These Are The 6 Most Common Signs Of Ovarian Cancer That Are Overlooked and Missed!

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I truly hate alarmist health reports, but when I came upon the video you are about to watch below, I did become a bit scared as I had been experiencing several of the symptoms discussed.  It is an unfortunate fact that generally speaking, most women are unaware, that OVARIAN CANCER does have symptoms associated with it.  More people do know that it is known as one of the “Silent Cancers”, that gets diagnosed too late to prevent death.

The truth is that approximately 22,280 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and 14,240 women will die.  It is not, however, true that there aren’t any symptoms that can forewarn women to go see their doctor, and be tested to rule out the possibility of ovarian cancer.

This cancer starts in the ovaries, and if not caught in the early stages, can spread to the rest of the reproductive system.  The problem lies in the fact that symptoms of ovarian cancer get overlooked, because they can be associated with many less harmful health disorders.

If you have some of the symptoms that might be associated with Ovarian Cancer, ruling out the possibility, is a worthwhile action. Information is power!

There are 6 Commonly Missed Signs of Ovarian Cancer: 

The first is a SWOLLEN OR BLOATED ABDOMEN.  This bloating occurs as a result of a fluid, called “ascites”, getting trapped in the abdominal cavity.  Unfortunately, this symptom occurs in the later phase of the progression of ovarian cancer, and obviously can be a symptom of many less serious health problems.  If this symptom occurs along with a couple of the other ones discussed, it would be prudent to see your doctor.

The second potential sign is a PERSISTENT PAIN IN THE ABDOMEN OR PELVIS.  Severe and unrelenting pain in this area, that goes on for a few days, should not be ignored!  It is a clearer sign that could be indicative of OVARIAN CYSTS or OVARIAN CANCER.

Women have hormones that control metabolism.  If these hormones get disrupted by ovarian cancer, a woman will experience the third often missed sign, which is a FEELING OF BEING FULL FASTER that can lead to DIFFICULTY EATING AS MUCH AS USUAL.

A fourth potentially missed sign of ovarian cancer may be an INCREASED NEED TO URINATE.  This occurs as a result of the buildup of the fluid discussed above, which presses on the bladder.  The problem, yet again, of this symptom being missed (by patients and doctors alike) as a symptom of ovarian cancer, is that bladder problems are a “normal health issue” that so many women experience.

When ovarian cancer spreads to the Colon, it can cause constipation or diarrhea.  This fifth potential missed sign of a change in BOWEL MOVEMENTS can also be a result of the fluid buildup pressing on the bowels.

For women who are pre-menopausal, a sixth potentially missed symptom of ovarian cancer that can be associated with other health issues, is SPOTTING BETWEEN PERIODS.  This is never normal if it persists, and should be immediately looked into.

Having one or two of the symptoms, that have been discussed, can obviously be attributed to a health problem that isn’t as serious as ovarian cancer.  Having one or two of these symptoms is common for many women, which is why the diagnosis of ovarian cancer gets overlooked until it is too late.

The testimony of the women in the video below, speaks to the notion, that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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14 Warning Signs Of Emotional Abuse In Your Relationship. Don’t Ignore These Signs.

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Not every scar is physically visible. Sometimes we suffer emotional abuse which leaves us with deep wounds beneath the surface. Whereas physical abuse tends to be immediately recognizable by the outward tell-tale signs of cuts and bruises, emotional abuse is not so glaring. It’s much more subtle, which makes it hard to detect and yet easy to cover up and hide.

The emotional trauma brought on by repeated psychological, verbal, and emotional manipulation often gets repressed in our thoughts and written off by our minds. We cope with it by denying and internalizing the effect it has on us. That’s because emotional abusers use a range of tactics to deceive and break us down over time.

While abuse at any level should never be tolerated, psychological abuse often goes undetected so it’s hard to pin down. In order to end emotional abuse, you first need to be able to recognize the behaviors most commonly associated with it. Below are the main signs that point towards your partner being psychologically abusive to you:

1. They don’t view your hopes, dreams, wishes, or desires as meaningful or realistic. They don’t help you reach your goals and may actually try to get in your way so as to make you fail.

2. When it comes down to who is right and who is wrong, they are always in the right. If and when you try to fight them on this point you either lose or they make you feel super uncomfortable and weird about it.

3. They control who you can see and be friends with and what family members you’re allowed to be around. They also dictate how long you’re allowed to visit with them and so you likely don’t see them nearly as often as you’d like to.

4. You feel guilty when you’re having fun or doing things without them.

5. You tell them everything, even your deepest and most darkest secrets. They do not tell you theirs, nor do they keep your secrets solely between the two of you. Instead, they tell whomever they choose and oftentimes it’s done in such a way that’s calculated to hurt and embarrass you.

6. Your opinion is theirs. If it wasn’t originally it will be very soon because they expect you to adopt their way of thinking without questioning it.

7. In their eyes you are not your own, individual person. Instead, they see you as more of an extension of them and as such you need to stay and be a part of them to be complete.

8. They throw temper tantrums, pout like a baby, or run away whenever they want to get either their way or your attention.

9. You are the source of their unhappiness, misery, problems, troubles or worries. At least that’s what they tell you and where they place all the blame.

10. You are not able to decide what you want. Your partner starts to control aspects of your life including who you hang out with, what you wear, when and how you spend your free time, and more.

11. Everything is always your fault, even if it clearly is not, you end up getting blamed for whatever it may be irregardless of the facts. This especially rings true when they get upset.

12. Your partner is fully in control of your money and finances. You’re not free or able to spend it as you wish to.

13. They constantly tease you and make you feel horrible about yourself. Then when you speak up or try to defend yourself they play it off by claiming all the mean things they said about you were just them being sarcastic.

14. They make it seem like you’re blessed just to be with them in the first place. They may say things like you got lucky when you met them or that they are above you and too good for you. Stuff that falls along those lines is them being flat out emotionally abusive and manipulative.

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10 Red Flags Somebody Is Attempting To Manipulate You and You May Not Know It

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There are many people whom you will come across, during the course of your life, who will try to manipulate you.  Everyone from your child or spouse, to your boss or a salesman.  People manipulate because “they want what they want, when they want it!”  They are looking out for their best interest, not yours.

The truth is, we all attempt to manipulate others at some point in our lives, by playing on their emotions.  It is the extent that people go to, in manipulating others, that becomes a problem in relationships.  If it is a pervasive part in your interactions with someone, then you have a serious toxic problem that can hurt you emotionally.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below, does a very good job of discussing 10 WARNING SIGNS that you are involved with a MANIPULATIVE PERSON. This means that someone is trying to exert undo influence or control over you, or is attempting to have a situation turn out the way they want it by using unfair, crooked or abusive behaviors.

The 10 WARNING SIGNS that raise a RED FLAG that you are involved with a MANIPULATOR are discussed in detail in the VIDEO BELOW.  These individuals may:

1. ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS: This will help them to ascertain your strengths and vulnerabilities. 2. THEY LIE OR TWIST THE TRUTH: This helps them to get you to believe that they know the best outcome, and leaves you questioning yourself, and what you believe to be true.

3. THEY TALK FAST and THROW A TON OF INFORMATION AT YOU: This can cause you to be confused and just go along with what they say. 4. THEY BECOME AGGRESSIVE: Shouting or physical aggression can cause you to just do what they want because you feel intimidated, and just want the intimidation to stop.

5. THEY ARE OFTEN JUDGMENTAL AND TEND TO CRITICIZE: This may be done in an overt or more passive-aggressive way, which lowers your self-esteem and puts you at their mercy. 6. THEY BLAME YOU OR TRY TO MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY: Never taking responsibility for their part in things, the manipulator tries to always make you feel THAT IT IS YOU who has done something wrong.

7. THEY USE DEROGATORY HUMOR OR SARCASM: This negative language undermines your feeling of safety, and leads you to feel “less than” in the relationship. 8. THEY MAY ISOLATE YOU FROM YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES: In this way they become the most important person in your world, and any concerns you may have about being manipulated doesn’t get shared with others, which might give you perspective.

9. THEY USE YOUR OWN WORDS AGAINST YOU: This is an attempt for you to see the manipulator as the victim in the relationship. 10. THEY MAKE THEIR PROBLEMS SEEM MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOURS: The ultimate sign that you are involved with a manipulative NARCISSIST!

Be sure to watch the discussion of these signs to the end.  It may give you food for thought about some of your relationships may be troublesome, because you are being manipulated in a coercive manner.  Let us know your thoughts after watching the video.

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5 Clear Signs That Reveal You Are In a Relationship With a Sociopath.

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We’ve all called someone a psychopath, or been called one ourselves, at some point in our lives. Usually the term is hurled around in either anger or jest, but sometimes we really and truly mean what we say!

In clinical terms, a sociopath is someone who is diagnosed as having what is called Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM-5) APD “is characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture.

There is a marked inability to get along with others or abide by societal rules. Individuals with this disorder are sometimes called psychopaths or sociopaths.” The DSM lists a number of diagnostic criteria that expand upon this general definition and nothing about it is good.

Sociopaths are master manipulators who often appear to be charming and interesting, but they only care about themselves and will lie, cheat, and intimidate you to get whatever it is that they want! If you’ve recently met or are dating someone new and want to make sure they aren’t a sociopath then you need to know the tell-tale signs of the personality disorder.

Sociopaths tend to be really good at these:

1. Lack of inhibition – Sociopaths don’t hold back and often flout the rules or laws because they think they are above it all. They lack control, live in the moment, and don’t care about consequences because they believe those don’t even apply to them!

2. Quick to anger or resort to violence – People who are easily angered and who react by quickly resorting to violence without thinking about the future implications of their actions, are representative of such a personality. They will also let go of any negative feelings just as suddenly, as if nothing were ever amiss in the first place!

3. Selfish and act aggressively – A sociopath will act aggressively in order to get what they want, while failing to take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of others. To them, the ends always justify the means, but only if it turns out that they get exactly what they want and most desire.

4. Narcissistic – A common characteristic displayed by sociopaths is egoism, and when it comes to their own self-interest, they can be extremely narcissistic. This makes them very selfish and absorbed in their looks and appearance. They will always love themselves above any and all others and often have warped views of love and affection towards those they claim to love.

5. Lack of empathy – Sociopaths don’t understand or experience the thoughts and feelings that others go through. They think differently than normal people and have a warped sense of what is right and what’s wrong, as such they’re unable to relate on an emotional level.

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6 Clear Signs a Lost Loved One Is Close By You and Trying To Send You a Message.

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When it comes to spirits and the afterlife there are countless theories and beliefs about what, if anything, happens next. Yet despite all the differences, people generally fall into one of two groups; those who believe in a spiritual afterlife and those who do not. The idea that after death our soul passes on to another dimension, or life, or realm is entirely possible! No one truly knows for certain what actually happens when we cease to exist or where our spirit goes when it leaves our body. In fact, what comes next remains one of the biggest mysteries in all of life!

Despite all the uncertainty, many people from all over the world and all walks of life believe that they have been contacted by the spirit of a loved one after they had passed. You may be one of them. Most people report feeling a special type of presence near to them, one that is unlike any other they’ve ever experienced before.

The feeling they get from it is not a threatening or haunting one, rather it’s more mystical, positive, and reassuring. A feeling of love peace and happiness will blanket you. In the end, they attribute whatever they’re feeling to the spirit of a loved one who is close by.

These otherworldly interactions seem to randomly occur in our lives when loved ones send us messages, signs, and other subtle signals. They communicate with us indirectly and if you’re familiar with what to look for, and are open to the whole idea of spiritual connectivity, then you can pick up on these signs and know what each one means.

If at some point you’ve ever wondered if the spirit of a loved one was trying to get through to you, then the following information will help you figure that out. These are just several of the main ways to interpret the signs that a deceased loved one is close by and sending a message:

1) You Can Sense Their Presence:
This usually manifests as a sudden drop in temperature or a slight chill that is immediately noticeable. The air may become heavy or still and it means the spirit of a loved one is nearby. This is perhaps one of the most common experiences we’re able to have with spirits and while it may be off-putting for some, it need not be. The next time you feel it happen, embrace it.

2) Lights Flicker and Electronic Devices Act Up:
It’s commonly believed that the spirit world tries to make contact with us through electricity. While no one knows for sure, it’s thought that electricity charges them up and forces us to pay attention when electronics go haywire.

Lights will suddenly turn on and off, bulbs will burn out, computers and laptops will act strange, speaker volume may go up or down, radio and TV channels inexplicably change, your car won’t start. When these types of things occur out of the blue with seemingly no explanation, this means a loved one’s spirit is attempting to gain your attention and let you know they are present!

3) You Dream About Them:
When a loved one who has passed appears in your dreams it’s often believed that they are trying to tell you something important. These types of dreams contain messages or answers to questions you’ve been searching for. Don’t ignore or write this off as just a dream, it’s guidance, advice, and comfort coming from your loved one.

4) Familiar Scents:
When you suddenly smell a pleasant scent that is somehow familiar, it’s a sign that your loved one is nearby or present. Spirits use smells that are special to us because we immediately notice and pay attention to them.

5) The Sudden Appearance of Random Things:
Objects such as feathers or coins that you find in random spots may not be so random after all. The spirits of our loved ones will often stick pennies, nickels, quarters, and other loose change in unusual places knowing that we’ll stumble across them.

They do this as a way to help make us feel happy and to signal that they’re close by. So the next time you find a penny or a dime somewhere random, like on your front porch, thank your loved one for the thoughtful gift!

6) You Just Feel and Know They Are With You:
Sometimes there doesn’t need to be an overt sign that forces you to stop and think about a deceased loved one. Instead, you simply can sense and feel that some loving, otherworldly spirit is present and guiding you. This 6th sense or inkling is calming and peaceful.

It’s the type of feeling you get inside which you automatically attribute to the spirit of a loved one. For some people it even feels like they’re inside their head talking and sending them messages. When this occurs, and should it ever happen to you, it’s never scary or unsettling, rather it’s reassuring and welcome.

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The Monks Are Trained To Remain Silent. But When They Lift Their Hands Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing!

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In early to mid December many schools, churches, and other centers of education across the country put on their annual Christmas programs. Groups of children and adults who have been practicing and rehearsing all sorts of songs, skits, and plays take center stage and perform for their communities.

The holiday themed programs center around various aspects of the different holiday celebrations, from Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to Christmas and beyond. Many of them stick with traditional time honored editions of well known classics, such as Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. In contrast, others choose to offer more unique and uncommon takes on the Christmas season.

One group of high school students decided to take the road less traveled for their annual Christmas program and it turned out to be a hit with the crowd, and even the world. The all students hail from Port Orchard, Washington where they are part of the South Kitsap High School’s vocal music program.

They imagined how monks, who had chose to take and live their lives under a vow of silence, would put on a Christmas concert. The answer they dreamed up is shown in this video of their performance and it’s quite creative, amusing, and hilarious all at once.

In it, they re-create the beautiful song “Halleluia” without even uttering a single word. Instead, they line up across the stage dressed in plain robes and hold up cards with the lyrics on them, flashing them in time with the instrumental music. They really thought outside the box and ended up putting on the performance of a lifetime!

The video has racked up millions of views ever since it was posted online. It’s stuck a chord with many who view it as a refreshing take on the boring old Christmas songs and plays that get recycled year after year. Groups of people from all around the world have copied it and some have added their own twists to the skit as well, but this one is the original.

Let us know what you think of this performance in the video below! Enjoy!

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