If You Spot a Plastic Bag With Water Inside Above Somebody’s Door It Means THIS

Now that the warm, beautiful weather is finally upon us, many of the annoying bugs and insects are coming out of the woodwork in droves. Summer season is bug season and that means mosquitoes, gnats, flies, ants, wasps, and thousands of other different types of bugs are active. They can quickly ruin a fun outdoor picnic or turn a BBQ into a disaster by swarming and biting guests, getting into the food, and just making life miserable in general!

Many people turn to insect repellents, bug zappers, and fly swatters but all of these devices have a very limited effect. Lots of bugs manage to fly right by and avoid them all together. However, there is an alternative way to get rid of pesky unwanted insects that’s much more simple and affordable than any of the aforementioned tactics.

The following method that’s covered in this video offers you a completely safe and environmentally friendly way to create a no-fly, bug free zone in a matter of seconds. All that it requires is the following items :

1 clear plastic sandwich bag
a few shiny pennies
2.5 cups of water
1 teaspoon of table salt
2-4 squirts of lime juice

Start by mixing together the water, salt, and lime juice in a bowl. Take the plastic sandwich bag and fill it three quarters of the way with this solution before dropping in a few pennies. Seal the bag up securely and hang it near wherever you plan on spending time.

You can nail the bag to a fence, pin it up in the doorway, hang it from a tree, basically whatever you do will work fine so long as the baggy is elevated and able to catch the light. Also, the lime juice and salt are there to ensure that the pennies stay extra shiny, so if you don’t have any on hand you can skip them but make sure you use the shiniest pennies you can find!

This simple bug deterrent has been used for years by people who know about it because it works really well. The strung up pennies submerged in water actively reflect light which creates prisms in the air that flicker and move all about. While people are unable to see these prisms, flies and other bugs can see them and steer clear of the light. It’s believed that the reflected light scares them off by making it hard for them to focus.

They’re also tricked into thinking that there’s water in the air and thus avoid the area around the bag to keep from getting wet and going blind. In addition to pennies in a bag, old CDs hung from a tree also work just as well since they too reflect light.

One last thing worth mentioning is always remember to take down the plastic bags and dispose them properly when you’re all done using them. You don’t want to litter and the bags can be dangerous, even fatal, to animals who come across them and mistakenly ingest them thinking that they’re food…

In the end, the plastic bag and pennies work to effectively create an invisible barrier that no flying insects are willing to cross. Try it the next time you have a BBQ or party outside and feel free to share this helpful tip and pass it along!

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She Puts Red Lipstick Under Her Eyes. But When She’s Done It’s STUNNING!

Having dark under eye circles is a beauty issue many people can’t quite solve. The unsightly dark areas make a person look tired and worn out even if they aren’t. Some people end up spending a small fortune on different kinds of concealers, blemish sticks, and powders that promise to cover up and mask the circles. These products usually don’t work as well as we hoped for and the search for a solution carries on.

A little known beauty secret for making any unsightly dark spots on the face area disappear is to use red lipstick. It sounds odd and far fetched to rub makeup meant for your lips anywhere else but on them, but it actually works wonders.

In a straightforward instructional video, Deepica Mutyala shows how to mask dark under eye circles using red lipstick in addition to your regular makeup routine. She explains that women who share her skin tone should use a bright orange-red colored lipstick to even out any dark circles and neutralize the face. Start with a makeup brush and dab it on the lipstick.

Then apply it to the eye area, underneath and around them, or anywhere else on your face that may need color correction and neutralization. Once you have evenly applied the lipstick you can begin to put on the rest of your makeup as you typically would. When you put concealer on over the red lipstick it’s best to use a beauty blender type of applicator to really make sure that it all blends well.

When finished, the lipstick and makeup you applied over it should mask the dark spots to a point where they are not at all noticeable. In comparison to normal concealers, the lipstick covers dark eye circles so well that even a slight hint of darkness won’t show through.

Try it yourself and see how well this trick works, after all there is nothing to lose, and chances are you already have a red lipstick laying around at home. For some of us out there, this beauty tip could change our appearance, and lives, for the better. So grab your red lipstick tonight, smear it on your face, and be amazed at how such an unlikely solution actually works!

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He Scatters Tea Bags All Around His Vehicle. The Reason Why Is Brilliant.

Riding around in smelly car is never fun. Some odors can even give you a headache, especially if you’re sensitive to smells. From old spilled food and beverages to moisture trapped inside, a wide variety of causes can make a car stinky. On top of that, gross odors usually stick around much longer and smell ten times worse in small, hot, enclosed spaces like car interiors.

When your car smells, you have to act and do something to eliminate it or else the stench will only stick around and get even worse. Instead of reaching for aerosol sprays or air fresheners and spending a bunch of money, try using tea bags!

Tea bags are perfect for making your car smell fresh and clean. Their natural deodorizing effects make them the most inexpensive and easy way to combat nasty smells. Rather than just temporarily mask odors, they effectively absorb them, which makes them great for freshening up damp, dank spaces. Lots of people toss a few in trash bins and shoes to help cut down on the stink and as YouTube’s OnePotChefShow explains, tea bags work just as excellent in cars!

The only thing you need to do is pick up a box of flavored tea if you don’t already have some on hand. Place a few of the dry tea bags around the interior of your car and the smell will quickly disappear. The One Pot Chef recommends cinnamon and vanilla flavored teas since they work great and smell pleasant. The bags will absorb any moisture in the air, which is often the cause of stale smells, and last for months. In fact, one box of tea will easily last you at least a year or more!

This simple trick just goes to show that you don’t have to drink your tea to enjoy it! If you have some tea bags that have been sitting in your kitchen go grab them now and toss a few under your car seats. That way the next time you drive both you and any passengers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the car ride!

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This Man Drops a Bunch Of Tomatoes In a Pot of Soil. A Week and Half Later Awesome.

People have a renewed interest in gardening and many are opting to grow their own fresh food at home. The reason is simple for many, instead of buying the markedly expensive organic products that are pesticide-free from the store, they’re choosing to shop locally and plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs right in their own back yard.

Between the ever increasing cost of food, consumer awareness, and health and safety concerns, it makes sense to plant your own garden. It’s the only way you can be sure and know exactly how the food you’re feeding your family was grown. Equally as important is the fact that the best way to enjoy any fruit or veggie is freshly picked right off the vine!

Even if you don’t have a green thumb or the know-how, there’s still hope! The simple method covered in this video from The Wannabe Homesteader channel on YouTube goes over a novel way to start tomato seedlings. It will cost you nothing and requires zero plant or gardening experience whatsoever.

The two minute clip titled “The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings” is not misleading in any way, shape, or form. All you need is a pot full of dirt and a few tomato slices. That’s it! You can simply take old pieces of tomato that you bought at the store, plant them, and re-grow a bunch of tomato plants all over again. The types of tomatoes that work best for this trick are heirloom tomatoes that have been grown organically or ones that you know come from a garden. Here’s what to do:

1) Cut a ripe or over-ripe tomato into ¼ inch thick slices.
2) Place them in the dirt evenly spaced apart.
3) Cover the slices with a thin layer of potting soil.
4) Water regularly as needed.

About a week or so after you plant the slices there will be a bunch of tiny little seedlings that have sprouted up. Take the larger ones and re-plant them in a new pot, you only want a couple in each container. After they’ve grown a bit more take the bigger ones out again and plant them in their own pot. Now you have the sturdiest, strongest tomato plants that will yield the plumpest, juiciest, and most delicious tomatoes you’ve ever tasted!

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10 Gardening Life Hacks Everyone Should Know.

image via – shutterstock.com

This time of year is when everything starts to come alive again. The trees are beginning to bud, plants are starting to poke through the dirt, flowers are blooming, and the songbirds are out in full force. If you’re a gardener, that means it’s time to start digging in the dirt! Even if you aren’t a seasoned gardener, it’s not too late to get started. Who knows, once you try it, you may just end up falling in love with it!

Gardening is a good for your health, your wallet, and the Earth. Many people find that it’s a very relaxing and rewarding way to spend some quality time outdoors and it helps to improve their mood and life. Not only that, fresh healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can be grown to your tastes and cost much less than the grocery store variety. Plus, foods that you have taken the time to grow yourself always taste a lot better!

Beautiful, colorful flowers, green shrubbery, and ornamental plants can all help to liven up any yard and make it appear brand new. The possibilities for gardens are endless with thousands of varieties and combinations of seeds readily available. If you’re interested in learning more about gardening or making your green thumb greener, look no further. This video and what follows below are some super clever ways to help ease your garden along. They all use everyday items and objects that you probably already have on hand or can pick up at the store for cheap, so check them out. This year garden smarter, not harder!

1. For plants that are sensitive to root disruption, such as beans and peas, use leftover cardboard tubes from paper towel and toilette paper rolls as planters. The tubes make transplanting much less stressful and ensures roots stay separate and untangled from one another.

2. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with try making a vertical garden on a wall, fence, or other space. The video shows how to use gutters to create a wall garden by drilling holes in the bottom of them for drainage. Measure and cut them to size and then hang on wall brackets.

3. To help seeds germinate and sprout earlier soak them overnight in lukewarm water before planting. 4. For a technological and creative approach to gardening check out the available software and apps out there for planning and plotting out gardens. They’re really useful for both new and seasoned gardeners and have even been shown to reduce the chances of ending up with failed crops.

5. For neat rows of evenly spaced plants use a measuring stick. To always have one handy nearby make one out of a long wooden handled gardening tool marking off intervals on it.

6. Keep track of plants by labeling what and where they are located. You can recycle last years labels by scraping off any old marker with sandpaper or use cheap Popsicle sticks, flat stones, or tiles as markers.

7. On cold nights where frost could be an issue you always need to protect sensitive seedlings. Cover them with a terracotta pot at night and simply uncover it the following morning.

8. A very common pest that plants often get is aphids, which are also known by their nastier sounding name, ‘plant lice.’ To get rid of the tiny bugs wrap sticky tape around your hand and brush them off your plants. This will help pick the aphids off while keeping them off your hands as well.

9. Make a super easy irrigation system by recycling old plastic water bottles. Punch a couple holes in the cap, cut the bottom off, insert it in the ground near the plant, and fill with water. This design allows water to slowly be released into the ground so it lasts longer, which is especially important and necessary if you are growing plants in hot, dry, arid conditions.

10. Recycle and reuse leftover water from cooking, like water used to boil veggies, and collect rainwater from your roof/eaves to help water your garden and decrease overall consumption. Every bit helps!

Please check out the video for more information and to get a better visual understanding of all the pointers covered here. Remember, don’t garden harder, garden smarter!

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