He Wrote A Suicide-Note and Left His Room. When He Returns He’s Stunned When His Dog Does THIS

Animals are incredibly in tune and aware of everything around them, so when something seems off or strange, they tend to notice it right away. Our pets are very emotionally connected to us, when they see their human companions upset or crying, they often approach the person gently and offer them lots of licks, sweet puppy eyes, and tender reassurance.

Most often it is man’s best friend, dogs, who react as if they know the person needs some extra love and affection. In a way, it’s as if dogs have a 6th sense for these types of situations. They just feel and intuitively know what to do when humans are deeply upset and sad.

Twenty-three year old Byron Taylor knows this all too well. He says that his six year old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff, Geo, saved his life. The normally gentle, peaceful, loving dog saw something was amiss with his owner and took action when Taylor was about to attempt suicide.

He had gone so far as to fashion a noose out of rope and left it for a moment to write a suicide note to his family. When he returned a few minutes later Geo had grabbed the rope with his strong jaws and wouldn’t let go of it. Even when Taylor tried to wrestle it back, Geo held on tight and even snarled and growled uncharacteristically at him. Eventually the dog tore the rope to shreds, Taylor says “He chewed up the noose…

In a way, I think Geo knew what I was going to do.” It certainly seems as if his faithful companion truly did know what was going through Taylor’s mind and he stepped in at the right time to put a stop to it. Geo gave him a clear reminder of exactly what he had to live for, and in his darkest hour Geo showed him that he cared and was not about to let his best friend go out like that.

That was a few years ago, and now Taylor is at a better place in his life. However, Geo has only days to live. His veterinarian found an aggressive tumor on his head which turned out to be cancerous. It has since been rapidly spreading to other parts of his body and sadly his condition is incurable.

Taylor wishes that he could return the favor and save Geo’s life, but he can only continue to stay by his loyal companion’s side and give him the most love he can until he passes. For now, he plays with the happy dog and cherishes every precious moment he has left. Geo will always be in his heart, forever remembered as the dog who saved his life.

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She Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Results Could Save Your Life One Day!

Self-defense classes are popular around the world. The personal protection techniques are a cornerstone part of martial arts training and teachings. You don’t need to take a martial arts class to learn self-defense since there are countless courses given that specifically deal with how to defend yourself in real world situations.

These are usually offered commercially for profit and target a specific audience, such as self-defense for kids, pre-teens, teens, adults, women, and so on. Some of us also take alternative steps to stay safe.

We lock our doors, park in well lit areas, and carry mace or pepper spray along with us wherever we go. Even with all these precautions and more, it cannot ever hurt to be extra prepared for circumstances we never expect to be in; like tied up with duct tape.

While we hope you never actually find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together, knowing how to escape such a scenario will give you a one up on whoever put it there. The following video shows a quick and easy technique to help you escape.

Start by bringing you hands high above your head. Then, in one quick movement, swing them down and off to your sides with as much force as you can muster. That’s it. The duct tape will split and you will be free.

In the rare event that this doesn’t work the first time simply try it again until the tape splits. Also, it only works if your hands are taped in front of you and you’re able to raise them high above your head.

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This Simple Trick Can Save A Choking Baby’s Life. I’m So Happy I Learned THIS

All newborn babies and infants are extremely vulnerable to choking hazards. At the beginning stages of life everything is new to them and their tiny bodies are extremely fragile. It’s a never ending battle for parents and caretakers, who have to constantly be on the lookout for potential hazards, in order to keep them safe. In terms of size, a young child’s windpipe is comparable to the diameter of a drinking straw and their throats aren’t much wider.

In children under 5 years of age, choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death, and food is the the most common cause in these cases. Any food can be a possible choking risk and young children should always be closely supervised when eating or drinking. Another danger to infants is toys and small objects left around the house that they can get their hands on and stick in their mouths.

While some toy manufacturers clearly label toys that may present a choking hazard to kids, many others do not. Regardless of that, lots of small objects that aren’t specifically made for kids are all around houses and if you don’t baby-proof areas children play in, you are asking for trouble. If a child ever does end up choking on food or an object would you know what to do?

Many parents, and people in general, have no clue what to do if and when a baby starts to choke. That’s scary considering that in one survey over 40% of parents reported that they had witnessed their own baby choke.

This is what prompted St John Ambulance to make a public service advert in the form of an animated video. It both instructs and shows visually via animated characters exactly what to do if an infant child chokes or stops breathing. The following instructions were taken word for word from the advert, “If your baby is choking, lay them face down on your thigh.

Then one gives up to five back blows. If that doesn’t work, turn them over and give them up to 5 chest thrusts….until the airway is clear. And if that still doesn’t work, call an ambulance.”

This basic information only takes a minute to digest and is easy to remember. It’s vitally important for the health and safety of all infants and babies that people know about this and are aware of what to do.

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She Pours Mouthwash Into The Washing Machine. The Reason Is Genius!

Laundry is one of those annoying chores that is always being avoided but has to be done.  Although the machine does most of the cleaning, removing those tough stains, folding the clothes and putting them away all take lots of time and energy. Luckily this video was made which contains a ton of awesome laundry life hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier.

I tried a few of these tricks and they worked perfectly.  Here at Sun Gazing we are always looking for simple life hacks that will make your life easier.  This video produced by Buzzfeed was just to good not to share. First, they go over how to keep your jeans looking fresh and new.

Next, they cover how to stop your clothes from shrinking.  Then, if you don’t have an iron, they have an easy trick that will get rid of those annoying wrinkles.  Keeping your shirts looking vibrant is covered next.  Finally, if your washing machine is dirty, they have the best hack to disinfect and keep it so fresh and so clean!

Enjoy and let us know if these laundry hacks worked for you.  Also if you have any other laundry hacks share them in the comments below.

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This Older Sister Has 3 Little Brothers That Are Dying. So She Does THIS to Try and Save Their Lives

Three brothers, John, Will and Matthew were diagnosed with a rare cancer of the lymphatic system. They were all under the age of six when they became symptomatic with Burkitt’s Lymphoma.  Although the disease doesn’t normally run in families, all three boys tested positive for a genetic immune disorder called XLP.

Their mother, Christy Jenkins, had to face the possibility of losing her three young sons if someone compatible to donate their bone marrow was not found.  She asked everyone she knew, who were willing, to be tested for a potential bone marrow match.

Their older sister, Julia, who was quite young herself turned out to be a perfect match for John and Matthew, but not for Will.  He received bone marrow from a stranger.  Julia was admitted to the hospital to have bone marrow scraped from her hip to be transplanted in hopes of saving her young brothers’ lives.

Today Julia is thirteen and has little memory of her first donation.  When  subsequent bone marrow was needed she had no hesitation in helping.  She is proud to have played such a major role in saving her brothers’ lives.  Now, after three years, all three brothers are happy and healthy active boys.

Their disease appears to be completely cured, and they only require daily shots to boost their b-cell counts.  Watch this inspirational video and hear their big sis, whom they will be forever indebted to, reflect on what has transpired.  She says, “It’s like a good feeling, because they’re alive because of you.”  Enjoy this video of this truly life-affirming story.

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