6 Clear Signs You’re an Old Soul and Don’t Not Know It.

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There are many people in our lives who are old souls, you may even be one of them. They are wise beyond what their physical appearance or actual age let on and their innate knowledge has given them a very developed understanding of the world. They are often quieter, preferring to observe and learn from a distance, while internalizing the lessons and all of the experiences they go through in life. There is a certain vibe that is hard to put into words but when you are in the presence of these old souls you can totally feel it.

Old souls radiate a certain frequency that is peaceful and stable, they are naturally calming to be around. Many believe that they have acquired their wisdom from the past lives they’ve led and that through this they’ve been gifted with an enlightened view of the complex world we live in.

As it follows, old souls both experience and see things differently and this sets them apart from what everyone else goes through. In turn, they also do things differently and here are some of the ways in which this shows:

1. Old souls travel their own path through life:
They are not followers in any sense of the word and never do what may be expected of them. The typical goals and materialistic inclinations of life are of no interest to them. Instead of success and power, they are after self-realizations and happiness. That’s why they’re often more connected, spiritual, and grounded.

2. Old souls have only a few true lifelong friends:
They often have difficulty connecting with people around their age because they aren’t interested in many of the things those people do or talk about. Rather, they gravitate towards a select few friends who are able to truly understand them and their intense nature. They don’t waste their time getting to know people that they just cannot relate to and it can be said that old souls look for friends whom they see as kindred souls.

3. Old souls have an unquenchable thirst for learning:
Their passion for all things intellectual and informative is clear from the get-go. They love critical thinking and any experiences they go through they will examine in depth to extract important life lessons from them. For an old soul, knowledge brings happiness and power. Having their thoughts challenged is what they live for.

4. Old souls adjust to new situations and surroundings with ease:
They don’t like to stand out or make a scene and prefer to hang back and observe. While they aren’t anti-social per se, they do view themselves as a sort of misunderstood social outcast. Their natural curiosity leads them to ask many questions and from this deeper conversations follow. However, if talk turns idle or superficial, they immediately lose interest. If they’re unable to steer it back to more meaningful topics, they will simply end it abruptly and move on.

5. Old souls look beyond the mundane and see the bigger picture:
They filter out the basic everyday details that tend to cloud the thoughts and minds of everyone else. Their vision is clear and uncompromised by material things or selfish vanity, which they see as senseless and unproductive. Instead of being focused on the here and now, they look right past it, way down the line into the future. Thinking far ahead about all of the possibilities, or the consequences of ones actions, is what gives them a wider perspective and understanding of the world beyond the present.

6. Old souls are spiritual:
This doesn’t mean they are religious devotees, or even a part of any organized religion. Instead, they are more in tune with a variety of ancient rituals and traditions which by practicing brings them happiness. Old souls are always seeking enlightenment through knowledge, and spirituality both encompasses and fulfills a major part of this.

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Your Soul Shines Through Which Part Of You?

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Through which part of you does your soul shine through? Mine shines through my left pinky finger, which poses more problems than I can count, and certainly more than I would have ever thought possible if I were more inclined to think about such things.

Of course, since this has been a problem since before I can remember, I really can’t make such generalized statements. What I can say with certainty is that the pinky soul shining is not a condition you should envy.

I wake up each morning to a blinding light shining from my pinky, the same light which kept me awake the entire night before and wouldn’t let me fall asleep when I lay down each night. I tried covering it with all sorts of things, but it just burns right through, somehow without damaging me or my bed.

It’s almost as if the fire that burns in my soul pinky is not of this world, and it somehow vaporizes certain objects, while leaving the rest perfectly intact.

The second problem, of a near infinite list, is that people often think I am some sort of law enforcement officer or emergency worker when I am driving in my car. You would think this would be a good thing, but the actual law enforcement people think I am doing it on purpose.

Upon seeing a bright light near my windshield, and cars pulling over in front of me, they assume I have a sneaky dash emergency light like the ones the undercover officers use.

This results in my getting arrested multiple times over, which is also problematic because my fellow inmates get very upset when they can’t sleep due to the blazing glory of my exposed soul.

Let us know your results!

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Do You Keep Seeing The Same Repeating Numbers Over And Over? It Unexpectedly Means THIS..

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When you see a clock displaying the time and it happens to be all the same number, like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, do you make a mental note of it? Many people do exactly that and claim that they tend to remember and notice the time most often when the numbers are repeating.

The reasons given for why this is so vary widely and you’ve likely heard of a few explanations for it. The main thought is that recurring numbers are a sign that the universe is trying to get your attention. It’s a sort of signal from unseen forces that are attempting to shift your focus to important life matters that you need to address or work on.

So if you often pause and take note of the time when the numbers are repeating it’s perfectly normal and it means that your higher self, spirit guides, or angels are trying to connect and get through to you.

Part of the allure of repeating numbers and why they catch our eye is that they’re visually pleasing. They appear uniform, clean, neat, and parallel respective to one another which is favorable to our eyes and mind, especially for those with a slight preoccupation with organization or numbers.

This may help explain why so many people say that they seem to always be looking at a clock when the time is all repeating numbers, as the sight of it just sticks in our heads longer. In relation to that is the concept of synchronicity that may help shed light on the mystery and fascination surrounding recurring numbers.

Synchronicity is the belief that seemingly unrelated things, which in and of themselves are not that important, gain meaning and significance when they occur randomly at the same time. These events are often called “meaningful coincidences” as they have no apparent effect on each other, but are nonetheless meaningfully related in some way.

We give meaning to repeating numbers on a clock by ascribing to them a sort of magical, special value. That value is best illustrated by the most popular and common belief surrounding 11:11, which is that whenever you see that time on a clock, you should make a wish and it will come true.

While this may or may not be true for everyone, it does give the numbers a special and meaningful sort of value. That’s because every time you see it and make a wish, you’re thinking of the things or events that you most want to happen or come true. It causes you to stop and think for a moment, however brief it may be.

Then, when you make a wish, you’re focusing all of your thoughts and energy on something in your life or mind that you want to influence. Other beliefs include the idea that certain times are related to our spirit guides or guardian angels. They use repeating numbers as a way to get through to us and to grab and hold our attention, so they can tell us something important.

In similar regards to that is another thought which is related to numerology. Within the practice there are three double digit master numbers, 11, 22, and 33, which represent different aspects of our inner selves, ranging from personality to spirituality and beyond.

They are thought to have more potential and influence in our lives than other number combinations and thus increased attention needs to be given to them. In addition, the numbers stand for increased awareness and perception by offering us a channel to our inner subconscious self.

Thus, the numbers are a direct link, or a sort of doorway, to our soul and the desires, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and ideas hidden there. Then there is the theory that if you notice the time is all recurring numbers, and stop to think about it, you’re taking time off to acknowledge the moment.

That simple fact, in and of itself, is vitally important. By simply stopping to fully realize and focus on what’s in front of you, you’re re-setting your own clock and rhythm. In the end, what matters is that you’re conscious and aware of time, life, and curious as to how all of the interesting things you notice in it connect.

The accompanying video goes over what certain individually repeating numbers mean. If you ever see a specific number all the time, you can find out what it stands for and the meaning it may hold in your life. It’s fascinating to learn all of the revealing insights behind each one and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the numbers in your life, so check it out and enjoy!

Do you see any repeating numbers in your life? Let us know! Watch the video below for more information:

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The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Reveal What Color Your Energy Is.

While we may not always notice and appreciate it, there is beauty all around us. We’re surrounded by sweeping natural vistas, mountains and oceans as far as the eye can see, magnetic sunsets, star studded skies, cool artwork, amazing foods, good people, the list is endless. There are an infinite amount of other beautiful things in this world to take in and behold.

A major part of what makes something beautiful are colors. Without them nothing would stand out and life would be very dull, heavy, and lackluster. Not only would the outlook be much bleaker, we’d also lose much of our ability to glean information because you can tell a lot about something simply by what color it is. A very basic example of this is a banana. Green colored bananas are not yet ripe, yellow ones are, and brown or black bananas are overripe and rotten.

Most of us take colors for granted. They are inescapable and everywhere we look, even when we close our eyes we visualize and imagine things in color. Think about what the world would look like without all the shades of the rainbow, it’d be so different and muted. Nothing would stand out and everything would appear dull and drab.

Colors are one of the few things in the world that practically everyone perceives in the same type of way. That’s because the colors we are all able to see come from a complex interaction between the human eye and visible light waves. A very basic explanation is that when objects reflect, absorb, or emit light, the cones in our eyes pick up on it as a certain shade of color.

It just so happens that people also put off different color energies, depending on what frequency they are vibrating at. This type of colored energy is very similar to that of our auras and chakras, in that it’s deeply personal to each one of us, and it may also be read or interpreted by others who pick up on it. When you stop and think about it, there’s all sorts of additional ways that colors impact and affect our lives.

Colors are what makes the world a beautiful, lively place and just as they influence everything around us, they also affect people. One way in which this occurs is with the energy that each of us give off and the frequency we vibrate at.

Every individual alive vibrates at a certain frequency which causes them to radiate their own beautiful colored energy. The shades that we glow at are connected to our auras in that they are both uniquely personal to each of us and can be read or interpreted by other people.

In fact, there are all sorts of subtle ways in which the color of our own energy may end up affecting us. For example, other people’s perceptions of us are unconsciously influenced by the color that we give off. They can pick up on it and read the energy we’re radiating. This gives them an instant sense of who we are and while our behavior and personality matters the most in social interactions, our energy does too!

Another factor that can greatly affect whether something is beautiful or not is the energy that it puts off. This is especially true for people and every single one of us vibrates at a certain frequency, which in turn causes us to radiate our own unique colored energy. The many spectacular shades that we can glow at are rooted deep in our souls and they’re also connected to our auras, in that they’re both extremely personal and they can be unconsciously picked up by other people.

While the vast majority of us are unable to actually see the colors our energy is radiating at, we nonetheless get a feel for it. Based off of that gut reaction, we can tell a lot about something or someone, including whether or not they’re beautiful.

We get an instant sense of who others are and just like a banana, the color of our energy is very telling and it ends up influencing people’s opinions and viewpoints of each other. Whether you believe in the concepts of energies and auras or not, you have to admit that there is something deeper and indescribable at work when you make a certain type of connection with someone.

This quiz is composed of beautiful images that can help you figure out exactly what color your energy is currently vibrating at. The pictures have been chosen for the relaxing and tranquil vibes they put off and while they may seem random, they’re not. There’s an art to quizzes like this and the images have been chosen because they target your subconscious in ways that can draw out the colorful answer that’s hiding inside of you! Try it now. Enjoy!

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What Animal Were You In A Past Life? Find Out.

If you’ve often thought that some people look and act like certain animals, you’re not alone. I don’t mean in the ‘party animal’ context of the idea, but rather in a deeper and more subtle type of way. It often shows through in their mannerisms and behaviors, it’s almost as if they have some inner animal living within them that emerges every now and then and rears its head. Take a close look around and you’ll start noticing how many people share personalities and attributes with an animal. It’s super interesting to observe and once you notice, it’s hard to not see it!

When you stop to think about it, the inner animal connection makes complete sense. After all, we humans are animals ourselves. Even if we sometimes gloss over or forget about that fact and think of our species as above all the rest, we are animals through and through. Even if you fail to really see any animal aspects in either yourself or other people who you’re close to, it’s right there inside all of us and it’s a direct connection to our past lives.

For as long as humans have existed, and potentially even much longer, our souls have been on an endless and ongoing journey. If you follow the views and beliefs encompassed by reincarnation, then you’re familiar with the idea that we’ve all lived many lives to get to the current point that we are at right now. In each of our past life identities we’ve been someone or something completely different than our current form. In many of our existences we were not even human, instead we were animals!

Each time we died we were reborn and our soul switched bodies. Gradually we evolved and in the process we’ve managed to retain some of the characteristics and attributes from those past lives. Not many people identify as trees or grass, but every now and then you do hear of a strange past life identity. However, it’s the animal traits that tend to be among the strongest remnants of our past, which is partly why some people seem to act so much like certain animals. The animal quirks we display are often manifested broadly and as such, they can show up in just about any area or part of our lives. Sometimes they can be seen in our preferences, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, fears, and so on and so forth.

This interesting fun quiz will help you discover what animal you likely were in one of your past life identities. It’s easy and eye-opening to work through, just be sure to approach it with an open mind.

What animal were you in a past life? Let us know your results in the comments.

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8 Clear Signs You Are An Earth Angel Incarnated On This Planet and Don’t Know It

While we are all ultimately human beings, some of us are more than just that. There are people who walk among us who are Earth Angels and whether you’re aware of it or not, you yourself might may even be one! Earth angels are essentially souls who are sources of hope, inspiration, support, and healing. They come into our lives at completely random, unexpected moments or when we need them the most. They’re here to help guide us on the right path and spread positive vibes, peace, and love. As such, you may know them by several other names which they’re called and people commonly refer to them as spirit guides, healers, and light workers.

Regardless of what you’re familiar with and know them as, Earth Angels are those of us whose souls seem to exist on another dimension. At their core they are selfless and passionate, while their presence is calming and reassuring. If you think that perhaps you are an Earth Angel or know somebody who may be one, but are not completely sure, then check out the signs below. They all point towards someone being an Earth Angel, so if these apply to you, then you most likely are one!

1. You Are An Empath.
This means that you are deeply affected by the emotions other people around you are feeling. You’re highly attuned to the energy and vibrations they’re emitting, so much so that you end up experiencing them as well, and thus are greatly influenced and affected by them.

2. People Tell You That You’re An Old Soul.
Whether you believe them or not, you undoubtedly show an awareness and wisdom beyond what your age lets on. A certain energy vibe you radiate gives people the intrinsic feel that you are an old soul.

3. You Crave Alone Time.
If you go too long without it you end up feeling drained and weak both emotionally and physically. You find solace in solitude, it’s a time when you can meditate and process your emotions. Time spent alone is what restores your inner balance and readies you for whatever comes next.

4. You feel Drawn Towards A Certain Purpose In Life.
Money, fame, fortune, all of those types of things do not appeal to you. Instead, you want a career that is mentally and spiritually fulfilling. Many Earth Angels have an overwhelming desire and need to be able to help or heal others, and so they often end up as the following; doctors, nurses, firefighters, EMTs, therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, teachers, acupuncturists, social workers, and so forth.

5. You Are Highly Sensitive.
Oftentimes you find yourself overwhelmed by all the suffering and problems you see in the world. It affects you greatly and is a source of frustration and anxiety. It almost feels as if all the world’s problems are simultaneously yours and the baggage feels extremely heavy.

6. People Are Drawn To You For Advice.
They seem to seek you out and come to you with their problems because they instinctively know you will both listen to them and help solve or work through them. Even complete strangers will initiate a conversation out of the blue about their troubles, and you always take the time to hear them out and respond. In fact, you love being able to help people past their issues.

7. You Loathe Violence And Suffering.
Whether it is outright physical violence, starvation, pain, poverty, emotional hurt, evilness; whatever form it takes, you hate it. Watching others suffering is very uncomfortable for you and as an empath you tend to take on others pain and hurt.

8. You Have Vivid Dreams And Often Daydream.
When you dream it’s intense and life-like. It’s also likely that you space out a lot and fantasize about magical, awesomely weird, or metaphysical things. Things from the past and future that you couldn’t possibly know unless you were an incarnated earth angel,

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