Flight Attendant Notices The Words ‘Help Me’ Written In The Airplane Bathroom. She Immediately Tells Pilot To Call 911!

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Sheila was a flight attendant on Alaska Airlines for many years. She was known for her positive attitude and a large smile. She always did her job well. Most of all she was very observant and caring. These two traits proved very helpful on one specific plane ride.

On a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, Sheila noticed something odd. In two seats were a girl and a man. The girl was young, maybe 14. She looked disheveled as her clothes were a mess and, on closer inspection, Sheila noticed what she thought might be bruises on her body. Next to her, the man had a much cleaner cut and was wearing expensive clothing. His demeanor was extremely stoic.

Sheila immediately sensed that something was off. She approached the two and attempted to speak to them but the man quickly shut down any conversation. Sheila had a gut feeling that something was very wrong but needed confirmation. She hurriedly wrote a note on a piece of paper, folded it up, and subtly waved it at the girl.

Once she saw that the girl had seen it she put it in the airplane bathroom with a pen. The girl asked the man she was with if she could go to the bathroom and said yes. She walked to the bathroom and soon after made it back to her seat.

Sheila rushed to the bathroom to check the note. On the front, Sheila had written “Are you ok?” and under it, the girl had responded with “I need help”. Sheila walked calmly to the front of the plane where she stepped into the cockpit and explained the situation to the pilot. He radioed ahead and police were summoned to meet the plane at the gate.

Once the plane landed, the man was arrested. Sheila had successfully saved a young girl from human trafficking. As the girl was escorted off the plane by police and paramedics, she turned and smiled at Sheila, the best way she could, in her traumatized state, signify her immense gratitude at being given a second lease at life.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Apparently This Is The Reason Airplane Windows Have That Tiny Hole At The Bottom!

Airline safety is a top priority all throughout the far ranging and complex industry. Most of the safety-related precautions and procedures passengers see are at the gate and in the terminal, but many more less obvious measures are in place. For starters, airplanes have to meet some very strict design and construction guidelines to comply with government regulations and to ensure passenger safety.

After all, when a plane is traveling through the sky, at high speeds, with a full tank of jet fuel, and contending with all sorts of natural hazards like lightning, hail and bird strikes, safety and construction become the number one priority.

All passenger planes must be certified as ‘airworthy’ before any commercial flights on them ever take off. Everything from the engines to the rivets have to be tested and inspected for performance. One design aspect that many people notice, yet tend to overlook, are plane windows.

If you look closely, you can see a tiny hole near the bottom of the pane. Ever wonder why it’s there? I have. Turns out this little hole has a name, it’s called a breather hole, or a bleeder hole, and it’s located on the middle layer of the window.

All airplane windows consist of 3 layers. The part that you can touch when you’re inside the cabin is called the scratch cover and it’s there to protect the real window from being damaged, poked, or destroyed. The middle piece is called the inner pane, which has the hole in it, and then there is the outer pane.

These two panes are both half-inch thick pieces of Plexiglas which are separated by a half an inch of air. The hole allows warm air in-between the inner and outer panes and releases moisture from the air gap, which keeps the window mostly fog and frost free.

The other, more important, function of the hole is to contain and regulate the pressure exerted on the windows. Planes are pressurized during a flight so that people can breathe safely, and the pressure inside the cabin is much greater than the outside air pressure. The outer two cabin panes are designed to contain this difference in pressure and each is strong enough to withstand it on their own.

However, the bleeder hole makes it so that the outer pane bears the pressure. This is because the hole allows the pressure to become balanced between the interior cabin and the air gap between the panes, thus placing the cabin pressure on the outside pane. If the outer pane were to ever fail, the middle one would then take over, instead of the entire window imploding or exploding (which would depend on whatever the pressure differential is).

Turns out that the tiny bleeder hole serves a major purpose. Many of a planes design aspects and inconspicuous, seemingly minor, details serve very important safety functions. It’s no wonder that the airline industry has the best record on file in regards to passenger safety and transportation.

According to Discovery, the odds of a person dying in a plane crash are 1:11 million, whereas the odds of dying in a car accident are 1:5,000. In comparison, the odds of being killed by a shark are 1:3.7 million (National Geographic).

Those odds put it all in perspective, it’s extremely rare to find yourself in an aviation accident, let alone die in one. That is due in part to the breather hole and the many other plane engineering feats that are designed with safety in mind.

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They Caught An Eagle Owl On Cam In Flight. Now Watch The Unexpected Strange Place He Lands!

If you ever hear a call in the night that sounds like a “who” then an owl is likely nearby. The beautiful birds are incredibly smart and adaptable, and some are even quite friendly towards humans. One European Eagle Owl from the woods around the town of Noordeinde in the Netherlands has been caught on camera swooping down onto people’s heads.

The majestic owl has been seen and documented landing atop different people’s noggins on several occasions. The six pound bird does not try to harm or hurt anyone in the process, and has now become world famous for his friendliness.

The social bird can be seen in action on a YouTube video uploaded by user ijsselduo. In it a group of people are gathered outside at dusk taking pictures of the famous bird. The beautiful and regal looking owl sits atop someone’s house and from the high vantage point he spots a pretty blonde head that would make for a great perch.

He takes off and as he swoops down towards the woman she puts her hood on, and remains very still, as if she knows he is coming in for a landing. Seconds later the owl is perched atop his lady friend and making himself comfortable. He adjusts his position and looks around for a quick moment, staying just long enough to pose for a few photos. Then he is off to find another head to roost on!

The sight is something you don’t get to see everyday, or ever. This particular eagle-owl has made a name for himself and seems to be a ladies man. Check out the cool video show your friends.

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Once The Pilot and This Lady Get The Plane In The Sky They Notice An Unexpected Surprise Passenger!

This cat was just looking for a place to hang out, but she didn’t realize the heights at which she would be hanging! She must be new to the airport, unless of course she just likes getting high. By the look on her face and her eagerness to get back to solid ground, it seems that she was caught unaware. Whilst taking a nap, I imagine.

In the beginning, it just looks like a routine site seeing flight, but keep your eye out for the extra passenger. When she arrives, it takes the pilot a little while to realize he has a stowaway. The look on his face when he spots her is priceless!

He seems to continue giving his tour, because his human passenger does not notice for a while longer. Maybe he is hoping she won’t notice the cat that could easily hop on her head at any moment. That is a very small airplane with very non-existent doors, and a cat jumping on his passenger would probably not work out very well.

It doesn’t take long for the woman to notice the cat, and I’m sure the pilot was relieved to see her amusement at the situation. The cat hangs on tight and lives to find terra firma once more, gaining a story to tell her friends and using one of her nine lives in the process. Did you enjoy this video? Let us know.

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