This Puppy Gives Himself A Bath. But What The Camera Caught Him Doing After Is So Funny!

Who doesn’t love a golden retriever puppy?  I mean all puppies are cute, but in my humble opinion Golden Retrievers corner the cuteness market!  Brady, the Golden Retriever puppy whom you are about to meet in this adorable video, is one of those puppies who just loves taking baths.  Many puppies get scared, but Brady is the exact opposite.

It’s not the fact that he loves taking baths that makes Brady so unusual, however… He loves taking baths all by himself!! I’m not kidding.  He stays in the tub as long as possible, lapping up every  last bit of water, as he watches it go down the drain.

He hops out of the tub on his own.  You would think he’d shake the water off and go on his way.  Not Brady! You have to watch how he manages to wrap himself perfectly in his bright pink towel and goes into his bed, perfectly covered up and relaxed for his after-bath nap!  This footage of this sweet, smart puppy is priceless.

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THIS Pup Jumps Into His Brand New Bath Tub. But His Next Move Is Just Priceless.

Golden Retrievers live up to their name as they were originally bred in the mid 19th century to find and recover game birds and waterfowl. Retrieving activities required the dogs to jump into all sorts of marshes, ponds, streams, and other bodies of water.

They had to be easily trainable and strong swimmers who didn’t hesitate to get wet. Over the years the breed has become well known for their love of water, and with their naturally water-repellent coats, they are more than built for it.

Nothing demonstrates a Golden Retriever’s natural affinity for water better than this video. In it an adorable, happy, and very playful puppy is taking a bath and cooling off on a hot summers day. He has the perfect tub all set up and it looks like there was no having to coax him into it!

He goes to town churning up the water, splashing it over the sides, and it seems as if he’s trying to make bubbles and fizz by pushing it down so quickly. He looks so excited and overjoyed to be immersed in water and he’s definitely getting a lot of energy out while doing his bath time activities.

Golden Retrievers are awesome companions and if you want a dog who will hang out at the beach and go swimming with you, look no further. They are sweet, loyal, trainable and even-tempered dogs who are perfect for families with young children.

Those traits, along with their intelligence, also makes them excellent service dogs, especially for the blind. The list goes on and on and there are so many other great qualities to this breed, but the one that stands out the most is their love for water!

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Video: 1 Week Old Baby Elephant Can’t Figure Out The Bathtub. The Results Are Priceless!

The Asian Elephant has been worshipped and treated as sacred for centuries.   It is the largest terrestrial animal in Asia.  For the most part, the Asian elephant is smaller than the African Elephant. Their ears are also much smaller than the African elephant. The Asian elephant is extremely smart and self-aware. They have a large neocortex in their brain which they share with other intelligent animals such as dolphins, apes and humans.

They have cognitive abilities for tool use and tool making.  They exhibit a wide variety of behaviors, including those associated with grief, learning, allomothering, mimicry, play, altruism, use of tools, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, memory, and language.  Source: Wikipedia

The Asian Elephant is on the endangered species list.  Poachers have been hunting them for their ivory for years and it is still a wide spread problem.  It is very important that conservation efforts are maintained so that we don’t lose this majestic creature to extinction.  We must protect them.  You can help by not buying ivory products. You can also Adopt an elephant: WWF-US & International | WWF-UK | WWF-Canada.  Also you can spread the word through your social media communities and raise awareness.

Meet Double Trouble the most adorable baby elephant who just can’t seem to figure out this whole bathing thing. He clumsily flips, tumbles, spins and flops around in the water as he tries to figure out what this strange water apparatus is. Nothing in the world can really make you feel better than a happy baby elephant. The video was filmed at Elephantstay, which is a non-profit Elephant Rescue Sanctuary and Education Center in Thailand.

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Husky Tells His Mom He Wants To Take a Bath But She Says No. He Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

Huskies are known around the world as sled dogs. These pups have tons of energy and need an outlet to burn it all off. They are able to withstand extremely cold temperatures due to their thick double coat which keeps them insulated and warm. They are known for their almond shaped stunning pale blue eyes which sometimes come in multiple colors. They are very vocal and tend to howl instead of the usual dog bark we are all accustomed to.  The breed is considered a working dog and they are very loyal companions.  They are consistently in the top 20 most popular dogs in America.

Most dogs hate taking a bath, let alone even getting wet, and will do everything in their power to ultimately avoid anything having to do with bathing. Not Zeus, the Siberian Husky in this short and sweet clip. He’s not like most dogs. He absolutely loves, loves, loves taking baths and when he’s unable to do so, he throws hysterical temper tantrums just like the one seen here.

Zeus had been chilling in the bath tub, hoping and praying for his owner to turn the tap on, when instead she told him to get up and get moving! It was time for his daily walk but he wasn’t having any of that. He whimpers, whines, and moans loudly while splayed out in the bathtub begging his mom to run the water. His tantrum is a bit dramatic and over the top but that’s what makes it so great. The big furry boy practically takes up the whole entire tub, I’ve never seen a dog do anything quite like this!

The fact that Zeus would rather lay in the tub than take a walk is another way in which he’s not like most dogs. Usually when they hear a leash jingle or mention of even just the word walk they go nuts and head straight for the door! It’s all part of the reason why the seven year old dog is known by his nickname “Zeus The Stubborn Husky.” You can find him on Facebook under that name and see what else he’s been up to.

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This Kitty Has The Most Unusual Reaction To Taking a Bath

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I’ve seen many a dog video, with pups enjoying bath time, but I’ve never seen a kitty relaxed and playing in the tub…until now! The footage you are about to watch captures Enix in the family tub, happy as a little kid swimming around and playing with a bottle cap that has her transfixed!

It is true that some breeds of cats enjoy the water more than others, however according to “Animal Planet”, many cats are terrified of the water due to unfamiliarity.

Like all creatures, humans included, familiarity with certain environments or elements like water, reduces fear. If you are a cat owner, watching Enix enjoying bath time in the video below, might encourage you to slowly expose your kitty to water, so that your precious one can have the kind of fun she is having!

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