pulled to the side of the road and came to a complete stop. Officer Jenkins opened up his door and began walking towards Mrs. Walker’s car. She decided to be prepared so her window was already down, she began reaching for her license, then her insurance as the officer got to her drivers side window. He popped his head in and told her, that the license and registration wouldn’t be necessary. She was even more confused now and she was actually becoming pretty nervous and scared.

He told her he pulled her over because her break lights weren’t working. She replied and told him she had just replaced the break lights and paid $600 dollars at the mechanic to make sure everything was working properly. He asked where she was headed and she replied that she was currently unemployed and on her way to a big job interview that could change her whole life. Officer Jenkins heart melted a bit as she went on, realizing that she had been scammed out of $600 dollars and now she might be late for her job interview and get the job she so desperately needed.

Then out of no where he asked her if she would pop the trunk so he could look inside to inspect it. She wasn’t really sure what to do because she had seen tv shows where this almost never ends with a happy ending for the driver. He told her to step out of the car and open the trunk with her key. She knew there was nothing in that trunk that was illegal so she popped the trunk for him having no clue what Officer Jenkins could be looking for.

As he walked towards her trunk she was standing about 10 feet behind him and she slowly grabbed her phone turned on the video camera and began to film without him knowing…

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Employees Kick THIS 92 Year Old Grandpa Out Of The Bank! But The Cops Bring Him Back To Finish The Job!

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When cops responded to a call about a man causing a disturbance at a local Bank of America branch, they didn’t quite know what to expect.  They knew the man was very upset and had refused to leave the premises, but that was about it.  

When the first responding officer at the scene, Robert Joss, stepped inside the bank he was surprised to see a 92 year old man at the counter arguing with the teller.  He was angry and confused because he simply wanted to withdraw money from his account, but they wouldn’t allow him to do that.

It turned out that his identification card had expired and, in accordance with bank policy, they were unable to allow him to make any transactions.  The man simply did not get that even though all his information on the ID was correct and the photo matched, he still couldn’t use it since it had expired.

Officer Joss asked the elderly man to accompany him outside and headed towards his patrol car.  He opened the passenger side door and told the man to get in because they were going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get him a new ID card.  The man happily obliged and once they got to the DMV Officer Joss told the manager the story and expiration issue. The elderly man was then allowed to renew his ID right away so that he could get back to the bank as soon as possible and before it closed.

With his new ID in hand, Officer Joss brought the man back to Bank of America where he was finally able to take out money from his account.  Afterwards, the two went their own way but all around town people had taken notice of the good deed. The Montebello Police Department soon caught wind of what their officer did and decided to share the story in a Facebook post on their page along with a picture of Officer Joss and the man at the DMV.  It’s heartwarming and beautiful to see, so be sure to check out the video for the pic!

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Neighbors Swing The Door Open and Find The 2-Year-Old Who Went Missing For Days Guarded By a Pit Bull

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When a child goes missing, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare.  They can’t help but think about what may have befallen them and the fear of the unknown, and all the terrible possibilities, run rampant through their minds.  While it seems uncommon for the most part, it’s not.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, every year in the United States alone about 800,00 children are reported missing.    

When Charlee Campbell, a two year old girl from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky went missing In June 2018 people gladly dropped what they’re doing to help find her.  Local police, firefighters, and over 100 volunteers joined forces to search for the toddler who was autistic and often nonverbal.  \

Her grandmother, who had been watching her, woke up to find the front door open and both Charlee and the family pit bull, Penny, gone.  Her house was located in a rural area and so searchers focused on combing the surrounding woods and fields, but after almost two days they still had not found her.

News of Charlee’s disappearance quickly went national and missing posters with detailed descriptions of her and what she was last seen wearing were plastered around the community.  People were on the lookout for the toddler and her dog and everyone was hoping and praying for her to be found safe and sound.  

One man who lived near Charlee’s grandmothers house was especially concerned for her.  Wayne Brown had experienced this before when his little brother went missing back when he was just 8 years old.  His brother had wandered out of the house and was found miles away but unfortunately, he had died.  Wayne had been praying for her safe return when he spotted something in his back yard. 

He ran outside and there in front of him was a small blond girl.  She was covered in dirt and had ticks all over her, yet she matched Charlee’s description.  When he saw that her shirt had a picture of a Frozen character on it, as described on the news and posters, he knew for sure this was the missing girl.

 Mr. Brown immediately called the cops to report that he’d found Charlee and they came right over, picked her up, and brought her to be checked out at the hospital.  Coincidentally, around the same time Charlee was found, her dog Penny showed up back at her grandmother’s house.  Her grandmother believes that Penny had stayed by her granddaughter’s side and made sure she was safe when she was missing. 

Charlee had been gone for at least 32 hours and judging by the ticks and leaves on her, authorities believe she was lost somewhere out in the woods.  Besides the elements, there are coyotes, rattlesnakes, copperheads, ticks, and all sorts of other wildlife in the rural area. 

Penny had guarded Charlee from harm and after being checked out the little girl was found to be a little dehydrated, but otherwise healthy and in good shape.  Thanks to Penny the pit bull, her missing story has a happy ending.

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THIS Man Posted This Photo Of His New Rescue Dog On Social Media. But Then Instantly People Began Calling The Cops On Him!

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There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a dog and their human. Many people admit that they are closer to their dogs and prefer to spend time with them over other humans. If you have ever had a dog or been around one you can understand why. They are the most loyal, loving and faithful companions anyone could ever ask for. Whether it’s a big dog that you can take hikes with all across the world or a small dog that is your devoted companion that you bring everywhere, there is a breed for every person and personality type out there. Today’s story is a bit of a strange and surprising one…

A man named Dan Tillery and his girlfriend Megan decided that they were going to take their relationship to the next level and get a dog together. Anybody who has ever been in a relationship knows that once you get a dog or cat together, this is a huge step in a relationship which brings you one step closer to marriage and children. This couple after thinking it all the way through decided that it was time to get a dog together so they could test out their parenting skills. The couple had just bought their first house together in Michigan, they had a lot of space and some land and figured a dog would be the perfect addition to the new house. Before they got the house they were in a pretty cramped apartment and although they wanted a pup they knew it was too small and wouldn’t be fair to the canine.

They decided to go to the Detroit Dog Rescue center and find the perfect dog to adopt and give a furever home! At the rescue center they looked at tons of dogs but one in particular stood out from the rest. This canine was an American Bulldog whose name was Sir Wiggleton! The moment they laid eyes on him they knew it was fate and this was their dream dog that would be perfect for their new home and family.

This dog had so much character and charisma and he always had this funny look on his face like he was smiling at something hilarious in the room. Dan quickly noticed that this happy and smiley pup was super photogenic. Almost every pic they took together became an instant classic. He began posting some of the pics to social media expecting to get tons of likes and happy responses letting him know how adorable his new buddy was. One photo in particular really launched off as the internet couldn’t get enough of the adorable pup and his new dad.

Little did he know these uploaded photo would bring a black cloud of contraversery he never could’ve imagined. First, he posted the photo on his personal accounts and thenthe Detroit Dog Rescue reposted the picture and in the caption said stated that after 100 days this amazing dog was finally adopted and they were sure this pic would “break the internet”. Soon after it was uploaded the pic went mega viral racking up over 100,000 like and was being shared all over the world. Dan was elated that he and his new best bud had become overnight internet sensations.

But the celebrations quickly came to a halt when a couple days later the police showed up at his house. He had no idea why they were there or what he did but this definitely wasn’t a prank and these cops were super serious. There had been a law put in place in Waterford the town he lived in, that banned owning pit bulls because of the perceived danger they could inflict on neighbors and neighbors pets. Even though Dan showed the cops the paper work from the rescue center stating that the dog was an American bulldog and not a Pitbull the cops just weren’t convinced.

They told him if he didn’t return the pup back to the shelter he could get a 500 dollar fine and actually be sent to jail for violating the town laws. Dan was completely devastated and people all around the world were lending their support. A battle between the law and the couple and animal activists from all sectors of the globe was exploding. Heated debates, anger and confusion were dominating the conversation. Inevitably the final verdict would be decided by a judge in their district court!

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She Rescued This Abandoned Dog But The Pup’s ‘Foul’ Smell Has Her Immediately Calling The Police!

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Dogs are the most loyal, protective, and loving pets you can share your home with.  They always are looking to please their owners and just want to be loved and cared for in return.  While the majority of pet owners take care of their dogs, some are downright terrible and should never be allowed to have an animal ever again.

When Kelly Benzel was searching for a new dog, she knew that she wanted to adopt one.  She was looking for a dog that could provide both her family and her other dog company and found the perfect one for sale on Facebook.  In the photos posted of him, the white pit bull mix appeared sad and somewhat neglected. His owner was asking only $50 and knowing that she could give him a better life, Kelly decided to buy him.

When Kelly went to pick the dog up, she immediately noticed how dirty he looked.  Clearly the owner she met had not bothered to ever bathe the poor thing. Even so, the dog who she had decided to name Rocco was sweet and loving from the moment she met him.  

After they had left to go back to Kelly’s home, she noticed a terrible smell while in the car with Rocco.  At first, she thought maybe she’d driven through a stinky area, but when the stench persisted, she knew something was wrong and pulled over.  The foul odor was coming from Rocco, yet nothing jumped out at her as to why he smelled so bad.  

As Kelly checked him over, she removed a harness that he had been wearing when she picked him up.  It was on tight and as she went to undo it Rocco cried and moved away from her. Patting his head and reassuring him, she got the harness off and that’s when she saw what was making her new dog stink.  He had a painful six inch gash on his chest that was over an inch and a half deep. The wound was clearly infected, and she knew she had to get Rocco to the vet as soon as possible.

She drove to the nearby Fond du Lac Veterinary Clinic where Rocco was given pain medication and antibiotics to help fight off the infection that had set in.  Once it was gone, he would then need to have the gash sewn closed and for now all Kelly could do was clean him up and keep him comfortable. The vet checked Rocco over to make sure he was otherwise healthy and explained that the harness had cut into his body after being left on for so long without ever having been adjusted. 

Upset and angry at Rocco’s situation, Kelly called the woman who had sold him to her and told her about the injury.  The woman offered to pay for the treatment and kept trying to bribe Kelly, but she was having none of it and hung up.  The woman had known all along about the infected cut but had done nothing to help the dog out. That’s when Kelly called the police to report the animal abuse and they immediately began to investigate.

In the end, Rocco made a full recovery from his wound.  It took many trips to the vet and months to finally heal, but he came out of it stronger and more loving than ever.  Rocco’s previous owners, Amy Shaw and Daniel Eisenach, were charged with the mistreatment of animals and fined $1500. 

A judge sentenced Eisenach to 30 days in jail and 2 years of probation, while Shaw got 5 days in jail, 2 years of probation, and 30 days of community service.  Neither are allowed to own or care for pets while on probation and while they did get punished more severely than most animal abusers, Kelly doesn’t think it was enough for the cruelty and pain they put Rocco through.

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