Golden Retriever Mom Gives Birth To a Huge Litter. But 1 Puppy Is So Rare That There Have Only Been 3 Ever Recorded!

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Having a dog is truly one of the best parts about the human experience on planet earth. Man’s best friend isn’t just a nickname, it’s a fact. Dogs are the most loyal companions you will ever come across in your entire life. There is nobody in the world, animal, plants or humans who will be more devoted and caring towards you. Anybody who has ever had a good dog can attest to this sentiment. When it comes to having a great pup, there is no better dog breed than the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are one of the kindest, most gentle and perfect breeds to add to your family. Not only are they great with kids, strangers, family and friends but they are also the perfect friend to go on a hike with, climb a mountain or just about doing anything at all with. Every year they are consistently in the top 5 most popular breeds in America. The only flaw of this particular breed I can even think of, is they do tend to shed a lot, but anybody who loves dogs won’t mind a little extra layer of fur all over their house or apartment.

This brings us to today’s story featuring a pregnant Golden Retriever named Rio who was just about to give birth to her second litter of adorable little puppies! This wasn’t her first rodeo, as her first pregnancy went very smoothly with no complications, she gave birth to 5 healthy pups and was an absolutely fabulous mother to them all. However, when the Veterinarian examined her during her second pregnancy he realized very soon that Rio wouldn’t be carrying only 5 little pups. The vet told Rio’s humans that he could be totally sure but there was going to be much more puppies this time around.

He explained to them that because she was pregnant with so many puppies this time around, it was going to be very important for her not to get over excited, worked up or use unnecessary energy that she would otherwise need during the pregnancy, then during birth and then for taking care of so many of the soon-to-be puppies!

Louise Sutherland Rio’s Human is from Scotland and the vet also told her that not only would she have to make sure there was no over-exertion but also that Louise would have to be prepared to help during the actual birth of the new pups! Louise loved Rio as if she was her own child so she eagerly accepted the vets advice and was prepared to do whatever she needed to do to make the rest of Rio’s pregnancy and birth as easy as possible.

Finally after 63 day on the dot, Rio was ready to give birth to her litter as she looked around for a nice soft warm area to nest and give birth to her puppies. Luckily for Rio, Louise was already prepared with a fresh big crate filled with soft blankets so that she could be as comfortable as possible during the birth of this huge litter and also so that the new pups introduction into the world would be as warm, cozy and loving as possible.

Louise was taking her job as serious as she possibly could. She had gloves, mucus sucker bottles of H2O, tissues to clean the pups and mom up and to top it all off 9 collars for each new adorable pup! Each collar was also a different color so that she could keep track of which puppy was which because at such a young age it is truly difficult to tell them apart!

Louise wanted to document this whole birth because there were going to be so many puppies and she also would love to show the vet and all her friends! So she turned on the video camera right on time and the birth began to commence. As the birth proceeded, each puppy one by one was just popping out. The Golden Retriever mama ended up giving birth to a total of 9 puppies! There were 8 male and just 1 female adorable Golden Retriever puppies. As far as Louise could tell, the entire birth besides the first pup which took a bit of time to come out, ran smooth, she inspected, weighed and looked over the puppies and for all intensive purposes they all looked and seemed completely healthy.

Then she noticed something very strange about one of the puppies. He looked similar in size and weight to the other pups however this little guy was a very rare and special puppy with a very strange colored fur coat….

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Puppy Gives Himself A Bath. But What The Camera Caught Him Doing After Is So Funny!

Who doesn’t love a golden retriever puppy?  I mean all puppies are cute, but in my humble opinion Golden Retrievers corner the cuteness market!  Brady, the Golden Retriever puppy whom you are about to meet in this adorable video, is one of those puppies who just loves taking baths.  Many puppies get scared, but Brady is the exact opposite.

It’s not the fact that he loves taking baths that makes Brady so unusual, however… He loves taking baths all by himself!! I’m not kidding.  He stays in the tub as long as possible, lapping up every  last bit of water, as he watches it go down the drain.

He hops out of the tub on his own.  You would think he’d shake the water off and go on his way.  Not Brady! You have to watch how he manages to wrap himself perfectly in his bright pink towel and goes into his bed, perfectly covered up and relaxed for his after-bath nap!  This footage of this sweet, smart puppy is priceless.

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This Pup Is Scared Of The Carpet. How He Overcomes His Fear Is An Unexpected Surprise!

People and animals face their fears in all sorts of different ways. The most common advice that you often hear given involves going head first and staring whatever it is that you’re afraid of in the face. If you have a fear of heights, go to somewhere high enough to make you uncomfortable and look down.

If you are afraid of swimming in the ocean, go to the beach and jump in the water. While this is sage advice, it doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, people turn to alternative ways in which they can try to stand up to their fears. Whether it’s through meditation, hypnosis, therapy, or something else, if you can find a way to get past personal fears it should be considered a huge success.

Many people like to say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and that’s the attitude you should adopt before, and after, you conquer your inner demons and fears. Take a page out of this dog’s book, and watch what he does in the video to do just that!

The adorable Golden Retriever has a very unique way of facing his fear of carpet. While he doesn’t mind walking on hardwood floors, the sight and feel of carpet beneath his paws makes him very nervous. As you can see, he whines and glances at the carpet before him with fear in his eyes as he hesitates to step on it.

Finally, he gathers the courage and strength from deep within himself, turns his body around a full 180 degrees, and backs up rear-end first onto the carpet. He successfully faced his fears in the cutest, most comical way possible. What an awesomely clever dog and more power to him!

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When Rescuers Arrive This Dog Starts Having The Worst Panic Attack. But Watch Her Next Reaction

It is reported that a dog is trapped after hiding to escape the noise of passing trains. Cue sentimental pop music to start feelings for the poor stranded golden retriever, Clarabelle. The rescue team arrives at the scene after several attempts to locate the confused animal. They shine a light in the dark area where the dog is hiding to show that she is not in fact stuck, but just stubbornly inhabiting what seems to be a secret sanctuary.

The hero places a poled noose around Clarabelle’s neck in order to comfort her to safety. Once in place, a little tug on the collar scares the pup so thoroughly that she rolls over several times in an attempt to break loose.

The man’s soothing tone and reassuring words coax the vicious family pet to allow gentle poking in the face, and subsequent eyebrow rubs. He then continues to inspire her trust and convinces the canine to abandon her unusual haven so he can more effectively shower her with his abundant love.

Lucky Clarabelle is then taken to a local shelter where she is bathed to perfection and given more attention than she can absorb. Now here is the plea for help from you, compassionate viewer. This heart melting story must have moved you to want to support all the helpless animals with stories similar to Clarabelle’s.

A charitable gift of your hard earned money will ensure proof of your warm heart and maintain the pup’s innocent lapping and cheerful soul. Share this story to help support Clarabelle and her new friends.

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Video: Dog Licks A Lemon For The First Time. He Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Fit!

When life hands you lemons make lemonade. So the saying goes- turn a negative situation into a positive one and make the best with what life throws your way. That common phrase works fine and dandy in theory, but in an alternative sense of it, what if you hand your dog a lemon? Dogs can’t make lemonade. Heck, most dogs don’t even know what a lemon is.

One golden retriever was recently introduced to the sour fruit and when he got a taste of it he was shocked. At first sight, he pranced around wagging his tail not sure of what to do with it. To a dog it must kind of resemble a tennis ball or play toy but picking it up by mouth would quickly prove otherwise. He carefully licks the lemon a few times and realizes this is no toy. The bitterness causes him to snuffle and sneeze as he jumps up and down surprised by the unpleasant taste. Not wanting any more of it he pushes it away and goes towards his human as if to say “we’re done here.”

While variety is the spice of life and it is good to try new things, I am sure this dog will not be partaking in any more lemon feasts. He came, he saw and he licked the tangy citrus, and now he knows what it tastes like. Dogs are often drawn to odd smells and are even known to roll around in disgusting things such as other animals poop. That is more appealing than rolling around in lemonade. Their behavior is bizarre to us humans but to them its just another dog day in the life. So if you hand a dog a lemon, this reaction and scene is likely what you will get.

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